Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth April 26, 2013 at 10:00 am 210 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Chabelamarie

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Rant: Ladies that expect me to be all “Pepe Le Pew” about them… Not happening… Ain’t nobody got time for that.

    Rave: Harrar Coffee mornings when there is parking out front. Glad this place exists.

    Rant: Car coated in sticky pollen, can’t imagine what my lungs look like.

    Rant: DC Utility companies.

    • “Rant: Ladies that expect me to be all ‘Pepe Le Pew’ about them… Not happening… Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

      Is this about the 24-year-old?

      (What does being “all Pepe le Pew” entail?)

      • Anonymous

        I think he means this little guy:


        In the cartoon this skunk was perpetually in love with a black cat he accidentally mistook for a fellow skunk. He would follow her adoringly and constantly proclaim how beautiful and perfect she is. Youtube it! :)

        • That’s the one… Hah, guess I’m showing my age on that reference… Kids these days know nothing about classic toons.

        • Pepe le Pew is a stalker!!!

          • Anonymous

            And attempted rapist. Definitely guilty of sexual assault. Do you see the terror in the kitty’s eyes??

          • Exactly! Scary scary skunk that terrifies the poor little kitty! Not someone I would want to date!!

        • anon

          Ugh, no. I finally stopped dating because I always seemed to attract just this guy. The ones who are always in puppy love and following the girl they like around and declaring love much too early and easily. Just creepy.

        • I did see Pepe Le Pew back in the day, but had only a vague recollection of his behavior toward women.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe smelling like a skunk?

        • Speaking of that, dudes with lots of horrible cologne on really need to stay out of elevators… It’s pretty bad in my office building.

          • And off metro. On the other hand, dudes at my work need to learn to do their laundry and do it regularly!

          • (I say dudes because I work in a mostly male place. Ladies with too much scent need to stay off metro too!)

          • Agreed. CK One bottles should all be confiscated and launched on a space capsule to a distant galaxy in my opinion.

    • Irving Streete

      If you don’t have time for a little sweet talk and romance, you don’t have time for life, mon ami.

      Besides, I have it on good authority that the young’uns are so used to hookups, group dates and sitting around like characters in a Judd Apatow movie instead of having a real “date,” that they are particualry succeptible to a “mature” guy who can rock it old school. If this is about about the 24-year-old, you may want to reconsider your approach. ;)

      • My Susu

        Read Urban Tribes by Ethan Watters http://www.amazon.com/Urban-Tribes-Generation-Friendship-Commitment/dp/1582342644 for an interesting take on the social groups

      • Good topic, I have time for romance, but no patience for the unrequited kind any more…

        If she doesn’t reciprocate interest/effort after my initial effort (whether she is playing hard to get or not), experience tells me that mountain is too high to climb… The problem is that they often end up trying to re-connect once it’s long resolved in my mind… We live in such a self-centered society, you can’t tell a girl is egoistic until you ask them out on a date though, which kinda sucks. I’m not going introverted, but it’s not easy to find down to earth and reliable people (even as friends).

        • Anonymous

          Dude, we have been telling you for WEEKS that she was playing with you. Next time, listen to PoPville and cut your losses early. Sheesh.

          • Actually, that’s not even the one I’m talking about here… This post was stirred by an old ex who told me just this week that she misses me because I haven’t talked to her in 5 months. She is trying to pour salt in an already healed wound. :/

        • Anonymous

          maybe the re-connect is a good thing? try it out. everyone deserves a second chance, no?

        • “Good topic, I have time for romance, but no patience for the unrequited kind any more…”

          Dude, weren’t you saying the same thing about a week ago? Sounds like you’re having trouble sticking to your plan. ;)

      • “If you don’t have time for a little sweet talk and romance, you don’t have time for life, mon ami.”

        Irving Streete, this is exactly why all the single women on Popville want a date with you.

        • +1

          • Irving Streete

            More blushes.

        • Irving Streete, please tell us about your philosophy/theory/method?

          I missed that post :)

    • Women (no matter the age) want a man to chase them until they can label him a stalker or cave in to the pursuit and get a proposal.

      It gives them all the power to trap a man into commitment without putting in work to getting to know each other properly. This is why so many divorces happen, because people miss out on really getting to know each other. Technology barriers these days also allow people to hide behind a curtain, creating impressions of the perfect people who they wish they could be, rather than exposing the people who they really are.

      I don’t play that game any more… What most women I date don’t realize is that dating is a 2 way street in my case. I don’t get easily emotionally attached to them any more, because of my age and experience. I’m like a balloon without a string! I’m free as a bird! Ca Caw!!

      • …”Women (no matter the age) want a man to chase them until they can label him a stalker or cave in to the pursuit and get a proposal.”

        thanks for the generalization.

      • jerseygirl

        j5, i’ve been enjoying following your dating saga unfold, and have been rooting for you, but it’s unfair to make broad generalizations about all women! i’ll chalk it up to you being frustrated, you seem like a normally decent person.

        Not all women want men to chase them endlessly. I will ask out (frequently) men that I’m interested in. In fact, the person I’m seeing now and I started dating because I went up to him at a bar and told him he was the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on. Sure I was about 4 beers in, and normally would have (tried) to be more subtle, but hey, it worked.

        In other news, rave: got my tax refund.

      • scarydogmother

        Rant: Men who fail to recognize that the common denominator in all their unsatisfying, unsuccessful interactions with women is themselves.

        • But in the same breath, people say “Just be yourself” right? A very wise psychologist told me that people generally don’t change once they pass age 25… If I attempted to be a different person just to create a relationship, I’d be doing the woman and myself a great injustice, because I’d gradually become myself again after a while. I prefer to work on someone who sees value in me for who I am, a goat herder, not The Royal Prince of Zamunda. :P

        • Anonymous

          Bwah ha ha. Good one! Ding-ding-ding – we have a winner!!!

      • Irving Streete

        “Women (no matter the age) want a man to chase them until they can label him a stalker or cave in to the pursuit and get a proposal.”

        You’re not serious, right? I don’t know which this reflects more poorly upon, your attitude or your taste in women. It makes you sound as though you don’t really like them very mush or respect them at all.

        • A


        • MP

          Agreed – I want a man to show his interest but I sure don’t want him to chase me. And I’m happy that most men I know don’t share Jack5’s philosophy about dating.

      • Please forgive my generalization. I was mainly ranting about the women I tend to be attracted to, the ones I’ve had experience with… I know there are plenty of cool females out there, I just kinda suck at finding them! :)

        • lol, I’ve heard enough rants about dating from my (male) best friend not to take a comment like this personally – I would however, like to add a rant from the female perspective –
          Rant: Men who claim they don’t like drama or playing games, but always seem to be attracted to women who play games and create drama (I don’t know if this describes you or not). DC has a lot of these women in disguise (i.e. they project a strong, confident appearance in public but are actually very insecure and unsure of themselves) and when men don’t bother looking past what looks nice on the surface, they wonder later why all the women they date are full of drama. Speaking as one of the non-crazy women looking for a non-creepy guy, I haven’t been on a date in months…

          • Agreed. “Looks” are such a bad investment in a relationship… Everyone grows old and withered over time, we lose our looks no matter how beautiful we are… Some people “bloom” when love is invested in them as well. What matters most to me is someone who is humble and centered, someone who communicates, someone who is humble and not judgmental, someone who isn’t afraid to show they care in at least small increments. I think it’s a pretty sound strategy to not compromise on those expectations :)

        • A

          “I know there are plenty of cool females out there, I just kinda suck at finding them!”

          Pffft. There are plenty of stable women out there looking for an adult, drama-free relationship. They just don’t interest you.

      • Anonymous

        that’s not true. only true of the women YOU are pursuing. get out of your comfort zone

        • Attraction is a heck of a thing… It can’t be controlled. I don’t believe it should be “restrained”, “controlled”, or “shaped” in any way either…

          Sometimes attraction is fleeting and temporary, and sometimes a person is whimsical and careless. I’m working to avoid involving myself emotionally with “careless” types, but the problem is in assessing whether a woman is that type, because they never tell you they are that type right off the bat.

          • This might just be getting exhausted for Popville – have you considered Datelab?

          • Exhausted!? POP lately has been like a DC version of “As The World Turns!”. but that’s made it kinda cool. Relationship posts are hot fire on here. It’s interesting to see posts about real drama that people go through in this area rather than watching reality shows filmed in other states.

            It also helps to make living in the city a bit less complex to be able to humanize these issues, and here’s the only place people can do it without getting mired in fake or joke-filled posts.

            No one seemed to notice my rant about pollen or DC utility companies! Haha.

        • What Anonymous 10:50 am said.

          Jack5, it sounds to me like you’re trying to rationalize your pursuit of women who aren’t a good match for you by saying that you have no control over whom you’re attracted to. Yes, there’s an element of attraction that’s not rational at all… but it’s not as though you’re powerless in the matter.

          And even if you were, you can still decide what you DO about it, even if how you FEEL doesn’t change.

          I’m a little reminded of Valmont (John Malkovich) in “Dangerous Liaisons,” saying, “It’s beyond my control.”

          • (LOVE that movie and the version that has Buffy.)

          • When it comes to relationships, everything is subjective… We’re all right. In a sense, I like to post my thoughts to see other perspectives too. I wouldn’t be single at 38 if I didn’t have a few issues, but at the same time, maybe the path I’ve taken is just right for me. The key is, by posting my inner thoughts/rants that I am being open minded right? ;)

          • Hmm, I’m not sure if you’re being open-minded. Yes, you’re posting your thoughts here… but it seems a bit like your response to all the PoPville folks offering thoughts is “La la la la la la, not listening!”


          • Anonymous

            I was going to post that exact quote from that exact movie.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like you’re blaming women for all your problems with dating (and for high divorce rates in general). Perhaps you should reevaluate your thinking and you just might meet someone to make it work with.

        • Anonymous


      • Wow.

    • blithe

      Um, maybe the “expectations” that you perceive yourself as getting from the ladies you choose to engage has more than a bit to do with what you, yourself, are putting out there. Have you given any thought to what you’re offering and what you’re expecting? Just a thought….

    • blithe

      Jack5 — I really appreciate your comment that “some people bloom when love is invested in them.” Too true! And wonderful to watch — and experience — when it happens. Can I quote you? :-)

      • Sure, This is not my real name though! ;)

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Really looking forward to catching up with a bunch of friends this weekend!

    Rant: General lack of courtesy in a (usually bike) commute. Pedestrians crossing wide intersectons with 1-2 secs left, pedestrians and bicyclists crossing against signal in front of cars who have a left turn arrow, cars running the end of red lights, cars double parking in the bike lane, bicyclists waiting for lights in the cross walks while pedestrians are trying to cross, slower bicyclists doing this instead of waiting with me at the threshold so that I have to pass them over and over, etc., etc. What does all this get people?

    • With so many more bikes on the road this spring, I’m getting a little frustrated by that lack of etiquette as well. I too do not like when I’ve passed someone multiple times only for them to jump the red or pull into the crosswalk while stopped. That and people really need to start signalling. I’m not trying to run into the back of anyone cause I’m the one that’s going to go down when my front tire hits you. Broke two ribs right before Thanksgiving last year b/c a guy who I had been trading spots with for an extended period of time (I’d be in front, then he…etc.) slowed suddenly and just hung a left right in front of me. No warning, no nothing.

      All that said, fellow cyclists are usually the least of my worries on my commute. It’s the inattentive, oblivious and distracted drivers that scare me the most…and there are too damn many of those to count.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, you’ve hit on my pet peeve while bicycling! The last time this happened I said something to the person and they were apologetic. I’d recommend you try to politely ask these people to pass you only while moving and not while stopped. I explained that it can put the other rider in a annoying/dangerous situation of regularly passing the other (having to check that there is room to pass, etc.). Together perhaps we can build a more respectful bicycle culture!

  • Sir Douchy

    Not sure if this is a rant or a rave (guess it depends on one’s taste). Just noticed the giant “BROOKLAND” white painted lettering on the new development by the Brookland Metro station. I think I like it.

    • PG

      I noticed it last night and I like it.

      • brooklander

        Yay! So many exciting changes/additions for Brookland!

        • Anonymous

          That reminds me that I really need to get to Menomale one of these days.

          • Loz

            Menomale = frigging epic ‘za!

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Found two dollars on the ground this morning! TWO DOLLARS!!!

    • Rant: Lost $2 on the the way to work this morning. TWO DOLLARS!

      • kid on bike


        • +1
          I needed that laugh this morning.

          • kid on bike

            That just made my morning. I hardly ever make people laugh. :)

    • Wow – that’s 10% of the cost of having your AC unit installed!

      • Fair play, Victoria!

      • Anonymous

        Well done!

      • Anonymous

        I spent it on a thing of M&M’s from the vending machine.

  • JessZ

    Rant: Who the hell thinks it’s ok to take a very nice planter and dump it in the middle of the road? Saw the nice blue pig-shaped wooden planter at 14th and Randolph up-ended, broken and stuck in the middle of 14th on the way home yesterday evening. wtf.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt that was done purposefully. Probably fell off a truck or something.

      • I’m not familiar with the planter in question, but it sounds as though this was one that the OP had seen on the ground, and then saw upended in another location nearby.

      • JessZ

        Nope, it used to sit on the corner at 14th and Randolph outside the mini-mart there. It has a matching planter outside the Rib Pit across the street.

        • Bear425

          I saw that this morning, there was a city worker shoveling the dirt from the road and the planter was back on the corner but all busted up. I really liked those, sucks that people are assholes.

  • Ammo

    Rave: Beautiful DC weather and an upcoming weekend.

    Rant: Bike commuters who give me pissy looks or say shitty comments because God forbid I parallel park my car and get in their way as they come cruising down the WRONG WAY on a one way street.

    Rave: No more peacoats or boots!

    Rant: Wishing some of these so called highly educated college grads would stop talking as if they are from the Valley circa 1984. “Like, Like, Liiiiiike.”

    • So long as you’ve safely put yourself in position to parallel park and have properly signaled and yielded to those with the right of way, any cyclist giving you a hard time is a complete asshat. If stooping down to their level isn’t beneath you, I’d recommend you return some pissy looks back their way.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know what was going on last night at Union Station, around 4:50? I saw around 20 cop cars, and one handcuffed guy being put in one.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know, but I was on H Street the other day watching five cop cars pull someone over, and someone remarked that this always happens on H Street (i.e. an outsized police response to every little thing). I realized she was right, and the nearby parts of Florida Avenue are also like that to a lesser extent.

  • Anon

    Just rant: Much like bike lanes, DC needs tourist lanes on sidewalks this time of year. Or all year.

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha ha! Love it!

      • Some artists did this in new york some years ago and I thought it was brilliant, maybe DC should get on board…http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/artists-divide-ave-sidewalk-separate-walking-lanes-new-yorkers-tourists-article-1.448158

        • kgw

          Agreed. It seemed like everywhere I walked and ran yesterday was blocked by pedestrians that were 1) two abreast with 3′ space between them with no room to pass on either side, 2) a group of 8 stopped in the middle of narrow sidewalk chatting with a line of 3-5 on either side waiting to pass the group, 3) a woman on her phone stepped out directly in front of me making me swerve to avoid running her over, 4) and the tourists! I’m all for divided sidewalks with lanes for passing.

          • Escalators

            AND…when the turons get to the top of the metro escalator and STOP….they just stand there and give me the hairy eyeball for saying excuse me. Rant over :-) Happy Friday!

  • Rave: It’s been a good week, and now it’s Friday!

    Rave: Going out with a new dude tonight. He actually seems interested; I haven’t had to do all the heavy lifting of moving things along (always being the first to initiate communication or suggesting getting together, etc. etc.) like usual. It’s a nice feeling to have someone make a bit of effort, rather than sit back passively and expect brownie points for just showing up.

    • Anonymous

      “…rather than sit back passively and expect brownie points for just showing up.”

      Never really thought about it this way. But I know the type.

    • Irving Streete

      “I haven’t had to do all the heavy lifting…”

      Sounds like you’re the kind of girl who just wants a man to chase them until they can label him a stalker or cave in to the pursuit and get a proposal. Are you sure you’re not one of jack5’s exes?

      • Haha, why did I know this would eventually come up here! LOL.

        I wish I could sit back and collect brownie points on dates, but these days it’s almost impossible to get a cookie…

      • No, that’s not at all what I want. My experience has been that I am usually the one who makes the first move, who calls or emails first, and who suggests getting together first. Whether in “real life” or in online dating, I can’t tell you the last time a dude asked *me* out instead of the other way around.

        All I’m saying is that it’s a refreshing change for me that a guy appears to be actively interested in me rather than me spinning my wheels and constantly feeling like no one finds me worth his time.

        I’ve been burned by indifference/laziness in the past, and it’s really demoralizing. No need to be a jerk about it.

        • A

          I think if both people aren’t putting in an effort and showing interest in the beginning, that’s not a good sign. I personally lose interest in a guy very quickly if he’s not at least meeting me halfway.

        • @yunkstahn – Didn’t mean any reference to your post dear, you’re doing the right thing here in my opinion… My post was only targeted as a response to “Irving Streete’s” vicious depiction to me… hah.

        • Irivng Streete

          I trust that you and jack5 know that that was meant in jest. I will be less sparing with emoticons in the future. ;)

          • Hugs and good luck with rrrrrrromance all around!

          • Irving Streete

            And to you, too. A nice spring weekend should be good for everyone in this regard.

  • mark

    I like that photo. Looks like a typical Saturday morning at Ted’s Bulletin.

    • It looks like a horror movie and that woman in the white coat is about to get it.

  • bb

    Rave: “Muriel’s Vetting” is an awesome turn of phrase. Whoever came up with that at the Washington City Paper, bravo.

    Rave: My garden is really starting to come together. Thanks, neighbors, for all your patience.

  • KenyonDweller

    Rant: Why do people think it’s ok to shout into their cell phones in an elevator. Pre-cell elevator etiquette was to stop a conversation or to talk in hushed tones. Now people feel free to subject me to their inane conversations at top volume. Makes me wish AT&T still had a monopoly.

    Rant: People who rant about tourists. This is the nation’s capital, not some podunk town. I’m happy that people want to visit my city. And they are so cute in their XXXL khaki shorts and comfortable shoes, marveling at real mass transit from the left side of the escalator.

    • Anonymous

      For all the crap people give about comfortable, functional shoes, they are the only things keeping my lower legs intact after years of leather-soled nothingness.

      • anon

        Yep – ever since I had leg surgery last year, I have had to wear fugly comfortable shoes to work every day. It has been magically wonderful!

    • Anonymous

      I like tourists too. They remind me of what a great city we live in! People come from all over the country to see things that we practically have in our backyards. And it would serve us well to be kind and friendly to them– a person’s impression of a place is largely based on their interactions with people there.

      • sv


      • KenyonDweller

        For all the bad rap that Parisians get, I have always found them very gracious. My impression is that a tourist will be treated better in the capital of France than in the capital of the U.S.A. Let’s ponder that for a moment.

      • DC20009

        I can’t exactly say that I like the tourists but I appreciate that they want to come here and I definitely appreciate the money they spend while they’re here. I’ve been a tourist in plenty of their hometowns, so I can’t get too bent out of shape when they’re here.

        And, to the best of my ability, I’ve always made a point to cede them their territory – the Mall, the museums, etc, from spring class trip season until after Labor Day. Less interaction helps me to continue to appreciate them… however it’s gotten harder in the last couple of years since I started working near the Smithsonian Metro station…

    • Yep because all tourists are overweight and fashionless.

    • +1 And who are all these people on the phone with ALL day long??

      Related rant: the grown ass woman speaking very loudly on her cell phone at the bus stop this morning about how many veggies she’s been eating and how regular the spinach makes her. And I quote, “Mama, I go to the bathroom A LOT. My booboos be regular and fine!”

      • KenyonDweller

        Funniest thing I’ve read all week!

    • I like tourist because they come here and spend money, but they still bug the piss out of me. It’s a love/hate relationship.

      • I avoid the whole tourist frustration thing by staying away from downtown DC. I also live in a neighborhood that they’re usually too scared to visit. Helps a lot.

        • Sadly, I live (and love living) in a touristy (and dudebro) ‘hood, plus I get to hit all the touristy metro stops on my commute. Next time I’ll be smarter about where I work :)

          • Haha, then as they say… You can’t have ice cream without milking a cow!

    • Uh, worse than shouting into your phone in an elevator is those who shout into their phones while in the public bathroom, in the stall, ON THE TOILET! Will someone PLEASE explain to me in WHAT WAY this is possibly an okay thing to do?!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: RIP George Jones.

    • saf

      Oh no! A toast.

    • Guess he’s singing duets with Tammy again. Thanks for the great songs and outrageous life.

    • Sad. George Jones always reminds me of going fishing with my grandpa when I was a youngin’…I think it was the only cassette my grandpa kept in his truck.

  • Rave: Workouts seem to be working – I feel better, have more energy and my pants are looser.

    Not sure about this next one: Pretty unhappy in my current job and my former boss just called to see if I wanted to take the open position at my old company. Pluses: it was a great place to work with good people I’m still friends with today, would get back to doing what I do best rather than only doing it 50% of the time like at my current job. Minuses: Benefits and pay are not as good, increased travel (which I don’t want right now). Former boss said she’d be open to talking to the big boss about client load but there are no guarantees with that conversation. Regardless, I am flattered she thought of me.

    • KenyonDweller

      Negotiate more pay with the old job. They want you. They will pay more. Trust me, I have played this game many times before.

      • Anonymous

        Agree! Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.

      • Thanks, KenyonDweller. If I decide to move forward, that is my plan. Going to also ask I be reinstated at PTO levels as if I hadn’t left i.e. at this point, I should be getting more time per pay period. Among other things. Still not 100% sure, but as my husband’s grandfather used to say “It doesn’t hurt to take the meeting.”

    • Anonymous

      Or even if you decide to stay, use it to leverage something more at your current job.

    • WOW, the exact same thing just happened to me! And I think I’m going to go back. It’s more what I want to do than what I’m currently doing. Benefits are better where I’m currently at (and they have hh every friday), but I should be able to get about the same amount of money.

    • DC20009

      If you can make a living at it, there’s no better benefit than being happy at your job. I’d definitely explore the opportunity.

  • rant: (more of a peeve) people who don’t clip the tack on their coat vents after they buy it. you look ridiculous, just cut it already!
    rant: had an appt w/ADT b/n 6:00 and 8:00 last night, apparently they showed up after 8:00, didn’t ring the doorbell, and left a note saying we weren’t home.
    rave: had a great girls HH at la tagliatella in clarendon last night.
    rave: it’s friday!

    • omg that drives me soooo insane! I always want to bust out my scissors and clip it for them! I find it worse when it’s on a skirt for some reason. My second pet peeve along this line is the people who leave the label on the cuff. Cut it off!

      • +1 +1

        Rave: (also fashion-related) the sweet woman who pulled me aside on the street last night to tell me that my long scarf was between my legs. I had no idea and must have looked like a freak. So glad someone was nice enough to tell me!

        • JB

          A lady did me a similar favor at the grocery store. I realized I needed something for the dinner I was cooking and just threw on some jeans without looking. I must’ve worn tights under them the last time and they were still balled up at the bottom with the foot part sticking out. I must’ve looked INSANE. I could’ve died of embarrassment. I’m so grateful she said something!

          • Anonymous

            My husband was standing in front of his class, lecturing away, when he noticed a tiny corner of my underwear peeping out from his jacket sleeve. Can’t say how it got there, since his jackets don’t go in the dryer…

            So he said “this next point is VERY IMPORTANT”, and in the moment that the students all looked down to dutifully take notes on the very important info, he whipped the panties out of his sleeve and into his pocket. Dude is smooth.

          • lol that is awesome!

          • Anonymous 2:15 pm, your anecdote cracked me up!

        • glad she told you. i’ve walked behind scarves-between-legs. looks hilarious/ridiculous :)

          this lady was wearing a very stylish navy plaid trench, with great shoes, and the whole outfit was awesome until i saw she hadn’t cut the stitch, and then it was just ruined for me. (only 1/2 kidding).

      • ClothesMinded

        Rave: I’m not the only one who cares about this.

        Rant: It somehow took me a year to notice and clip the threads on the back of my trench raincoat. No one told me!

        BTW, I think people who leave the brand name thing on the sleeve don’t realize you’re not supposed to leave it on.

        Semi-rant: People who leave stickers on their baseball caps. I don’t get it.

        • yes! the hat sticker! that too! wtf??

          • saf

            I always want to say to them, “You know, it was funny when Minnie Pearl did that.”

      • I was in the metro with my sister once when she darted away – to tell a young guy that the vent of his coat was still tacked shut, and rip the threads off for him. he was on his way to an interview – first suit, had no idea, was really grateful. He was probably also wondering why the pockets didn’t open. :)

        people who leave the label on the coat cuff – you are supposed to cut those off. it looks seriously stupid.

      • annonsy

        Re leaving label on jacket sleeve – I see this alot in developing countries. It seems more like a status symbol and even if someone said it was supposed to be cut off I doubt these men would do so.

        • Someone should tell them that leaving the label on screams new money.

      • annonsy

        Re leaving label on jacket sleeve – I see this a lot in developing countries. It seems more like a status symbol and even if someone said it was supposed to be cut off I doubt these men would do so.

        • annonsy

          Didn’t mean to double post – I’m getting error messages (error 503) today.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            No that’s our fault – we were experiencing some tech difficulties but it should be all fixed now. Sorry about that!

    • I’m with you on the tacked vents, an I see it all the time around here. One day I saw two different women wearing very close fitting skirts with the kick-pleat still tacked at the bottom so that it gaped like a fish’s mouth with every step they took. I guess it’s fortunate for them that they seem to have no idea how silly it looks.

      • Caroline

        I’ve forgotten to do it with pencil skirts, and it became very noticeable once I started walking because my stride was so restricted. I don’t get how someone could be oblivious to it when it’s impacting their ability to walk.

    • Anonymous

      you see the girl in the green jacket this morning too? i wanted to clip the “x” for her


      Just the other day I saw a gal in a typical DC office suit, and she hadn’t clipped the stitch in the skirt vent. That vent is there so you can walk, lady!

      Also, not too long ago I saw a woman using the clear plastic bands sewin into a dress that keeps it on the hanger as shoulder straps. Nooooo!

      • I think it has to do with the move to mostly fast fashion and ready to wear. When you had to have your clothes tailored you probably knew more about them because you were regularly interacting with a tailor.

        Also, a lot of people dress like crap and only own a few things with vents, so they don’t encounter them much. There are no vents on jeans and hoodies.

    • OMG I am happy to see all of these people want to do this too! I want to take my little sewing scissors with me every fall when the tacked vents start appearing.

      I am also thrilled with the correct terms PoPvillians are using! As a lifelong sewist it make me so happy :)

  • Rave: Moving out of DC at the end of May. Heading to live a slower life down on a Florida gulf coast island at the vacation house we bought earlier this year and then decided, hell lets make it our permanent vacation home. Fishing, beach, kayaking, lounging in the pool are all in my near future. Oh and figuring out how to earn a living down there…

    Rant: Selling a house is hard work. The place has to stay spotless all the damned time!

    Rave: Good signs that we’ll have multiple offers in the next few days. It’s nice to win in the game of real estate sometimes.

    • Anonymous

      Will you have a guest room? A couch? A tent in your yard? :)

  • Rave: Found out about Washington Circle closure pre-commute and detoured to a CaBi route home – lovely spring ride!
    Rave: DC has had a spring this year – and a long one at that!
    Rave: New workout program is really working – feel great!
    Rave: Departing boss is giving me tons more responsibility and exposure.
    Rant: Boss is leaving.

  • Had a game last night vs. the perennial best team in the league (we’re normally the #2 team). We had no subs. I worked my ass off and am seriously paying for it. Can not bend over or get off center b/c my back is just seized up. I feel like a 70 year old man right now and no amount of pain medication is helping.

  • Does anyone watch “Call the Midwife” on PBS? The photo above reminds me of that era– only these are just the strollers, no babies left outside while moms are inside! : )

    Rave: Puppy had a blast at the dog park last night and today is Friday!

    Rant: Allergieeees : (

    • lol I watch and had the same thought only if it were Call the Midwife there would be babies in those buggies!

    • (BTW the Jimmy/Jenny plot is KILLING me! I want them together so badly.)

      • OMG yes, me too! In the preview for last Sunday’s episode, I thought the disabled baby might be Jimmy’s, and it might die (horrible thoughts, much?). Paving the way for Jimmy & Jenny to reconnect.

        But, CTM’s writers are not Downton’s. I respect it. But please bring Chummy back!

        • It’s based on the real Jenny’s memoirs, so I guess I could read it and find out what happens, but I like the suspense. Love Chummy! I so hope she comes back for good. It’s hilarious when she casually mentions she was presented at court and things like that. Love her so much!

    • Caroline

      No, but it reminded me of my grandmother’s stories. It used to be perfectly normal for babies to be lined up in strollers outside of a store while the mothers were inside shopping. Now I’d even worry about the empty stroller getting stolen.

    • I watch that show! My MIL was like, “don’t watch that show! it’ll concern you about your pregnancy!” yeah, because 2013 is JUST like late 1950s east London. It’s a great show.

      In Denmark, women leave prams outside shops all the time – sometime with kids in them, though I’m guessing there’s less of that now than when I lived there. I always thought it was sweet. If a baby was crying, another mother tending to her child would come by and soothe the cryer. It was sweet. So innocent!

  • Rave: Reading snippets of peoples’ love lives on Popville.

    Rant: Jack5 doesn’t have a biweekly (with room for extras) article about his love life on Popville. Maybe Jack5 could start a blog to share his love life in slightly more detail with us.

    Rave: Payday!

    • Anonymous

      What happened to PeachyKeen? I miss her many rants and raves and other comments.

      • I was thinking the same thing earlier today!

        Maybe she’s unusually busy at work? I know she was thinking about a European vacation, but I thought that wasn’t going to be for a couple of months.

        • I thought things were going to lighten up for her after the 15th.

          Vaguely related, did we ever find out what happened with Kaylee and her 3 friends?

          • No, I don’t think we ever found out what happened with Kaylee and her Mean Girl friends! (Unless she resurfaced really quickly, gave an update, and then vanished.)

            I was thinking about that too. :)

          • Anonymous

            Sometimes when I feel like I’m spending too much time on this site I’ll block it for my own good. Maybe that’s what she did.


      • Anonymous

        Me too!

      • Rant: No one misses me when I don’t post. :'(

  • cp

    Rave: running the Nike women’s 1/2 on Sunday. I’m excited and ready to PR this thing. :)

    • Anonymous

      Me too! Super excited and mentally ready.

      Good luck!!!

      • cp

        Good luck to you!

  • Rant: Commuting. Men who push women aside so they can get on the metro first to get a seat. Really? It’s that important to sit? And those f’in rolling brief cases. I’m lucky I still have 10 toes. I’ve ranted about this before.

    Rave: beautiful weekend ahead.

    Rave: So close to my visit to Pittsburgh. I think my glucose test was fine (at least, I called to check up on the results and they said if I hadn’t gotten a call from the doctor, everything was fine) so I plan on having Dave and Andy’s AND Brusters, thank you very much.

    • anon

      Don’t accept that answer from any doctor’s office. Sometimes crap gets lost in the shuffle. Ask for your test results. Only you can advocate for your health. And in your case, the health of your baby. I got that answer from a doctor’s office once and at my next appointment 6 months later my doc asked what I’d been doing about a certain bad blood test. I said nothing because when I called in to get my test results they said they’d call me if anything was wrong. Apparently the paperwork got misplaced. Now I always make them send me my exact blood level numbers so that I can monitor my own health.

      • Oh, I know – I figured I would just ask at my next appointment, which is like 10 days away. I’m very early for a GD test, most people do it at like 24 weeks, mine was at 12 1/2 weeks.

    • mmm, Brusters! I haven’t been there since I moved down here. I usually have way too many other “food fixes” I need to take care of. But perhaps I need to swing by next time I’m home!

  • Caroline

    Rave: Tired, but a good tired.
    Rant: Too many thing going on this weekend that I want to do, and there’s no way I’ll be able to do them all.

    • Anonymous

      Like what? I’m looking for a fun outdoor activity for a date on Sunday.

      • Anonymous

        Or maybe the fun things aren’t DC fun things, but fun things within your social circle, in which case my date and I would be intruding : )

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Will spend this lovely spring afternoon sitting on an Amtrak train

    Rave: Going to my sister’s for the weekend to celebrate my nephew’s 2nd birthday! I love being an auntie :-)

  • We did it. We put in our paperwork to enroll our kid at Powell for preschool today.

    We hoped, when my wife was pregnant and we bought our rowhouse just off 16th up past the Bridge in 2009, that the school a few blocks away would be OK. And we told each other that we would look very hard at every option we had for schools and choose the best we could get.

    The “PoP-Ed” here by Jonathan O’Connell was very honest and meaningful.

    We talked to parents who came close to choosing the school, but didn’t. We talked to parents who chose Powell for their kids, including one who works for DCPS, and asked about the before and after-care programs. And we read about the curriculum they are implementing – Tools of the Mind – which DCPS touts on its website and in the press. And I gleaned a few things from the famously fractious DCUM DCPS/PCS forum.

    We also toured. Touring Powell let us meet the Principal and top staff and showed us how engaged the little kids were under the curriculum. It let us see how Spanish was used as well as English, which mattered to us. Touring elsewhere also offered valuable comparisons, too, and allowed us a chance to see the variety in physical plants, teachers and visions for the future. Powell is supposed to be up for renovation soon, and really seems to be on the rise.

    We looked hard at the lotteries, working up half-baked analyses of waitlist yield and 3rd grade test scores. DCPS’ lottery this year put a premium on rank-ordering choices, as choices after you get a slot fall off. We felt that, inbounds, we would clearly get into Powell so didn’t rank it first. We were surprised and felt very lucky when we realized that a class’s worth of inbound families were waitlisted at Powell for PS3.

    And we applied for charter lotteries. But let me just tell you now before you get your hopes up – the number of seats available at that charter you like are shockingly few.

    We applied to a nearby Catholic school, which had a nice family feel. In the end it seemed so similar to Powell (though without the overarching early childhood curriculum) that we felt it was a wash – except that Powell is free.

    Finally, we thought hard about our role in this City. It has huge gulfs between the new and old, between race and class. Large swathes of the City have universal preschool and kids can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at school – as they can at Powell. We’re from other places, but we have no other home. And being involved in our child’s school is a great way to mix self-interest and involvement in DC.

    So we held our breath and are taking the plunge. Now it’s time for us to give it our best shot.

    Best of luck to everyone who is enrolling a child in school this year, and everyone looking at the process for next year!

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Bluegrass festival tomorrow. The boys are gonna get nice and beer’ed up and party.

    Rant/Rave: Somehow got romantically tangled with 3 girls right now. Gotta unwind that situation gracefully.

    Rant: How terrible my rants and raves make me sound haha

    • PLEASE tell us more about that middle one!!!

      • Anonymous

        Kaylee’s 3 friends?

        • Hahaha, that would be poetic justice!

        • That would be my voyeur dream come true!

      • Anonymous

        Well, if PoPville asks…..

        There’s a long term flame who moved back into town, but meanwhile, I had just started seeing another girl (2-3 dates).

        Then last night a girl asked for my number and is looking to hang out.

        I’m also the kind of guy who is too nice and ends up just leading girls on, so this should be fun.

        • If all that’s happened with girl #3 is that she’s just asked for your number and expressed interest, why are you even bothering if you already have two other girls in the picture?

          Or does “hang out” mean “hook up,” and that’s why you’re entertaining the prospect?

          • Anonymous

            Well the third one is the easiest to get out of, but I will probably see her around with a new group I’ve been hanging out with sometimes.

            I have already “hooked up” with the other two fyi

          • You just want me to ask personal questions don’t you! But I’ll refrain from asking what kind of hooking up you did until I know you a little better. (feel free to volunteer info :) )

        • A

          Sounds like you need to learn how to be assertive and say “no.” Believe me, I understand it’s not easy, but my dating life improved a lot when I got better at communicating and saying no. There’s nothing nice about stringing someone along.

        • Please keep us posted on any and all developments! And pick a handle so we know it’s you when you post updates! I’m nosy and want to know everything!

        • anon

          Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.

          Come on… if you really wanted to avoid leading anyone on, you could easily do so. I can almost see you putting a hand to your brow in an anguished gesture, saying, “Oh! Poor me! I’m too nice!”

          • anonima

            I’m going to the bluegrass fest too. Lets say we meet up and start something, if nothing else to provide emmaleigh some entertainment :) (sorry other 3 girls in the rotation!)

          • I like the way you think anonima!

          • anonima

            I am here to entertain ;)

          • Anonymous

            Methinks the gentleman dothent.

            It’s not so much that I can’t end things, its that I am keeping my options open. I’m a young single guy not trying to get too committed. Girl #1 is always traveling for work, so its always very casual. #2 I am realizing might be annoying.

            Anomina, I agree we do need to provide some more drama here. Look for me at the festival, I’ll be the guy drinking beer.

            Emmaleigh, by “hooking up” I mean we did the horizontal mambo. Hit a homerun. Made the beast with two backs. Went heels to Jesus, if you know what I mean…

          • Bless you Anonymousx3! I just wanted to know if home runs were hit and seems they were. *stern voice* you better be using protection young man! :)

  • On the Hill

    Going out on my own — very exciting! Week 1 was super productive — meeting, setting things up. Week 2 = less than stellar. I go back and forth between wanting to jump out of bed and conquer the world and wanting to pull the covers over my head and hide from everything. Saw my ex-ex boss yesterday and wanted to vomit. Realize I need a better morning routine, but those covers are tempting…

    • MP

      Congrats – I went out on my own almost 11 years ago. Lots of ups and downs but the downs were never far down nor long lasting. Many more ups – which is why I’m still working for me :)

  • anx

    Metro Rant: People using SmarTrip – you don’t have to wait for the gate to close behind the person in front of you before swiping your card. Keep walking!

    Metro Rave: Getting off the metro at just the right spot for the stairs this morning and just now.

    • …except sometimes, if you do this, the turnstyle doesn’t open 100% and you walk and SMACK, hit the barrier. Which in some situations can be pretty terrible.

      • Or the turnstiles close AS YOU’RE WALKING THROUGH. This hurts.

        I don’t wait for the turnstiles to close before I swipe my card… but I do wait to see on the display that it’s read my card.

        • Anonymous

          Yep, it only takes getting snapped by the faregates once for you to always remember to watch the display to make sure your card has been read.

    • DC20009

      Or sometimes your card isn’t read properly (or the card of the person before you) and the station manager nails you for sneaking in behind the prior person. You’re right about not waiting until the gate closes, but I will always be the person waiting for the display to reset and waiting until I see it’s properly registered my card. As long as Metro can’t make the gates process faster (because the fare structure is too complex for the computer system) and as long as Metro hires station managers without customer service skills (not all of them, but enough of them), I will be protecting myself. It’s maybe a 2 second delay but if you’re behind me, you’ll have to manage. Sorry.

  • utterlyanon

    rave: i have a job
    rave: i work from home
    rave: my boss thinks i’m amazing
    slight rant: wish said job paid just a bit more, but it’s good for now
    rave: spring time and sunshine

  • Anonymous

    I just got this spam email:
    Would You Wrap Your Car in an Ad for $300 Weekly? If you have got a car, truck or a bike you are qualified.
    I think that sounds like a pretty good deal! Though I can’t imagine how it would work on a bike…

    • Anonymous

      I got something beter today – a voicemail from a telemarketer saying I’m eligible for a free Medic Alert (“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”) device. They just wanted to know where and when to ship it. Odd, since I’m not that old (still in my forties) and have no conditions that would require needing one. I’m sure if I had taken the call they would have also asked for a credit card number, since there are other fees associated with it. Sounds like a really pathetic scam to me.

  • Rave: Love all the great new restaurants opening up.

    Rant: hate that I either can’t get a reservation in the next two months OR that they don’t take reservations….. looks like I’m stickin’ with food trucks and drinks at The Raven

  • Rant: I have a stress fracture in the neck of my femur.

    Rave: at least it’s not a labral tear, like my PT thought.

    Rant: I’ve been in treatment for this, and even had an x-ray to rule it out, for over 2 months and we just found it. It’s already been the 8-10 weeks of projected healing time since I hurt it in January, but it wasn’t correctly diagnosed. But at least I don’t need surgery.

    Rant: I miss running so much.

  • margaretc

    rant: So tired of dating in DC.
    rave: No longer going to focus on dating.


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