Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth April 15, 2013 at 10:00 am 102 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Chabelamarie

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what happened at the Southwest Waterfront Saturday night? Report of a bomb threat and police closed off roads for about an hour

  • Anonymous

    Rant: The weather, the fact that it’s Monday, and the depressing documentary I watched last night have me in a down mood (the photo above isn’t helping either).

    • Anonymous

      OK, I’ll bite. What documentary did you watch?

  • bizzinger

    Revel: Great weekend with friends, dancing, biking, and amazing food.

    Rant: Busy weekends remind me I’m not 22 anymore. Sooo tired.

  • Rave: We met Elissa Silverman Saturday. She spent a really amazing amount of time with us covering a number of issues that are important to us. I know her materials make a big push to highlight ethics and her journalism work, but to me, two big pluses are her work on DC budgeting and, in particular, her knowledge of workforce issues in the District.
    It seems nearly impossible to figure out how things get spent on in the District, even if you have the time and inclination. I go tour my kid’s inbound school, they tell me they’re starting a big renovation. Great. So I go looking for the money when the Mayor releases the budget. It’s not there. It’s somewhere else, and it’s not clear when the money’s coming or how much. People come asking for support for Hearst renovation, or new transit development, or to not have their school closed, and I can’t figure out where the money comes from. So, getting someone on the council who knows how to make budgets accessible is good.
    And the workforce focus – Silverman basically did a few years’ work on this. What made me realize how important it was, was serving on a grand jury. This City has a large number of people disconnected from normal work opportunities who live in a parallel universe, one with a lot of negatives. DC has not served them well. And while out of self-interest I love obsessing over what DC does in early childhood education, getting people into the workforce who are not able to get in is a big deal. The gulfs in this City need to be brought together.
    One kind of “inside baseball” issue that mattered to me is where the next Council member might be placed on committees. Economic development seems like a place where seats are available. So, if you don’t like stories about how Jim Graham or whoever else is making quid pro quo deals for or against would-be developers or projects, you would want the New Guy to be somebody ethically focused, right? I mean, here’s a chance to put the person telling us about the dirty dealing down at the Wilson Building – Loose Lips herself – at the table with these people. I wouldn’t miss that chance.
    And any new Council member won’t be able to get on the Education committee. And without that, how could any new Council Member to end up with influence? That seems to be something all of these education-focused campaigns seem to be missing. And between the Mayor, Catania and Chancellor Henderson, where is the oxygen for new voices on education? As important as education is . . . . this just isn’t that election.
    I really have to say how off-put I am on the way Bonds has run. I can see the knock on her as being a Barry staffer, a longtime insider, and just say it was someone trying to do good in a difficult city. But Colbert King in the Post really seemed to have it right – that a race-based campaign for Mayor just is not OK. Or even a region-based campaign. Remember the Mayor’s One City thing? For whatever Mayor Gray has or hasn’t done, at least that idea is a good one. The agenda you want your candidate to have should be the starting point.
    Sorry this is so long. Just wanted to share a few thoughts, and invite everybody to vote. Not a ton of people will, so your vote will really count.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve known Paul Zuckerberg for years, and he has my vote. I’ve also met Elissa, and I like her work. But, we already have some self-proclaimed saints on the council, and I don’t think their holier than all posturing do anything but get themselves cheap press coverage. I am voting for Zuckerberg because I want a grown up on the Council. I think the way that he talks about decriminalization and the way it touches everything from policing to unemployment speaks to seeing a broad approach to issues. No, I don’t partake. I also know he was a leader in bringing diverse families together at his kids charter school.

      • I think you’re spelling his name wrong.

    • saf

      You know Silverman’s taken money from Sinclair Skinner, right? That really soured me on here.

      As for Bonds, she works for Fort Myer Construction. Bad enough that she has Barry ties, and has been part of the party machine for so many years, but add in the job and the race-baiting, and that puts me off her.

      • Anonymous

        You said this the last time she was mentioned. Pray tell, who are you voting for then?

        • saf

          Yeah, and I note that apparently, I am the only one left who cares. But really, who you get in bed with shows who you will get in bed with once you are in office.

          To me, that shows that she is willing to be part of the current culture of the council, and that’s a deal-breaker for me. It’s especially bad in my eyes, because she came down on Mara for taking money from the anti-statehood folks. Then she turns around and takes money from one of the bigger race-baiters of the Fenty administration, one of the big beneficiaries of the pay to play politics of then Fenty administration.

          I actually really like and respect Frumin. I have my doubts about Mara. I expect I will be voting for Frumin.

          • Anonymous

            I’m about 75% decided towards Silverman, but I don’t actually know much about Frumin at all. Would you mind sharing more?

            As for the Skinner donation, on the one hand I think it was just silly of her to not just return it. However, I don’t think one $250 donation is comparable to Bonds’ relationship with Fort Meyer Construction, which does tens of millions of dollars a business a year with the city.

          • saf

            There are no circumstances under which I would consider a vote for Bonds.

            Matt Frumin – ok, let’s put the disadvantages he’s got right up front. He’s a white guy from Tenleytown, and that makes some people discount him right off. But I have worked with him on several projects, when he was an ANC (in the course of a previous job. I live in Petworth, and he has never been my ANC.) But advantages – I find him to be honest, smart, hard-working, and interested in the city’s well-being, not only NW, but the entire city.

            This is his first attempt at city-wide office.

            Have you looked at Let’s Choose DC? http://letschoosedc.com/

            It’s a bit of a pain to navigate, but there’s good information there.

  • Inbetween

    Rave: grad school has increased their financial award! Ready to move on with life!

  • Question: Has anyone heard anything about this supposed streetcar going in on Georgia Ave. I read about one line in an article and nothing more was said. This could be exciting news.

    Rant: The cover of the express story about Metro. Why will Metro not fix the things that are broken instead of making up projects that aren’t needed. Who is running this company?

    • Anonymous

      The Union runs Metro. Creating projects that are not needed puts more money in Union members pockets. Fixing things that are needed would require Union members to change their attitudes and work ethic, ain’t gonna happen.

      You can read about the planned DC Street Car lines at the link below. They have it planned out in phases through the next (seems like 50 years). The project can easily be altered or dropped due to budget and feasibility studies. Don’t bet any money on it until you ride on one. The street cars won’t take me anywhere the current bus line doesn’t. I really hoped one would go all the way down Rhode Island to Mass Ave, now THAT is cutting across town.



      • Anonymous

        take your anti-union rants to the chamber website or the wall street journal.

        • c

          being anti-metro union isn’t the same thing as being anti-union. don’t forget that.
          WMATA is unhealthy and needs a complete culture change.

      • “The Union” runs Metro?

        Because union members are on WMATA? Not.

        Because union members are Metro CEOs/CFOs making the top-level decisions? Not.

        Members of unions earn a living wage, have health care and retirement security. A middle-class standard of living is not something to resent, but a goal that everyone should strive for. Working people have more clout bargaining together than standing alone.

        • Anonymous

          when they focus on training, competence, and customer service i’ll respect the metro union. when the union is used as a shield to protect bad, incompetent and dangerous employees, there is something horribly wrong.

          • C3PO

            Bingo. Wasn’t it the union that compelled WMATA to rehire bus drivers who’d negligently hit pedestrians?

          • YES!!!!!!!

        • Totally agree, being Anti-WMATA Union is not the same as being Anti-Union. I think unions have a place, and I am for them in many circumstances. Do I think the WMATA-Union is an absolute cess-pool with no purpose other than protecting its current members at the expense of LITERALLY everything else? Well, yes I do.

      • Thanks for all the info. I have to agree with you on your union points. Nothing will change until some clean up ins done.

        • Anonymous

          Have any of you been in a union, unionized workplace, or unionized trade? I can tell you that unions do not provide for their members the way they pretend to. They are basically organizations that support a small group of union leaders and their interests at the expense of workers and the actualy industry.

    • Prince Of Petworth
  • Rave: This weekend’s weather was my perfect idea of weather. So happy to enjoy time outside.
    Rave: Glad I gave prenatal yoga a chance – I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to do it again! I’m trying another studio tomorrow night just to be sure I like the one I already tried.

    Rant/Rave: office birthday. That giant chocolate cake from Costco which is insanely amazing. I can’t eat it – gestational diabetes test Wednesday and avoiding crap until then per recommendations from a variety of sources. It smelled so good as plate after plate passed me. But I didn’t have any. I don’t need it, baby doesn’t need it, and I’m proud that I passed it up. So rant/rave.

    • C3PO

      It was perfect gardening weather. I loved being outdoors yesterday.

      Right on for passing up chocolate cake. You need to reward yourself with some non-sugary delight. Pedicure, perhaps?

      • got one this weekend (so did everyone else!). My reward will be (hopefully) passing my GD test!

        • KristenDub

          Had GD test last week. Had a cupcake midday the day before and had egg whites and turkey bacon for breakfast. Passed no problem. Good luck!

    • Anonymous

      I celebrated passing my gestational diabetes test with a big cookie!

  • sk

    Rave: Monday morning Pandora.
    Rant: Pregnancy headaches/migraines?!

    • Meg

      Uh…have you been checked out for pre-ecclampsia? Headaches when you’re pregnant aren’t necessarily normal.

      • sk

        Thanks for your concern. I am having regular prenatal visits and have low blood pressure and no other symptoms. Could be unrelated to pregnancy and just changes in the weather?

        • Anonymous

          Probably the weather. I’ve been headachy lately and I’m definitely not pregnant.

          • Same. Not pregnant, got a crazy bad headache today. Typically happens on cloudy days just like this.

    • Headaches are common in pregnancy. I’m 18 wks right now. It’s all due to the change in your hormone levels and increased blood volume (we have 4 extra pints flowing through!). I’ve had to wear my glasses much more lately and take little naps throughout the day – am lucky to have a sick room at work! My doc also said that we get them because our sinuses and nasal passage ways get constricted during pregnancy. If you’ve been feeling a little stuffy, that could be the culprit.

      Good luck to you. I hope you are enjoying this miracle much more than I am. I have the carpal tunnel side effect too and my hands fall asleep at night and sometimes during the day too :)

  • RANT: Got a smaller tax refund than I had anticipated. Grrr.

    RAVE: Bought an 8 foot longboard this weekend and will be spending a lot of time near Virginia Beach this summer. Hopefully this will spur me to get into better shape (I should also probably reduce my beer intake). Surf’s up!

    RAVE: My engine overhaul on my scooter is almost done. Hopefully I will be back to riding and commuting on it by next week! So long Metro!

  • Anonymous

    SAFETY: There have been a string of smash n’ grabs on 1700 section of 17th and Q lately. I have walked by 4 in the past few days.
    Hide yo’ stuff!

    • For realz? From cars, or people sitting outside with their phones on their tables at restaurants?

      that’s pretty hardcore considering cops are right there up the street outside 7-11 all the time.

      • Anonymous

        From Cars. I think its happening early AM. Most recent ( I walked by) was yesterday.

        • that stinks. I wish police would take car break ins more seriously – ours has been broken in to three times (twice in Dupont when we lived there at 17th and Swann and once at our new place in logan/shaw). Police just don’t care – no one ever responded when we called. They said someone would call to get a report….nada.

  • Rant: I am starting to have a distinct dislike for all of these people who are crawling out of the woodwork claiming to be life coaches and relationship experts. Especially the ones who do NOT have their shit together. Who pray tell are you to advise me on how to live my life when yours is in perpetual shambles? Ugh I am just so sick of these people. It’s like they want to be psychologists but said f*ck school im just going to internalize Chicken Soup for the Soul, watch a couple episodes of Iyanla Fix My Life and viola I am now an expert on relationships and life. Get outta here with that foolishness!

    P.S. Did anyone watch Iyanla Fix My Life on Saturday? DMX is so messed up :(

    • Anonymous

      I took a picture with DMX this weekend in New York. Dude was off his rockers.

  • Additional rave: Went inside Le Diplomat and it’s GORGEOUS. Granted, I wasn’t about to wait 2 1/2 hours for a table so MAYBE be seated at 9:45PM, but the inside is very well done – it looks like it’s been there for ages. I can’t believe what that corner used to look like!

  • Marymay

    Rant/Rave: Laser hair removal. They lied– it hurts. Excited about the whole process and hope it works.

    • it isn’t permanent – so as long as you don’t have that expectation, you’ll be happy with the result for a while.

    • to me the pain is worth it…I’d rather have a few minutes than the monthly waxing. But I will say the underarms hurt the worst for me!

      FYI – hubby had his 10+ years ago and is still hair free.

    • Anonymous

      Thinking of buying the $250 Flash & Go gadget. Reviews are surprisingly good and numerous. Like, too many for the company to have written them all. Any local experience? Anyone wanna go halfsies? ;)

  • Rave: New CaBi station at Georgia and Emerson! Thanks for finally making it up to Brightwood!

    Rant: No thanks whatsoever to Muriel Bowser. Its not a coincidence that the ward that has seen an INCREDIBLY disproportionately small amount of school renovation dollars compared to other wards has languished with 4 CaBi stations.

    • I think DDOT plans where CaBi stations go, and I believe they deploy stations based on metrics corresponding to use and public surveys asking people to suggest locations.

  • Anonymous

    MAJOR RANT: I almost got hit by a cyclist going the wrong way up 17th Street on the side of the street opposite of the bike lane. Scariest part? I was carrying my newborn. That could have been catastrophic. I yelled at her but she kept on riding. I only hope it scared her enough that she won’t be such an idiot next time. I’m generally a cautious pedestrian especially when with my baby, but looking the wrong way down the street for cyclists not in the bike lane? Sheesh. Please respect the rules, people. It makes me sick to my stomach to think what could have happed.

    • Anonymous

      “I yelled at her but she kept on riding. I only hope it scared her enough that she won’t be such an idiot next time”

      You can’t fix stupid. I like your optimism though.

      • Anonymous

        good point. however, I’ve had a near miss while I was driving with a pedestrian once and it definitely got me to be a better driver.

  • Britt

    Rave: Had an awesome weekend with the husband and my mom – we tried out Le Diplomate for dessert – it was awesome and so exciting to see the buzz.
    Rant: Had a disappointing show on Saturday but at least it was a beautiful day and no one got hurt…
    Rave: Jumping on the “Girls” bandwagon – finished up the first season last night. Not so sure I’m looking forward to the second season as it seems most people say they started to hate all the characters then!

  • rave: finally finished with tax season and have my weekends back!

    rant: decided to drive for a change and got in a fender bender two blocks from my house. That will teach me…

    on another note does anyone know of a potential stabbing/shooting on U or CH on Saturday/Sunday? Hubby and I followed a trail of blood from CH down to U while out walking on Sunday morning.

    • yikes – are you ok after your accident? Hope all is OK!

  • Colhi

    Rant: Dismal display by DC United on Saturday.
    Rave: Still the best tailgate in town!

    • Anonymous

      My Sounders are with you there in the basement of the league.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: I hate this one group I have to work with. I feel like they treat me as their personal secretary and that couldn’t be further from what I really am to them.

    Rant: I feel like I don’t make enough money to do the job I’m doing. I also don’t feel like looking for a new job and I don’t think I’d make much more if I did find a new job.

    Rave/Rant? My birthday is this week.

    • Anonymous

      Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Owe $2700 to the IRS. Was expecting a refund

    • Anonymous

      Rant: Turbo Tax said I didn’t owe any money to VA. Now i have a letter from VA saying I do. Was not prepared for that.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: What is it about the turning 30 that makes it so much harder to lose weight!?

    Revel: Being able to walk around outside yesterday. I love DC this time of year.

    • Anonymous

      Metabolism slows down.

    • it gets way worse at 40! I’ve tried everything for the last 3 years and can’t get rid of those 10 lbs I gained overnight :(

      • Anonymous

        Moving out of NoVA would help. :) The pounds flew off when I moved to DC.

        • huh? What does Va have to do with anything?

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, I guess I saw your name and your talk about owning a townhouse in Shirlington and assumed you lived there.

          • nope… live in DC just still own a place in VA. nova = Villanova :)

  • Rant/Rave (this one’s questionable?) – Looking more and more likely that we’ll be Virginian’s soon. I think I’ve hit the point in my life where I value space and school districts more than I value walkability. It’s amazing the kind of house that you can get in Alexandria – in comparison to the shoebox dwelling that you’ll get for the same price in NW. Found a fully updated 3BR townhome for $415k – it’s 1600+ sq ft, huge kitchen, deck, yard, finished basement, and absolutely stunning. On the flip side, we looked at a 700sq ft condo in DC without all of the updates or yard for the same price. Sweet sweet elbow room, you had better be worth the commute!!!

    • Where in Alexandria? If it’s old town I hated the commute to DC (GW p/w was always backed up). If it’s del ray or closer to the Arlington border probably not as bad.

      • just a few minutes south of old town. googlemaps tells me that i can take 495 to 295 – what do you think of that route? or what about route 1? trying to figure a way around the gw pkwy!

        • Anonymous

          Where in DC do you work? 495 to 295 is a million times better than 395 or Route 1, but it’s a roundabout route if you don’t work on the eastern side of DC. I’d say check the traffic maps before leaving home/work to see which route looks the best for that moment, because the conditions are constantly changing. I remember being 3 hours late to a final once because I was stuck on 295 which is normally not bad.

          • I’m right next to the White House. We haven’t signed on the dotted line yet, and right now I feel like I want to put the cap back on the pen!

          • Anonymous

            I would at least try driving to your new home after work a few times. The afternoon rush is not as bad as the morning, because people’s travel times are more staggered, but it will give you some idea at least.

            It’s probably more expensive, but have you looked into what the public transit commute would be like? You could either drive to the metro station (make sure to get there early because parking runs out later in the morning), or take the express bus (if you have a bus stop nearby) to the pentagon and metro in from there. You’d still have to endure some of the horrible VA traffic but once you’re on the bus or train you can at least sleep or read a book or something. For me it was too much trouble because my office was far from the metro station and it would have required taking a second bus after the express bus and two metro trains… but it would be much easier for you given that your office is right there on the blue line.

        • I would never live that far south, I would kill myself over the commute. Have you looked in south Arlington? I lived all over there (5 different places!) and the commute was way better than Alexandria! I also worked right beside the WH (17th) and the commute was usually 30 minutes or less.

          I also have a townhouse I am getting ready to sell in Shirlington ;)

          • How do you feel about Shirlington? To me it reminds me of the Stepford Wives (I don’t mean that to be offensive!) – everyone has their nuclear family with 2.5 kids and a golden retreiver or boxer. I feel like I’m struggling to find a place with character and charm in Va.

        • Mike

          495 to 295 could me much better. There are still some days where it backs up down to Bolling or further, but since the new bridge span work is done, driving up 295 has been fairly smooth.

      • Anonymous

        I lived in Old Town when I first moved to the area in 2005. It seems so close to DC, but I could not believe how long it took to get into the city from there! My job was in Old Town, so I wasn’t even driving to DC during rush hour. Usually just nights or weekends. GW Parkway was better than Rt 1, but only slightly.

    • Anonymous

      Where in Alexandria? I used to live on the Alexandria/Annandale border and the commute nearly killed me– 1.5 hours each way on average, 1 hour on a Government holiday, 2-3 hours if the traffic was really horrendous, and on one infamous day it took me 8 hours to get home. I can’t imagine how stressful it must be for people who have children relying on them to pick them up or be home at a certain time. I had to hire a neighbor to take care of my dogs because I was gone so many hours a day. If you’re a very early riser and are allowed to work a 6:30am-2:30pm schedule it shouldn’t be too bad, but if you leave the house after 6am or work after 3pm you’re screwed. Make sure you know what you’re getting into!

      • Huntley Meadows Ln. Am I totally kidding myself that the commute will be ok?

        • Anonymous

          A lot of people seem to do it without (much) complaint. Most of the people I work with commute from Northern Virginia and it’s usually not a problem for them because they get in to the office at 6am. I just could never get up at 4:30 like they do! I also think I have a harder time than most with being in a car for many hours a day; I was getting a lot of headaches, dizziness, and neck pain, which went away once I moved to DC and could walk to work.

        • Anonymous

          Listen to the traffic reports in the morning. I think further south is worse, but this area seems to be mentioned more than I’d like if I were moving there.

    • Anon

      It all depends on what your work hours are. When I lived on the Alexandria/Ellington boarder, it routinely took me an hour or an hour and a half to get home if I left at 5:30. If I left at 6:30 or 7, it was more like 40 minutes. Most of the problem was getting out of DC. The bridge is a nightmare. I finally just bought a place and moved in.

      Same in the morning. If I left early it was no problem, but if I warned to get to work at 8 or 9 it was a pain.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, if you don’t have anything pressing to get home to it’s best to kill a couple hours in DC after work (nonalcoholic happy hour, coffee shop, shopping, walking around, going to the gym). You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration that way.

  • Rave: Had another positive experience at the gynecologist’s office (or at least as positive as that sort of thing can be). It’s such a relief to have *finally* found a good doctor.

    Rave: The doc’s office is in Foggy Bottom, and so I nabbed some lunch at Whole Foods. A nice change from the office cafeteria.

    • I’m trying to find a new one–care to share the name of yours? Thank you!

  • New Daft Punk song with Pharrell and Nile Rogers (from Chic!!!) is the HOTNESS: http://youtu.be/JMJwcOiBoZE

    • Anonymous

      THANKS for sharing… this is amazing! Pure gold. Or diamonds.

  • Anonymous

    Annoyance rant: Women on the bus watching a video on her phone & not using a headset.

    Weather rave: Beautiful sunshine this weekend and today’s cool weather is good for the spring greens growing in my garden.

  • Rave: Took care of work deadline on time
    Rave: Weekend weather! Cherry Blossoms Festival!
    Rave: walking around with my new camera, according to some prominent photographers, it is the DSLR killer
    Rant: I have a cold, I have to admit it.
    Rant: People climbing the Cherry trees, if there is really a concern about it, more signs are needed! I also saw a guy taking a photo of his daughter with some blossoms in her hand…. right next to the (cartoon beaver) sign that says: “Do not pick the blossoms or climb the trees”!!!

  • Anonymous

    this is horrible. 2 explosions at boston marathon. many injured.

    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      it went off on the sidewalk right next to the finish line

    • Britt

      Seriously horrible – not much information online now as to what happened… stalking facebook to make sure my many friends doing the race are ok…

      • Anonymous

        i’m watching tv now. the explosions were both captured on film. people lost limbs. i’m seeing “dozens” of people injured but it looks like far more.

        • Anonymous

          no confirmations of anything at this point.
          bomb squads are searching for other bombs.

          streets and transit are shut down

          eyewitnesses say 2 “packages” on sidewalk were origins of explosions. *UNCONFIRMED* though

        • Britt

          23 injured – 2 dead. More “packages” found and controlled detonations happening.
          Still waiting on word from two family friends who were running…

          • helper

            If you know a runner, you can search here. http://www.baa.org/individual.html

            (copied from FB–fortunately I had no one to check on so can’t verify this works)

    • Sick to my stomach watching this. My SIL is usually at the finish line – her husband works for Marathon Sports. If you watch the coverage of the responders rushing in to the bomb site, you see Marathon Sports right there. They would normally have been out on the sidewalk – the two of them, their 2 year old, his parents. Luckily she’s having a rough pregnancy and they decided to stay home and watch it on tv. Thank goodness for that!

  • skj84

    So incredibly sad about the explosions at the Boston Marathon.


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