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Renderings for Pub and the People Coming to Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth — October 30, 2013 at 12:00 pm 20 Comments


The transformation coming to the corner of North Capitol and R Street, NW is gonna be amazing. The current shell at 1648 North Capitol St, NW will soon look like these great renderings. For those not familiar with the project you can read about plans for Pub and the People here. If all goes well they hope to open Summer 2014.


  • That Man A

    Long time coming for that corner

    • Anonymous

      the owner wouldn’t sell

  • Flagler Place

    Hope they succeed! That strip is getting nicer…at a snails pace.

    • Anonymous

      I have absolutely no doubt that they will indeed succeed – Eckington is filling out rather quickly, and they don’t have ready bar access. Not to even mention all the new development in NoMa and the subsequent rise in density.

  • Anonymous

    This looks great! I welcome this new neighbor!

  • Anonymous

    So, they pulled out the plans Room 11 used? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that… it’s just kind of eerie how exact it is.)

    • Anonymous

      Well, the buildings themselves are pretty generic one story storefronts with ample sidewalk access. There are many such buildings all around DC, so I guess we’ll see more “Room 11 clones” in the future. (Which I’m all for, personally.)

  • Erica S.

    Is the same corner that the flea market is currently occupying? I love that place!

    • Anonymous

      That’s on the other side of the street. I’ve always wondered if that “flea market” is a legit operation.

      • Anonymous

        are you kidding?

        • Anonymous

          Kidding about what? The guy puts a bunch of old furniture on the sidewalk and sells it.

  • Good to see things happening there – wish them all the success in the world. And go ahead and scold and call me a hater if you like, but I think “Pub and the People” is a really dumb name.

  • Anonymous

    Should just make it two stories

  • JohnDC

    Nearby outside beers FTW. Boundary stone just has those two tables.

    • Anonymous

      …or four or five.

  • Anonymous

    That brick wall where the second story should be seems like prime real estate for a mural! DO IT DO IT DO IT! 🙂

  • theroacher

    I can hear the neighbors on the unit block of R St NW complaining already

  • snoozingdale

    DC Reynolds is pretty lame. Hope this place is better. It does look like room 11 in the drawings!

  • KeepItRes

    nonsense. I moved to bloomingdale years ago because it was RESIDENTIAL, not some stupid-ass cookie cutter logan circle or 14th street. I hope this isn’t final, because if I lived on R i’d be pissed with more noise and traffic. fuck millenials in the ear…and in the other ear too.

    • Anonymous

      lol at this guy


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