Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth April 16, 2013 at 10:00 am 70 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user johnmcochran2012

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Sister in law had crossed the finish line 20 minutes before the bomb exploded.
    Rave: She and everyone she knows is okay.

  • Rave: I never knew how awesome Patriot Day was in MA with traditions like a morning baseball game that ends in time for people to leave Fenway Park to watch the end of the Boston marathon.

    Rant: Today is Emancipation Day in DC. How about a morning Nats game that ends in time for the Emancipation Day parade? Come DC and Nats, let’s step it up!

    • Jon Lester

      This is a good idea, you should write to them and suggest it – politely.

    • Anonymous

      Love this idea. How about a parade that ends at the ballpark?

  • Rant: recovering from surgery with no one to help me sucks.
    Rant: maybe one day ill be able to create and maintain friendships/ relationships, but most people think I’m lame.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: My eyes feel like they’re on fire. Allergies?

    • Colhi

      My eyes have been watering for 2 weeks, nonstop. I think everyone thinks I am really upset about something but I swear, it’s just allergies!

    • If they really feel like they’re on fire, go see an optometrist/opthamologist ASAP. I once had a scratched cornea and it hurt like hell, they were able to give me something to numb the pain and diagnose it pretty quickly.

      • I’ve scratched my cornea twice, and I don’t think there’s any mistaking that for allergies. Rather than saying it felt like it was “on fire,” I think I would have claimed “it feels like someone is slicing my eye open and pouring acid on it while lighting it on fire.” The worst.

    • Anonymous

      oak pollen? The trees are going nuts right now.

  • Rant: Can’t understand why people even consider attacking innocent people to prove a point. It seriously makes me think the death penalty should be upheld.

    Rant: Girl said on Facebook she had sent me a text hoping to meet up last weekend but I never got it. She said she is still busy but will try to contact me. I don’t really have interest with all the complications. In my opinion it never gets easier.

    Rave: Got the day off work yesterday due to issues at the office building where I work. Downside: I have to make up the hours or lose the money for something that isn’t my fault, we don’t have a tele-work option.

  • Britt

    Rant: Horrible horrible happenings in Boston.

    Rave: Those I know and love who were running and watching the marathon are safe.

    Rave: I never thought I’d say this but thank god for social media – it was comforting to be able to check in on a friend and family without jamming up the phone lines.

  • xyz

    Rant: Boston attacks. WTF. I can’t even begin to express my feelings about it. Scary and unbelievably sad. My thoughts are with the victims and all those impacted by this.

    As a runner, it makes me nervous to run races like this, but I also know that quitting these things means these %^*$))#@_! win.

    Rave: The first responders and everyone else who helped the victims.

  • Rant: I don’t know why the Boston events are affecting me so much, but I’m still so sick to my stomach and can’t concentrate at work. The Boston Marathon is just something so badass, so awesome, I feel so shaken and crushed.

    Rant: A month ago I ran a half marathon all alone with no cell phone and little ID. Not doing that again.

    • anon

      I am with you. I woke up this morning still feeling upset by the whole situation. Devastating.

      I also ran without a cell/ID at the RNR 1/2 last month. Will have to reevaluate that decision for future races.

    • Mike

      Look into a RoadID. It’s a little bracelet with a tag engraved with contact and medical info, personalized for about 20 bucks.

      • second the recommendation of RoadID – best $20 you will ever spend.
        I like it because I know that my family will be notified if something happens – and after getting hit several times while running I know things can/do happen.

        • anon

          Third the RoadID rec. I have one and have bought gift cards for friends/family so they can get them, too. I have three contact names/numbers on mine so someone can be reached.

      • Great Idea!

        Such a good idea. I’ve been so frustrated with my fiance because I gave him a gift certificate for a Road ID for his birthday one year, and he has YET to actually get it. I really hate that he runs without any ID. I’m hoping that this might provide the push he needs to actually do it.

        But I’m not one to talk- I’ve cycling more these days, and I totally need to get one myself. I would hate to crash and not be able to have responders figure out who I am!

    • Also remember that if you’re in a race, your bib number can be used by race officials to identify you. Most races already print your name, etc. on the bib too, and some even print your emergency contact info. And if it’s not there, you should always write your emergency contact info on your bib. Of course if you’re running but not in a race then some other form of ID is a good idea.

      Personally I don’t think I would consider running with a phone, but obviously folks should do whatever gives them peace of mind.

      • Yeah, I’ve never run with a phone, but now I keep imagining all those runners in Boston who were stopped before the finish, and how those without phones had no way to contact anyone, get information, figure out what to do, etc. I’ve never thought about racing with those kinds of concerns in mind. :( In the RNR 1/2 last month I pulled a muscle and told my boyfriend to run ahead without me and just meet up at the finish line. What terrifying chaos it must have been for runners in that type of situation in Boston.

        Revel: At least because it was a marathon there were tons of medical personal and ambulances already on hand. At least runners and marathon-watchers are like the best people on planet Earth and all helped each other out.

        Gah. Why can’t I stop thinking about this? Need to get off the Internet.

  • RAVE: DC tax return was accepted without having to go through the hassle of SS number proof of identification. For those people who had to prove, did you have a large refund? I’m wondering if DC is asking anyone to prove their identity, if their District refund is greater than $XXX amount. That would be a shady way of collecting more revenue from busy citizens who don’t have time to go to the SS office.

    • Anonymous

      if the purpose was to collect money they would probably do it to people with small refunds. If you got a big refund you are going to make time, if you have a small one you might figure its not worth it.

    • Anonymous

      I had to prove my identity and my refund was something like $370. Speaking of which, I still haven’t gotten my refund and I jumped through all their hoops. Ugh.

      • Anonymous

        Also, my refund was accepted at first and then 1-2 weeks later I got a letter saying that I had to go to the SS office. So just because your refund has been accepted doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods, you could still get a letter.

        Sorry! :(

        • That’s annoying to hear. My refund is $340, so I guess I won’t count my chickens until they’re direct deposited into my bank account.

          Thanks for the info, folks.

      • Anonymous

        Same here. My refund is even lower than yours. Mailed in my proof of ID last week and still haven’t received in my refund.

      • I’ve filed tax returns in DC the last two years, got refunds of a few hundred bucks each time. No SS number proof requested. Guess I was lucky?

    • For folks who have actually received their DC refunds already, how long ago did you file your taxes? I filed over two months ago and am still waiting. The DC tax refund status site says it’s been accepted, but no other details.

      • Anonymous

        I filed February 1st and got the refund February 12th. I think I beat the rush.

      • OatsDC

        That sucks. We filed on March 8th and had the refund check in hand on Saturday, March 16th….so just about a week.

      • I filed in Feb and got my refund after a week. Then I noticed I made a mistake, filed the amendment or whatever it’s called, and got the additional $27 a week later.

        Still waiting on the Feds. They owe me hundreds.

      • Anonymous

        I owed money and dated my check 4/15/13 but they cashed it two weeks ago anyways.

      • Filed in late February, had deposit w/in a week.

  • Anonymous

    definitely not-Borf material

  • rant: Boston situation. I never went to see the marathon, but I’m sure I passed through that area a number of times when I lived there. My thoughts are with the victims, and I am so thankful for the first responders everywhere who provide care and help us deal when the unthinkable happens.
    rave: I’m happy to be working from home today, and there’s something reassuring about listening to NPR and hearing calm voices discuss what happened. Cats help too.

  • Bear425

    Rave: Exciting things in the works. Too soon to really talk about it, but looking forward to the future!

    Rant: Thyroid is out of whack and my PCP is only comfortable prescribing more synthroid, rather than trying to understand the underlying causes. Anyone know of a good endocrinologist who treats hypothyroidism?

    • Janie4

      Washington Endocrine Clinic, Dr. West. He’s very good, and aggressive about getting your TSH below 1.0

      • Bear425

        Thanks! Two questions: do they take insurance, and is he comfortable with exploring alternatives to synthroid?

        • Janie4

          Yes, Dr. West takes insurance. I’m on synthroid, so not sure how good he is at exploring other alternatives.

      • saf

        I go there too – although I no longer have a thyroid.

        He has such a baby face! I feel like I am seeing Doogie Howser some days.

        I find that he, like every other endo I have seen, spends too much time focusing on potential diabetes, and not enough on thyroid issues.

      • Dr. Maria Garcia, Seminary Rd. VA. My doctor has me on Levoxyl.

    • If you can get out to McLean, Dr. Adrienne Clamp at Well Being/Being Well is good. The office doesn’t take insurance, but they will file the reimbursement claim for you.

      Instead of just messing around with a Synthroid dosage (which did nothing for me) she digs into your test results and creates customized treatment–I’m on a combination of Levoxyl and a compounded slow-release T3.

    • Anonymous

      You may want to explore a homeopathic doc. I have a friend who had thyroid problems and he found his Western docs only wanted to cut him open or give him pharms, not cure the underlying problem. He turned to alternative treatment from someone who was trained in homeopathy, accupuncture etc. She put him on a temporary dietary regimen, some kind of macrobiotic thing. He’s all better and kept his thyroid.

  • MtP Gal

    PoP, how’s the littlest member of Popville doing? The MtP Guy and I were just wondering last night how being a new parent is going for you. It hasn’t seemed to slow down your posting a bit! Impressive!

    • wdc

      I’ve wondered too! If there wasn’t an announcement, I completely understand… but if there was, I missed it. Princeling or Princess?

      • Princess. I’ve only seen official pictures, but she’s the cutest little princess I’ve ever seen. The Windsors have a tough act to follow.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Thanks for asking – it’s going great. Exhausting but the smiles are worth it but seriously seriously exhausting :) She even celebrated DC Brau’s 2 year anniversary last night! She’ll be at a future PoPville happy hour I’m sure.

  • PG

    Rave: Excellent (but short) vacation.

    Rant: Back to work today

    Rant: BWI TSA people (or, as I call them tassholes)

    Rave: Pensacola TSA poeple. Very friendly and helpful people.

  • sigh.

    Rant: I f*cking hate cancer.

    Sweet, lovely, dear dear Aunt, You will be missed.

    • +1,000,000

      R.I.P. Dad, Aunt and Uncle

    • I’m very sorry. We just lost my cousin a few weeks ago. Too painful, too soon.

    • I’m sorry for your loss.

  • BeverlyS

    Rant: Waited over an hour to hear from my sister, cousins, and family who were at the finish line as phone lines were so jammed yesterday. It was the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced. I can’t imagine those who are still trying to find out where their loved ones are.
    Rave/Rant: Everyone was fine – minor bruises from being knocked off their bar stools but ok. Feeling elated, but at the same time utterly devastated for those whose lives were taken. Every year we’re always in Copley because it’s a better scene than by my old house in Kenmore, but I couldn’t get the time off work this year (new job here in D.C.). Bizarre.
    Rave: Metro stepped up police presence yesterday. Did anyone else experience that as well? I think Pennsylvania ave is still closed too.

  • amm

    Rant: Boston Marathon. I am from Boston and went to BC and it is the favorite holiday of the year for many Massachusetts residents. I am still sick to my stomach and can’t concentrate.

    Rave: Everyone I know in Boston running and spectating are safe and all those responding to the events acted bravely and compassionately.

  • Rave: This picture! I loved chalk when I was little. I lived on a very calm street (rightly named Pleasant Street) so we would spend all day making elabroate chalk drawings in the street.

    Rant: Boston, of course, I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND! Why do you have to kill/injure others to make a point?

    Rant: The news keeps using the word ‘carnage’. Ugh, what an awful word.

    Rave: Saw Jurassic Park in 3D last night and it was AWESOME! I never saw it in the theater when I was young. All of the viewers were probably between 25 to 35 y/o and we had a good time laughing and commenting, and at the end we all applauded and cheered.

    Random: I just learned where the morgue is. Huh. Smells like a morgue…glad its in the next building over.

    • Anonymous

      My neighborhood is full of little kids and the sidewalks are covered in chalk artwork this time of year. One section of sidewalk that made me smile yesterday included the declaration “I love art!” which reminded me of myself as a kid.

  • k8buggz

    Rant: Boston.
    Rant: today is the anniversary of the VT shootings. Always a hard day to be a hokie.
    Rave/Revel: my hometown, Blacksburg, VA, and my alma mater, VT. I love my little ‘burg and miss living there on a daily basis. I’m happy I got to go home for the weekend and partake in some of the commemorative events (and see a spring scrimmage game). For as sad as this day makes me, it also makes me proud of how the community came together.

  • Rave: Home from Grandpa’s birthday bash.

    Rave: His party was super fun. I love his friends!

    Rant: I love Grandpa, but the rest of my family can go jump off a lake for all I care.

    Rave: Next trip is to see the family I like!

    • Jumping off a lake sounds logistically challenging.


      • I’ve always mixed jump in a lake and jump off a bridge, so in my 20s I decided to embrace the mix up and not even try to get it right, since I won’t anyway. Besides my aunt & uncle have spent the whole weekend telling me how perfect their kids are, so I’m sure they can figure it out.

        (I may still be a wee bit pissed at those assholes, particularly Uncle Asshole who mansplained f*cking everything to me including my job. And his lovely son who told me I was a hypocrite for being offended and calling out Uncle Asshole for telling sexist stories. Apparently, it’s sexist to call a white man sexist when he tells stories about putting uppity women in their place. Yep, may still be a wee bit pissed.)

        • Anonymous

          Are you from Texas by any chance? Sounds familiar. I keep getting Facebook updates about guns and what a bum Obama is, from my unemployed cousin-in-law who went to jail for DUI.

          • hahahaha nope! These are the liberal, Pacific Northwest part of the family. The conservatives in Mississippi are way better behaved, if you can believe it.

  • Anonymous

    That is some gorgeous red hair in the photo.

  • skj84

    Rant: Still so incredibly sad about the events in Boston yesterday. My heart breaks for the runners and victims, and those who lost loved ones yesterday.

    Rant: Fear. I will not let this incident scare me or keep me from living a normal life and no one else should either. Stay strong and live life as normal.

    Rave: Moms health incident sounds like its under control. Its not a
    preferable situation, but its not as bad as originally thought.

    Rave: Beautiful weather. going on a bike ride later.

    Rant: I can’t get my love life in order. I hate dating and trying to read guys. And the fact I go after the inappropriate ones. Dating sucks so much!

    • Blithe

      Glad that things are better with your Mom!!!


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