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  • Well stated.

  • Question: How long will the flags be at half-staff? This is the longest I’ve seen, outside of a President’s death – even longer than we had the at half-staff for 9/11. Just curious – haven’t seen anything from the WH or Congress or otherwise on what is mandating the current half-staffs.

    • Flags should return to full-staff at sunset of the 20th, so Saturday night, from what I read in the initial order to bring them to half-staff.

      • Maybe it was extended because of the death of Officer Sean Collier (and any one else, I did not pay attention to the whole manhunt ordeal to preserve my sanity).

        • Prince Of Petworth

          The photo was taken the afternoon of the 20th so maybe it wasn’t extended?

  • AMDCer

    Thank you for posting this. I went to the memorial a couple of weekends ago before all this happened. I had never really walked through it and reflected on the sacrifice of law enforcement officers before. It’s very moving.

  • I was a cop in NYC for 5 years, one of which was 2001. I go there every year on September 11th just to sit and talk to guys and gals who are no longer with us. It really is a pretty spot.

  • Anonymous

    police week starts may 7th or so this year.


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