Dear PoPville – Check out the Rent at the new 14W Building

by Prince Of Petworth April 12, 2013 at 2:30 pm 36 Comments


Last week a reader sent in a link for the prices of the new rentals at 14th and W St, NW but it looks the prices have been removed. Fortunately @amorrissey tweeted:

“new apartments at 14th and W (the new YMCA building): studios $1840 – $2492, 1BRs $2185 – $3099; 2BRs $3201 – $4419 and up. #oof”

Maybe the prices are being reconsidered?


And here’s a bonus 5 years ago…

14th and W St, NW in 2008

  • anon

    This is pretty much the same as the Capitol View and View 14, isn’t it?

    • anon

      Same anon here. Yeah, it’s expensive, but it’s a literally brand new luxury building with a brand new gym attached to it, two blocks from the most desirable intersection of nightlife and restaurants in the city…

  • Same thing I said on Aaron’s post – sometimes I hate DC.

  • Well, ya gotta spend money to make money, Lou.

  • U st.

    seems a little high; definitely more expensive than the Ellington, which is just around the corner and has the same ammenities.

  • In the Biz

    While those face rents seem/are high, few of the people moving in will actually be paying them. They will receive 1-2 months free rent, effectively reducing the rents by 10-15%. After a year, they’ll attempt to raise the rents to “face” levels at which case you can balk and you settle for abour a 3-5% increase. There is a TON of Class A rental product coming on the market in the next 18 months along 14th Street and in Shaw.

    Also, to play the devil’s advocate a bit… I rented in a new building recently after living in a Class B basement unit, and the price difference between the two are not that significant. It’s not Class A rents that are the outrage in DC, it’s what Class B and C units can get that’s the true travesty. A 750 sf 1BR in a Class B building around there rents for about $2200 ($2.93 psf) and a brand new 750 unit in one of these buildings will run you about $2500 ($3.33 psf). Given that one has brand new finishes, 24 hr concierge, a pool, fitness center, etc… I think the Class A rental is actually the better value proposition. But more because the Class B/C rentals are such a gouge (because it’s what the market has been able to bear).

    It’ll be interesting to see if a lot of people “trade up” and the landlords of older properties suddenly find themselves in a bind. Particularly if the Class A buildings don’t lease up as they pro forma’d and they keep pushing concessions/lowering rent. In any event, it’s great news for the city’s renters.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting. I’m curious, is the class A/B/C stratification your own, or is this a standard industry structure (either official or unofficial)? What are the criteria for the tiers? (I wonder where my apartment falls in there?)

  • The amenities are nice – new gym, game room, billiards. But at those prices you’d be better off buying next door at Union Row (where I live).

    • Anonymous

      True, but there are many reasons why buying might not be right or might be out of reach for someone. Buying can be riskier if you have any sort of job instability on the horizon, or if you’re not sure you want to (or will be able to) put down roots for the long haul. At some salary levels, saving up for a down payment can be difficult, absent a helping hand from parents or a partner to share expenses with. Not knocking homeownership at all–just saying that it’s not always an apples-to-apples comparison between the “value” of renting vs. buying.

      • Agreed and thanks for saying that. Not sure that buying is the panacea it’s cracked up to be, although I see the merits. Maybe just not the imperative.

        Sorry — that’s a sidebar. Back to the conversation.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree with you here. Paying over $2K to rent a 1 bedroom apartment is a very bad decision at this point. The mortgage on comparable units in the neighborhood would be about 15-20% less per month.

      If you don’t have job stability or enough for a down payment, then you have no excuse for paying $2K per month to live in a luxury building.


  • Anonymous

    Those prices… yikes! Make it stop, DC.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I was about to say that $2185 didn’t sound bad for a 1BR, until I saw the ” – $3099″ part. The cheapest 1BR is probably a 500 sq. ft. glorified studio.

    • ET

      And/or there is only one of those.

  • Anonymous
  • jcm

    Does anyone know how much the Y is going to cost? I can’t find it on their website, which makes me suspicious that it’s going to be a lot.

    • Anonymous

      RE: YMCA – it’s $73/month. That’s their “discounted” rate that they offered before it opened up.

      Why, God, is DC so full of gyms that cost over $70/month? I thought “the Y” was supposed to be a cheap, no-frills type of place. I love you, DC, but jeez.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously, just the worst. Is there no gym in the $20-50 range?

        • Anonymous

          My Gold’s Gym membership was around $50 a month. Of course I had joined many years before so new membership rates might be higher.

        • I’ve been pleased with Crunch – I have a corporate rate through work but I think their individual rate is about $50/mo. I’ve also heard Fitness First is less expensive than most places in town

        • Anonymous

          There’s a Bally’s downtown and their memberships typically run in the $30 range.

      • jcm

        Thanks and ugh. Too rich for my blood, as I feared it would be.

      • I just sneak into my old building and other residential places. Half the fun is getting in and it is very easy. I never have to wait more than 5 mins and I’m working out in my free gym!

  • Hello Goodbye

    Just wanted to note re the boarded-up 2007 picture: That was after the business closed specifically so that this project could begin.

    • 1stkdy

      I’m glad someone pointed that out. The photo is a bit misleading as if 14th and W around 2008 was nothing but boarded up blight. Those businesses were open prior to the construction.

  • Anonymous

    The prices at the low end, at least for studios and – bedrooms, seem like great deals. However, I bet the actual unit prices trend towRds the higher end, which is very pricey. But, hey, don’t like it? Move to a less trendy neighborhood or one with lower rents.

    • “Great deals?” Are you insane?

  • Nick the Greek

    The owners probably jacked up the rent to recoup the cost of idle land for 5 years while the economy crashed. Unfortunately the kids that were kicked out of the Y and the Daycare center can not recoup what they missed during those 5 or more years, nor will the neighbors.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm. I don’t think that the rent is outrageous at all. If you look at The District’s rents in general, you’ll pay similar (if not more) in other neighborhoods. Why not live here where it’s A) brand new and B) in an awesome neighborhood that’s clearly one of the most desired? The “renting world” is VERY MUCH a “get what you pay for”…trust me, I’ve learned the hard way. If you don’t want to pay the rents, then don’t move there. It’s that simple!

    • Anonymous

      My thought also.

    • Anonymous

      The rent isn’t outrageous compared to other buildings in the city, but it is when you consider that buying the same unit would be a much better deal. The fact that high income individuals can’t do the simple math to figure this out is also outrageous.

      • Anonymous

        True. My boyfriend and I have this debate often- He’s Pro-Homebuying, and I’m Pro-Renting. Renting offers the flexibility that some, particularly in the DC area I find, need to move at a moment’s (or job requirement’s) notice. It’s a transient city that, for most, renting is a better short term option. I don’t think that many people plan on moving into an apartment and staying there for years (though sometimes that does happen!) in which case yes, home buying would likely be the better option. But for those needing the flexibility, convenience and other “renting” benefits, I think 14W will be a great fit. Close to all the action without being right on top of it. I hear they just opened and am planning on checking them out myself soon :)

  • sick of haters

    i live across the street and it always upsets me when i read comments like this about how OUTRAGEOUS the rents are in new buildings. Is it because you don’t live around here/wish that you did? I, for one, think it’s a good thing that it’s priced this way – it’s only going to bring good things to a neighborhood that desperately needs revitalization. haters always be hatin and can move to VA if they don’t like it in dc as far as i’m concerned.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever – if you’re going to pay $3000 for a one-bedroom apartment you’d better have a view of the Chrysler building from your living room


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