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Starting Today You can Catch a Shuttle from Near Union Station to Union Market for Lunch

by Prince Of Petworth August 21, 2013 at 11:00 am 49 Comments


From Union Market:

“Introducing The Roadie, a shuttle that will take you to Union Market!

Beginning August 21 you can catch a ride to Union Market on your lunch hour. Wednesdays – Fridays / 11am-2pm.


Union Market / 1309 5th Street NE
South Side of 1200 Block of Third Street NE (at M Street NE)
East Side of 100 Block of L Street NE (at First Street NE)

The shuttle runs every 20 minutes.”


  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t seem terribly useful unless you’re disabled and can’t walk a few blocks.

    • Anonymous

      I would probably take a short-hop shuttle a few blocks under certain circumstances–like if it was crazy hot/humid and I didn’t want to get all sweaty and gross in the middle of the work day, or if it was pouring down rain. That said, this *is* a pretty short route and also very roundabout, so it would probably take longer on the shuttle. It would make much more sense if the shuttle loop included the Union Station area.

      • Anonymous

        The last time I went to Union Market I took the 90 bus home, even though I’m only a 35-minute walk away. It was hot and I was worried the lovely pork shoulder I’d purchased would spoil!

    • Heavydutyshopper

      Or are carrying a lot of things that you purchased at the market.

  • This isn’t to Union Station. NOMA to Union Market?

  • Alan

    That is quite clearly only going to NoMa. It is walkable but pretty damn unpleasant as Florida is a bit of a traffic sewer.

  • Dan

    But…this doesn’t go to Union Station

  • Anonymous

    Wishful thinking, but I was hoping this would loop down to the Navy Yard. We all bring our lunches here because there aren’t any good options that are easy to get to.

    • Anonymous

      A shuttle that goes down H Street or down to Eastern Market would be useful too.

      • MetMet

        Like the 90/92/93?

        • Anonymous

          Those go to Eastern Market, yes, but they make so many stops along the way. It’s actually faster to walk that route than take those buses. And they only hit H Street at 8th.

  • MetMet

    It’s a bit of a stretch to say this shuttle is from Union Station. It actually stops at the New York Ave Metro, then takes a roundabout route to get to Union Market. It looks like it would be much quicker to get off at the Florida Ave exit of the New York Ave Metro and walk 3 – 4 blocks. To attempt to take it from Union Station you’d be walking 4 blocks to get to the shuttle stop anyway.

    Great for people with disabilities, though.

  • Fair points – I’ll say near Union Station!

    • Saying “from NoMa” would be a lot more helpful than saying “near Union Station”.

  • Anonymous

    For anybody who has not been there or lived there, this area is still pretty sketch, I would not walk there even in broad day light (luckily they have nice free parking). Once you get there though the place is amazing. So odd to plop it down in the middle of a third world country. May be it is the cornerstone of what will clean this section up in the next 20 years. I would guess that this shuttle seems odd to those not in the know, that you can easily walk a few blocks, yet these would not be the blocks you would want to walk, so having a shuttle to take the unpleasantness out of an otherwise pleasant situation, is a pretty cool idea.

    It is a shame we live in a place where this is the kind of thing you have to do so decent people don’t get shot, shanked or shaken down, but there is reality, for the time being. Let us all hope for a better City.

    • Anonymous

      I’m a petite female and I feel perfectly comfortable walking to Union Market (that’s how I usually get there from my house in SE Capitol Hill). I wouldn’t go wandering around at night, but it’s fine during the day. It’s gritty and industrial but not unsafe.

      • Put me down as another small female who feels absolutely safe walking to Union Market from points south. ‘Third world country’ is pretty melodramatic. Come on.

    • anon

      I’ve walked there from Mass and North Capitol and wasn’t worried at all about the neighborhood. I wasn’t really impressed with Union Market, but I went there about a week after it opened.

      • Anonymous

        It was about 1/3 full when it first opened and not impressive at all. It’s gotten a lot better since then!

        • anon

          Has the service at the oyster place gotten better? It took me like ten minutes to get the bartender’s attention so I could order a beer.

    • skj84

      Also a petite female whose walked from New York ave metro to Union Market plenty of times and feel safe.

    • AG

      I was definitely sketched out walking from the bus station on Florida the 2-3 blocks up to the market on a weekend morning. I do think it’s probably better a little later in the day. It wasn’t so much what’s there as that there were very few people around (at least until you get to the market itself) and many places one could easily get pulled into or where someone shady might not be visible.

      This definitely seems geared toward the growing office crowd in NoMa, but it would be nice if it came down to Union Station.

    • You are overstating the danger here. I frequently walk here and I have never experienced or seen serious problems. Remember that Dupont is still a place where you are much more likely to be robbed.

    • saf

      You are kidding, right?

      I don’t live in the neighborhood, but have no issues with walking around the neighborhood. Would I do it alone at night? No. During the day? Sure, do it all the time.

      • Anonymous

        I know, right? Third world country? That’s some crazy hyperbole.

      • Anonymous

        That said, I could see the suburban-dwelling office crowd being afraid to venture into that area if they didn’t know any better.

    • Anonymous

      You wouldn’t walk here in broad daylight? I have walked to Union Market lots of times during the day and it has never struck me as “sketch.” Not particularly pretty, but not sketch. Oh and I’m a female and live in the area.

    • Eckington Chick

      “So odd to plop it down in the middle of a third world country.” – Ok, I recognize this could just be trolling and meant to get us all hot and bothered, but I’ll still call it for what it is…complete bullshit. Sure some of those blocks don’t look like Georgetown or Cleveland Park or whichever part of town your sensitive ass might hail from, but seriously describing them as “third world” is just plain douchy.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously. Have you ever been to an area of the city that is actually sketchy? I’m guessing not because if you think NoMa is sketchy you’d be scared sh*tless in truly rough neighborhoods. Even those neighborhoods are not as bad as actual third world countries though….

        • Anonymous

          Also I wonder if this person has traveled much to other cities. Most of Philly and Baltimore look like this.

    • Anonymous

      Please, try walking around here sometime. The worst that can happen is you come across a deaf person or a guy unloading crates of vegetables. Terrifying but you’ll get over it.

    • JT

      Do you really consider yourself to be one of the decent people?

    • Anonymous

      I’m amused by the educational tone of the comment.

    • AnononWednesday

      I really take issue with this comment, just as I take issue with the huge billboard plastered at the entry of Union Market saying ‘soon you won’t recognize this place, we promise’ or something to that effect. This market served a multitude of people in the community before Union Market showed up, and if by ‘sketchy’ you mean you might run into minorities (ooooh scary), or people who aren’t exactly like you, I have no idea how you plan to survive in Washington DC or anywhere else on the planet. Ridiculous.

    • anon

      Although Anonymous 11:37 am’s comments seem exaggerated and somewhat inflammatory, I have to say that when I saw a sign for Union Market while driving along New York Avenue, I was surprised and thought, “THAT’S where that place with all the buzz is?”
      What I’ve seen of that area looks pretty industrial, without much foot traffic. Maybe that’s changed in the past few years, but I’m not sure the area is quite as non-sketchy as many responding to Anonymous 11:37 are claiming (even if it’s not as sketchy as Anonymous 11:37 thinks it is).

      • Anonymous

        Industrial without much foot traffic is fine for walking around though. The commenter described it as the kind of place where an ordinary person is likely to get shot walking around in broad daylight, which is entirely untrue. It’s more like the suburbs where it’s ugly and not terribly appealing to pedestrians but not dangerous either.

      • Anonymous

        Also the New York Avenue side is way less charming than the area in question.

        • anon

          This is good to know — thanks.

    • billionbucks

      WHAT are you talking about? Where are you driving in from? Vienna? What exactly scares you about our neighborhood? You’ve got issues, lady.

  • Phoebe

    Makes sense as there are a ton of new office buildings around there. Union Market is smart to try to capture some of the lunch crowd with limited time to grab a meal.

  • Catfish

    In the District of Discontent, negative comments are mandatory but in this case I think the shuttle is a great idea.

  • anon

    It would have been easier to interpret the map if they had put the shuttle route in a color OTHER than red, since they show the Red Line in a red that’s not that much darker.

  • Jacob

    If you can walk from Union Station to Noma you can walk from Noma to Union Market.

  • PCC

    Strange that they routed it via 3rd & M, instead of 2nd & N. The latter routing would have the stop at the NoMa station’s bus loop, and send it past both ATF and Constitution Square.

  • m

    Not to interrupt all of the squirming about the ‘sketchy’ walk or the heavy loads of groceries….but this is more likely a marketing effort designed to drive more interest in their lunch business….for 3 days/week, at least. The relative newness of the ‘new’ Union Market combined with so many other options within the vicinity of those along the shuttle route (the burgeoning 1st ST NE, Union Station, food trucks at Union Station, H ST NE) makes me think it’s a smart tactic by EDENS. I suspect that once they become a regular part of people’s rotation of lunch options – including any impact from the opening of the apartments along Florida AVE – the gourmet lunch bus will suddenly cease operations. In the meantime, get your lunch bus on…..and don’t forget Litteri’s and a few of the other options over there that may provide some folks a better bang for their buck than the EDENS experience!

  • RV

    I was born and raised in a third world country. I’m amused by the people bashing someone who compared the area to a third world country. Sure, they’re trying to defend the warehouse area and claim it to be safe, which I’m not sure it is, especially compared to other neighborhoods. Ironically, they’re being derogatory to third world countries themselves, which like DC and just about every place in the world, has nice parts and not-so-nice parts. The original claim that the neighborhood is a third world country is far more accurate than those who say it isn’t based on the assumption that there isn’t a single safe corner in entire countries.

    • Um, no

      Anyone who compares some place to a third world country is being derogatory and disrespectful to third world countries (and I can guarantee that he or she has never been to one). The implication is that third world countries are unequivocally shitholes.

      • RV

        Except that people were not criticizing the use of the expression because it was derogatory to third world countries (which yes, it was); they were criticizing it because they claim to feel safe in the area and that there are worse parts in DC. Their argument is also rooted on the premise on third world countries being immense shitholes.

        • Anonymous

          It was clear that the person using the expression was using it in a derogatory manner. I agree that it shouldn’t be used that way, but it was one of the less ridiculous parts of their argument which is probably why no one bothered to challenge it.


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