• Anonymous

    I’m glad they actually have some goat on the menu, and at the same time, glad that it doesn’t dominate. People either love or hate goat meat and dairy products.

  • Cliff

    On their beverage menu, they list “cabarnet” sauvignon. Several times, in fact. Makes you wonder how much they know about wine, doesn’t it?

  • I could definitely get down on some pork fries and porchetta sandwich, but I’m not sure I would ever order a fish & chips that somehow has squid ink integrated. Some small section or the culinary world is better left “unimproved” upon. Those entree selections look pretty good too.

  • Anonymous

    A pint of Guinness is $7.50, which seems awfully high to me?

    • lovefifteen

      I think that’s a pretty normal price for the area, to be honest.

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately, I think you are right. The prices do seem a little odd for draft, especially when they have some decent bottles prices

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately, you are right. Though if they’re pouring nice, big imperial pints, it’s not quite as bad. What’s really bad is when you see bartenders pouring something completely inappropriate into a snifter or a tulip glass, and charging way too much for it. The practice of pricing beers according to their alcohol content is annoying.

        • Guinness has relatively low alcohol content. But this is indeed way too much to pay for one, unless you’re getting an imperial pint glass pour. That’s not to say others don’t charge even more, just that they’re all wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Just to nit pick – I really am sick of the menu lingo such as these headings “nibbles, chomp…” It all looks like it would taste great though

  • bb

    I’m keen to ask about their board selections. I personally like the taste of pine, but mahogany is also pretty delicious. Cedar can be bland, and usually costs too much.

  • Blithe

    I can think of at least three things that “pork fries” could be…. does anyone know for sure? One of the three would totally freak me out, but the other two could make this a destination spot. I love fish and chips, but drizzled or whatever with yuzu and squid ink does not make me want to graze. It does, however, make me wonder what their desserts are like.

    • Anonymous

      It’s pork – breaded and fried.

  • Anonymous

    One veggie entree. Please. I beg of you!

    My friends want to go here, and I do too, but not if all I get to eat is a starter.

    • CE

      Co-signed! Would just one be all that difficult to have?

  • Glinda

    Can’t say how the food is But I stopped in for a drink on Saturday and the cocktails were amazing. Creative but not too bizarre. And the bartender was so sweet and lovely. Beautiful decor. It’s a little more refined and laid back than a lot of U Street places. Great addition to the neighborhood.


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