Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user johnmcochran2012

The following warning was sent to the 5D-MPD listserv from a dc.gov email address:

“Animal control has been notified and confirmed that Mountain Lion sightings have occurred during the past 3 weeks in dc….

Sighting/Safety Tips (Wild Animals)
Citizens should call 911 for any sightings. DO NOT approach
Keep your pets in at night
Kept garbage in containers”

Though the Washington Post says the Mountain Lion sightings are unproven, attached to the MPD listserv warning was also a “Deer Alert”:

“CAUTION: Those walking pets should make sure they are on a leash, and do not allow them to chase after these deer; a buck can and will stomp and possibly kill your pet. Don’t attempt to pet them. They will bite and may have ticks on them that carry Lyme disease. Remain calm and quiet and allow them to pass peaceably. Smaller wild animals should be reported to Animal Control at 311. If you don’t get appropriate responses for an infestation of smaller wild animals, let the Public Works Committee know and we will work with our Association board to bring this to the attention of the city administrators.”


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