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Culture Coffee Coming to Kennedy Street

by Prince Of Petworth April 17, 2013 at 10:30 am 69 Comments

Kennedy street coffee shop
709 Kennedy Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending on this great news from Culture Coffee:

Our motto is Coffee, Culture and Conversation…we want to get more people offline and in person and start forming that sense of community across all cultures. We plan to share our culture (African American) with others and look forward to having others share their culture with us…the guys at the Ethophian Deli two doors down have promised to host a Ethiopian Tea Ceremony (that should be fun).

Of course, we’ll be offering delicious coffee and espresso drinks, free Wi-Fi and LOTS of culture (spoken word/poetry slams, book readings, chess tournaments, panel discussions with various speakers, featured Cultures of the Month).

Sounds like an amazing addition to Kennedy Street. Updates as they get closer to opening.

  • Anonymous

    Yay! I’ve been hoping there would be a coffee shop opening on Kennedy.

  • Petworthwhile

    Everyone knows the best way to get people offline is by offering free Wi-Fi…

    In all seriousness, this is excellent news and sounds like a great idea.

  • This sounds awesome. I especially like the cultural component they’re incorporating into it.

    • @binpetworth: What culture event would you attend?

  • Super excited about this place. Think this will be a great addition to the neighborhood! Here is hoping this corridor can support it!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Good stuff. One of the dopest coffee spots back home (Burlington, VT) had a no Wi-fi motto and remains packed every time I’m back, so I’d support the move.

    • bfinpetworth

      Which one are you referring to? I moved here from Burlington 4 years ago and miss everything except the long dark winters. I spent a great 7 years there.

      • Anonymous

        I moved from Burlington about 5 years ago. ;-) Ditto — loved Burlington, hated the winters…. or shall I say winter — I was broken after one.

    • Sounds cool. What’s the name of the place?

  • Ryan

    Huzza! We bought a house two blocks from there last year, and nearly every day since we’ve remarked on how much we’ve wanted a coffee shop within a short walking distance. Keep the community posted on an opening date!

    If the coffee is good and the atmosphere’s cozy, you can count on a couple regulars! :)

  • LT

    OH MY GOD THIS IS THE GREATEST NEWS. Just yesterday I was reading the thread about no investment love for Kennedy St, and a bunch of us posting how much we’d love a coffee shop, and BAM. There it is! This is absolutely THRILLING.

    • BAM! Here we come!!

      • David G.

        I’m super excited! Welcome to the neighborhood. Do you have an opening date yet?

        • @DavidG – Not a firm one but we are “shooting” for June.

  • Anonymous

    This is so great. Have been waiting for local businesses to see the huge potential of Kennedy St. Glad to see a couple new places here and excited about the possibility that there will be more coming. At least I hope so. I think the neighborhood will be very supportive.

  • Beabeth

    That’s fabulous news! I hope they’ll eventually serve wine/beer!

    • Heeey, wait a minute, our business plan was supposed to be confidential! ;)

  • Shamyra Edmonds

    Wonderful news! I’ve been waiting for a nice coffee spot to open up on Kennedy! I’ve lived in this neighborhood since 2008 and happy to see re-investment into the busiiness corridor. We just need a little face lift and much more community building outlets.

  • jt

    Great news! Can’t wait to stop by.

  • Liz

    Please come to Hill East too. We need you here!

  • K8te

    Best news ever! Kennedy Street is movin’ on up. I’d say this corridor will be like H St one day ;)

    • Dno

      It’s fascinating what a difference neighborhood expectations make in the response to this type of news. If this were to open on U Street or in Adams Morgan it would be greeted with a collective shrug. Sounds like a cool concept though and ood for Kennedy street.

      • Anonymous

        yes of course the specific neighborhood makes a differences for the reaction.

      • If it’s not a liqour store, carry-out, or funeral home, we’ll be excited for just about anything new opening on Kennedy St.

        • LT

          Right? I just told some friends about this and wrote “pretty much all we got now is liquor stores and funeral homes, so this is HUGE!”

        • @jim_ed: We’re excited, too!

      • Anonymous

        What an odd comment. Have you ever been to Kennedy Street?

        Opening another “concept” restaurant on U Street at this point is like bringing sand to the beach. Ditto for a new bar in Adams Morgan.

        Looking forward to giving them my business and support.

        • Anonymous

          i rode the E2 through here for years and the amount of funeral homes on this stretch makes no sense. one time stopped in traffic, on the bus, i could see the deceased lying in state from my seat. not cool

          • sbc

            how dare people die and impede the beautiful view along your bus route!

          • Anonymous

            i feel the same way when i see the bud light truck loading in cases of beer to a bar. NOT COOL!

        • ..and we look forward to serving you. :)

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. Uptown development baby!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll go by here every morning of my life and give them a percentage of my salary for coming into my neighborhood.

    • We do not accept tithes here at Culture Coffee. – LOL I HOPE we are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Anonymous

    +1 to this. I am so excited!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m very pleased to hear this, and look forward to stopping by when they open.

  • AnononWednesday

    This is FANTASTIC news and welcome to the neighborhood! I’m just sad I rented my condo out before they moved in. I’ll still make my way over there to try it out.

    • @AnononWednesday – Aww we missed you but I hope you get a chance to stop thru.

  • 16thStHeightsNeighbor

    This is great news! I would have been happy just to hear about a coffee shop opening on Kennedy–Kennedy St has so much potential and neighbors I’ve spoken to want more spaces where we can go and maybe meet a new neighbor. I love the cultural element, that this place will try to share different peoples’ experiences and open our minds. Can’t wait to become a regular!

    • @16thStHeightsNeighbor – You are on the same page with us. We hope to have people dialogue with open minds.

      We’re having a few signs made one reads “Enjoy your FREEDOM of speech but please use it with RESPECT” and my fav. that I spotted somewhere: “All unattended children will be given an espresso & a free puppy.”

      • 16thStHeightsNeighbor

        If I’m unattended and young at heart, can I get a free puppy too? Just kidding…kind of.

  • also

    Also, when will it open?? Does anyone have any idea?

  • Anonymous

    So exciting!

  • Anonymous

    So exciting!

  • Can’t wait to meet ya’

  • Anonymous

    This is sooooooo exciting! Good Luck!

  • saf

    I work not far up the street – look forward to having a place to get coffee up here!

    Do you know yet what hours you will be open?

    • @saf: We’ll be open at 7 a.m. Mon – Fri. Sat: 8 a.m. Closed Sundays (but that may change).

      The closing time depends on if there is a special event.

      • K8te

        Oh man that’s too bad about Sundays. I’d think they would be BUSIEST on the weekends when folks in the neighborhood stroll in for coffee. I really hope they consider being open Sat AND Sun.

        • David G.

          I agree. Sunday morning is definitely a prime coffee drinking time. It would be a shame not to have this option.

          • @K8te and @DavidG: That can change, it’s just that we sat in the area on different times and days and just didn’t see any traffic on Sunday…I’ll tell my partner.

          • Idaho Ave

            Im over on Hamilton street and am very thrilled to see this development. I will say, since I moved in, the only place i’ve frequented is Tony’s Place on Kennedy. Delicious diner food for a low price. They used to not be open sundays but started opening on sunday in february. The place is PACKED when I go between 10am and 1 pm lately!

          • BrightwoodQ.Parker

            Yes, yes, yes, please open on Sundays, even if it’s just 10:00-1:00 or something! We need some weekend snackery and caffeination!

  • K8te

    I understand, but I think with a coffee shop that foot traffic will be on the rise!

  • vcooper

    I’m very excited about all the comments about Culture Coffee coming to Kennedy ST NW and look forward to meeting and serving you all.

  • Rachel

    Cool! What is your email Culture Coffee? I can’t find you on Facebook….:(

  • KT


  • BrightwoodQ.Parker

    Awwwwesommmmmme! Welcome to the neighborhood, coffeeshop! I will frequent the hell out of you!

    • @BrightwoodQ.Parker – Looking forward to meeting you.

  • Jiggy

    Please someone open a DIVE BAR!!!!! Shit…

    • naomikins

      indeed, i need pabst blue ribbon and tater tots on Kennedy ASAP!

  • This is so awesome! I can’t wait to come by. I don’t drink coffee, but I will be there regardless. Hoping you will also serve some light sandwiches, bagels, etc. Welcome!

  • Pamela

    So excited to finally have a coffee shop in easy walking distance! I’ll definitely be watching to see when the shop opens!

  • Anonymous

    There was a bar on Kennedy at 2nd, but last I heard it closed. Beers were $2. I drank my share, but one man can only do so much to keep a place open…they had live music too. RIP.


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