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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth April 30, 2013 at 10:00 am 169 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user angela n.

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • On the mend from surgery, back to work at my jobs. I know I shouldn’t complain because i do have income, but I am terribly unhappy with both jobs and life in general, especially living here in DC.

    • Anonymous

      Then move…? No reason to be in a place you don’t like. On the other hand, I think people that are miserable where they live are going to be miserable anywhere.

      • “.. people that are miserable where they live are going to be miserable anywhere.”

        Not true. I was miserable where I lived before I lived here. Waking up in the morning was depressing. But once I moved here, which suits me, I am no longer miserable or depressed. I still hate mornings, but for a different reason :)

        • Totally agree. When I lived in NYC, I found myself becoming unhappier and unhappier…. so I moved. It is amazing how your outlook on life changes when you live in a place that you like.

        • L

          Also agree. I moved away from the district in 2005 to a place I thought I’d love, and was the most miserable SOB you could imagine because I hated it there. Nice place to visit, as they say. Moved back to the District as soon as I could, and I’m back to my old self. Didn’t know what I had til I left … :) People enjoy different locales. Nothing wrong with that.

          Valentina- perhaps focus on an exit plan. Where would you want to go? What are the steps you’d need to take to get there? Or is there something you could change about what you’re doing now that would make it at least tolerable for the time being?

          • I want to move to S. Florida. The only thing is, i’ve gotten bad feedback from people about Florida, that it makes me a little frightened. I am considering taking the money out of my retirement to fund the move. It’s not that much money, so I won’t miss it.

    • KMB

      I totally undersatnd where you’re coming from, valentina. I’m unhappy here as well. And, not to speak for valentina, but there are several forces keeping me from moving right now. I think a move will be possible sometime around November, but I fear that I’ll move and be even less happy elsewhere, because there are things I like about the city. Right now I’m just trying to focus on those things and get through it one day at a time.

    • Happiness is not outside of us, it’s within us… You may move to a new area and it may indeed be great, but then it changes into something that’s not…

      We go through personal sacrifice and loss in life, but overcoming those feelings with positive experiences and memories are what indirectly create happiness in our lives, through the way we think about things and the future plans we look forward to, not from the things we have or where we live. New relationships can make an old place new again as well, but we’ve got to work on being happy inside of ourselves to allow those new relationships to happen positively.

      Nothing wrong with moving to a new place, but expecting that moving to a new place will create happiness may be a flawed idea. :)

      I kind of sound like the Dali Lama here, but I hope that helps.

      • Anon

        The Dali Lama — love it! Surrealism combined with zen…

      • Hawkeye

        Sound like the Dali Lama my ass. Environment has a very large impact on happiness. I would probably blow my brains out if I had to live in rural America. I don’t mean this as a knock on those places, they can be lovely but they are not at all right for me. I grew up in a suburb where you couldn’t get anywhere without a car. I hate driving. Hate it. Now I live somewhere where I don’t need to own a car. Change in location directly influenced my happiness.

  • Rant: Work becomes a case of “I Told You So” more and more every day. I don’t say “I Told You So” though, because then I’d be an “a hole”… 4 more months and i reach the year mark, then on to more money and hopefully a better place where everyone doesn’t hate each other…

    Rave: So… “You know who” sends me a FaceBook message saying she’s now almost done with finals (this week) and up for something soon supposedly (this weekend). Just as I’m about to invite a different girl out this weekend… Modern dating is more complex than putting IKEA furniture together. ಠ_ಠ

    • Anonymous

      Invite the other girl out. Why are you still waiting for YKW?

      • I wasn’t waiting… exactly why I struck up conversation with the new girl, but YKW is redeeming herself a bit, we’ve chatted on FaceButt a few times, she seems like she was ending a bad relationship and working on finals in the past few weeks. Her back story checks out in terms of her actions. Besides that, she has been browsing my facebook account since I added her and adding likes to a few pics I’ve posted. She appears to be sufficiently intrigued by my online persona by her actions in stalking me online. :P

      • Anonymous

        Leave the girls alone, and find a woman.

        • lol, +1

          • Anonymous


        • booooya

          But I sort of agree. Age isn’t the issue – maturity is. And sometimes maturity comes with age.

        • Anonymous

          Best reply yet to jack5’s female woes, lol.

        • Life is too short to date someone who is sharp and unforgiving. I see things as they are. Life is much better when it’s a party platter than a bunch of “nutshells” in a basket… I think if you guys knew the person i was talking about I’d seem a lot more reasonable.

          Like I said, through this I’m trying a different method of dating than I’m used to that involves patience and trust. Though I may get frustrated with it at times, It may just work. bear with me…

          • anon

            Translation: “I’m in denial.”

    • Anonymous

      oh here we go again….

      • Anonymous

        Ha! Jack, your a sap but in the worst way. You don’t even seem interested in wooing!

      • Anonymous

        yawn. this is getting tedious.

    • Anonymous

      In my book “I’m done with finals” means “take me away somewhere fun for the weekend where I can blow off steam.” On your dime btw in case there is any question.

      • Thanks for that Anonymous (#3)! :)

        • anomalous

          i like reading about how jack5 approaches the dating world. at least he’s honest about it. keep it coming, jack5!

  • Rave: Helped my co-worker move a box at work.
    Coworker: “Thanks, you’re really cool and the gang”
    Me: “Because it’s ladies night, and the feeling’s right” :D

    Rant: most of the readers won’t get the joke!

    • Hey, I got down on it!

      • while celebrating good times?

    • Oh, thanks…now I’m gonna be humming that all day! ;)

      • anx

        Yes, EARWORM! I need to find an anti-Kool & gang song to replace this one!

        • I’ve found that when a song is stuck in my head, if I play it (on youtube for example), it frees my mind from it, thing that keeps it stuck in my head is the fact that I can’t remember the song fully until I actually play it… Just a suggestion. :P

          • Anon

            I find when a song is stuck in my head, the only way I can get rid of it is to give it to someone else. Which is exactly what Pablo did here. Nicely played, dude.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Love the O line pic!!
    Rant: I know I’ll be complaining about how hot and gross it is outside soon enough, but man, this spring has been such a let-down so far in the weather department!

  • BeverlyS

    Rave: Regularly going to a new (to me), inexpensive gym. Wondering now how to get out of bed in the morning to get to gym rather than in the evening. How do people do that?
    Rave: Weather looks good for a weekend with friends in Savannah. Bonus = taking the train.
    Rant: Budget and audit season.

    • PG

      If you start exercising regularly, you’ll start having more energy and you’ll sleep better. That makes getting up early easier. When you find the exercise you enjoy, you’ll have incentive to get up early and do it.

      • Anon

        I’ve always found that having more energy just makes it harder to fall asleep at night.

    • MP

      I’ve never been an early riser so trying to get up early AND exercise doesn’t work. I’ve tried a number of times and realized that morning exercise just isn’t for me.

      It might help to put workouts on your calendar and to give morning workouts a trial period – maybe a month – and see what happens.

      • Caroline

        Yeah, I can understand the desire to get it out of the way first thing, but there’s no reason you have to force yourself to work out early. I find a have a lot more energy and get more out of my workouts if I do them after work.

    • lbow

      You can try just waking up 10 minutes earlier for one week, then 20 the next. Once you get into a routine of getting to bed at a decent hour (key) and actually getting out of bed once your alarm goes off on the morning, you should be ok. I love working out in the morning and try to make it as easy as possible (clothes ready, water bottle filled, etc). Of course, there are mornings that sleep sounds like the better option, but 10 minutes in to the workout, I’m so glad I got up. Some people just aren’t morning people, so it’s not for everyone. Good luck!

    • The trick for me was finding a GF that lived a couple miles away, staying over at her place, and running home in the morning to get ready for work. Two birds with one stone.

      Another method was having a workout partner. While the idea of getting up early to work out wasn’t a big enough incentive, not wanting to bailout on a friend/co-worker was.

      Alas right now I have neither, and I’ve been a lazy bum for a little while now, woo hoo.

    • DC20009

      Morning people are a breed apart, from me anyway. The only time I was able to get up early – very early – regularly to do anything before work, was when I was in a rowing club. Once you’d committed to row on a given morning, you couldn’t blow it off, because if you did, the others wouldn’t be able to row eiher – can’t go out with a rower missing. So you’d risk the very serious ire of the people who had gotten their butts to the boathouse at 430AM (oy!) if you didn’t show up. Without that kind of impetus, I am barely able to get to my office at a reasonable time (on flextime!), much less do anything prior to work.

      • BeverlyS

        Hahahaha. These are great – thanks! I’m going to try it for awhile, maybe a month and see if it works. But it’s good to know that there are people out there who don’t exercise in the morning and are still successful :)

  • anonymous

    This is reminder to my fellow city dwellers to be careful when walking late at night. I was returning from class around 11 pm when I witnessed a sketchy guy closely following people leaving the Capitol South metro. I stayed back a bit as he got on the escalator and was literally one step away from a woman whose back was to him. Her male friend (in front of her) finally realized there was a guy literally crouching behind her on the escalator stairs. He looked like he was positioning himself for a quick snatch of an iPhone or something. No words were exchanged, but the man and woman tried to hurry up the escalator, looking behind them, as the guy followed them closely. What they should have done (IMHO) is turn around and go back to the metro. What they did is walk down a dark street between the Cannon House Office Building and the LOC. Hoping they ended up ok, but I think the sketchy guy was on the prowl for victims last night. Please be aware of your surroundings at ALL times, and do not hesitate to stop and go in the opposite direction if something similar happens. The criminals are counting on you being submissive or afraid so that you walk yourselves right into a dark place where they can rob you. You need to be scanning your environment at all times so you don’t find a guy like this crouching behind you at 11 pm at night on the metro.

  • javagirl

    Rave: heading to Africa for 2 weeks for work- first trip at my new job and I’m very excited about the opportunity.

    Rant: I was hoping to see new guy I started casually dating a month ago before I leave but now it seems he is blowing me off. I know his work is super busy but how hard is it to send a quick text message?

    • Anonymous

      He’s just not into you; this happens to everyone at some point. Move on.

      • javagirl

        I think you’re right, but it’s frustrating that things seemed to be going well and he was initiating plans and then just- radio silence. It’s a pretty clear signal, though.

        • Yeah, kinda annoying when someone can’t just say, “Sorry, just not feeling it anymore, sorry.”

        • Anonymous

          Have you been having causual sex. Guys like that. Please believe me

    • Why Not

      I’d file him away and give him another try after your return.

      • javagirl

        Thanks, I guess I’ll see if he reaches out again. And no, anon, we hadn’t gotten to the good stuff yet, but I had been looking forward to it : |

  • missed connection

    Can you help me reunite a woman with her slipper (or dress shoe)?

    A woman in purple dropped a shoe from her bag as she was getting out of the train at McPherson this morning. I think she got off on the Vermont Ave. side. It was a black Enzo Angiolini shoe. Prince Charming shouted “Shoe. Anyone lose a shoe?” after her, but I believe she was long gone as it was almost 9:15 and she was past her curfew. I hate when our evil stepmothers make us come into work so early. I took the shoe as the prince’s chariot had to keep moving and handed it to the station manager on the 14th St. side. If Cincerella is looking for it that is where it is. No prince though.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Crap weather. Meh.

    Rave: Got my scooter back last night (after months of rebuilding the engine) and drove it to work today for the first time since November.

    Rant: My office bldg has installed these weird vertical steel bars into the public sidewalk to prevent bikes/scooters from being locked to the street signs. Wtf. Annoying.

    • ah

      You mean the public sidewalk where it’s illegal to park scooters?

      • Laws? We don’t need your steenking laws.

      • Anonymous

        True – but still lame. DC doesn’t enforce the law and my scooter is not blocking anyone or anything. And they are also taking away bike parking.

  • RANT: Grey weather makes it hard to get out of bed.

    RAVE: Went to an amazing yoga class last night and came home to an oddly more affection than usual partner.

    RANT: Traveling quite a bit for work this month when all I really want is couch time.

    RAVE: Blueberry smoothie this morning for breakfast and a job that pays well and usually gives me the generous amount of couch time I am craving.

  • Anon

    Rant: Looking for wedding and/or engagement photographers. It seems like every photographer website I look at, I hate. How hard is to find someone who doesn’t insist on all the same old boring poses – mainly forehead touching and looking off into the distance? I hate having my picture taken anyway, so I’d really like someone who is more of a photojournalist who does weddings. Anyone have suggestions?

    Double rant: the cost of these photographers! I really don’t want that many pictures taken, why is it so expensive?

    • maria

      I liked my wedding photographer, he was just a brother of my coworker. No touching forehead photos or looking out into the distance. :) I just needed him as a photojournalist too. He was very affordable, but a bit slow on getting us our photos back. I can see if he wants to do another wedding if you are interested.

    • Ekington Chick

      The photographer I used to follow my ex-husband and his then girlfriend took some awesome photos which really helped my attorney. Some of the photos were very candid – definitely not posed. His rates were reasonable as well.

      • Okay, we need to hear more about this.

    • Caroline

      Photographing events is a ton of work (you only see a fraction of what they have to do), and it’s stressful and requires a lot of expensive equipment, insurance, etc. That’s why a professional costs so much. Of course, you could always find an amateur who wants to build his portfolio and won’t charge as much. There’s no shortage of those in DC and they’d probably be happy to not do a lot of static poses.

    • ah

      Just look for one who has nice “photojournalist” pictures in addition to the poses. Then tell him/her you don’t want to do a bunch of posed photos. You don’t have to do the poses.

      But it’s your wedding–at least get some posed photos with family that you can give to them as gifts.

      • Caroline

        My sister used a fashion photographer and told her she didn’t want a lot of posed shots. She ended up with a lot of great pictures– but after the wedding we realized there were no pictures of our mom with the bride. My mom was not very happy about that! So make sure someone is taking posed pictures of everyone, if not for you then for benefit of the other guests who might want them.

    • If you want a better than ordinary photographer, they’re not going to work for a reduced rate! This is a fact of life… You get what you pay for!

      Maybe Contact Pablo Raw? (he posted earlier in this thread)

    • I’m a wedding planner and work with many photographers, but I always advise my clients to check out local wedding blogs to get a feel for what they like before I make any recommendations.
      Check out capitolromance.com and unitedwithlove.com and see what you like. They usually link to the photographers’ web sites.

    • Rave: Meeting with Pablo in early May about our upcoming engagement and wedding photos :-)

    • Agree with getting a photojournalist – I used Madeline Marshall and was pleased with the outcome and the cost. I recommended her to a friend, who was pleased as well. Not sure if she has since changed her name (she got engaged, not sure if she’s married yet and/or changed her name if she is).
      There’s a wedding photojournalists association web site that is a good starting point.

    • IMO you shouldn’t base your decision on what you see on their website. What if the couples he/she is showing wanted those kind of photos?

      Since you are the client, you decide what kind of photos you want, or you can let the photographer decide for you. I suggest you meet them in person and see if this is a person you can work with. If you only want a few photos, make a list of what you want, and fit the photographer on your schedule so that he/she spends less time in there.
      There is so much to say about the price, long hours of work during and after the wedding, cost of equipment from cameras to lighting, computers software, etc. Please do not think that we only click the shutter and then everything just magically happens.
      I wish you the best with your search!

    • Stephanie

      We just did our engagement photos this past weekend with Kellyhahnphotography.com. She is a former photojournalist and while I havent seen MY pictures yet, she did a great job for a friend’s wedding and we had a great time Sunday with her. Some of them were posed a little, but mostly we were just being natural and she’d ask us to move an arm or something. We have been really happy so far.
      She does live in Frederick, MD – but will travel for a fee. Our wedding is in Haymarket and I think the travel fee was about $50. None for the engagement.

      Photographers were crazy sticker shock, but we felt comfortable at her price after seeing others. $3k includes wedding and engagement, an assistant at the wedding, album, all digital prints, etc. ANYWAY, you might want to check her out!

  • rant: There are times when I feel like I’m bending over backwards to be accomodating to my friends and I only end up feeling screwed over/taken advantage of when they think “wow, she’s so understanding, I can do whatever inconsiderate thing I feel like doing and she’ll just go along with it because she’s so easy-going!” Sadly, this happens at work and in my personal relationships as well, but I feel like the only alternative is to be a self-centered jerk and that’s not who I am, so, that’s not really an option. I have no problem being direct with my friends about what I want, and they’re not generally selfish people (otherwise I wouldn’t be friends with them). Blurg.

    • Standing up for yourself is not being a self-centered jerk.

      • anomalous

        Agreed. I have a friend who, above all of the rest of us, goes out of her way to check on us when we’re down and celebrate our happiness when we are up. Solid, kind, wonderful friend but I am concerned that we don’t always give it back to her. I try to be mindful of that in my relationship with her but if she ever decided to put the rest of us in check for less than considerate behavior, I would not think she was a self-centered jerk. I would definitely listen and feel badly about it. Just remember that every relationship has boundaries, including friendships so assert yourself when you need to.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps the problem is that you see only two options (bending over backwards or being a self-centered jerk) when there is a whole spectrum of behavior in between.

  • Anonymous

    Rant, and request for advice: I need to take an accounting/ bookkeeping course. Something relatively basic– principles of accounting, maybe? But the professor of the class I want at UDC won’t respond to my request to audit. (I don’t want to go through all the enrollment hoops, because I just want the ONE course.)

    Any advice? I just need to get to the next level for my job. Right now, I’m doing lots of tasks by rote; if I can a deeper understanding of the whole process, I can get promoted.

    • Monroe

      Have you looked into on-line courses (google MOOC)? UMD offers a lot of on-line classes. Also check out the USDA Graduate School (not on-line)

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like an online course would be perfect for you. I’ve liked doing the MIT courses, which are free. There’s a bunch of stuff here: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/index.htm#sloan-school-of-management

      I’m sure you can also do more structured courses for a fee from somewhere like University of Phoenix.

      For something as basic as a principles course, there’s no reason to trudge to a weekly class.

    • L

      UMUC – university of maryland university college. They have a lot of online classes and if you just need one course, that seems like an easy option.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks… I hadn’t seen the MIT ones before.

        My big frustration is that everyone wants to lock you in via enrollment. I don’t want to enroll, at all, anywhere. I’m not going to go getting transcripts and filling out 19 page applications and all that bs. I just want a single course. Even the online schools (Phoenix etx) seem to want to make everyone go this route. Any thoughts on getting around this problem?

        • do you need to show something at your job that you’ve taken a course? Or are you just trying to get the basic understandings of debits/credits? maybe even Nova (no NOT my NOVA ;))

        • Not sure where your alma mater is, but universities tend to be more open to allowing former students audit without pressuring them to enroll. I’m considering auditing an energy law class at my school in the fall to increase my marketability and they didn’t seem to have a problem with it since I already would have spent a buttload getting a degree!

  • POPville – advice, please! We’re going to Pittsburgh on a Friday and traveling from downtown DC area. My husband is convinced that leaving around 6 or 6:30 would be fine for avoiding major traffic on the way to and on 270 (once you get to 70, you’re usually fine).

    Anyone familiar with driving that way think this is accurate?
    Is there a best route? GPS always takes us to 395 to 495 to 270. It takes FOREVER (it sends us thru GTown to get to 395). We’ve done it by picking up 270 in Bethesda which sucks, too.

    Any advice?

    • I’d recommend leaving around 8pm… 6 PM is still rush hour. 8pm is right around prime time for TV and too early for nightlife travelers, less people on the road, always better… It would be about a 2-3 hour ride from DC. Traffic is horrible here regardless, one little accident and it’s all bottlenecks. I usually prefer to travel outside of rush hour times. Good luck!

      • Pittsburgh isn’t 2-3 hours from where I live. It’s about 4. We’d be getting to 270 around 7 by the time we get there.
        My concern with leaving around 8 (which is what we’d do when headed to Philly) is getting to my family’s house late – my aunt/uncle aren’t usually up so late so I don’t wanna screw them with a 2AM arrival. We planned on NOT having the dog with us, so if we were late we’d just stay at a hotel then start up again….but no one would or could dog sit…so we’re SOL.

        • I have a dog too, I end up putting him a kennel for long trips at around 22$ per day, they also get me with scheduled vaccination fees. Wish I had friends or family to take care of him but I’m usually SOL, but at least when he’s in the kennel I know he is well cared for… You can ask them to hide a key outside of the house maybe so you can sneak in late, but if it’s too difficult, just brave the traffic, play music, and enjoy the road trip! I wish I could get out of this city with some good company right now, but I’m too caught up in work… I think (not 100% sure) that the scenic route that runs next to 270 is RT 40, I used to go to school at Frostburg, MD years ago, the scenic route is pretty nice up that way if you’re driving a sports car. :)

          • well, I usually pay $50 a day for dog sitting but everyone I’ve checked is going to be out of town. I won’t kennel my dog. The worst part about the drive is that there aren’t great places to stop easily for her to stretch (she’s big).
            I wouldn’t be going for such a short trip, but I have relatives I want give our news to in person, because I feel like it’s the right thing to do vs. a phone call. I think it was better planned out my head than it wil be in person given the drive! Last trip to PGH I took megabus.

          • You all should definitely find a dog sitter/another house where your dog could stay. We did this when we lived in Columbus, found a family with a couple of dogs, and our Beagle stayed with them for $15/night (Columbus is a cheap city haha)

            Seems much better than a kennel?

          • If you normally pay 50$ a day, posting your dog at a good vet clinic would probably end up costing less overall. My usual is “Layhill Animal Hospital” in Silver Spring, MD just in case you need a backup plan. They are quite good, I’ve boarded my dog there many times. Cheers,

          • Anonymous

            I used Capital Petsitters for a weekend when I was out of town a few years ago. It was $66 for a very nice woman to come to our house and feed and walk the dogs twice a day. There was also an $18 consultation fee for her to come meet the dogs, discuss their needs, and find out where I keep the food and toys and such. Very reasonable I thought. I think they charge $11 per visit per dog.

          • yeah, I won’t kennel my dog and she can’t be left alone all night – she’s very people oriented. We usually pay $50 for her to stay at her dog walkers house over night. And everyone we’ve asked is going to be out of town – popular weekend! It’s not a bad deal – $50 to take care of the laziest dog ever (who just wants to snuggle), stay in a nice condo 3 blocks from all the 14th st places, a parking space…HBO (catch up on Game of Thrones and Veep?). But it’s all good – we’ll take her, my aunt/uncle love her anyway. Just seems like a long ride for her for such a short visit. She isn’t a spring chicken anymore…that’s so depressing!

          • BeverlyS

            I started out dogsitting for a few friends about five years ago and found them to prefer a sitter over boarding or a kennel. I’m not a dog owner, so I don’t know which is better and I’ve never really asked them why as I don’t charge any less than a kennel. I rarely can turn down my friends when they send me a picture of his/her dog looking cute. Especially Frenchies and pugs, they’re so good at looking almost helpless.

        • I’d love to see a PoPville dog-swap board or exchange – how hard would that be to set up? I could happily take in someone’s dog for a couple of days knowing someone would take mine when needed.

          • Monroe

            Second this suggestion!

    • omg, do NOT leave then! the back up to/on 70 is beyond hellish. I say if you can’t leave before 4 wait until after 7.

      • ugh…..what about 3PM?

        • I would think that should be ok. It’s been awhile since i’ve left on a friday though. it’s the back up to/on 70 that’s the beast… I also do 68 but I am from west of ‘burgh and hate the turnpike but it’s not as efficient if you’re headed straight into downtown. Have fun!!!

          • Oh, I’m going to the ‘burbs, too….so I save an hour there!

          • Anonymous

            Skype them instead :)

        • The other option is to just wait, go to bed early, and hit the road at 3 or 4 am. No traffic and you’ll arrive at a good time.

          I have this same struggle trying to visit my family in Virginia Beach. We like to wait until 7 pm, but we still hit traffic inevitably where the HOV lane ends (although it is not nearly as bad as leaving at 5). Or we leave a 1 pm and hit traffic at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. It stinks!

    • There is no good way. I can tell you with no doubt that 270 North in the evenings on Friday is bad. If you leave DC at 6:00, you will sit in traffic. I would leave a bit later, like 7:30, and take GA Ave/Connecticut to 495. From there, 270 will be clear, and it is 4.5 hours into Pittsburgh.

    • MP

      Where in DC is your starting point? I take 270 regularly – from Mt P I’ll go via 34th St/Reno Rd to CT to 495 to 270. Another option is 16th St to 495.

      You should be fine if you get on 270 after 7:00 pm (or later).

      • I live in Logan Circle

    • You’ll be hitting prime traffic time then. Wait an hour and you should be much better off.

      • What about leaving earlier? like, if we aim to leave our place by 3PM
        I’m just worried about forcing my relatives to stay up until 2AM for us if we leave at 8. They arent in the best health.

        • Anonymous

          They can’t leave a key for you under the doormat? There’s no reason to wait up for you.

          • oh, they can….but they probably won’t! They are just not like that – they have to “welcome” you and all that small town stuff.

        • anx

          This would put you on 270 around 3:30 which is when things start to crawl. However you’d be able to be in the HOV lane until 270 becomes 2 lanes and the HOV lanes generally keep moving. It’s when 3 lanes become 2 that things really slow down.

          I try to get on 270 before 3:00 and usually make good time.

          There is a rush hour around Frederick and the exit for 70 gets backed up around 4:00 – 6:00.

          • hm….this is very helpful. I think leaving ass early Saturday morning would be best, but it limits our time with family and all that.
            So what about getting to 270 around 3PM (leaving Logan Circle around 2)?
            Is the 70 exit back up horrible, or once you’re on 70 it’s fine? Is it similar to the Delaware Tolls when going to Philly (that’s usually our only back up on that trip)

        • I make that trip fairly often on my way to WV, and usually leave around 3 pm. I would say that generally, it adds about an hour to my travel time (so, if the trip should take four hours, assume it will take five). I actually find that merging onto 70 West isn’t the horrible part – it’s crowded, yes, but I’m normally able to get through there and on my way within 15 minutes or so. The part I find the most problematic is the northern part of 270 – after Germantown, but before Frederick. At some point, the lanes merge, and you go from having four/five lanes to only having two. This is particularly problematic because it gets hilly, and there are trucks that go super slowly up said hills. That’s the part that takes the longest, and I have no idea how to avoid it other than leaving by noon at the latest.

    • GPS is trying to get to you to take 395 south to 495, when in fact you want to go north toward Pennsylvania? And it’s trying to route you through Georgetown? Is it trying to get you to take M Street and the Key Bridge into Virginia??

      It looks like if you took Wisconsin Ave./355 north, you could get onto 270 without having to be on 495. Seems like that would be a good idea, as it would allow you to skip any backups on 495.

      • Anonymous

        If you get on 495 at CT you only have a short way to go before the 270 exit – even if the 495 is slow you’re only on it for a short while. Going up Wisconsin Ave is painful (and out of the way from Logan Circle) & you still are on 495 (for a short time).

        • you mean at CT near Chevy Chase?

          • Anonymous

            Yes, past the 4-H center and the shopping area that has TW Perry’s.

          • A prettier and less trafficy route out of the city is Beach Drive through RC park (or Oregon Ave. on weekends when Beach is closed) to Jones Bridge road to Conn. Ave. It is easier than it sounds, just look on a map.

        • Ahh, OK. I was just going by zooming in on the Google map. I don’t have much experience (fortunately!) in driving north on Wisconsin or Connecticut during rush hour.

      • that’s how we went before – Mass to Wisconsin to 270 (we were headed to frederick).

        but yeah, one time we went to Frederick the GPS way and it took us about an hour to get to 270. I was SO irritated.

    • So is it worth leaving Logan Circle by 3PM? I always thought people commuting to BFE Maryland had that early type of schedule where they all left work around 3:30. Is that still too late? My husband doesn’t want to take any leave, but I think it’s worth a few hours to avoid huge traffic back ups with a dog in the car.

      • Avoid Wisconsin going North. It is terrible getting through Bethesda and then NIH. I would take 16th, it will move ok, depending on when you go. 495 from 16th to 270 won’t be too bad.

    • annonsy

      Reading thru these comments makes me think that regardless of when you leave on Friday evening (unless you get on 270 after 7:30 pm) you’ll sit in traffic. How about leaving early Saturday morning? No traffic, driving during daylight…

      The overlook before Frederick (off 270) is a good place to get out and walk your dog.

      • I’m ok with SOME traffic (and if I didn’t have the dog, I’d be fine with it).

        I’ve told my husband that the best way would be likely leaving our place by 2PM or leaving very early Saturday morning. We’ll see how that goes!

        Thanks everyone for the tips! It’s been a long time since I’ve driven to PGH (and if you don’t need a car, Megabus is actually a pretty great way to get there). Luckily, my aunt/uncle live outside of Pittsburgh in Greensburg so the trip is a little shorter – it’s about 4 hours.

  • Caroline

    Rave: I like this weather; it makes everything look greener and brighter. The flowers are more colorful against the grey sky and they sparkle with water droplets. And it’s the perfect weather for the lunch I brought today (creamy polenta with garlicky kale).

    Another Rave: My favorite farmer’s market is coming back! I hadn’t heard anything and thought they wouldn’t be.

    • U Street?
      Is it starting back up this weekend for sure? Haven’t seen anything!

      • dcladi

        U street starts May 4 http://marketsandmore.info/

        • so this weekend! yaaay!

      • Caroline

        No, it’s a small organic market at Watkins Elementary in Capitol Hill.

    • agree! I love this weather too! My violets are blooming and look great against the grey skies.

  • 50+ comments and no PoPville rants about the green line this morning?!

    RANT: Green and Orange line delays this morning. Screw you, Metro.

    Rave: Having an understanding client, a smart phone with work email, and the ability to run from platform to platform.

    Rant: My emotions and my hair have had enough of this weather. Sunshine, please!

    • Anonymous

      My favorite was the announcement as we were exiting the train, “We do apologize for any inconvenience and we hope your day gets better.” Thanks a lot, Metro!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have a lot of patience for whining about metro. 29 days out of 30, it’s as quick and smooth as anyone could hope. But that 30th day, look out! The internet lights up with all the very important people who were 10 minutes later to the office than they planned on being. (Seriously, 10 minutes. It seems like a long time when you’re mashed up against a zaftig women who overdid the perfume, but it’s TEN MINUTES.)
      You know, waahmbulance is no faster than metro.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, the metro whining is too much, we all know that metro has big problems and they won’t be fixed by everyone complaining every day. I’ve been stuck in the mess too, but most of the time it’s fine. Better than fine would be nice and I hope we get back there someday, but really, it’s just a way to get from here to there so fine is good enough. Most of my metro-related complaints are actually about other passengers anyway.

        • Anonymous

          I was delayed by metro problems this morning and it was annoying. How is that any different than ranting about the teenager with their headphones too loud, the broken escalators, or that annoying person who takes up both seats. It’s all just being annoyed at minor inconveniences.

          • Yes, thank you! I’m usually happy with/indifferent to Metro service, but being delayed on a day when I specifically left a ton of extra time to get to this meeting only to be 20 minutes late sucks. I’ll still continue to rant about loud headphones, chowing down on ribs (yes, BBQ ribs), death by perfume, and the “my bag needs this seat more than you” people who ride the Metro!

    • PG

      I was on the Green line this morning and had no problems. I got into work around 7:30, so whatever happened must have been a little later than that.

  • rant: overslept this am and arrived at shaw to completely packed platform
    double rant: my greenbelt train which was supposed to arrive in 3 minutes ended up in 15 minutes thanks to the single tracking
    rave: I rarely deal with these kinds of crowds on a daily basis!

  • Quick question for Popville: What’s the area around GA Ave & Allison St NW? Looking in the area for places to live. Thanks!

    • *what’s it like. Derr, I am still sleepy, I guess.

    • Anonymous

      I live nearby and I like it – it’s the “Petworth” in the “Prince of Petworth” after all.

    • Will you commute via Metro or bus/car? It’s a wee bit of a hike to Metro but certainly doable from that location. Not sure what the block is like late at night but during the day it seems to be fine. Plus, you’re steps to having breakfast at Flip-It (a total plus in my book)!

      • I live a few blocks north of there and I think it’s nice. West side is large(ish) Single-family homes, east is traditional Petworth row-homes. It is a bit far from the train, but depending on where you work it’s not bad (i.e – if you work in the gallery place/downtown area you could take the 70/79 straight down to 9th). There’s the typical riffraff, but I’ve never felt threatened in the couple years I live there. That said, if I’m out late at night I’ll cab home instead of bus/train+walk.

      • I’m at 14 & K, so bus is probably the best option. I currently bus it from VA every day, so I’m not opposed to a longer ride.

        • the ‘ol 63 bus will get you right there.

        • Anonymous

          The 64 bus that runs down New Hamshire to 11th stops at 11th and L and K.

    • we live a few blocks south of allison, in b/n quincy and randolph, and love the neighborhood. you’ve got a dog park/park close by, shops/restaurants on upshur/georgia ave. a little far from metro, but depends on where you work/how much you’d need it. no experience using the bus as i take metro.

    • kgw

      I walk by there every day to/from the metro. It’s as nice as any other part of Petworth and close to Upshur, Farmer’s market, Annie’s and many more new places on the horizon. The bus is right out on GA Ave if you don’t feel like walking to the metro and bike share nearby too.

    • West of Georgia Ave is 16th Street Heights, and tends to have a mix of duplex houses, standalone houses, and townhouses. East of Georgia is Petworth until some point further north where it turns into Brightwood.
      I’m a big fan of 16th Street Heights – especially if you have kid(s) and can afford the bigger house / yard.

  • Colhi

    Rant: Getting through today.

    Rave: Who cares? Vacation!

  • Britt

    Rant: LONG work call – going on hour three. At least it’s mildly interesting and I can work while on the call. But I’m hungry and thirsty!

    Rave: Finding the good and looking forward to my next step – my “out” if you will – my future. It’s so close and so good but I need to get through the next couple months.

    Rant/Rave: Riding in the rain last night – started out all tense, but channeled the experts I saw this weekend and rode much better.

  • rant: my alarm decided to just randomly not go off this morning. so i woke up two hours late. checked, and the alarm was in fact set, so i don’t know what happened there. the only funny part of the rant, is that i was panicking to get ready so fast because i was really late to work, that i managed to rip the closet door off my bedroom closet. i really felt like i was in a cartoon this morning.

    rave: my boss hasn’t seemed to notice that i was really late.

    • Anonymous

      I love watching my husband get ready after he’s overslept. It IS like a cartoon: the frantic wild-eyed expression, the stumbling, the comedy of wardrobe errors…

  • Anonymous

    Rave: For the past few months I’ve been making an effort to eat healthier, exercise more often, and go to yoga twice a week.

    Rant: I really struggle to keep up my healthy eating habits when I travel for work. Fast food, stress, alcohol, trouble sleeping in strange hotel beds, no time to work out, no yoga. Ugh. I feel like crap. I really notice a difference now when I don’t take care of myself. How do people keep it together on the road? I guess I need to start packing my own food and some yoga DVDs?

    • Anonymous

      I travel a lot for work too, so I make sure that I take plenty of healthy snacks with me, and have downloaded some yoga videos on my tablet so I can stretch out in my hotel room.

    • anomalous

      Totally hear you on this. Packing your own food is tough but packing healthier snacks is completely do-able. DVDs is a great idea but YouTube has a series of yoga videos as well. They may not be what you are used to but at least you have that option. Final thought: can you research the restaurants near your hotel before you arrive? Chipotle and Baja Fresh have very light options with chicken taco/fish taco offerings. If you had a few staple restaurants with healthy options in mind, you might have a better shot at staying on track. Good luck!

      • Anonymous

        That’s a great idea! I’ll have to put more an effort into finding somewhat healthy fast food menu items.

    • Anonymous

      Bring bananas and raw, unsalted almonds with you. Both are healthy snack foods that travel well.

      • Disagree on bananas traveling well (although I like them). If they can’t “breathe,” they turn brown very quickly… and if you’re traveling, where else are you going to put them other than in a bag?

      • Anonymous

        Bananas will also make everything else you pack taste or smell like bananas. Bring apples or oranges, not bananas,

    • MP

      I have the same challenge when I travel – I need exercise/yoga even more than I do at home but it’s difficult to make the time. What has worked – if the hotel has a gym, just go there even if for 10 – 15 minutes. You’ll feel better. Take a walk.

      Try youtube videos – old Richard Simmons workouts or something you don’t normally do. I like Yoga Today for yoga classes on-line.

      • MP

        For sleep difficulty, I use Ambion (5 mg). Works like a charm.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll look into Yoga Today, thanks! Glad to know I’m not the only person missing my yoga fix while on the road :-)

  • Rave: Got me a handle. this should end some of the confusion with other anonymouses rambling on about my dating life.

    Rant: Exhausted and sore today, but its from solid workouts lately

  • Anon

    RANT: When you are a finalist for a job you want and you think the interview went well, but you don’t hear back :-(


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