Rabies Alert in Cleveland Park

by Prince Of Petworth May 3, 2013 at 2:30 pm 12 Comments

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From the DC Department of Health via the Cleveland Park listserv:

On Saturday April 27, a sick raccoon was seen in the 3100 block of Macomb St. NW which later was recently determined rabid by the DC Department of Health. The raccoon was a year old lactating mother covered with dog ticks that left her young ones behind and possibly also rabid.

The attached are flyers on Rabies and Animal Control Laws for the District. Both are for your information since this general area has been affected with wildlife rabies for some time now. The main message here is prevention and caution on approaching any suspicious animals including cats and dogs. Also, for the pet owners, allowing dogs to run at large in the woods is risky due to possible exposure to Rabies and Lyme disease, both of which can be transmitted to humans.

Moreover, the following is pertinent information to assist the residents with advise on exclusionary methods, such as securing trash cans and other food sources, repairing and patching holes in attics and block crawl spaces such as porches, sheds against intrusion of wildlife. Wild animals are attracted to food waste. Thus sanitation issues must be addressed. The city does not to remove the animal from its habitat, unless sick or injured. Therefore, it’s important for residents to read our flyers for tips to discourage the proximity of urban wildlife in their properties and learn about signs of abnormal behavior.

Please feel free to share above materials with area residents. You may call me or reply by e-mail if you have any concerns.

Thank you,

Maria Hille
Supervisory Biologist, M.S.
Animal Disease Control/HRLA
DC Department of Health


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