Watergate Exxon to Reopen as a Rock Creek Valero Gas Station in March, Promising Lower Prices

by Prince Of Petworth February 7, 2013 at 10:30 am 14 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user bajidc

Last week we learned that the Adams Morgan Exxon would be closing to make room for new residences and retail. Turns out their is a connection to the Watergate exxon (2708 Virginia Ave, NW) closed since Nov. 2012. The manager of the Adams Morgan Exxon writes:

Hi everyone, this message is from Eddie Hanson. the manager at rock creek Exxon Adams Morgan. we appreciate your concern about our station, and we would like to inform you that our gas station and the mechanic shop will be relocated to the watergate gas station, which will be Rock Creek Valero gas station and mechanic services. and we will assure you that our gas prices will be very competitive and low prices. our main mechanics ABED and WINSTON will be at the location to greet you and take care of your cars’ services.

We are expecting to open the new place in the beginning of March, 2013 after the renovation is completed. Adams Morgan station will be close by the mid of July, 2013. We will be honored to continue servicing you at our new location. you can reach us at the same phone numbers 202-234-0422. 202-234-8711.

Thank you and we appreciate all your business through the years and see you soon.

  • ah

    That’s not much of a promise. I don’t think higher prices are possible.

    • Anonymous

      considering one guy almost has a monopoly on all the gas station in dc, yes, it’s possible.

      • ah

        Joe Mamo owns about 50% of the stations, and apparently not the one across the street from the Watergate Exxon that charges at least a $1 less per gallon.

  • lb

    Did anyone actually buy gas there?

  • As far as I could tell, the Watergate Exxon always had the highest gas prices in the city.

  • anon

    see here for explanation of gas prices…


    the real question is where are all those TV reporters going to go when they want to be extra dramatic about gas prices?

    • Interesting backstory! Thanks for posting the link.

  • Sweet – it’s like they did this for me (I can drop the car there in the morning and walk to work instead of dropping it at the old station and taking the bus in).

  • anon4

    This would be great since it’s the only gas station I regularly pass on my commute, but I’ll believe lower prices when I see it. The Adams Morgan Exxon always seemed to have the second highest prices in the city (after the Watergate Exxon).

  • Don’t know if this is true, but I also heard that it is priced high because it is popular with government vehicles coming in and out of the city (and thus, the drivers who go there don’t care about the price since it is paid by the fed. govt).

    • anony

      see link above for your answer

  • their, there, they’re.

    Sorry to nitpick, but you’ve got the wrong one :-/

  • Anonymous

    That’s too bad. My in-laws loved to use these prices as a reason for not living in DC. Can we at least inflate them for when they are in town?

    • 300_sq_ft

      HA! My parents too. Yes, please, let’s keep the prices up!


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