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List of the 2013 RAMMY Award Winners

by Prince Of Petworth June 24, 2013 at 12:00 pm 15 Comments

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From the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington, the 2013 RAMMY Award Winners:

Blue Duck Tavern


Mintwood Place

C.F. Folks Restaurant

Fabio Trabocchi – Fiola

Ashok Bajaj – Knightsbridge Restaurant Group

Beverly Bates – Vidalia

Scot Harlan – Green Pig Bistro

Marcel’s by Robert Wiedmaier

Room 11

Clyde’s of Georgetown

Nellie’s Sports Bar

Bar Pilar

P.J. Clarke’s

  • Anonymous

    This is serious?

    Does anyone actually go to CF Folks without an expense account?

    Room 11 mixology? Really? The two times I went I thought the drinks were meh.

    PJ Clarke’s?!!? Surely you jest.

    • justinbc

      I used to eat at CF Folks multiple times per week without an expense account. In fact, I don’t even understand the correlation given their relatively inexpensive menu…

    • Irving Streete

      This is serious? Have you ever actually been to CF Folks, expense account or no? Because in Washington, a restaurant with $8 sandwiches and entree specials that top out at special $13.95 (and andouille, beans and rice, with a poached, egg corn bread and salad sounds pretty tasty at $11.95) is not considered an expense account joint. Can’t vouch for PJ Clark’s or Room 11’s mixology program — though I’ve been to both places and they seem perfectly reasonable winners — but keep in mind that RAMMY winners have to be members of the restaurant association, which excludes a lot of places that should be considered and leads to odd award politics and decisions.

      • ah

        Odd award politics and decisions in a local award show/organization?

        Should I take this any more seriously than those paid “articles” of DC’s best lawyers and DC’s best doctors?

        • Irving Streete

          I wouldn’t.

  • Anonymous

    +1 for Trabocchi from Fiola – love that place, and +1 for Mintwood – was excellent when I tried it

  • justinbc

    While I could obviously find alternative suggestions for any of the categories, I have nothing against 90% of the selections.

    I am curious though what exactly the milestone reward for Clydes entailed. Biggest white lie told to tourists? (that Old Ebbitt is the oldest bar in DC…hahah…)

    • Anonymous

      While it is popular to jump on the Clyde’s bashing bandwagon, I happen think it is a fine causal place to eat. What’s so terrible about it? The food is no worse than any other chain (maybe even a step up from an Applebee’s or Chilis), the service is usually decent, the decor is nice, location is great for before/after concerts (Chinatown), and the prices are pretty low for what you get. Again, I think this is a case of people griping just to gripe.

      • justinbc

        What did I say was terrible about Clyde’s? I asked what exactly their milestone award was for.

      • Anonymous

        “maybe(?) a step up from Applebees”

        Well damn that deserves an award for sure!

  • Anon

    Ugh. No need to read past the first entry. BDT is a shadow of its former self. Dinner there a few months ago was the last time I’ll eat there. Uncomfortable service and mediocre food. Not what I had come to expect there.

  • Anonymous

    Nods to Room 11, Ashok Bajaj, Fiola, and Bar Pilar make sense. The rest of this list is comical. Blue Duck Tavern? Seriously?

    • Anonymous

      Clearly you have not been to Fiola or Mintwood.

  • squaredeal

    Does anyone want to recommend a nice-very nice place I can take my wife to for her birthday this Friday that I can still get a reservation to? She’s far more adventurous food-wise than I, but she’s also 7 months pregnant, so maybe not as adventurous as usual. All suggestions would be helpful. Between saving for a home and now a baby, we don’t eat out nearly as much as we used to so we’re not very up to date on great places to eat in DC. Thanks in advance!

    • BigCountry

      Mintwood place and Le Diplomate are both worth the hype in my opinion.

      Maple in Columbia Heights is a hidden gem. I had a great dinner at Mourayo above Dupont Circle about a year ago, not sure if anything has changed over there.


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