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  • I stopped here by accident a few weeks back to get some bagels, not realizing it had changed businesses. No bagels anymore, but I decided to order breakfast anyways.

    I got an egg and bacon sandwich. The bread for the sandwich appeared to be homemade. They cracked and scrambled the eggs to order, and topped it with a really sharp piece of cheddar. Overall it was pretty damn good, although I wish they had home fries or something of the sort to go along with it. Also, they had free samples of their scones, which were very good as well.

    On another note, I very embarrassingly forgot my wallet when I went to pay, and they were extremely gracious about it, and even topped off my coffee when I got back from running home to grab it.

    Frankly, chocolate crust pizza doesn’t sound very appetizing, but the breakfast was good enough that I’m going to give it a shot for dinner sometime here soon.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the report back. When I heard chocolate crust, I thought pie crust, which does indeed appeal. Could they have meant dessert?

      • Marisol

        It’s not sweet confection. The pizza crust is infused with some small pieces of very dark chocolate. If you’ve ever had really dark chocolate, you know there can be some great savory flavors in there. The pizza incorporates that savory flavor a slight bitterness from the cocoa with fresh mozzarella and other toppings to make a unique but tasty combo. Hope to see you soon!
        Manager, Chocolate Crust

  • Matt

    I live in the neighborhood and did my darndest to frequent Washington Deli, but their hours were horrible (closed at 5:30pm) for anyone that lives in the neighborhood, but doesn’t work in the neighborhood. Went there only a few times and half the time they didn’t have available what I would go there for, though what I have had there was often quite good for the price.

    I’m glad someone else is giving the space a shot, and glad to see that the hours are into evening (9:00pm). A bakery is a good option for this area. Hopefully it’ll last and that the bread and pastry offerings are as good as they sound on the menu. The achilles heel of this location is the busy traffic & intersection and the lack of parking.

    • That intersection is indeed an issue. I went there as often as I could as well, but the hours and trying to get there were always a problem. You have to be going south on Georgia or else there really is no good way to get there even when they added the curbside pickup. Maybe it will get better when the WalMart construction is complete? I hope so, and that good something comes into the old Brightwood Bistro spot.

  • Profchris

    Pretty good pizza and bread, chocolate the way the Aztecs did it (hot and savory) but that corner is crazy. Best to come around the corner at police station if u are goung north on Ga. Ave

  • Uptowner

    My wife and I stopped in to check it out after walking from our new place in Manor Park. Robert was nice and chatted us up. We had some sweet potato fries with chocolate and chipotle, which were quite good. Took them across the street to the Emery park picnic tables, which were, of course, a bit trashed. But a nice park, nice view, and a perfectly fine carry-out option. They should call them ‘park fries’. Carried home some sweets – the blondie was excellent, but haven’t gotten to the rest yet. The bagels were a bit stale, though.

    Yes, crossing Georgia was a bit of an adventure, and tying our dog up outside was as well. But, we will be back often. Robert says he plans to start staying open later, which will be great. Also mentioned that the Wal-Mart is leading to rising commercial rents on the strip.

    • Robert Cabeca

      Thank you for the comments. We take them seriously and hope to become a solid part of this changing neighborhood. Sorry about the bagels. Please come back for some gratis. We are baking them every day now in several flavors. If you are subscribed to the Capital Deal, you will find us there this week.

  • Catherine

    Yeah, they are great! Chocolate nib pizza crust is awesome, scones and muffins also fantastic. Much needed in this neighborhood! Only wish that they had more seating.

  • AR

    Huh. Didn’t even know Washington Deli had closed. Of course we haven’t been since we started boycotting them shortly after they opened. They never had all the components on hand to make what we ordered (and still charged full price), and the owner/manager guy was really rude and sexist.

    Will definitely check this place out. Hope there are some vegan options.


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