Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth April 22, 2013 at 10:00 am 131 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Anonymous

    Revel: (For those who have discussed this before on this thread). I got my DC tax refund today and I was one of the unlucky ones who got sent to the Social Security Administration to verify my identity. So if you’re in the same boat, your refund is probably on the way! :)

    Rant: It’s too cold for my taste! I’m wearing tight and boots which I hoped I wouldn’t have to see for another 5 months or so. But overall, all is well.

    • Anonymous

      Same here! Finally got my refund on Friday.

    • Stupid question alert.
      I got one of those letters. It seems a bit ridiculous to have to get written confirmation from the SSA. Was I just making this letter seem more difficult than it really was? My refund was only $5 so I didn’t bother. Hopefully I don’t get in trouble :/

  • Britt

    Rave: Great weekend out in the beautiful weather visiting good friends (and babies!), hanging with the husband and family, and kicking butt in a horse show.

    Rant: Four hours of riding two different horses yesterday have left my legs a bit tired! And I stupidly decided to wear heels to work today. AND I have another ride tonight…

    Rave: A fridge that’s not bare with yummy, healthy food. Makes the prospects of meals so much easier.

    Rant: Anger – need to let things go but when they’re being flaunted in my face… it makes it difficult to not just want to scream.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: The stupid questions from the stupid reporters when the Boston PD had a press conference. “Why did you want to take him alive?” “Why did you think he was the suspect?” Really? I wanted to throw things at my tv.

    Rave: They got that scumbag alive!

    • Anonymous

      Innocent until proven guilty, please.

      • Anonymous

        When you throw IEDs out of a car… not so innocent…

        • Anonymous

          Come on, man. Everyone’s presumed innocent under law. If we don’t start there, we might as well just get the torches and pitchforks.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not saying I think he’s guilty. He deserves a trial. I’m just glad they caught the living suspect alive and they will be able to find out who he was working with.

      • Anon X

        You are not innocent until proven guilty. This is a tired cliche. If you are guilty you are guilty whether a court finds you that way or not.

        The genesis of the term “innocent until proven guilty” is only part of the phrase, which begins “presumed” which means the prosecution has the burden of proof, not the defendant. Its a key underpinning of our justice system, but it doesnt mean we all have to act like this guy is innocent.

        We’re not the police, the courts, or the news.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, and so many innocent people are determined to be guilty by our screwed-up justice system that it hardly matters anyway.

        • Anony

          +1 @ Anon X

  • Rant: After a cold weekend in Pittsburgh, I thought I was coming back to an 80 degree weather, not the case!
    Rave: I may have my first solo Photography exhibit soon! I’ve been working on a portrait project for a year, and someone is interested in showing it!

    • I’ve been meaning to tell you about a wild photo opportunity – right now there is an enormous colony of wild Black-crowned Night Herons nesting in the zoo. Maybe a thousand in 3-4 trees near the bird house – it is amazing. They were still building nests last week. The bird keepers have been feeding them (mice) each afternoon at 2.

      • I’ve seen them before at the Zoo. I’ll definitely go there at some point soon; thanks!

      • Anonymous

        I love seeing those birds at the zoo! I thought it was a funny coincidence that those wild birds chose to nest near the bird exhibit, but maybe it’s not a coincidence if the keepers are feeding them mice!

  • Anonymous

    All caps RAVE: Le Diplomate! Holy cow. Sacre bleu. Hands-down the best meal I’ve eaten in memory. Every single thing my friends and I tried was absolutely perfect. If one thing was more perfect than all the other things, I’d give the nod to the duck terrine. If one thing was a tad less perfect than the other things, I’d say the foie gras, but that’s just because I’m bored with fois gras and there’s isn’t any way to make it interesting.
    But still, delicious food, amazing space, highly-professional service. 5.5 stars.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Beautiful walk to work this morning.

    Rant: I need to get all four of my wisdom teeth out and I’m freaking out. Had anyone done this? Was it as bad as everyone says? They are not impacted and don’t cause me any pain, but they all have cavities in them. I’ve never had surgery of any kind so I have no idea what it will be like. I’ve only heard horror stories from my friends. I keep wimping out about making the appointment, but they really need to come out :-(

    • If they are in and not causing problems, can’t you just get them filled? I had an infected wisdom tooth and I let them talk me into getting them all out. It was Hell. My mom still has 3 out of 4 at the ripe old age of 60.

      Maybe a second opinion.

      • Clarification: Getting them removed is not Hell, if they heal properly it’s not Hell just painful, uncomfortable, and sucky. DRY SOCKET IS HELL!!!

        • This. It’s not that bad *if* you do everything correctly to avoid dry socket. Mine were pretty badly impacted and I had full anesthesia, and I was still up and at ’em three days later with no problems.

    • Anonymous

      Mine was not a big deal. Like yours, they were fully exposed, so the dentist didn’t need to cut in to get at them. Go for the anesthesia instead of the local (I had “twilight”; don’t know what they’re doing these days), keep up with your pain meds AND anti-inflammatory meds afterwards, and follow all the rules about sucking (no straws, no cigarettes) to avoid dry sockets. It was WAY better surgery than my appendectomy. I was as recovered as I needed to be after a day or two.

    • Please don’t be scared from what I’m going to say, this was a very rare experience (I hope). When I did that, it was one of my near death experiences; the pain killer they asked me to get was aspirin and I nearly bleed to death! I ended up in the ER and I obviously survived :D. I wish I knew that aspirin was a blood thinner!

    • jerseygirl

      i had all 4 of mine out when i was 18 and it wasn’t bad. they were totally impacted, and i had to have open surgery. the first time you try to swallow a painkiller with a numb mouth will be hilarious (i kept dribbling all the water out) and it’s annoying to be so worried about eating, but it’s not so bad.

      if you can, get a couple bags of frozen peas or some of those re-usable gel ice packs (the ones that stay flexible and soft when frozen) and stick them in a bra and wrap around your head so they will stay in place hands free. it looks ridiculous, but will make your life 100% better!

      good luck!

    • I had four teeth removed and really it isn’t that bad. I spent a day on the sofa falling in and out of sleep while on whatever painkillers they gave me, but then I tapered off them and wasn’t effected as long as I thought I could be. The worst part for me was getting the stitches out, but I was so squirmy the nurse ended up leaving some in and they came out on their own later (I think they are designed that way).

      • I officially hate all of you people who are all oh I was only out for a day or 2. I was near death (not Pablo’s kind the hyperbole kind) for a week and a 1/2! I needed help walking for FFS! I followed all the directions and still got dry socket grumble grumble grumble. When my second set come in I’m keeping them until I die.

        • Walker, DC Ranger

          Almost every single day you’re on here complaining about this pain or that uncomfortableness so maybe… you just can’t handle pain.

          • I’m actually pretty good with pain. Sorry if I have complained too much about the intense fucking pain I’m in right now. I won’t mention it again.

          • Emmaleigh504, you have the right to complain all you want about your pain under the 1st. Amendment to the Constitution of PoPville.

          • Thanks Pablo! I hope to never ever ever have pain again once this stuff gets fixed. But I worry existential pain is in my future and there is not enough acetaminophen in the world to help.

      • Yeah, don’t worry about having to get any stitches out! Most of them today (if they put any in) are designed to biodegrade so there’s no removal necessary.

    • I definitely agree with the full anesthesia recommendation. That’s just not something you want to be awake for. I had all 4 of mine removed at the same time and I was fine, just do what they tell you to do to take care of the sutures. I only needed the Vicodin they prescribed the first day; it was just anti-inflammatories and a round-the-clock bag of frozen peas or corn wrapped around my head. No swelling or bruising.

      A funny anecdote to get you through: So after I got mine removed the doc told me to take my antibiotics, take the Vicodin and eat something while the numbing shots wear off. So I go home with my dad and my little brother, take my antibiotics, take my Vicodin and proceed to make myself some boxed mashed potatoes (hooray for getting to eat terrible-for-you food without regret!). So I’m sitting on the couch, doing what I think is a phenomenal job eating my mashed potatoes, straight out of the bowl, straight into my mouth. When I’m done, I wipe my face and wipe probably a 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes off of my face. At this point, my dad and brother are almost doubled over laughing at me and didn’t say anything while I was eating because “it was just too funny to watch me try”. Thanks Pops… :D

      • Ah, and the thing about Vicodin reminds me: getting wisdom teeth out is how I found out I was allergic to Vicodin. It’s a very common allergy. If you’re vomiting for more than an hour after surgery, then it’s not because of the dizziness/anesthesia. (Vomiting with wounds in your mouth is no treat.) Once I figured out it was the pain meds and switched to Advil, I was much better off.

    • I’ve had wisdom teeth pulled, and several root canals, without any significant pain after. There will certainly be discomfort for 1-3 days after. My dentist gave me nitrous (laughing gas, sweet air) during the procedure (along with the Novocaine shots before) and I didn’t feel a thing. Definitely heed instructions for the recovery period.

      Most dentists will give you a prescription for Tylenol-3 (with codeine) for pain relief after. Some people are fine with those (don’t drive, operate machinery, perform brain surgery while taking them). If you know you can’t take them (or don’t react well to codeine) then you may be able to get Tramadol instead (again, no brain surgery).

      If possible, schedule your procedure for at least 2 weeks in the future, and ask for the list of things you should not take during that period. Aspirin and ibuprofen are on that list because they are blood thinners…not what you want when there will be blood.

    • I was 21 when I had mine out. The pain wasn’t bad but the anesthesia made me throw up multiple times (even before I left the office). That’s an interesting feeling when your mouth is recovering from surgery. I was in serious pain for about a day but took painkillers and slept it off. Was feeling strange for 2-3 days after that. And I’m a pain wimp, so if I survived it I figure anyone can.

    • There is no typical wisdom tooth extraction experience. i took pain killers for 2 weeks. My sister had hers out in the morning, and took a college exam in the afternoon. You are lucky yours are not impacted – that should make it a much easier experience. But I agree with emmaleigh504 – why not just get the cavities filled? Second opinion time.

    • Anonymous

      I had all four removed at once AND they were impacted. The actual procedure wasn’t that bad. My dentist/oral surgeon gave me a choice of anesthetics (we discussed this well before the procedure): just local, laughing gas, or general. Local is just the shot and supposedly it’s enough to make sure you won’t feel any pain but you’re still wide awake for the whole thing. General means they just put you out. Laughing gas was the middle of the road option, basically they give you the local anesthetic but then the gas makes you loopy so you don’t have to sit through all the gore (pliers, scalpels, etc.) I chose the laughing gas. Basically, the whole thing felt like time passed super quickly. I thought they were still prepping me for the procedure and giving me the local anesthetic shot when suddenly the nurse said I was all done. Apparently I then babbled silly things about beer and attempted to tell the nurse my life story. But after a short while I was back to normal. Mom picked me up (you’re obviously not allowed to drive) and that was that.

      Now, the recovery was another story. To be honest, the pain was pain but tolerable and if it gets really bad they give you some pretty serious meds. I’m a petite female and I took half the recommended dosage of the pain meds and they STILL knocked me out for like 3 hours, so be careful. I would definitely recommend having someone stay with you the first day. Then for a couple of day I ate mush (mashed potatoes,etc). The main problem with me is that apparently I have weak jaw joints and they were slightly dislocated during the procedure so I couldn’t open my mouth wider than like an inch for almost two weeks! But the surgeon told me to do some very basic exercises and pretty soon I had normal range of motion again.

      So, it’s annoying but not the end of the world. Really, just get it over with! Oh, and one piece of advice, DO NOT DRINK FROM A STRAW FOR LIKE MONTHS AFTER! I thought I was completely healed so I got a Jamba Juice. Huge mistake. The suction you create when pulling on a straw also pulls the scabs off! I re-opened all four wounds :(

      Good luck!

    • I had all four out when I was 18. Two were impacted and I was up and normal by that evening – I was even driving.
      I didn’t take any painkillers besides a few aspirin in the few days following. It was by far the easiest oral surgery of my life. Get general anesthesia – it makes it so much easier.
      My sister on the other hand was a disaster for the better part of a week. She had a butcher for a surgeon and I had the nicest and most competent surgeon around.

    • DF

      Got mine out when I was 18, all four. They were barely impacted but all growing in crazy directions!
      Surgery went fine, first ever for me so first time going under.
      Got a valium before hand for calming any nerves and vicoprofen for afterwards which only made me throw up (not good when you have stitches in your mouth), so I stuck with ibuprofen. Was ready to go in a couple days. It only gets worse the older you are as the roots are deeper so they have to dig even harder. Good luck!

      • 17thSter

        Mine wasn’t bad. I had them out at 17. What I still remember is the taste of the bloody gauze. Yuck.

        Get some movies. And some liquid foods like pudding and Ensure. I was better after a few days.

    • k8buggz

      I had a very similar situation. All of my wisdom teeth came in normally, but were so hard to reach that they had cavities. I maybe had a filling in one, but my dentist recommended removal after I started complaining about pain. Since they weren’t impacted, though, my insurance wouldn’t cover it as a surgery with anesthesia, so I had to do it in the dental office with laughing gas and novocain (sp). I’m not going to lie, it was tough. It wasn’t that I could feel anything (I couldn’t), but I could see that they were working and so I would tense up. It then got worse when my loser ex-husband was super late to pick me up and a mix-up at the pharmacy. But, the recovery was a good excuse to watch TV all day and eat pudding.

      I have noticed that my teeth have started to spread out now that there’s more room, and the big gaps I had when I was a teen and got braces to fix are coming back (ever so slightly).

      • Anonymous

        Thank for all the responses everyone! Glad to hear you all survived the ordeal (Pablo, your experience sounds frightening but I’m glad you’re ok now!) This dentist is my second opinion! So I’m pretty sure they need to come out. I just gotta be brave and make my appointment. And definitely get the general anesthesia. Also thanks for all the recovery tips. At least I can use this an excuse to indulge in boxed mashed potatoes for a day (so bad, yet so good!)

        • Anonymous

          Almost all dentists say you should get them removed because they’re hard to clean and more likely to get cavities. Does that mean EVERYONE should get them removed? Anyone kept theirs and not had problems later down the line?

          • My mother had all hers until her mid 50s when she had 1 removed for a cavity. Now she is 60 and still has the other 3, no cavities. Her dentist later decided she really could have kept the 1 that was removed.

    • Caroline

      My dentist always tells me to get my wisdom teeth removed (and I’ve gotten second and third opinions from dentists who say the same thing). The teeth are not causing problems, but the dentists claim they’re hard to clean and will likely develop cavities. I have a routine checkup coming up and I’m revisiting the question of whether to get them removed or continue resisting, so I am glad someone asked this question! Has anyone ever had a bad experience from NOT getting them removed? It seems unnecessary to me, but maybe I’m a bit traumatized from having half my baby teeth pulled by an overzealous orthodontist when I was young.

    • Anonymous

      Re-watch that scene in ‘Castaway’ where he has to pop an infected root canal with a blunt ice skate and passes out from the pain. That should give you need appreciation for what you’re about to go through. Yay dentists!

    • Good luck, OP!

      I had my wisdom teeth out when I was almost 18, and it wasn’t bad at all. The only word of caution I have is to make sure you have the painkiller pills at the ready for when the anesthesia wears off (I think for me it was 5-6 hours after the surgery). You will want them, RIGHT AWAY. That’s the only real pain I remember from the whole process.

      I had my wisdom teeth out on a Friday afternoon. I slept most of Saturday, taking painkillers every few hours. By Saturday night I was feeling a lot better and wanted to go out to see a band, but my parents wouldn’t let me. I started a summer job on the Monday morning — I felt fine, but I looked a bit chipmunk-cheeked in the photo on my ID badge!

    • Stay positive!

      I was in your same situation, got them all out (under full anesthesia – my least favorite part) and then was out having a milkshake with friends at the diner later that night.

      Good luck!

    • Anonymous

      My recovery was fine, I had swelling of the jaw/cheeks for four days. The swelling probably lasted so long because I took a flight two days after the surgery, and there was so much fluid in my head that the air pressure caused a constant stream of snot to run out of my nose the whole trip.

    • It wasn’t THAT bad. I think I had mine removed at 17 and went to work the next day. Just DO NOT drink from a straw…I made that mistake.

    • littlen

      I’m getting all four of mine taken out on Thursday, so I can let you know once it’s over with… Rather intimidated by the whole process as well! :(

      • It will be fine. Stay positive like Caitb says.

      • Anonymous

        OP here, good luck Littlen!! Let us know how it went. Stay positive :-)

    • Anonymous

      I had all 4 out the summer as a teenager. Besides laying on the bed with frozen peas on both sides of my face and drinking noodle soup for a few days, I was fine.

      My mom got hers out when I was 16 (I remember because I was taking Driver’s ed) and she was miserable for at least a week–gross bruises and lots of pain.

  • Hello Goodbye

    Rant: Low motivation and had to get a long-sleeve shirt back out this morning.
    Rave: Spent some time with good friends this weekend.

    • Caroline

      Same here. Was not thrilled about having to pull my winter coat back out.

  • JoeEsq74

    Rave – Watching the Knicks win playoff game at bar in hoops crazy Harlem
    Rave – 150 Knick fans giving it to the 10 Celtics fans during the game, then handshakes / hugs after, very cool
    Rave – AirBnB – Brownstone in NYC was perfect for guys trip
    Rave – Cigars, sports, good food, booze…great weekend
    Rant – Chilly, pricey, tired

    Perfect Bar concept for 1539 New Jersey Avenue, NW http://harlembespoke.blogspot.com/2010/08/drink-harlem-tavern-arriving-on-116th.html
    http://www.harlemtavern.com/gallery I wish I had the skill + $$$ to do it.

  • Rant: Favorite silver chain went down the drain last night. I do not have the tools or the know how to try and get it back.

    Rave: At least it’s just a silver chain and not the Truly diamond.

    • If you’re lucky and the P-Trap has a clean-out, that would be the way to get it. Make sure you have a bucket under it when you unscrew it!

      • I think you may be speaking in another language :) I think I will call the building handyman and see if he can pop by.

        • Oh sorry, I didn’t know you don’t speak Plumbish! LOL

        • Anonymous

          Open the cabinet under the sink. There should be a curved pipe there. You might be able to remove it without a wrench or other tools. But, yeah, call someone who knows what they’re doing! :)

  • RANT: (Nothing new, but:) All the litter in Columbia Heights / U Street area, particularly the chicken bones. Why are you eating chicken wings outside? How do you wash your hands afterwards? Anyway, so tired of my puppy choking on bones and eating trash. :( He was throwing up almost daily until recently.

    RAVE: The warm(-ish) weather and spring gardening!

    • Ugh, I know. Our trainer referred to the phantom “Chicken Bone Bandit” leaving their waste all over for dogs to find. Do. Not. Understand.

    • Anonymous

      Street chicken bones are infuriating. I can stand these pigs walking around, eating wings, and tossing the bones on the ground. Happens all the time.

    • Colhi

      We go through this at least every 3 months on this blog! A lot of the Chicken bones and other food scraps that are left around the streets come from garbage cans. Rats go into the garbage cans and drag the food and scraps around. Do some people litter? Yes, of course. But particularly with the chicken bones, you can blame poorly secured trash cans and rats.

  • Rant: Grandfather passed away this weekend.
    Rave: He was almost 102!
    Rant: Not looking forward to funeral/services with that side of family – very dysfunctional. I hope the siblings rally and attend – definitely a circle the wagons event.

    • I’m sorry for your loss.

      • Thanks – focusing on the life he lived rather than pending dysfunction.

    • Sorry for your loss. When I was 16 we had what we referred to as the year of the funeral – started with my grandmother, ended a year later with my uncle with lots of relatives in between. The cousins and my siblings and I developed a code word to make fun of the dysfunction whenever it reared up – “oozing.” As in, the love/dysfunction/good times are oozing. It at least got us through.

  • Rave: Great weekend weather, for some reason every burrough of DC was quite lively. It was amazing to see so many people out on the streets Saturday in the city. We partied for the first time at Tropicalia, the sound system there is pretty good.

    Rant: DC may be on the verge of overpopulation, I used to like it when there used to be some places in the city I could go to get a reasonable amount of solitude… But not anymore! :/

    Rant: Thinking of giving gorgeous girl another chance, not sure though.

    • anon

      WHY? Because she’s gorgeous? And is that enough? I’m not sure it is, because you have been agonizing over her for a while now, so it seems like on one hand, you’re looking for something more than superficial looks. But on the other hand, you seem more than willing to put up with her baffling behavior because of her looks, so maybe that is all that you’re looking for right now. Beyond being gorgeous, she sounds immature and inconsiderate, so why else would you still be in to her?

      • Looks like she’s more shy and has been single for a long time more than anything else… Having added her on Facebook and seen her posts, her pictures seem like she is a more solitary personality than her looks dictate. She did contact me after I paused our communication…

        I use the term “gorgeous” mainly because it’s what I used as a term to describe her before, but she is not necessarily “gorgeous” by worldly standards, mostly just by my standards – meaning that someone who is “gorgeous” to me has the qualities that I’m attracted to rather than what society deems as beauty. ;)

      • She’s 24, he’s 38, of course she sounds immature. We are getting his side. Her version is probably something like: Went out with that guy who is cute for an old dude. Thank God my sister was there, we didn’t have any chemistry. But the meal was good.

        • Haha! Ouch Emmaleigh! If I was Hugh Heffner, no one would find the age difference objectionable! I’m young at heart, and she’s not immature… I think a big part of our communication problems were a language barrier. She isn’t american, but is now a citizen. :P

          • Sorry if that was too harsh; it’s what I would have said at her age. Actually, at 24 I wouldn’t have gone out with you because ew old. :)

          • ah

            Yeah, no one laughs at Hugh Hefner and his “girlfriends” behind his (and their) back.

          • I have a good friend who is a dentist, age 38, and he is happily married to a 50 year old woman… It works both ways… lol.

          • I’ve grown since age 24. When I was 30 I had a date with an 80 year old! Full disclosure: I was visiting my grandparents and he was just rounding out the foursome for dinner but they teased me that he was my date. He was delightful.

          • That’s a big age difference. Maybe five years form now it would be less objectionable, but if she is only 24, she probably lacks a LOT of life experience. I think she is blowing you off. Can’t you find someone a little closer to your age?

          • She’s not blowing me off, she just contacted me last weekend to say she wants to go out again this week…

          • I think we need a regular column on your dating Jack5, so we can all keep up. I feel like I’m missing updates and you def need more room than RRR to give us details. I’m thinking biweekly with possible extras. Totally serious.

      • anon

        She’s too young for him anyway. 38/2 = 19, and 19 + 7 = 26.

        • +1 (not literally) to knowing the rule

          • Anonymous

            The rule works amazingly well.

        • Where does that rule come from? Cosmo?!

          After you pass 20, I thought it goes out the window. She followed up with me after the first date, so I don’t think he has issue with age as much as you guys do… Many people have told em that I look more like I’m 28 myself… :P

          • Correction to my prior post: (Many people have told me)

    • Anonymous

      btw, you never mentioned if the sister she brought along on your date is hot?

      • I guess she was hot, she tried numerous times to dominate the conversation, and immediately added me on facebook after the date, but her sister wasn’t my type, and was only 22 years old (2 years younger). Her sister was not as conversationally witty as she was.

  • PG

    Rave: Made some really good jambalaya last night. I have leftover homemade shrimp stock and I’m not sure what to use it in. Any good ideas?

    • Chowder, Paella, risotto, curry.

    • I would freeze it in small amounts and add it anything that needs stock! It would be a great addition to gumbo, just a small amount to add depth to the flavor.

  • Moon

    Rant:I need to have my windows replaced
    Rant:I don’t want to sit thru a sales pitch
    HELP: Any advise?

    • We’ve been really happy with Windows on Washington (though their showroom is in the Chantilly area if you want to see full-size windows in person to check out). They’ve been good to work with thus far, and the new windows will be installed this Friday. They didn’t have a gimmicky sales pitch when they came to the house, and gave us a lot of information & encouraged us to take our time to make the right decision for us, rather than pressuring us to sign on the dotted spot like another company (ahem… Champion… who also spent over TWO HOURS at our house)

    • S

      Oh, I need this too! I sat through one sales pitch that lasted a couple hours and was very high pressure (except when they asked if I needed my husband there to make big decisions, that alone made me not want to buy from them). I’d also like to know a ballpark reasonable price for custom windows. Anyone have an idea what a good range would be for 10 windows?

      • dcl

        Long Windows was AWFUL – long, pressure-y, cheesy sales pitch and they wouldn’t even give us a cost estimate. We finally had to ask them to please leave our house, which he was reluctant to do. Anderson, on the other hand, was super quick, efficient and low key. He quoted us a cost of about $650 per window – I know there is a range based on what materials you select, though.

        • Loooooooonnnngggg quality windows. Isn’t it time yooou got a Long

      • The cost depends a lot on what type of windows you get – wood windows are really expensive, and actually less energy efficient than good vinyl windows. And the newer wood windows are made from younger trees/softer wood than older wood windows, so they might need to be replaced much sooner than you’d like. At least that’s what we determined from our research, and the sum of information that convinced my wife that vinyl was better than wood for replacing our back windows which were not original to the house (and therefore not nearly the same quality as our front windows that were). The window prices will also depend on what add-ons you want: material for locking mechanism, whether you want pieces put on to make the windows look subdivided, etc.

        • Moon

          I am going to chicken out on the windows. I just finishing explaining to this guy that I am in no mood for a sales pitch, I know I want vinyl windows, I want to replace 4 windows. Period. He said fine, his guy will come, measure and give me a price quote. In closing he said he asks I set aside 90 minutes for this. Now I ask you, 90 minutes to measure 4 windows!!! Thompson Creek

  • Rave: Soon-to-be-sister-in-law. Pretty awesome woman. My brother is one lucky duck.

    Rant: Bridal shower and 7 hours in car with my Mom.

    Rant: Pepco’s scheduled outage went three hours longer than posted and breakfast cooked in the dark was a near failure.

    Rave: making the decision to cancel contracts with freelance clients. Nothing against them, just only so many hours in the day and I want to spend them someplace other than in front of a computer.

  • Rave: Took a weekend off from writing my capstone (waiting on comments back from my advisors), so I cleaned the house, watched crap TV, and started honeymoon planning for a near-month-long stint in SE Asia!

    Rant: We learned on Saturday night that one of my fiance’s best friend’s 26-year-old sister was killed in a car accident. Manic phone calls to find the best friend who turned out to be in a movie, panicked phone calls from the friend’s mother. Just a horrible evening, and a very depressed fiance.

    Rant: My fiance’s job. Too much travel over the next few weeks!

  • k8buggz

    Rave: great weekend, filled with a perfect mix of productivity (grading papers, gardening, and cleaning all in the same day!) and fun (running with friends, drinking with friends, and time with family all in the same day!).

    Rant: I thought I PR’d the parkway classic 10-miler this weekend, or at least, according to my garmin, I did. But when I checked the race website, my official time was 3 minutes slower (and that was my official time, not the gun time).

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Ketchup

    Rant: Catsup

    • Anonymous

      rave: your rant has brought back a nice memory of my grandma, who always said “catsup.” Cheers!

      • ah

        Is “catsup” pronounced cat-sup? I’ve always heard it pronounced ketchup, but assumed catsup was just an alternate spelling, not also an alternative pronunciation.

        • Anonymous

          It was a reference to a scene in last night’s Mad Men. :)

        • My father does *groan* but only when it’s spelled that way. Sometimes he calls it cat soup.

  • AMac

    Rant: People who think it’s okay to innundate me with unsolicited “advice” just because they see that I’m pregnant. This morning, I was emailed this article and a note from the sender that if she were me she’d like to know what it was “really” like to be a new mom.
    Rave: not too busy at work, so I can go to the gym over lunch and work off some of the aggression I have towards this sender :)

    • Anonymous

      what made my wife BONKERS was people’s interest in touching her stomach. what is up with that?

      • anon

        I’ve had the opposite. A few women I know have said to me “Ooh, the baby’s kicking – feel!”. Um, no. I am really, really happy that you’re happy you are having a baby. But I didn’t want to touch your stomach before you got pregnant and I don’t want to now. Just ick.

    • Anonymous

      This article was stupid. I get it. Early motherhood is awful for some people, but cue the mommy martyrs. I have a 3 month old. Now, I know my baby is “easy” as far as babies go, and the first 2 weeks weren’t exactly easy… but why prepare women with such fear? I was so ready for the worst and have enjoyed every minute (except for a few moments in the first 2 weeks where I was in pain, adjusting to little sleep, etc.). I think for many women, if they go into it thinking “this is going to suck, it’s going to be so hard, it’s awful until the children are older”, then that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Just chill out, it’ll be great. I think that 90% of it has to do with your attitude and the rest has to do with the luck of the draw of getting a colicky baby (which is less than 20% of babies).

      • AMac

        Thank you! I think the article is stupid too and I think people who share “advice” like this are bitter.
        As for stomach touching, no one has touched it yet, but the check out woman at CostCo came REALLY close until I shot her dagger eyes.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Lunch dates, play dates, birth dates and fishing gear!
    Rant: Too cold for enjoyable boating.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: New business idea: Chesapeake watershed-based olive oil, salt, and/or apple juice business to serve the local/sustainable market.

    Rant: Now how do I become a farmer?

  • Rant: Woke up to find a silverfish had crawled into the glass of water on my bedside table and died. I’m going to pretend he did that after I last took a sip in the middle of the night. Ugh.

    Rant #2-4: Breaking out like a 13-year-old from work stress, also have a stomach doing flips, and realized that I’ve been carrying an open bag of cats treats in my purse (don’t even ask)! Is it Friday yet?

    • Those things are the creepiest bugs ever. I’m not sure why all insect movies are based around spiders instead of silverfish.

  • Rave: Herbs are growing en masse in the garden with several coming back even stronger this year than last year when they were first planted. The chocolate mint made for some delicious brownies last night.

    Rant: My #1 choice for design firm to do the construction on the new house won’t be able to begin work until August, but the house closes in May. So I’ve got to decide if I wait for them and carry 2x mortgages for that whole time (cannot live in house during the type of construction I have planned) or go with someone else. Argh.

    • Anonymous

      You can’t live in the new house from May to August and then move into a rental? Is the new house completely inhabitable?

      I’d say waiting for a contractor you feel comfortable with and trust their quality of work is totally worth it. You’re gonna have to live with that house the rest of your life. It’s worth being patient for only a few more months.

      • Still waiting to find out the level of construction possible. Some potentially bad news from the zoning board could change our plans completely.

  • Rave: Finally saw a condo I really liked this weekend that I can actually afford.
    Rant: Given crazy DC real estate market it’ll probably get multiple offers. It’s a scary thought to spend that much $ on something….

    • Anonymous

      I think rowhouses are more likely to get multiple offers. The market’s saturated with condos so they’re less in demand. It depends on a lot of factors, though. I’d put in an offer, but don’t get carried away with the escalation clause!

      • Not sure of the actual numbers of condos vs. houses available, but condos (at least the less expensive ones) can have a lot of demand because $$$-wise, the barrier to entry is lower.

  • Rant: Missed the Georgetown French Market yet again this year (this past weekend). I seriously need some kind of calendar reminder for next year so it doesn’t happen a third time.

    • That’s exactly what I had to do to remember – added it to the ol’ Google calendar and finally remembered to go (after years of forgetting about it). Glad I went even if the only thing I bought was a croissant and a tote bag. :) Here’s to next year!

      • Yeah, I put it on for next year so that it doesn’t happen again (including reminders every weekend before to check and make sure the date hasn’t happened).

  • Rave: DC refund hit bank account today and I only e-filed our return on the 15th!!!

  • Rock the vote

    can someone just tell me who to vote for tomorrow? i’m stick of reading all of the bios, platforms, and blah blah blah. i’m kidding. but consider me all ears if you have a strong opinion at one of the candidates!! none of them really stand out to me.

    • Bizzinger

      Same here. I’ve asked several friends, and almost all of them are voting Silverman, so I think I’ll do the same. But researching definitely didn’t create a burning desire to vote for any of them.

      • Anonymous

        I haven’t done any research aside from skimming the DCist guide that just came out. Based on that, I think my vote’s going to Silverman. But I should read up on the candidates a little more.

    • Anonymous

      Be a rebel and vote for the Republican!

  • BeverlyS

    Rave: Pages on pages of a Visa application – meetings, letters, pictures, signatures, invitations, finally submitted this morning. Russia does NOT fool around.
    Rave: Bought my first camera, and noted the reviews as: “good for families and tourists.” I am neither, but it really is amazing – did some practice shoots in Rock Creek Park on Saturday in the sunshine.
    Rant: It’s cold out there.


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