Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth — July 1, 2013 at 10:00 am 145 Comments

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • blues

    Rave: Picked up the new car this weekend, so much fun to drive.
    Rave: Second interview tomorrow afternoon for a job I really, really want. Would give me a chance to go back do actually doing what I’m trained to do.
    Rant/Rave: Play date at my daughter’s friend’s house yesterday in Forest Hills. Amazing house, beautiful pool, delicious meal, daughter had so much fun swimming. Why is this a rant? Because it’s not my house and my pool.

  • OnlineDaterHater

    Rant: Online dating. Had two guys I was kind-of excited about, and both seemed like genuinely nice people. This weekend, I had a third date tentatively planned with each. Guy #1 had suggested we “do something this weekend,” but hadn’t actually asked me out, so I finally did the asking on Friday. Guy #2 and I had tentative plans for Sunday and he said he would call–never did. We had been in constant communication for 2 1/2 weeks and then he went radio silent the day we had plans. So tired of this shit.
    Rant #2: People who say “you find someone when you stop looking.” Eff off. That isn’t true, I’ve had plenty of periods where I didn’t try at all and I had no more luck then.

    • lolo

      I feel this. It’s pervasive. Was chatting with someone who suggested we meet up offline and then just left me to put a plan in motion and actually pick a place (2 hours before our agreed-upon meeting time). I was so annoyed right off the bat. I do NOT want a relationship where I’m the leader/boss/mother. He was fun but he even remarked that he was impressed that I “sprung into action.” Uh, well someone’s gotta do it if anything’s actually gonna get accomplished in life. I’m sick of it always being me. Men, please be proactive and show that you can take initiative/responsibility.

      • binpetworth

        This has been my experience numerous times with online dating. I’m not interested in being online friends; it’s called dating for a reason. I figure if they aren’t willing to nail down a time, or if I’m the only one proposing actual dates, then they just aren’t that into me…

        • OnlineDaterHater

          Exactly. What was strange was that Guy #1 had been very take-charge and assertive and also texting a lot, etc. We went on a date Tuesday night and at the end of it, he said we should do something over the weekend. I said that sounded good. So by Friday, I was feeling super irked that he had not attempted to make plans.

          In general, I have found that a lot of guys just seem flaky–they’ll end up saying “yeah, we can figure out details a little closer to time” because they don’t know when they’ll be done with work that day, or which office they’ll be working from, etc. I know people have busy lives, but when you are so reluctant to plan anything–even for the first couple of dates–it does not bode well for the future. Definitely makes me think you are not that into me. And if you aren’t that into me, why the hell are you texting/emailing/chatting all the time? I don’t want pen pals, I want dates. If that’s not what you’re offering, I want you to leave me alone so I can move on.

          • SingLikeSassy

            Personally, I feel like if you want to see me, you will make the effort to lock me down with a date and time. I probably would not have followed up with him to plan the date. I skew traditional though in dating/relationships cause I also don’t want to do a bunch of texting. Call me. Here’s hoping we all meet that just-right-for-us person.

    • Anon

      Oh man, online dating will wear you out. I used to cycle on and off every 3 months so I didn’t get too burned out.

      • Anonymous

        agreed. The problem is that usually a person is juggling mutliple dates, witty emails etc..and they just get exhausted or they are banking on something better for the weekend so they aren’t as quick to make a real plan for a date. The other issue, and maybe Im just old fashioned, is that too many people think texting is the same as talking or even dating. I also think a lot men just don’t know anymore how to set up an actual date (then again, a lot of women don’t either or certainly don’t appreciate it when do do this). I met my husband on Chemistry and there was certainly a time in the beginning when he would send multiple texts to set up a date and I finally just said “stop, pick up and the phone and call me”–problem solved. And he planned awesome dates! Ok I will stop now since Im sure I sound like I am a hundred years old.

        • Anonymous

          Honestly, a lot of people really dislike talking on the phone. I’m a very social person and love making new friends/dating, but I really hate talking on the phone. I have no idea why that is but I’ve never been good on the phone and I’m usually trying to end the conversation as soon as possible. Talking on the phone just makes me very anxious and nervous.

          I’m really fun, outgoing, and talkative in real life, but I’m just always at a loss for words on the phone. Texting really is a god send; I’m much wittier via text message! 🙂

          • Allison

            I used to really hate talking on the phone too; I was always an IMer and e-mailer. I’ve had to consciously train myself to get over the phone aversion, and having to do conference calls for work stuff has helped with that. It also helps to tell yourself that when you’re planning things, talking on the phone goes so much faster than doing it by text or e-mail because you can do about 10 back and forths “how’s Tuesday, no how’s Wednesday, okay how about noon, no let’s do 2pm” in a minuscule amount of time compared to when it’s written down with lag response time. Getting over my phone aversion has helped me solve problems (my own and other people’s) a lot faster!

          • SingLikeSassy

            I hate talking on the phone, but texting is not a conversation to me. That is for quick hits. Pick up the phone, call me. Make a date. We will go out. We can talk then. I’m not getting thumb cramps and/or carpal tunnel playing on the phone.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      I think the “stop looking” advice is good if it’s interpreted as “put away the checklist,” as opposed to stop dating altogether. This is particularly true with online dating, where there is literally a checkilist of attributes one can use to filter through potential dates, and the discovery that 100s of people meet your checklist criteria makes it easy to think there is always someone better out there.

      • PinprickSociety

        This seems to be a common consensus – that checklists and excessive criteria confound the game. It’s also possible that, since a profile is available 24/7, one can go back and second-guess their opinions, keep comparing others, rewrite their own profiles a million times (I am guilty of this) in order to catch someone else’s eye.
        One thing I feel this gets at is that people are looking for perfection with the mindset that it is possible due to the number of options. As well, when you see that “super awesome, amazing, and incredibly hot” profile, chances are that person has their eye on someone else, too. If you think they are amazing, other people do too; hence, they probably know it and might be holding out for something better while they ignore your emails.
        I have a feeling that meeting people in person would lead to a much slower dating process, though. I don’t think I would have been on so many dates without the online format. I simply don’t connect with many people in the bars, clubs, or lounges. Meetup groups are another option, but fewer people show up to these and they can be expensive when they’re held for the express purpose of finding a match. One of the downsides to seeking people in person is that we can often be distracted by how attractive they are and not get a real insight into their thought processes.
        A huge problem with dating these days might be that people expect something to work out right away if it is going to work out at all. Realistically, someone might seem like a nervous, quiet, dope (I am not talking about myself) on the first date, but really start to click with you after one or a few more dates. We want everything fast and perfect, including our mates.
        Re: planning for dates. I have been the one to set up every single one of my dates thus far. I have to admit, they did not come complete with moonlit walks in the park and fireworks, but I got us to a specific place at a specific time, typically a place with awesome beer. I have had the fear in the past that I am going to suck at planning a date because women seem to be able to do this thing a whole lot better. It takes a few failures to get it right, however. In fact, I am planning my next date with a walk in the park, some associated activity, such as a small museum tour, and then dinner at a really fun-looking restaurant. There is also a bar in the area if we want to get diced (j/k) afterward.
        Hey, if you want to date a woman who has high standards, you had better be prepared to take the criticism. On the other hand, if you want to date a smart guy with a creative mind, you want to give him a hint, or have someone else do it. He just wants to be with you.
        I think the dating technology and social trends are moving way faster than our beliefs, habits, and behaviors can accommodate. Be lenient, give someone more of a chance. If you’ve been in online dating for months, or years, what do you have to lose by giving hints, or spending a couple more weeks dating this loser, eh?
        As far as the texting/talking thing goes, I agree. Pick up the phone. It has won me major points every time. “Wow, I can’t believe you called!”
        Lastly, don’t misrepresent yourself in your profile. Huge. Effing. Mistake.
        Perhaps people should spend less time thinking about what they want, and instead think more about what they are willing to compromise on. In the long run, that’s what we end up doing. Word.

  • em

    Revel: Picked 35 pounds of produce this weekend (raspberries, blueberries, cherries, and chard) – the pantry and freezer are now well stocked!

    Rant: Still have a fair amount of the cherries to pit and freeze.

    Revel: Holiday this week!

    Rant: Front page story in the Post about “a ‘God-written’ marriage”. What is the news value there that lands the story on the front page? That heterosexual marriage didn’t collapse because of the Supreme Court’s decision? That people still don’t understand the difference between civil marriage and religious marriage, and continue to try to impose their religious beliefs on a civil institution?

    • JinDC

      Where?!??! as in, where did you pick…? a farm?

      • Anonymous

        I think you can do this at Butler’s Orchard in Germantown, MD. I think there may be two other farms nearby, but that’s the only one I know by name.

        • em

          We ran into some folks at Larriland who had first tried to go to Butler’s, but the line to get into Butler’s was an hour long. We were able to go right to the fields at Larriland.

      • em’s wife

        Larriland Farm (border of Howard and Montgomery Counties). It was a lot of work but definitely cheaper and tastier than buying that amount of produce at a farmer’s market or even a grocery store.

    • Monroe

      Wow – that is a LOT of produce!

  • Ally

    Received a USPS notification of an attempted delivery of a certified letter from DC Public Works. Guessing this isn’t a good thing. Has anyone ever received one of these and, if so, what was it? Note, I don’t have a car, so it shouldn’t be anything related to parking. Guessing this is either putting the trash out too early or not mowing the lawn enough, etc. Thanks much in advance!

    • Anonymous

      Almost certainly a violation notice for improperly placed trash or something like that.

      • Ally

        Thanks; we’ll see how bad it is. We put out a few large empty boxes the week before. Might be that.

        • Anonymous

          My guess is a $75 fine, that seems to be the standard. It could be the boxes – basically the rule is you can’t put anything out unless it’s in the trash/recycling bin (unless you’ve scheduled a bulk trash collection).

          • Anonymous

            Wait, I thought there was a DPW brochure that said that if you filled your recycle bin, you could put overflow in a cardboard box. Did that rule change? I always break down my cardboard boxes and stick them in another cardboard box, and they’re always collected, and I’m never fined.

          • Anonymous

            Found something:

            “Residents whose recyclables exceed their container(s) can put additional recyclables in either a brown paper bag or a small cardboard box and place them next to their recycling bin or cart.”

          • Anonymous

            That may be true for recycling, I’m not 100% sure. But it probably opens up a gray area depending on how you configure the overflow – if everything’s in a bin then there’s no question. And as a general point, just because you’re not fined and they always collect it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not breaking the rule.

  • Meg

    Rant: Had the misfortune of having a very unpleasant visit to my hometown, mostly because I stood up in a horrible wedding. I doubt I will stand up in anyone’s wedding again unless they’re family. Seriously, it was the most insane wedding I’ve ever heard of – and I had to actually take part in it AND put down lots of money for it.

    Rave: Closed on our house right before my trip. We are so thrilled!

    • Anonymous

      Ooh, I want to hear more about this wedding.

    • Anonymous

      Details on the insane wedding, please. You’ll feel better after sharing : )

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Details on the wedding will be an excellent distraction from my crappy Monday morning

      • Emmaleigh504


    • Meg

      Well let’s just say the bride (who was at one point in time, my best friend but we lost touch for numerous reasons) has recently gone into a profession which, later in life (in our 30s), seems like a really odd choice since it depends on a woman looking a certain way – and I’m not talking about modeling. The fact that her fiance knows and is okay with it really bothered me. I’m all for women empowerment, but her flimsy excuse – “We needed money for a home renovation” really didn’t past the sniff test. Plus she has three children. Call my old fashioned. That, coupled with the fact that she invited her coworkers to her bachelorette party and her wedding (??? – her husband’s parents are devout Catholics, and her mom was clearly unhappy with the union), just made me feel like my friend and I were on way different roads now, and that made me sad.

      I was a late replacement in the wedding and replaced due to some drama within the bride’s family, so I wasn’t welcomed by her family at all. The bride and her two bridesmaids sent me to a website to get my dress in time, which ended up being a Chinese knock off site, and my dress was two sizes too small, so I had to order an entirely different (equally horrible) dress from another company. Thank goodness I did, because the knock of dress was completely different from the other two. I didn’t even get an apology for this. One of the bridesmaids was gunning for me because she felt like she should have more priority position in the wedding because of the amount of money SHE spent (I didn’t mention the plane tickets, the hotel room, the TWO dresses I bought, the gifts, etc.).

      The girl that came to do our hair did a horrible job. I have never seen such shoddy work from a professional. I am by no means great at doing hair, but I’m confident I could’ve done a better job and not had to shell out $45 for it.

      Nothing started on time, even though my family and I always showed up on time. And never for a good excuse. The rehearsal started an hour and a half late because people had to come after work. Well, if they knew that, why not plan for everyone to show up at that time, instead of having people like us standing outside in the hot sun of an hour and a half, being punished for being on time?

      The bride decreed it to be an adults-only reception, with a few exceptions (her kids, my kid since we were from out of town, maybe one or two other kids). Her kids spent the entire reception (which happened to be the longest reception I’ve ever been to – eight hours) SHRIEKING and running around. The only person that bothered to passively yell at them was the bride and her new sister in law. The rest of her family could not be bothered to be ripped away from their drinking. I’m just glad my son was very well behaved.

      The cherry on top was our flight home was an hour late yesterday, BWI was a mess and we didn’t get home until 11 p.m. last night.

      • SingLikeSassy

        Why did you agree to be in this wedding?

        • Meg

          Well, the bride and I were really close at the time. She was a good friend, I was already planning on going to the wedding as a guest, she was in a bind, etc. All this other crap came to light after I agreed. I regret that choice, sincerely.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t get why losing one bridesmaid would put the bride “in a bind.” A pallbearer yes, a bridesmaid – no.

          • AnonAnon

            Agree with anonymous above about the bind thing. Also, something about your judging her choice of employment and her fiance accepting it is gross. Shouldn’t your mate for life accept you lumps bumps and all? You would rather he judge and harangue her about it?

          • Meg

            All I’m saying is that, if this was truly for just money (and not because she actually enjoyed it, which she gave no indication of…when she told me, it didn’t sound like it was something she enjoyed), then I think he should’ve encouraged her to do something else or maybe taken a second job himself. This was a career she started well into her relationship with him. Again, I’ve wrestled with my feelings and have tried to accept her choices, but this really bugs me.

            And to Anonymous 3:07…god forbid she doesn’t have “symmetry” in the wedding party. Honestly, I didn’t think it through. I didn’t know it would be laborious. I just though “buy the dress, show up for wedding.”

      • q

        are you the same meg that really wanted to move back to your hometown because you didn’t like dc?

        • Meg

          I was. And it’s funny how people can change after a couple years.

          • Anonymous

            true that. i’m glad you’re liking it now!

      • Anonymous

        So is she stripping or hooking? Pretty nuts to get into that in her mid-to-late 30s simply for “home repairs.” I bet there’s something else going on and, frankly, I’m surprised she admitted it.

        Sheesh. This wedding sounds like a hot mess!

        • Meg

          She’s definitely not doing anything illegal.

      • Anonymous

        The bride works at Hooters????

        • Meg

          Honestly, that would’ve been better.

          • annon

            She works in a strip club, right?

          • Anonymous

            yeah really not fair to give that much hook with no catch

  • Anon

    I’ve always wanted to go to a service at this Unitarian church, but I don’t have the cajones. Raised an atheist, I’m not sure if everyone will know I’m not a member of the church and it’ll be weird. Also, still being an atheist, I’m not sure if it’ll be too religious for me. I’d just like somewhere to go each week to hear something inspirational about being a good person without all the “or you’re going to hell” aspect.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have an atheist coworker who is very active in her Unitarian church, so I think it will be worth checking out.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I am a Unitarian and a non-theist. Which UU church? I am a long time member of River Road, but now living at 14th and W, am going to try out All Souls when they switch back from summer hours. PS I know River Road and All Souls are on facebook.

    • Anonymous

      I encourage you to go! I’m a lapsed Catholic/agnostic and had not been to church in over 10 years. I never even heard of the Unitarian church, but my friend goes to the one on 16th Street and spoke very highly of it. Finally I went and it was awesome! I was actually really nervous about going, but it was very welcoming of visitors, no one cares that you’re not a member. Prayers were incorporated from all different faiths, music was beautiful, and the sermon was very moving. It’s hard for me to go to services on a regular basis because I don’t live in neighborhood and I travel a lot on weekends, but I every time I make it to church I feel pretty great. It’s like therapy for the soul.

    • em

      You should try it out. I can vouch for All Souls, where I’ve been going for a few years – there is a huge diversity of beliefs / no-beliefs / mixed beliefs. Some of the ministers are more religious than others, but they draw on all sorts of inspiration (religious texts from Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Native American religions; poetry; legal writing; etc.). There is a part at the beginning of the service where they say “if this is your first time here, please stand up” – but if you don’t want to stand up, just don’t stand up. Around that same time, there is a part where everyone stands up and shakes hands, but again – you don’t have to say anything about whether you are a first-timer or a long-timer – “Hi, I’m Joe” is fine (or, if you don’t want to talk to people, just sit in an area where there aren’t many people around). Speaking of seating, the balconies are less populated, if you want to observe from afar.

      • em

        p.s. The bell at All Souls that graces today’s post has some pretty great history.

    • Anonymous

      I would agree that folks who go to church regularly have no idea how hard it is to actually set foot in a church. I found a Methodist church I like a few months ago, but it still takes courage to walk in the doors each week

    • Blithe

      Have you considered the Washington Ethical Society? I’m not personally familiar with it – but an Ethical Culture program might also provide what you’re seeking.

      • Anonymous

        The Ethical Society calls itself a Humanist congregation, which sounds like it might be right up the OPs alley.

    • Stavros

      Do it, Anon. You may like it, you may not, you’ll know after a couple of visits. No need for “cajones”, though, everyone there is very nice.

      Summer services are a little different than the rest of the year, so if you don’t dig what you see go back in the fall/winter, it may be more to your liking.

      Good luck.

    • em

      Another option – Washington Ethical Society in Shepard Park. It is affiliated with Unitarian – Universalism, but they are Humanist. I haven’t been there, but I’ve heard good things.

    • I’m surprised of how many UU’s there are in Popville 🙂 I’m a member of All Souls. I have never heard anything about “going to hell”, it is inspirational, music is great and it is a growing congregation. I encourage you to give it a try.

    • Seth from unincorporated Montgomery County.

      Do you mean a Unitarian Universalist? Of which my comment will refer to. Unitarian Universalist association ( UUA) principles #1  “The inherent worth and dignity of every person…Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations…” I was raised as a UUA member from age 5 on, there isn’t a more accepting organized ‘religion’ on this earth. I would categorize the religion as spiritual not religious, and I recall reading somewhere that more than 50% of UAA members categorize themselves as either “atheist/agnostic/non-believers”. Sermons tend to be uplifting stories, but some can be almost comical (the meaning of tattoos) Come check out one of 49 local congregations in the DC area, we’d love to meet you !

    • OP

      Thanks everyone, this is the push I needed! I am planning on going to All Souls after hearing good things and reading their website. It sounds inclusive, and you all just underscored that. This is why I love the people of Popville. 🙂

    • saf

      I also encourage you to go.

      It’s ok to not be a member – any church welcomes visitors, no matter what their background. The UUs are especially welcoming.

      (not a UU myself, actually Baptist, but have experience with them)

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Buying my first bike since childhood.

    Rant: Not knowing what I want at all. I had an idea that I’d like an upright Dutch-style casual bike (i.e., Public Bikes). After my test ride, I actually really liked it. But, then I jumped on a speedy hybrid that I also liked. Anyone have a recommendation for good casual riding bike in the $600-$900 range. I would mostly be used for weekend rides with my wife, but also for occasional commuting to work.

    • jerseygirl

      the specialized sirrus is a solid bike in that price range — the base model is around $500, the “sport” model is about $100 more, with the highest end model coming in around $2k. i commuted on the base model for years, and did a century ride on it as well (maybe not the best idea, but it definitely got me through all 100 miles…).

      • squaredeal

        My recommendation is to test ride even more bikes. Ride, ride, ride…it’s the only way you’ll know what you like and what you don’t. Have friends that ride? Ask to borrow theirs. Also, keep in mind that at that price-point, there are going to be some things about every bike that you’re probably not 100% happy with. It’s usually not that difficult/expensive to swap out some things, but others are. Ask a lot of questions, and find a shop you feel comfortable in…DON’T buy into all the jargon. In fact, if you find the bike shop isn’t speaking a language you understand, you probably shouldn’t buy there.

        • jerseygirl

          i would generally agree with this, except for the caveat that when i started riding, i had NO idea what i liked, and what to look for. i thought that i could get on a bike and test ride a bunch of stuff and just find one that “felt right”, but there are so many variables that i never found a bike that just felt great but i didn’t know enough to even figure out what to look for. took me about 3 years of sporadic riding to figure out what what worked for me enough to want to drop serious dough on a bike. are you going to be carrying the bike up stairs? need something light weight? commuting over potholes, so want fatter tires (and SS instead of aluminum for a smoother ride, sacrificing extra pounds)? planning on doing longer (60+ mile) rides, so might want drop bars? riding a lot of hills, so want a decent groupset? want a touring triple or a road triple? or a mountain triple? or a compact road set? don’t expect riding any hills, so want a single speed for low maintenance? plan to go grocery shopping with your bike, so need dropouts for a rack? at a certain point, i got overwhelmed, and just wanted something that i knew would get me from point A to B.

          i put about 20k on my main commuter bike last year, and i still get confused about what makes a good bike for me. so, i would generally suggest to beginning riders that they should just get a solid, but cheap(ish) bike that will get them by until they have enough miles under their belt to figure out what their preferences are. but YMMV.

          +1 to bicycle space, though. i got my current single speed there, and have gotten great service.

          • squaredeal

            Thanks for the example of “speaking another language” jerseygirl:-)
            Also, you crushed my commuting miles. I’m only 14 miles round trip….most of the time I wish it were longer.
            Guarantee if anonymous starts commuting, s/he’ll keep doing it b/c it seriously rocks. Saves a ton of money over Metro/car commute, can take roughly the same time or less depending on start/end locations, and for me at least, I get to eat pretty much what I want and not gain any weight.

          • jerseygirl

            haha — it took me years to figure out what all the bike jargon crap was! 🙂 when i first started commuting, all i wanted was a bike that got me to and from work, and that i could ride around a little on weekends. it was so frustrating walking into a store and not knowing anything! so i have a lot of sympathy for the OP.

            i just moved so my commute is down to 2 miles each way now. way too short!!! my ride is over before it get started. on the plus side, i can get dressed and ride in my work clothes, and don’t have to shower and change in the office like i used to. maybe once it gets super hot and humid i will have to carry a change of clothes, but so far i’ve managed since last fall.

            bike commuting does rock. i never have to worry about parking, and don’t have to deal with metro outages or this mythical thing called “traffic jam” that i keep hearing about!

    • q

      i’ve been looking to buy a new bike too. stepping away from mountains bikes toward a dutch style. i found some great bikes at REi, bicycle space on 7th, and the District Hardware/Bike Shop in foggy bottom, and the daily rider on h. mainly within your range. I went with the public.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. I was thinking about checking out that bike store in Adam’s Morgan. I guess I’ll head over there for some more test rides. They have Specialized and Giant bikes. I saw a few models that looked good to me.

      I think the jargon is some of my problem. I mean I understand the differences between bikes, but I just have no idea what I’d want. For example, it seems to make sense to get a bike with an internal gear rather than derailleur. But, will it actually matter to me. Who knows?

      • q

        i puzzled that one too. seems the difference is about 200 bucks on most bikes. i went with it because it makes switching gears a little easier, especially when stopped and you don’t have toe clips. it also seems cleaner, less clunky and with less maintenance. most of the problems i’ve had on past bikes have been with my derailleurs.

    • MHFoodie

      I just bought my first bike in years too. Check out Brooklyn Bikes if you like an upright french style. They even ship it to a nearby bike shop for assembly and Brooklyn pays for it. I love my bike! Good luck!

  • Allison

    Hi All, I wanted to repost this from this weekend to make sure everyone saw the warning. A confirmed West Nile Virus vector was discovered at Ft. McNair Army Base. Please take precautions to protect yourselves against mosquitoes! If you live in Southwest, please let your neighbors know. We have a number of elderly residents in this neighborhood and at least one became seriously ill due to West Nile last year.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I am in the worst mood today. I recognize that I am and would like to hide in my office, but since everyone is on vacation I have to teach classes and cover the front desk. Such a bad day for interaction.

    Rave: I haven’t killed anyone yet. I haven’t even drawn blood 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I am so feeling this right now. I am just not the mood for social interaction. Also, I’m wearing a new bra today and it is turning out to be really uncomfortable. I’m pissed I spent money on this stupid thing that I will probably only wear on laundry day/I have no clean clothes day. Is it 5pm yet? Can I go home now?

      • Emmaleigh504

        FFS I just found out that the only reason I have to cover the desk is b/c everyone else is too damn lazy. I hate my coworkers so much.

        Lets sit in the corner & drink heavily and bitch about everyone.

        • Anonymous

          who needs a corner when you have the internet.

        • Anonymous

          I like your style. I think we could be friends.

        • anonguy

          who needs to drink heavily when you’re already drunk

  • Anonymous

    Rave: For some reason our car registration didn’t arrive in the mail. So cool that some nice lady at the DMV agreed to come down in the rain to give us the sticker even though the DMV offices were officially closed! Now that’s awesome service. Right on DC!

    • SingLikeSassy

      I know other people have horror stories about the DC DMV, but I’ve had nothing but good experiences there.

      • Anonymous

        Ditto. The DMV in DC (both the office and the inspection station) are so much better than any other DMV I’ve dealt with, in the several states I’ve lived in. Which is not such a high bar, I guess, but really, I’ve never had any problems and they’ve been efficient and it’s never taken me long to get things done or to get the information I need.

    • sbc

      WOW. You should definitely get her name and write to her supervisor! That lady deserves a party/raise/promotion/whatever. I love it when people excel at their jobs.

      • Anonymous

        DEfinitely do this. I sent a thank you and compliment about a specific DMV employee once, and she ended up getting Employee of the Month. They asked me to come give her the gift certificate. In this city (and world) where people are so quick to complain, they hesitate too often to compliment.

      • Anonymous

        You can also mention her in a review at grade.dc.gov. I bet they get a lot of complaints on the sight, so a complement would be nice.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yes, definitely send a written commendation! It’s so rare to get praise in writing at any job and bosses love to see them.

    • texantransplant

      So good to hear!

      Speaking of the DMV…now that I’ve been here for two weeks I need to get legal. Any advice on what order I have to do things in? I.e., license, inspection, registration… Or other way around?

  • Rave: am I the only one that is going to have a short work week?
    Rave: Back to shooting the fireworks for real after some years of just going to 13th St.
    Rant: Weather, lots of rain on the way if we are to believe the internetz
    Rave: writing invoices
    Rave: 2 more weddings to shoot this summer

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave/Rant: Bachelorette party in OCMD this weekend ended up not being as expensive as I anticipated. But that was because we didn’t end up doing even half of the fun things we planned. I had a nice time catching up with the bride and our friends, but I’m a little annoyed that I traveled all the way down to the beach (from NY) just so we could putz around in the hotel room.

    Rant: I have so much work to do this week, but I can’t seem to find my motivation to do it. I have the worst procrastination habits!

  • dcladi

    Rant: The Zimmerman trial is from my hometown. It’s depressing me. Reminding me of the shit-tastic upbringing I had in the racist hell hole that is Florida.

    Rave: DC is the most Southern place I will ever live. It’s only West or North from here on out.
    Rave: Rested this weekend, feel like a new woman!!
    Rave: DOMA, still insanely emotional/excited!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Better watch out for Ohio, Arizona, and Texas.

      • Anonymous

        Lol, I realized that when I said “West” I really only meant Oregon, Cali, Seattle….

      • anongardener


    • Anon X

      Definitely fight prejudice with more prejudice!

      • dcladi

        Silly Anon X…. I’m not being prejudiced by choosing to not live somewhere 🙂 I’m choosing to attempt to avoid situations where my life may be at risk or the life of my future children.

        Definition of Prejudice, for future times you choose to criticize a rant: Preconceived opinion not based on reason or experience.

        • Anonymous

          If you grew up in Florida, you have the right crap on it as much as you want, IMO.

          When lifelong East Coasters tell me about their idealized fantasies of living in Los Angeles, I have the right to tell them how much the place sucks and that I think it is a cultural wasteland. And that it takes you 45 minutes to get anywhere.

        • Porter

          You don’t think you will have risky situations in “tolerant utopias” like NYC, LA, and SF?!?! Looks like someone has some growing up to do.

          • Anonymous

            what exactly are you trying to argue about?

  • anonguy

    Rave: Worked Drink the district all weekend and had a blast
    Rant: Shouted myself horse and dehydrated after said event
    Rave: Had some nice dinner and spent the night at my ladyfriends house

  • Comcast

    Rant – Comcast Service has been highly suck-worthy the past few weeks.

    My on-demand has always sucked. About once a month I’ve had to unplug the box and have them ping it so I could get my ondemand channels.

    Starting a few weeks ago, my TV picture started getting pixelated pretty often. Comcast came out, played with some fittings and left. Of course it is still pixelated.

    Nothing they do on the phone works.

    FIOS is now in the neighborhood (Columbia Heights) and they have been sending me mail a couple times a week trying to get me to sign up. Anyone in Columbia Heights have FIOS, and if so how has it worked out, decent TV and internet speed?

    • Comcast Sucks

      My comcast has been on the brink lately, too. I keep getting an Error 7 message when I try to use on demand among other issues. First comcast tech said I had a low signal and fiddled with cables inside. A day later, still not working properly. A 2nd tech came out and installed new cables outside. Still no on demand plus comcast is charging me everytime a tech comes out! I can’t keep taking work off to have tech’s come out and try to fix a problem which never seems to be resolved. Frustrating! I’m also in Columbia Heights, by the way.

    • Anonymous

      27 service calls in 3 1/2 years for shoddy Comcast service. Just got Fios (Shaw) and LOVE it. Thank goodness I don’t use my vacation days for vacation – used much of them for Comcast calls. Maybe they could pay me back somehow….

      • bb

        Wait. Wait. FIOS is in Shaw??? Really? I haven’t heard about that at all…

    • Anonymous

      I don’t mean to rain on the FiOS parade, but it’s not some magical service that will make you weep with joy. It’s pretty good most of the time but sometimes the internet is slow for no apparent reason, sometimes the set-top box malfunctions for no apparent reason, and yes, there has been the occasional outage. I’m not saying don’t get it but your experience with Verizon may or may not be better than with Comcast.

      • Anonymous

        Oh but it is a magical service when you have been “stuck’ for YEARS with no options except for Direct TV or Dish. I’m not saying Comcast is bad but I’ve had horrid service to my current home for years with no solution from Comcast. However, my previous Comcast experience in other homes was fantastic.

    • Anonymous

      since when is Fios available in Columbia Heights?? Still stuck with horrible Comcast by me in Columbia Heights

      • Anonymous

        It’s only available on certain blocks as they roll-out and install the infrastructure. Unfortunately, there’s no plans to expand it to my apartment building on W Street NW anytime soon. *grumble*

  • SingLikeSassy

    Rave: I’m living.

    That’s all I got. LOL

  • hiphopanonymous

    Rave: Working 2.5 days this week, then off until July 16!!

    Rant: Spending that entire time at home, in Iowa, with my Mom. I want a REAL vacation! I love my mom but I ALSO love the BEACH!

    Rant: People who ask me to do things/complain to me about things I have ZERO control over. I may be the admin assistant but I have no control over the fact that your chair does not fit under your desk. You want a new chair? Talk to the man in charge.

    Rant: Wow, I’m in a foul mood. Let’s hope this day gets better.

    • anonymous

      Your rant about staying in Iowa would be my rave! I have such fond memories of going to Iowa to visit all of my grandparents, and I still love going there. The people are so friendly, the food is great, and it just feels like home to me. I am an Iowan at heart! Hoping I can make it back there this summer.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: A huge project is finished tomorrow and our team is going out for a fancy lunch to celebrate. Yay!

    Rave: Only at work for 3 days this week. Fireworks overlooking the mall from my office’s roof terrace then 2 days of surfing down in Virginia Beach. Hotness.

    Rant: Got so much work to do. I’ve been given a lot of responsibility and need to rise to the occasion this month while my bosses are out of town.

  • MPinDC

    Rave: Rowing in the rain
    Rant: Giant putrefying catfish near the dock
    Rave: Going out of town for a few days
    Rant: On-going family drama

  • squish

    Rant: the office cleaning staff who empties our trash keeps stealing the candy I keep out for my coworkers. I’m not buying Dove chocolates for them; I’m buying them for my colleagues as a little thank you. QUIT IT.

    Rant: my flip-flops and I didn’t get the rain memo today. grumble grumble.

    Rant: massive migraine yesterday knocked me out at 8 pm last night.

    • Anonymous

      The cleaning staff almost certainly earns a very small fraction of what your co-workers do, and they also provide a service that is worth a thank you.

      (Trust me; I have to fill out a maintenance request form to have my office trash can emptied, I’d much rather throw a few dove chocolates at the problem!).

    • Anonymous

      These people are in your place of work, also working, doing something that helps you be able to do your job. Let them have a piece of candy. If it’s a real problem then buy cheaper candy or put the candy away when you leave for the day.

      • squish

        It is the principle of the matter. I’ve tried putting the candy away but they go through my drawers to find it (WTH), and frankly, their current salaries aren’t my business or concern. Certainly no reason to be taking something that isn’t theirs. In a forum for ranting, this is my rant, among others.

        • Walker, DC Ranger

          Well shit, if they’re going through your drawers to find it then that’s an even larger problem – might want to let the office manager know about that.

  • BeverlyS

    Rave: Having a flexible boss that lets me sleep in on the occasions I need it. Today, for example.
    Rant: I wasted money and a weekend by going to two last-minute weddings on Saturday back home. Both of these weddings were planned in May and I rearranged my entire work trip to Russia to go to them. I’d been scheduled to be on this work trip since January, and I risked a lot by bowing out early from it, but since it was family, I felt like I had to. Further, I had already booked these tickets home when my sister announced her engagement party next weekend (also back home). It was too late to cancel my tickets for this weekend, and I can’t afford to fly home again next weekend so my sister is really upset. I feel like shaking my family’s heads and saying, “Some people need more than a month’s notice for these things!”. Am I the only one who’s work trips/conferences/life events are already scheduled for the rest of the year or am I crazy?

    • bizzinger

      You’re not crazy at all. My family lives in Texas, and it’s taken me years to convince them I need at least 6 weeks notice (barring illness, knock wood). It’s a very different mindset when you don’t have to book tickets or leave. It took sitting down with my brother and going through the calendar and plane ticket prices for him to get it, but I think he’s there now.

    • Anonymous

      Ha, I was just complaining about this same problem! My family lives in upstate NY and either a) invite me to something with a week’s notice or b) assume I can’t go and don’t invite me at all (which makes me feel extra crappy). This is made worse by the fact that all their plans are made last minute anyway. I don’t think they understand how expensive it is to travel, and that I can’t just take off work whenever I feel like it.

  • Britt

    Rave: Wonderful weekend with great friends and crazy weather

    Rant: Morning full of meetings, afternoon full of meetings as well. At least I got a break to shovel food down…

    Rant: Still dealing with awful bug bites – not sure what they are (Definitely not flea, bed bug, or mosquito related) but they’re mean.

    Rave: Received information regarding my future/next step. Biding my time before announcing it but I’m so excited!

  • emily

    Rave: Found out Sunday that our first round of clomid/IUI did not work. We will try again but this is really hard on us. I cried and felt sorry for myself yesterday but now I will pick myself up and stay positive for round two.

    • emily

      Thats supposed to be rant not rave. Oops.

    • MtP Gal

      I’m sorry. Sending you good thoughts, I hope the long weekend helps give you enough time to regroup.

    • I understand

      I did two fresh and two frozen rounds of IVF, got pregnant once — ectopic. Got pregnant the last cycle and lost the baby at 16 weeks last year.

      I understand. ((hugs))

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Great weekend. Dinner with the family for Mr. Zelda’s birthday on Friday, then two days of basically just lying around reading books. I needed that.

    Rant: Only mid-year and we (read: Mr. Zelda) have used up the healthcare spending account. Getting old sucks, and DAMN orthotics are expensive.

    Rave: Quiet day at the office and I’m getting lots done.

    Rant: It’s entirely possible that the Teen Zeldas are still asleep in bed.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Wait. Is Zelda a last name? I always thought it was a middle name. At least you aren’t calling him DH 🙂 Let the teens sleep they need their sleep!!! And boy was that a fine meal on Friday, thank you for including me and Harry.

      • Quotia Zelda

        It’s a middle name, but it’s also a useful, non-cringe-inducing way to refer to family members.

        And the teens are, in fact, awake!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m surprised you didn’t take the opportunity to use one of the many many wonderful play on words your last name allows 🙂 You are seriously winning at that.

  • aohk

    Rant: Seriously freaking out. I just read the article about the changes at the Tabard Inn in the Washington Post. A few months ago we put down a deposit for our wedding there, which isn’t until spring. I’ve been so excited to get married there but am now seriously questioning whether it is a good idea anymore. I’m worried that it’s too late to find another affordable venue that meets our needs.
    Rave: Having such a great partner in my fiance. And the reminder that the “where” of getting married is just a detail. The important part of the wedding is having him next to me, with our closest friends and family to celebrate our marriage with.

    • Anonymous

      Whoa, that’s some drama!
      Good luck with your wedding! Sounds like you have a good perspective about it, that will serve you well on the day and beyond.

    • SingLikeSassy

      I got married at Mrs. K’s Tollhouse in Silver Spring. Great venue, great price.

  • skj84

    Rave: Had my trip to Philly this past weekend and hung out with the family.

    Rant: Did really get to see much of the city and got into a stupid argument because of it.

    Rave: Did get to see my childhood home for the first time in 16 years. It looked exactly as I remembered it!

    Rant: Left my Umbrella on the metro. It was super cheap, but still very annoying to lose.

    • Umbrella Finder

      I turn every umbrella I find on Metro into the station manager when I exit, and ask them to turn it in to lost and found! Even though I’m sure they don’t actually follow through, I like to think a happy reunion could be possible. At the very least, I hope they donate them somewhere.

      (Sorry I didn’t spot yours, though. Last one I found was last week: a pink umbrella on the Green line to Branch Ave.)

  • anon

    Rave: Just got an email from our benefits people telling employees how to sign up their same sex legally married spouses and children/step-children for federal benefits because of the DOMA decision. It doesn’t/won’t directly affect me, but really nice to read about OPM/my agency working so quickly.

    Question (Which I may need to ask tomorrow given how late it is): I’ve been asked to two separate parties where the guests have specifically been asked to bring alcohol. Not drinks, but alcohol. I can’t drink because of a medical condition. Is it OK for me to bring something I can drink, or do I need to bring a 6-pack or bottle of wine and then something else I can drink also? Any advice appreciated!

    • Anonymous

      Bring a sixpack or a bottle of wine – think of it as a thank-you gift to the host rather than a BYO beverage. Then, if you REALLY think there won’t be anything non-alcoholic to drink, bring whatever you want to drink.

      • anon

        Thanks, that is probably the best call. Beer isn’t that expensive anyway. And I have been to way too many parties without stuff I can drink (surpising how many parties are alcohol only), so I’ll just take both.

        • Anonymous

          Also there are plenty of inexpensive but fine beers and wines available so you don’t have to break the bank doing this.

    • Allison

      I would think there’s no etiquette requirement to subsidize others’ drinking where you can’t, but I do think you should notify the party-planner in advance that you won’t be bringing alcohol so they can make up for the deficiency in advance and aren’t planning on you bringing some.

      • Emmaleigh504

        This. If you do not drink and you are asked to bring booze, just tell the party host that you don’t drink so will be bringing your beverage of choice to share. You should not be required to subsidize someone else’s boozing and if the host gets pissy, you don’t want to go to that party.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like a BYOB-bring what you want to drink!!

    • saf

      Wow, that’s really tacky on the part of the “hosts.” (Yes, I meant to use scare quotes there. If you invite people and then tell them to subsudize your event, you are not really a host.

      Take what you want to drink.

  • DC_Chica

    RIP google reader – I guess I’m switching to feedly, does anyone have any recommendations for something better?

    • Allison

      Husband has started using “The Old Reader” and likes it.


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