PoP Preview – Red Hen Opening Tuesday in Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth April 14, 2013 at 10:22 pm 21 Comments

1st and Seaton Pl, NW

After Le Diplomate opened last week I thought it was going to be a long time until we saw another new restaurant home run. It only took one week. For those who don’t recall, back in Nov. 2012 Red Hen applied for a liquor license explaining the space as:

“New neighborhood restaurant with Italian roots. Seating capacity of 78, Occupancy Load of 99, and Sidewalk Café with 46 seats.”

Red Hen opens this Tuesday in Bloomingdale and looks amazing. Later this week their menu will be available on their website. For now have a look at the amazing transformation of the space.

Full wrap around bar with exposed kitchen in the back:


Beautiful dining area:


More photos including what the space looked like in Oct. 2012 after the jump.





Looking north on 1st Street, NW

Inside space October 2012

Outdoor space in November 2012

  • Anonymous


  • yessss. are they taking reservations?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know what the price points are going to be?

  • Anon

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • bb

    I walked by on Saturday and it looked amazing. I think my property value just jumped by several thousand dollars.

    • SF

      And… that’s an insufferable comment.

      • Anonymous

        yeah, the greed inherent in that was gross.

        • gecko

          greed is good… greed is right. greed works.

        • Yes, sanctimony is much better.

        • Anonymous

          so you’re sayin that anyone who’s hoping that their property value increases is being selfish and desiring excessively to have more of something that is needed?
          would you rather have their property value decrease?

          • Anonymous

            don’t feed the trolls :)

          • Anonymous

            nope. i said the greed was gross.

          • Anon

            DC is full of greed. Not used to it yet?

  • nearby

    so much to like about this!

  • Anonymous

    Wow…if the food is as good as the space….well that’s the REAL measure of a restaurant: quality and consistency.

  • Roy

    This place looks awesome. How do I get a reservation?! Can’t find a contact # anywhere.

  • kook47797

    Spacious and airy. DC needs more places like this that ALSO serve good food.

  • anon

    i’ve got a huge boner for their sidewalk cafe

  • I hope they do well. But convent-school chairs and benches look way to uncomfortable for me.


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