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  • Los

    So are they ok? I imagine this type of equipment is designed to face this type of situation right? Just like a cement truck is probably design to survive some operator forgetting to empty it, and letting all the cement set.

  • Man that’s a lot of water! :o

    • Anon

      This happened between Friday & Saturday morning. The site was completely filled with water Saturday- they have it half pumped out now. As for the excavators- they’ll take some work & inspections & should be able to run.

  • Bdale Res

    Compliments of DCWater!!!!

  • anon

    more photos as they pump out please!

  • 17thSter

    I saw the site this morning while I was at the Y. Glad the equipment will be ok. The workers looked pissed off at the situation.

  • halfsmoke

    Memberships have already sold out for the summer, but you can get on the waiting list for 2014.
    The snack bar is awesome.

  • I’m surprised Spike Mendelsohn wasn’t there selling burgers.

  • Tim

    This place is cursed. One of the operators flipped an excavator on Friday. He was lucky to walk away b/c the cab he was in was crushed. And this is the same site that had the extraction team out 2 weeks ago for a guy that had a serious fall.

  • Anonymous

    My new office will be here in 2015. They didn’t say anything about the pool.

  • I hope none of those workers are drinking from water bottles.

    • brightwood

      +1 Nicely done.


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