Bomb Threat in Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth April 12, 2013 at 12:13 pm 21 Comments


A reader writes:

“There is major police, fire, and ambulance presence in Bloomingdale but no obvious fire or flooding. The unit block of U St is closed as is 1st Street just south of Rhode Island. Lots of police milling about, lots of official SUVs, and according to the Twitter hashtag #BloomingdaleDC they’re not allowed to talk about what’s going on. Any info? It would at least be nice to know why roads are being closed.”

@IAFF36 tweeted:

“Firefighters operating on 2 SpOps calls: Mercury spill-2452 Ontario road Nw & a bomb threat 72 U street Nw

More info as it becomes available.


  • gloomingdale

    Uhhh what exactly is there to threaten? Its just houses.

    • Anonymous

      Came here to say the same thing – I don’t get it?

    • Maybe someone is making bombs?

  • Anonymous

    I’m a little more concerned about the mercury spill on Ontario Rd. That’s one block behind where I live!

  • Anonymous

    Were I to wager a random guess – I’d say it’s something about a gas pipe bursting somewhere.

    • Anonymous

      Random guess #2: Meth lab?

  • Gentrification is complete when your neighborhood gets bomb threats.

    • anonymous

      is that supposed to be funny? are bomb threats usually associated with gentrified neighborhoods? it doesn’t make any sense.

  • Anonymous

    That pink house on the corner of U is super sketchy…wouldn’t be surprised if it was something to do with that place.

    • Anonymous

      The pink house where the Howard students live?

  • Anonymous

    If it is in fact a bomb threat to 72 U, that house was listed just this morning for $949,000. Random quess #3, disgruntled, displaced tenant?

    • hma

      Competition amongst buyers in Bloomingdale is fierce these days.

  • I live on U St. About 10am this morning there was this obviously drunk/messed up guy hanging around my in front of my place, also there was a man on his phone for the corner for a long time. All of a sudden, 3 or 4 cop cars show up, then an SUV. They were right in front of my place. I figured they were there for the strange man in the neighborhood.

    All the cops that were there when I was around did not seem to be in a bomb-threat situations whatsoever. They were calm and talking to one another.

    Something isn’t right about all of this.

    • They also didn’t say anything to me as I was leaving. They just let me leave.

      • DALLAS

        I’m one of the tennants in the main part of the house. Just spoke with MPD on the scene and apparently one of the tennants in the English basement made a homemade bomb and threatened to use it in a domestic dispute. The two owners of the house live in the basement unit. News 8 is on the scene, so there will probably be a story later on the news.

  • ontario_rd_resident

    Any more info on mercury spill?

  • Jason

    72 U St. NW just came on the market for sale today for $949,000


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