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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth April 2, 2013 at 10:00 am 81 Comments

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • JB

    Rave: New Chinatown Walgreens

    Rant: Had to call in my first ever noise complaint last night. Went to bed early, only to be woken up at 2:30 by a loud party. I’m pretty sure the cops came by because I saw headlights coming down the alley, then heard someone shouting at them with a really authoritative voice. Of course, they started up again an hour later…

    • amm

      loving the beauty section. too much fun stuff to buy.

  • Britt

    Rant: Slept poorly last night. Husband dealing with bad back issues and I can’t help at all. Early morning Skype call for work that just ended up being staticy- I hate heraing the awful “trouble connecting” skype noise.

    Rave: Miami this weekend. :-D With the husband and some awesome friends. Leaving Thursday night…

    • Anonymous

      What a coincidence! I also had trouble sleeping last night, and weird, Nyquil-induced dreams (in one I met Norm MacDonald and he was pretty cool.)

      I’m flying to Pensacola next week, then staying at a beach house in Orange Beach, AL for a long weekend. I have to work extra hours this week and next week to take Friday off, but it will be worth it!

      • Anonymous

        I had trouble sleeping too, and I never do. I had HORRIBLE dreams

        • Idaho Ave

          Weird. I too couldnt sleep last night. Tossed and turned for hours. Feeling sluggish all day.

  • Rant: Neighbors putting trash cans in the middle of the alley. It’s a frickin alley, you can leave the cans on the edge of your back yard and it will get picked up. Buggers.

    Rant: Neighbors using alleys as their back yard every day. having your kids play in an alley isn’t safe, and it’s also not a good place to do car repairs either. Jerks.

    Rave: Mustered up the nerve to ask a long time crush on a date (via email). I’ve only got her email address right now. Kind of weird because I usually get a phone number when a girl likes me. She said yes to the date request, but still hasn’t sent me her phone number. Though I am a little skeptical it might actually pan out because she hasn’t told me a day for our outing, it made my day, because she is mega-gorgeous… Ahhh Spring Time… :P

    • anon

      congrats on the date. As someone who is on the opposite end of this (been asked out by email, but no date set), I’m waiting for him to set the date since he’s the one who asked me out. Unless you specifically left the day up to her, don’t wait for her to set the day/time. She said yes, so it is your move. I’ve had too many promising options fall by the wayside into tomorrowland because nobody ever set a date waiting for the other person to do it. “How about we [insert whatever you want to do here] on [date and time]” is a magical sentence. Good luck and have fun!!!

      • Irving Streete

        It may be a remnant from a more traditional time (ie, my youth) but seems still to be true now: the guy (maybe we can align this with the 21st Century by saying “whoever makes the first move”) should always have a definite date, time and plan when asking someone out. Don’t be wedded to it — “I was thinking maybe we could…” — but force yourself to make a decision and gently nudge them towards accepting it or coming up with an equally concrete alternative.

        This is almost the only thing I know about dating, but it seems to work.

        • Anonymous

          Some more advice:

          First of all, you never let on how much you like a girl. “Oh, Debbie. Hi.” Two, you always call the shots. “Kiss me. You won’t regret it.” Now three, act like wherever you are, that’s the place to be. “Isn’t this great?” Four, when ordering food, you find out what she wants, then order for the both of you. It’s a classy move. “Now, the lady will have the linguini and white clam sauce, and a Coke with no ice.” And five, now this is the most important, Rat. When it comes down to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV.

          • +1 for led Zepp, always have them on speed dial in my car! :)

            +1 for the smooth suggestions as well, I’m all about having a good presentation.

            We spoke about getting Ramen, I know the perfect spot, I know the staff there as well… 100% James Bond. :)

          • Anonymous

            From a female perspective, show some enthusiasm. Oh hi doesn’t *sound* very excited to see me. You always call the shots? No. I like men to be decisive but that’s different from calling the shots.

            Please don’t order for me, and saying “the lady will have…” will lose you points. Sorry but UGH.

            I can agree on Led Zepplin :)

          • Anonymous

            I thought at least one other member of PoPville would get the “Fast Times” reference!

          • JB

            I haven’t seen Fast Times in so long! Great movie. Thanks for bringing me back. ..

          • Will have to re-watch it, it was ages ago that I saw the movie… Totally went over my head, but Led Zepp is still relevant to this day.

          • MtP Gal

            It’s making me feel very old that no one else seemed to have gotten this and I immediately did. Wonder what the average age of Popville is? I thought I was young-adjacent at 33, but alas, I am not.

          • Anonymous

            I just sent this one to my husband. Love it.

          • Anonymous

            You can’t be serious. I married my husband because he directly asked me out, called me the day after our first date to make plans for another, and made it known in no uncertain terms that he was interested in me. That kind of confidence is incredibly attractive. I couldn’t believe I had spent years of my life d***ing around with guys that weren’t man enough to show me they liked me. He also didn’t awkwardly try to “call the shots”. What are you 16?

      • Will do for next week if I don’t hear back from her by this weekend, she said she was a bit busy this week with work. I hate playing the “contact game”, but I kind of feel like she should have sent her phone number to me on the last email, I hate email/texting as a communication format, and hearing someone’s voice gives you a better indication of their intent.

        I always play it cool and never over-call when I like someone, some women often take it as if I don’t care enough, but I’m mainly happy that I can still arrange a date with a stranger (not met through friend connections or family connections) these days without having to use a dating web site. :)

        • Anyanon

          So why not just respond with something like “great! send me your number when you get a chance, and i’ll give you a call next week to set it up”. I would not wait until next week or even the weekend to correspond with her again. That would be a long time if I were interested in someone.

          • fz

            Yup. Do this.

        • Anonymous

          I stopped giving out my phone number unless it’s to someone i really like or know pretty well after i had several guys text/call me WAY too often (like 10-15 times a day). I even have a fake google voice number I give out at bars to people I marginally like.

          Your crush just might not feel comfortable giving her number out. As a woman, I’ve gotten weirdo stalked too many times to be cavalier about giving my # out…

          • annonsy

            Yup, same here. It’s easier for me to spam block over eager e-mailers than ignore phone calls/voice messages.

            Side rant: Dislike having to listen to at least part of voice messages before I can get rid of the little “you’ve got voicemail” icon on my phone”

        • Bystander

          Now that PoPville has given you lots of unsolicited advice, we expect you to tell us how this story evolves. Follow in the footsteps of the Internet Police/moochneighbor story & tell us how it works out!

          • Lol,

            I promise to post if there is anything news worthy, and if I can fit a post into RROR before it gets too big. I really appreciate the great conversation from this thread, made me laugh a lot at work, people here stared at me as if I was strange.

      • Anonymous

        +1000 to this! When exactly did all this indirect nonsense become acceptable?

        • I hear you, but I kind of live by the “If you say it, do it” principle in life… I need a woman who is like that in my life… She said she would contact me when she was less busy to set up a meeting, all I have is her email right now, so there is a possibility that she is just “being nice”. I don’t get upset over things like that though, I’m more interested in finding the right person, not to convince the wrong person to like me, “convincing someone to like me” never works out in the long run. :)

          • Anonymous

            very true.

      • As a guy, if a girl I dig sets a date (by communicating with me) it goes a far way to show she’s down to earth, that means everything to me. If she is willing to take out time to reach out to me, its a good sign. If she doesn’t reach out after an invite from me I usually perceive that as either being too shy or just not that into spending time with me.

        The same can be said for me if I don’t respond with specifics if I commit to making the plan. It’s always good to have the first date a few days out so that I can make sure my house and car are clean in advance and that the place we pick to meet works. I absolutely hate last minute date plans unless they’re for simple and short (coffee) meet-ups… Cheers!

    • If she said yes to the date idea and said this week was pretty busy for her, why not follow up with something like “How about Tuesday?”

      • Haha,

        I’m an old man… I never get too emotionally invested in early stages of meet-ups. What I’ve noticed is that you can pick up on their cues a bit too, and if they’re truly interested things work out naturally. My experience has taught me patience with these sort of things… I have spoken with her (loosely) over about 2 years where she worked in DC and it seems like the no-pressure method is the right approach with this one, she has a great personality as well.

        She put a smiley face and “lol” in her reply therefore I also detect that she is a little shy, but interested. She also said in her last email that she would contact me when she was available. I told her “weekends are best for me”. I’ll leave it up to fate. If it doesn’t happen, It wasn’t meant to be! :)

        • Anonymous

          And people say women spend too much time discussing what men are “really saying”

          • Haha,

            This is a rare peek inside the dynamics of how I (a dude) thinks! You guys posting stuff provoked me to write about my inner thoughts in total anonymous honesty. Trust me, it all just started as a simple RROR post. :P

        • Marcus Aurelius

          +1000 for illustrating that, contrary to popular belief, guys do think about this kind of stuff.

          If she told you that she would contact you when she was available, other than maybe a “Great, I look forward to hearing from you”, sent in close proximity to her message, I would leave it alone and wait for her to make the next move. The ball is in her court. If she is interested, she will reach out. If she is not interested, she won’t. No need to beg someone to spend time with you. There are lots of fish in the sea.

          • anon

            Re. “There are other fish in the sea”… that’s certainly true from a (heterosexual) D.C. guy’s perspective. Not quite the same from a straight woman’s perspective, though.

          • Agreed. That’s my motto, I only got the reply on Monday, it’s just Tuesday, Next week works just fine for me. I’d prefer that she shows intent. :)

          • Irving Streete

            Pepe LePew: “Zerh air plenty of ozher feesh een the sea. Eef you lahk feesh.”

          • MP

            Haha Irving Streete I just laughed out loud (which made my dog jump, which made me laugh again). The best medicine.

          • Anonymous

            What does she do for a living that she is so busy with work?

        • “How about Tuesday?” = “too emotionally invested”??

          • BTW, at the time I was suggesting “How about Tuesday?”, you hadn’t specified “She also said in her last email that she would contact me when she was available.”

            With that being the case, I think Marcus Aurelius’s advice is solid.

          • I agree and think you gotta at least set a day for it in the future. If shes busy and interested, she’ll at least offer a different day that works. If she keeps on saying shes busy, then thats not a great sign. You can always find time for a date if you really want.

            Without ordering her meal, you gotta take charge a little bit and show her you aren’t wishy washy

  • Rave: Got up early to go the gym. I feel like I can fly. Who knows how I’ll feel at 3:30 this afternoon but for now, I feel great!

    Rave: Central Safe and Locksmith came this morning to fix the lock on our kitchen door, which keeps blowing open. They were on time, friendly and fixed the door in no time. Not cheap, but it’s better than coming home to a door wide open.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Finally got my invite to a friend’s wedding. Sounds like a gorgeous setting and I get an excuse to bust out my (seldom used) formal wear!

    Rant: It involves travel and will cost me a good deal of money.

    Rave: It’s somewhere I’ve never been and is over a long holiday weekend. I get to see a new place!

    Mixed Bag: My sexy, foreign ex is also invited to the wedding. This person emailed me yesterday to ask if I was going, my travel plans, and generally wanted to catch up on life. I’m getting mixed signals and have mixed emotions about seeing/spending vacation time with this person again.

    Rant: Need to figure out whether or not I take my new significant other to the wedding. This person would need me to pay for their trip since they don’t have much money right now.


    • Anonymous

      This is an easy one. Go hook up your ex.

    • My rule is to not “bring sand to the beach”. Especially if you’ve got to pay for the sand… If she is your ex, and she needs you to pay her way, you’ve got to evaluate WHY she is your ex… You may miss an opportunity to meet someone new at the wedding who will be better for you. I don’t know the situation though so take my words as a grain of salt. :)

      • I believe it’s the OP’s *current* significant other (not the ex) who would need for the OP to fund his/her trip.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      Captain Obvious would probably say that your real issue with bringing your current significant other to this wedding is less about paying his or her way and more about him or her getting in the way of your hooking up with your “sexy, foreign” ex.

      • anon


        (Although I would’ve said “getting in the way of your FLIRTING with your ex,” not necessarily hooking up with him/her.)

  • Speaking of wedding rants/raves, I got an invite to a friend’s destination wedding 2 years from now. While I appreciate having the time to save money for the trip, I don’t appreciate having to RSVP in the next two weeks. Who knows what will happen in the next two years to my job, my health, my family, etc.?

    • anonymous

      Not to mention whether the couple will still want to get married- a 2 year engagement sounds suspect. Whenever I hear of long times like that, I always think someone is hesitating or waiting just in case, even though they might not acknowledge it consciously ….

      • Oh, forgot to mention–they’re married on paper already so no bailing on an engagement; this is meant to stand in for the ceremony/reception they didn’t have earlier.

        • Anonymous

          These people are even more insufferable than I imagined.

        • Even less pressure for you then since it’s not even the real thing. RSVP yes and then decide for real when the time comes.

        • No engagement-bailing… but they could always get divorced in the next two years. ;)

        • saf

          That’s not a wedding, that’s an anniversary party.

          • Anonymous


    • JB

      Two years does seem like a really long time. Surely, they’d understand that with an engagement that long that something could come up?

    • Anonymous

      These people sound crazy.

      Who asks for an RSVP within the next two weeks for a wedding 2 years away?!?!

      Prediction: this is gonna be a bridezilla/mom-zilla OCD nightmare.

    • That’s nuts. If you think you’d like to go then say yes, and decide for real in a year and a half. If you have to bail, they will either totally understand or they will reveal themselves to be people you don’t want to be friends with anyway.

      • Anonymous


    • It does seem rather odd to ask for an RSVP that far in advance… but I’d imagine they’ll have to be correspondingly understanding if people need to cancel closer to the actual date. (They should be, at any rate.)

      Maybe at this point they’re just trying to distinguish the definitely-not-coming people from the maybe/yes people?

    • anon

      just RSVP and if for whatever reason you can’t go you will know with plenty of time and I’m sure your friend will understand. Actually I see it as a sign that they really want you to go since they are asking so far in advance. This gives you plenty of time to plan and save money for the trip. Who knows if others on the guest list might also need time to plan and save, so actually your friends are being very courteous. I think I would be more bothered if I received the invitation 6 months before the date, which kind of indicates they are inviting you just to be nice but do not expect you to show up to the destination wedding.

    • TG

      This cracks me up. My wife and I were so disorganized when we got married I think we gave people like 8 weeks notice with no save the date prior to that time. Not ideal but it worked out just great.

  • AnononTuesday

    Is the wedding in Mongolia? Wait, even that would only take a year to plan. Hmmm…

    • Nope–it’s a direct flight from the US. And apparently only for family and closest friends, like 50 people, tops. Not sure why it takes so long to plan.

      • L

        That does seem really early, but perhaps they are trying to guesstimate how many people are coming so they know what type of resort/venue to reserve. Some places may be ideal for a 10 attendee wedding, but not doable if 50 wanted to come.

  • takeonebakeone

    Rant: Trying to buy a house in DC is nearly impossible. We put in an offer on a place that was 15% above list price and we still got beat. Saw a couple of other places that we liked this weekend, but figured we’d wait until the weekend was over (ya know, because of Easter and all) but those places went under contract this weekend. Come on man, does the realestate business not even rest for Jesus!?! I’m sure we’ll find a place, but I had no idea how effing emotional this process was going to be. Oh, and did I mention that we have a baby on the way. Super fun!

    • gilla

      Good luck and act promptly. Remember the market your bidding in; at least some of the competitors are OCD nutcases armed with daddy’s money.

      • the person(s) who beat us on the mt. p house forewent the home inspection. i’m not sure who buys a 100yr old house without a home inspection, but that person is sure not me!!! our realtor told us that in this competitive market, lots of folks are doing it, trying to make it easier for the seller. if that’s what we have to do to buy a place, then it seems like we’ll be living in our basement apartment for the rest of our lives!

        • JS

          Can you do a preinspection? A good walkthrough can give you the peace of mind to make an offer without an inspection contingency.

          • definitely something worth looking into — thanks for the idea. we’ll talk to our realtor to see if they have someone that they work with on a regular basis. like some folks have said, there’s just no time in this market, you have to jump on something the moment it’s released or it’ll be gone before you blink!

        • Honey Badger

          I’m with you. We’re tentatively looking to buy, but it seems like DC is back to the craziness of a couple years ago. There’s no way I would buy without an inspection. I have heard that some people figure out a way to get the inspection done before they put in their offer in order to not make it contingent on that. That way you would at least know what you were getting into. I’m not quite sure how you get that done, though, when houses are going under contract in a day or two.

    • Good luck! Am currently condo searching and feel your pain…..

    • Rumors are, there’s a nice tomb available as of Sunday morning.

  • Rant: The past week or so has been emotionally and mentally trying. Definitely need a break!

    Rave: Happy to see sunlight and the temps warming up.

  • annonan

    Rave: all these dating posts today making me happy I’ve been with my wife since college. I could not imagine dating in a world of facebook, online dating sites and trying to figure out if a hookup was random, the start of something or just the start of something random.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, man. here’s to lucking out already.

    • ditto! i love hearing stories from my single girlfriends, but i wouldn’t trade places with them for a million bucks!!

    • Anonymous

      having just gotten out of a 10 year long relationship, i feel the opposite way! i’m rocking being single! i love meeting so many new people, the excitement of the chase, and not knowing where my life will go, and who i might be out with tomorrow. :)

      • Anonymous

        Pro-Tip: wrap it up.


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