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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth May 31, 2013 at 10:00 am 103 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • anon

    Rave: I can walk to work!

    Rant: I live in Silver Spring. It’s not terrible or anything, but I’ve been here about a year, and I’m just not crazy about it for the most part. I really think I’d prefer actually living in D.C. somewhere, but I’m having a hard time justifying it to myself, as it would mean paying more money and having a longer, non-walkable commute (since I work in SS). Bah.

    • What if you looked around Takoma Park DC? You could still easily bike to silver spring…

      • anon

        Yeah, I should probably give Takoma Park a chance. I go over there occasionally, but I don’t really know enough about it to know if I’d like living there more than I do Silver Spring.

        • By fall 2013, Takoma Park is going to be my favorite area of DC (black restaurant group, busboys and poets, new nail salon!). My fiance and I moved out of DC for TkPk in July 2012 and I’m thrilled with out decision. Plus, Silver Spring is just a bus or bike ride away!

    • That’s tough. I love my walking commute and it would take a lot to get me to give it up. WTHBS, I used to live in Takoma Park and felt the same way about the area. Nothing wrong with it per se, just not where I wanted to be. I feel like my quality of life improved 500% by moving to the District, but i agree that the rent hike is a deterrent. If you really want to move and found a place on the Red Line it probably wouldn’t be too painful a commute.

      • anon

        That’s definitely my dilemma. Being so close to work is amazing, and downtown Silver Spring is definitely walkable but I feel like you did, in that there’s nothing wrong with the area, it’s just not where I want to be at this point in my life. I’m glad to hear that you feel like your quality of life improved when you moved into DC. That’s always another question I ask myself – whether the advantages of living in the District would outweigh the disadvantage of having a longer commute five days a week.

        • maria

          I used to commute to Bethesda on the metro, and definitely prefer the bus commute to SS. Especially on the 16th street – it’s sooo pretty, I just gawk at all the gorgeous houses, flowers and decorated christmas trees in the windows. It’s a reverse commute so the bus is almost always half empty, and gives me 30 min to decompress/text with out of town friends. I wish i could read in moving vehicles, that would make it even better.

          • Excellent points by Maria. Or live somewhere along Georgia Avenue and take the 79 Express north as a reverse commute.

    • Anonymous

      You could do Brookland. The rents are on par with Silver Spring (maybe even cheaper?) and it’s only two stops on the Red Line to work. Yet, you’re a lot closer to stuff happening in the city.

      It’s worth exploring, IMO.

      • anon

        Thanks for the suggestion – I know where Brookland is, but I’m woefully ignorant of the neighborhood in general. I’ll have to go down and check it out. And you’re right – two stops on the red line (especially in the opposite direction) wouldn’t be bad. My office isn’t right by the metro, but it’s not a terrible walking distance, either.

    • Have you thought about something in the city along Georgia Ave?

      Depending on where you look, you can take the 79 bus, which flies uptown to SS. As far as lower rent, there are definitely deals that can be had if you look around Kennedy St, which is a nice in between of the developed Petworth area and Silver Spring.

      • Idaho Ave

        I agree with Jim Ed. The Upper Petworth/ Brightwood Park area is really growing fast. The best Charcuterie in town, lots of new bars coming, cheap rents, affordable houses for sale. The community is quiet and friendly. It’s definitely worth exploring. The 79 bus (imho) is the best route in the city..silver spring to downtown in no time.

        • Anonymous

          What are the lots of new bars coming?

      • anon

        Thanks for the suggestion Jim – I’ll have to check it out. I have thought about something along the upper part of Georgia Avenue (as it would be pretty much a straight shot up to my office) but for some reason I was thinking that that a lot of that area was single-family homes and not necessarily places for rent. I’ll have to look into the area you mentioned. I have a couple months left on my lease, so now is probably a good time for me to start looking around and doing some research.

      • Oops. I’m repeating jim_ed. Sorry.

        • anon

          Don’t be sorry – I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment. I really know pretty much zero about the bus system, as I normally use Metro if I do go into DC, so it’s nice to hear about some convenient options.

    • maria

      I also work in Silver Spring and commute from Adams Morgan on S buses. it’s not bad, the bus ride itself is only 20-30 min (S9 vs S2), but it’s much easier if you work regular 9 to 5ish hours. The buses can be unpredictable after 7 pm or so. I agree that SS is nothing to write home about. Everything is so spread out, and I feel like i’m playing Frogger every time I cross a street here. People try to kill me every other day.

      • anon

        Thanks Maria – it’s good to get your perspective. I work 8:30-5:30, so I don’t think the bus schedule would be a problem for me. It’s just you saying 20-30 minutes for the bus ride reminds me that right now, I can roll out of bed and walk to work in about 5 minutes. Granted, I could live somewhere besides Adams Morgan, but still. Do you feel like living where you do is worth it? I know what you mean about people trying to run you over with their cars here, though – Colesville Road is a nightmare.

        • maria

          Yes, I do like living there because I can avoid the metro at all times. I can take a bus downtown or ride my bike, I can walk to Georgetown for shopping, or to Dupont or U street or Columbia Heights. The only thing I could walk to in SS if i lived here is work. So…I’ll take the other! I like all the food options in Adams Morgan much more also. SS is chain central and i cannot…look…at…whole foods…hot…bar any longer. Also most of my friends are walking distance to me, which is nice.

          Mostly I like the scale shift – DC is much more human sized, in buildings, and street widths – no need to cross highways to go to a pharmacy or to grab a bite to eat. Oh, and Meridian Hill park is nice…

          • anon

            Yeah, it would be nice to just be able to walk, bike, or occasionally take the bus most places. And that’s a very good point in your other comment – you save time in the evenings/on the weekends by having everything in such close proximity. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re right. I think that may have convinced me that a slightly longer commute wouldn’t necessarily be an awful timesuck. Thanks Maria!

        • maria

          And to address the commute times – i spend 40 min on a bus, but then i’m only a few blocks away from Harris Teeter, dry cleaner, restaurants, Circulator bus line to Target…I save time getting to all those things, especially on weekends.

    • Caroline

      I’m facing the same dilemma in reverse. My home is a 25-minute walk from where I work, but I’m considering a career change that would have me working downtown. I could still walk there in an hour, or it would be an easy bike or public transit commute, but I love my current commute so much that I’m reluctant to give that up. On the other hand, I always thought it would be exciting to work downtown!

      • anon

        That’s definitely a big dilemma. It would be hard to give that up, you’re right, but I guess it depends on how much you want the career change. Like you said, it might be fun to work downtown!

        • Caroline

          Yeah, and it would be nice to not have to bring my lunch everyday. :) I guess ultimately it will come down to the job and not the location/commute.

      • Anonymous

        I think if you like your work and where you live, spending a little time to get between them will seem less onerous. I’m not sure this would explain away the massive commutes many in our area do, but 30-40 minutes is not awful, especially if you are on the bus or metro and can read or something.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: power outages starting yesterday afternoon around U St that lasted until this morning. Makes me wonder if all the development is overwhelming the grid.

    Rave: First floors of old houses that were built to be cool in the summer.

    • A transformer outside of Vernda blew up around 3:30 yesterday – we live across the street. Power went back on around 5 or so.

      Pepco and others were there all night in to the morning fixing. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with the development.

      Not sure if that’s why your power was out, but that did happen yesterday.

    • jburka

      rant: Pepco claimed the power would be on by 8pm. Then they changed it to 10pm. Then 11 pm. Then 8am. Then 10am. Actual restoration was probably around 8:30am. While Pepco managed to get the number of people without power down from around 5000 to around 500 fairly quickly, I’m curious about why it took so long for that last section to get power — particularly when there was no inclement weather and the agency wasn’t spread thin with widespread outages.

      • Anonymous

        I heard the same moving target from Pepco as you. My block finally came back on at around 7:50 am this morning.

        You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

        You can go back and try again

    • Anonymous

      Rant: still don’t have power
      Rave: air conditioned office

      • Anonymous

        Yikes! Where do you live?

        • Anonymous

          T Street

          • Anonymous

            Mine came back on around 5 pm today (13th and T). Feel sorry fi r Whitekaw market.

  • Anonymous

    Can anybody suggest a good mason or handyman with masonry skills that could so some basic brick work or rest loose flagstones on a patio / steps? I already contacted the ones I could find on a search of POP but they were all either too busy to do such a small job or had $1200 minimums NOT.
    (ps, not a possibility to do it myself, must be hired out).

    • Anonymous

      I like Edgar’s Masonry, but they may not want such a small job.

  • Rave: Dunkin Donuts large iced coffee this morning. It was a little chaotic in there this morning but it’s opening day – they’ll smooth it out at some point.

    Rave: Wedding this weekend – looking forward to seeing our friends get married and dancing the night away.

    Rave: Officially 22 lbs down. I feel so strong and confident – stuff that hasn’t fit since 2009 is starting to fit again, which is awesome.

    • I need some of your motivation! Stalled at 10 down. Well, was 15 down. Doesn’t help that I injured my knees and have to do physical therapy.

      • For me, it was finding something I liked doing at a place I liked going to. I live close to a Gold’s but it’s crappy and I knew I wouldn’t want to go. There’s a Crunch two miles from me that is great, so even though it means driving, I get up and go four mornings a week and then take a great class on Saturdays.

        Good luck – I hope the knee heals quickly!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: That Duncan Donuts guy is trying to hypnotize me!

  • Rave: I high-fived that Dunkin Donuts mascot on my way to work this morning.

    • Rant: still no Dunkin Donuts shop in Petworth though. >:[

    • Caroline

      Rave: I decided to stop by the Barracks Row Dunkin’ Donuts for an iced coffee and donut on my way to work this morning. I NEVER do this (too health-conscious/frugal) but it was so nice that I might make this a Friday ritual from now on.

  • ANoN

    Rant: Parking ticket on Tuesday due to street sweeping while my car was on the Tuesday side of the street. Like trash collection, isn’t street sweeping bumped a day too? Meaning that the Tuesday side is now to be swept on Wednesday.

    Rant #2: There is still trash and debris everywhere. $30 well spent.

    • Anonymous

      street cleaning is not moved due to holidays. How would the change the sign?

  • Rant: Did anyone else see the BUCK NAKED MAN running north on 7th st this morning just south of Florida Ave? He was in the southbound bike lane booking it towards Howard. I was trapped between a column of stopped traffic on one side and parked cars on the other, but thankfully he zoomed right past me. Couldn’t stop laughing the rest of my commute. This was around 8:45ish.

    • I see naked people on 7th street all the time… I recorded one right around Thanksgiving last year and made it into a Harlem Shake video. Tragic of course, but how can you not laugh a little? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a03CxuWEYfc

    • Nonny

      Rant: I never seen naked people on my commute to work.

  • Rant: Still no easy in & out coffee shop next to Petworth Metro.

    Rave: Fridays.

    Rant: Heat/Humidity in DC.

    Rant: Bird poop on my car. I think they’re targeting me specifically.

    Rave: Paychecks on Fridays.

  • Veezey

    Rave: I can now parallel park so I should pass my driving exam, which means my commute will now be down to 20 minutes instead of an hour to an hour and a half.

    Rave: Bing su.

    Rave: made my bus just barely this morning because I chose to walk up the escalator. Yay!

    Rave: interview for grad school program on Monday.

    Rant: Have not done enough to prepare for it.

  • Irving Streete

    Rave: First race Sunday.

    • Mike

      Good Luck! The Mrs. will be in a few afternoon boats. I’ll bring the pup down to watch.

      • Irving Streete

        With a dog, right?

        Not sure if I said this last time, but I look like Clark Kent (moreso in a suit than a uni, admittedly) and have a DC Flag on my arm.

        • Mike

          The dog will be there unless it’s raining. She’s a medium sized tan pitbull/boxer-ish mutt. We’ll be sure to look for you.

        • Anonymous

          Classy, older gentleman who looks like Clark Kent?! Irving Streete, you make me fall in love with you more and more each day. :)

      • Irving Streete

        And good luck to the missus.

  • AnononFriday

    Rave: On hot days like this, any cold drink from Dunkin Donuts is my pleasure. They get so much of my money

    Rave: Paycheck, Friday, Woooot!

    Question?:Is it crab season yet? I need to whip out the Old Bay.

    • It’s been crab season for a while now! Mother’s day is usually my season opening mark. :)

    • Kam

      Depends on what you mean. If you are talking catching crab yourself, the water is still too cold. This heatwave will help but I am thinking the end of June will be good. I try to fish when I can and I haven’t seen anyone out there crabbing like that. Also people are saying that because of the red drum, the crabbing might be down this year.

      • I’m not trying to catch crabs myself. It’s too dangerous to do that in DC.

  • Rave: warm weather! I know it’s too hot for some people, but I love it.

    Rave: First iced coffee of the season. Thank you Bourbon Coffee.

    Rave: Lazy weekend ahead.

    Nothing to rant about today. :)

  • Seaf

    Love the earlier “finding friends in DC” post – I had a large circle of friends in my 20’s and 30’s, found it getting smaller as I got older. People moved away, I was traveling a lot and then needing to spend time with family.

    Some of the suggestions were things I knew about but had forgotten – like dance at the Josephine Butler Center. Also was reminded of the importance of just showing up.

    • anon

      plus 1!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: POS neighbors who leave their dog in a tiny pen 24/7. the dog was hyperventilating trying to stay cool yesterday- no shade.
    Rant: the inadequacy of the District’s animal protection laws- this is appallingly legal.
    Rave: it’s Friday. (same old crappy day for the poor dog)

    • annonsy

      Call the Humane Society please! It’s dangerous for dogs to be left outside in the sun all day. Especially if the dog didn’t have water.

    • Anonymous

      Any chance you can go into their yard and give the dog some water or hose him off? Or perhaps somehow give him some shade covering?

      It’s ridiculous that they are doing this on such hot days! :-/

    • Anonymous

      unfortunately this is a chronic issue. WHS has been to this house at least 6 times that i know of this year. i called again this morning and left 2 messages, but apparently their dispatcher is MIA today. i specifically asked that someone check on him in the middle of the day in order to observe how bad it is for him in the sun. i’ve been worried about trespassing in order to check on him- you can see him from the sidewalk, but only if you’re looking for him, and the pen is against the side of the house and i’d have to tramp through the whole yard (that he doesn’t have access to) in order to get to the pen. also, i’m at work during the day, so i can usually only see him in the mornings and evenings when it’s cooler. my husband happened to be home in the middle of the day yesterday and saw how bad it was for him. any lawyers/humane society experts have any suggestions? i’d love to convince the owner to give/sell me the dog, but the owner is never around to talk to. UGH, so depressing.

  • J

    Rave: Got a good run in this morning.

    Rant: Job searching. Anyone know of anything PR/communications/marketing-related for someone with a Master’s?

    • Anonymous

      Have you tried serching the Washington Post’s job listings? How about monster.com or dcjobs.com? Linkedin?

    • BeverlyS

      Yes. If you’re not already following the DC PA blogspot, I recommend it http://publicaffairsjobs.blogspot.com/
      Also, Senate members and House members are regularly looking for Comm dirs. – there’s at least four open now I think in the House (usually a master’s and hill experience are preferred) but if that’s not your thing, there’s a couple of different PR networking groups on Meetup for people in all career levels (most are agency folks, but there’s also a good contingent of nonprofit and corporate comms people). Also, LinkedIn may sound lamesauce and it doesn’t work in a ton of career fields, but in communications, it’s been really helpful and it’s how I got my current position – there are a lot of DC PR groups to join and communications junkies to follow.

      • J

        Thanks! I actually use LinkedIn a lot and think it’s helpful (but you’re right, it doesn’t work for all fields). I’ve been seeing a lot of PA/political positions, but I don’t really want to work on the Hill (nor do I have any Hill experience)…but it’s getting to the point where I might suck it up.

    • also searching

      NonProfit Times has a jobs board that is well-stocked with Communications and PR jobs. Some lean heavily towards digital comms as opposed to strategic or crisis comms but both are well represented. Give it a gander…

  • squaredeal

    Revel: FINALLY had another good game this season. Played well, made smart decisions, didn’t give the ball away and scored the first goal.
    Revel II: Not as sore as I normally am the day after. We’ll see about tomorrow though..usually the 2nd day is worse.
    Rant: Mom coming this weekend…we don’t get along very well and I generally can’t stand spending time w/ her. Thankfully it’s only for an evening/morning so I think I can manage.

  • Anonymous Coward

    RANT: kickball cheaters, “refs” that would rather talk to their girlfriend than enforce the rules.

  • zero_sum

    Rave: My buddy in NYC is FedEx’ing me 4 front row tickets to the Orioles-Tigers game tomorrow afternoon, plus a parking pass, for FREE. Taking three good friends to the game, will do some drinking near the stadium beforehand. Any bar suggestions near Camden Yards???

    Rave: picking up my girlfriend from BWI at 730pm tomorrow night, right after the end of the game. Perfect timing!

    Rave: will definitely hit up Francis Pool on Sunday. It’s going to be a scorcher weekend! :)

    • Anonymous

      Pickles Pub is the way to go. Right next to Camden

    • mc

      Pickles! Or any of the bars right next door that let you drink outside. Right next to the stadium and it’s always a good atmosphere before games.

    • I dig the Pratt Street Alehouse for a lower-key scene. And they have cask ales, which is nice. http://www.prattstreetalehouse.com/

    • Anonymous

      Lexington Market isn’t too far (a few blocks north.) No great bars there, but you can get beer and oysters at Faidley’s raw bar and enjoy the free live music (noon-2 on Saturdays.)

      • How ’bout dem O’s?

        I agree! I used to live down there, and I think Pickles is just waaaay to crowded on game days and not all that great, but it’s good if you don’t want to go too far from the stadium.

        I second these good folks: try Pratt St Alehouse if you wanna stay close, or walk a few blocks up Eutaw to go to Lexington Market for crabcakes at Faidley’s, and then grab a beer at Alewife, which is near Lexington Market.

        • zero_sum

          How’s Camden Pub? It’s a few blocks from the ballpark on Pratt but closer to MLK.

        • zero_sum

          One of my co-workers also recommended walking over the foot bridge to Federal Hill for eating and drinking. In particular, he said the Cross Street Market will be lively with locals before the game.

          Good idea? It seems like a bit of hike from the stadium in 95 degree weather :-x

  • PoP – are Classifieds & Forum working? I can’t post to classifieds, perhaps because I also can’t sign in? I know there is site work – can you update please?

    • Anonymous

      me too. haven’t been able to sign in/post as myself for weeks now. frustrating.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Sorry about that. Should be all ironed out in just a few more weeks. Believe me, it’s driving me nuts too :)

        • Oh no! I really don’t want to have to deal with selling this bicycle on Craigslist!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Unfortunately forum/classifieds seems to be off and on working. We are totally reworking the site which should be finished mid-June. At that time we’re ditching Classifieds because it was too difficult to maintain and we’re switching to a more simple forum which hopefully will help avoid future problems. Thanks for your patience!

      • OK – well good luck with the changes. And if anyone is looking for a 1982 Bianchi 12 speed for $100.00 go look on Craigslist. If you mention PoP I will know you are less likely to be a flaky insane scammer type.

  • Rave: Looking forward to this weekend; for some reason, every day of this week feels like Friday!
    Rave: Got a consultant gig
    Rant: Extra work
    Rave: Got a consultant gig!
    Rave: I’ve abandoned my guitars, I’ll try to fix that tonight.

  • BeverlyS

    Rave: Presentation this morning went exceptionally well. Phew.
    Rave: Dancing tonight up at Glen Echo – it’ll be a hot one.
    Rant: Poor communicators – if you don’t specify what you want, even after I ask you twice, then you have to be happy with this awesome piece of work I give you. Because it’s awesome. And really pretty.
    Question: Is it true that there are PoPville happy hours?

    • Contra dancing = best ever! And boy, will you sweat tonight!

      • Anonymous

        i used to go to that! cool they’re still doing it. it’s been years since i’ve been.

  • maria

    Rave: some huge and exciting life changes coming up soon!

    Rave #2: super excited about my new bright orange Onitsuka Tigers sneakers and thank you again to the person who recommended the brand yesterday!

    Rant: a little terrified about life changes, but what good are changes if they don’t scare you, right?

    • MPinDC

      Good luck with the changes Maria!

      • maria

        Thanks! i’ll share them once I tell my work. :)

  • Kam

    Rant: Forgot to move my car and got, not one but two street cleaning tickets. I could see if hours passed but to give me a ticket 15 minutes after the first one is ridiculous. And then along with the second ticket I got a $100 courtesy tow ticket. I am not complaining about the tow ticket, it is what it is but the 2nd ticket on after 15 minutes is a bit much. Yup, that $160 out of my pocket.

    Rant: Even though I have the visitor sticker in our car (we have a rental now since our car was totaled), they keep giving me “Warning notice for determination of proper license registration”. It is pissing me off because I have to go down to the DMV and handle this. What is the point of having the visitor sticker if these ass clowns are just going to roll up behind the vehicle, get the plates, write the ticket and then get out of the vehicle to place the ticket/warning on the car. Clearly they are not checking to see of the visitor sticker is there or they wouldn’t write the tickets. Just like DC, write the ticket (as wrong as it might be) and let the decent tax paying residents deal with the aftermath. I don’t have time for this bs!!

  • Kam

    Rant: Working from home is not everything I thought it was going to be. I am seriously considering going back into the office. If it wasn’t for our newborn, I think I would have been back already.

    • I have worked from home for the bulk of the last 30+ years. It takes some getting used to but it is not rocket science. Self-discipline is the key. You have to structure your day so it resembles what going to the office would be like and that you’re working a similar schedule to your office. Establish a “normal” time to get up, do the clean/dress/breakfast thing, and get to work once your routine is finished. Do not give in to the temptation to lollygag and “ease” into the day. Maybe actually take a short walk between getting dressed and starting work to simulate a commute. Do not have the TV on while you’re trying to work. Have a task/to-do list (on paper or computer) so you can prioritize what needs to be done and check-off things when they’re complete. Give yourself a schedule for coffee breaks and lunch that also coincides with regular attention to your baby. Also, give yourself 2-3 minutes every hour to get up, stretch your legs, look out the window. If you’re stuck on something, shift to something else and come back to it later. Do not call friends to chit-chat. Restrict your personal use of email, Facebook, Twitter, web loafing to only your break times.

  • X FF

    Rant: Firefox and getting hung up on PoPville (not in a good way). This has been happening way too often on different websites.

    Just switched to Chrome to see if there is an improvement

    Rave: Found $1.00 on the sidewalk, no one around that might have dropped it. Now I have to decide how to spend it :)

  • Rave: It’s finally FRIDAY!!!

    Rant: Stressful week, to the point that I’ve gone home to drink every night this week. Very unusual for me. New boss out all week plus five new interns = chaos.

    Rave: Lovely lunch outside, in the shade, on the grass.

  • Blithe

    Rant: People who get to the top of an escalator or step through a doorway and STOP. Don’t they know that someone might be behind them?!!!!

    Rave: Friday question of the day! I’m a DC native, but I haven’t lived here since I graduated from high school. I’m moving here full time in the Fall and welcome the suggestions for activities and opportunities for increasing my circle of friends.

    • Best thing is to ditch the electronics and just be out and about. If your college has a local alumni group, get involved with that. Try LinkedIn for local mixers in your profession. If you’re civic-minded, participate in your ANC. Find out where the watering holes are near your job and your house and visit them during Happy Hour.


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