Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street/Shaw (owner request)

by Prince Of Petworth April 17, 2013 at 3:00 pm 46 Comments

933 Westminster Street Nw

This rental is located at 933 Westminster Street, NW:

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The listing says:

Located on quiet and picturesque Westminster street this sunny, modern, newly renovated 2 BR / 1 BA apartment puts all the excitement and amenities of U Street right at your doorstep.

Only a short walk to night life, Logan Circle, exciting new restaurants, the recently restored Howard Theater, and the 9:30 Club this apartment combines an incredible location with features and finishes you won\’t find elsewhere in DC.

The 7\’ ceilings, southern exposure, and large windows in every room flood this 1000sf home with sunlight. Modern porcelain tile flooring that looks and feels like hardwood runs throughout the home accented by white exposed brick, deep neutral paint hues, and dramatic lighting.

The kitchen was designed with the chef in mind with style and modern features everywhere you look. All eyes are immediately drawn to the stunning floor to ceiling full stainless Liebherr Refrigerator/Freezer with IceMaker. From there you see the complementing stainless Bosch dishwasher, Bosch Microwave, LG Electric Range, a 10\” deep massive stainless sink with disposal and tall Kohler pull-out spray faucet. All of this surrounded with glossy white European style cabinetry providing plenty of storage space and capped with gorgeous gloss gray Caesarstone countertops providing a large working surface that is impervious to heat, cold, and germs.

Transportation: Unbeatable location only one block to two Green/Yellow Metro Stations (U Street or Shaw), two Capital Bikeshare Stations, as well as Multiple Main Bus Routes.

Parking: Plenty of street parking exists however off street parking can be made available directly behind property for a fee.

Pets: Small pets are OK. A small one time fee applies.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $2,650/Mo.

  • Anonymous

    Looks lovely. What would make it awesome-r would be a second bathroom.

    • SF

      A lovely, dark depressing cave.

      • Anonymous

        Living in a dark apartment is a minor issue compared to the real downsides of living below street level. The main problem is the amount of noise from your upstairs neighbors which will be a daily annoyance. The next problem is the likelihood that your unit will flood either directly from rain water or from a sewer back-up. Lastly, basement and ground level units are the most likely to get burglarized. Oh, and you also get way more filth from outside will wind up in your unit.

        I’d take a dark above ground unit that doesn’t have any of the above issues.

  • Anonymous

    The owner’s price is more than fair. This looks like a lovely unit and the location is prime. I actually think that the owner could get a bit more for it, maybe just north of $2800.

    • Anonymous

      $2800 for a basement?

      • Ditto. For $3K you can get a NICE 2BR/2BA above ground in the U Street area.

        • another anon

          We charge $2200 for a one bedroom basement a few blocks west of here (closer to 14th). It’s pretty nice but hasn’t been renovated in a decade. The price does cover all utilities/internet though.

        • Anonymous

          For 2,800 you could get a non-basement 2 bedroom somewhere like the Camden Roosevelt on 16th and V (which is, in my opinion, a better location) with a gym, a sauna, a front desk, maybe even a balcony if you’re lucky! It’s a lovely apartment, but the price (even at 2,600) seem a bit steep for a basement.

          • That’s a really nice building, I have a few friends there. Awesome lounge and ballroom you can rent for parties!

            Plus, you’ll also get a balcony at that price.

            $3K is my place on U Street, which is a large duplex apartment in a modern loft building.

          • Anonymous

            If you really could get a 2 bedroom for $2800 at the Camden Roosevelt (which I don’t necessarily believe), it would be a lot smaller than this one. This is also right on top of two metro stops. I wasn’t saying that it SHOULD go for that, I’m just saying that if they listed it at that price, I bet they would get some interest.

            Plus, in general, I feel like the commenters on this website always seem to undervalue the rental properties. Competition is pretty fierce out there for renters and just because some of you stuck it out to find a really good deal doesn’t mean that all renters will.

    • SF

      I think we’ve got somebody associated with this “lovely” listing in the thread.

    • Anonymous

      The listing price isn’t a good deal because the unit is worth about $400K. The mortgage payment to buy this unit would be about 25% less than the monthly rent. The $2,600 would probably cover 60% of the mortgage on the entire rowhouse assuming the owners live in the upper unit.

      Furthermore, paying over $2K for a 1 bedroom or $2,500 for a 2 bedroom is always a bad deal. Core downtown DC is relatively small, so it doesn’t really matter whether you are at 16th and V, 9th and S, or 6th and P. All are within 1 mile of Logan Circle, a metro stop, and downtown. The idea of having street address cache doesn’t apply in DC as much as it does in NYC because of the vastly different scales. Anything south of U St. between 17th and 7th St.’s shouldn’t have vastly different valuations, but property on 7th St. sells for about 50% less per square ft than 14th despite having comparable location relative to downtown and proximity to amenities and transportation.

  • roco

    seems a bit overpriced for a basement without dedicated parking.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but 7′ ceilings are not a selling feature. You couldn’t pay me to live in a place with low ceilings!

    • margaretbell

      I know…when I read the listing my response was “WoW! 7ft ceilings!” Not.

  • Anonymous

    I rent a similarly renovated 2 bed 1.5 bath, same sqft, first floor (not basement), 9ft ceiling with secure off street parking closer to metro in this neighborhood for 2300. You can do much better than this place for the price!

    • Anonymous

      Now THAT is a good deal!

    • Let me guess – you’ve been renting it to the same tenant since 2007 and it never open up for rental?

      • Anonymous

        I am the tenant, and I just moved in last fall.

    • Anonymous

      Just curious.. how could you possibly get closer to Metro — this is literally on top of the U Street metro entrance at 10th & U.

      Lack of geography maybe?

      • wiltbergette

        I live closer to Metro – in this neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      You are also overpaying. Living near a metro is the most overvalued amenity. I’d rather be car dependent and sit in traffic than pay a rent premium plus $3 per trip to ride DC’s horrendous metro system.

      • Depends how much you value your time.

        I now live very close to Metro, and strongly prefer it to when I had to take a bus to Metro.

      • Anonymous

        I used to think so too, but we ended up buying near a metro station and I realized it has more benefits than just being near the train. Bus routes tend to converge at metro stations, so you get more bus lines to choose from. There are more Bikeshare racks around the metro stations. These areas also tend to attract more retail, restaurants, and bars, and they are safer because they have a greater police presence. I almost never take the metro, but I’m glad I live near a metro station.

      • It costs $7,000/year to own a sedan (and that’s EXCLUDING the money you spend purchasing the car). I wouldn’t say being near a Metro station is an overpriced amenity.

    • Interested

      Do you have any other similar units for rent? Looking for a new place end of July.

  • Anonymous

    Were the pictures taken at night? Because it looks like it’s anything but bright and sunny.

  • Anonymous

    Nope. Nope.

  • Anonymous

    i live a few blocks away, in a non-basement unit (also 2bd/1ba) and pay several hundred less. maybe not as “stylish” but also very recently renovated. pls don’t tell my landlord to jack up my rent!

  • ambyr

    I actually prefer basement apartments to upper floor ones, and even I’m eying those photos dubiously. If it is in fact “flooded with sunlight,” try taking pictures that actually demonstrate the existence of windows.

    • Anonymous

      You prefer basement apartments? This is the first time I’ve ever heard someone say that. Aside from the lower price, what do you like about them?

      • washingtonian

        Easier to disguise one’s secret Goth rituals from nosy passerby, perhaps? LOL.

      • ambyr

        I like having a door directly to the outside. Having to walk down a hallway past everyone else’s doors makes me feel like I’m living in a hotel. It’s more energy efficient, so my bills are lower. I don’t have to worry about noise complaints from anyone living below me (or next to me, for that matter), which is handy since I keep odd hours and am not the quietest neighbor. In general I prefer renting from individuals than from management companies–less inclined to raise the rent, more flexible about certain things–and in DC that’s more likely to mean a house basement than a unit in a multi-story building.

        And, like you said, cheaper.

        • Anonymous

          Ok, so you’re comparing a basement apartment to an above ground apartment in an apartment building. I can understand that. I thought you preferred it over a rowhouse above-ground unit, which would be strange.

          • ambyr

            Oh, sure, if I could afford to rent the whole rowhouse upstairs I’d go for that instead in a heartbeat.

  • Highway robbery. There are plenty of non-basement units in this price range on the market. Not to mention, this place is totally going to flood with every serious rain storm.

    • Anonymous

      Flood, get burglarized, and it must be really annoying to be able to hear everything your upstairs neighbors are doing..

  • AngryParakeet

    Could it be that this is the basement apartment BELOW the one described? Sun in every room and that dark galley kitchen is clearly not this one. Looks like a listing mistake.

  • Anonymous

    Basement does not equal sunny.
    Paying 2650 for a basement is what motivates people to buy a house instead.
    And renovate their basements of course.

  • Anonymous

    This is crazy high. I rent a non-basement, 2 bed, 1.5 bath condo with more style and 10 ft ceilings for the same price. Better location too near 11 and S st.

  • Anonymous

    To the owner – what type of floor tile (brand, style) is that? About to renovate a basement rental unit. Thanks!

    • soup

      Looks like the faux wood concrete floor tiles.

      • Tony

        Yep, that’s what the posting says. I actually just put the same floor in my basement last weekend. It looks fantastic. The tile is 6″x24″ and available at Home Depot in a few different colors for about $2.50/SF. We used 1/16″ spacing with a dark brown grout.

        • I think it looks “OK” at best. You sure as hell wouldn’t fool anyone into thinking it’s hardwood, as the listing implies.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I used to rent an entire 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom row house one block away for $2500 a month. Of course, I signed the lease in 2006 and didn’t move out till 2011 when I bought my own place. It’s still kind of crazy to me that now $2500 won’t even get you a small basement apartment in that area…

  • alex

    I’m not sure what everyone is hating on with this post. The place looks fantastic. If it jibed with my timeframe (moving end of July) I’d 100% jump on this immediately.


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