1728 14th Street, NW Rising

by Prince Of Petworth December 16, 2013 at 10:05 pm 10 Comments

1728 14th Street, NW

This was the former International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers building.


Here’s a rendering from Perseus Realty who add:

“1728 14th Street is a 35,000 square foot mixed use office and retail project located in the heart of Washington’s cultural epicenter, the 14th St corridor. Perseus Realty partnered with Ogden Capital to acquire an existing warehouse and adaptively reuse it to meet growing demand for goods and services retail and boutique office space in this corridor. The current design anticipates the first two floors as retail space with two floors of office space above. Construction is scheduled to begin by the first quarter of 2013 and will be completed by the first quarter of 2014.”


And before demo:


  • Anonymous

    Out of curiosity, why aren’t these guys using stick construction? So many significantly larger buildings (see: new Petworth safeway, etc) are being build with nothing but 2×4’s, and but this project decided to use steel frames? Genuinely curious if anyone knows.

    • Anonymous

      * built. ps. I really like the proposed design!

    • Anonymous

      maybe it is to create more open space. when a building is divided up into apartments and rooms, more material is required and costs go up.

      • Anonymous

        Makes perfect sense – thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t be too surprised if there was already a steel structure that they are just adding a layer on top of… could be more expensive to tear that down and then start over with 100% new construction (even if it is wood). Construction is a good lesson in economics… lots of choices/gives and takes.

      • Anonymous

        Well, this thing went from being a building to a hole in the ground, so I can’t imagine there was much to build on top of.

  • spookiness

    Its commercial use (“office & retail”). Using wood would not permit large column-free spaces, or the ability to alter the interior floor plan based on tenant needs.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting to see another office building going up on 14th – there’s another one being built right next to Great Wall Chinese Restaurant.
    People scoffed at the idea of an office building replacing the Reeves Center at 14th/U Street, but I think there’s definitely a move to increase office space along the 14th Street corridor.

    • Anonymous

      For the sake of bringing a diverse mix of businesses that do business at all hours of day, I hope to god office space creeps (leaps!) northward. +1 for mixed use or straight offices at Reeves Center.

  • redraiderdc

    We are really going to regret this when retro nouveau brick standard sans window architecture is back in vogue.


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