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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth February 21, 2013 at 10:00 am 99 Comments

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Rant: After work, came out to my car in the parking lot only to find some MD driver parked on my bumper. Didn’t bother to pull forward after making contact with my car, just left it there. No damage but I left a polite, yet firm note, on learning the size of their vehicle.

    Rant: Had enough of my fellow driving commuters this week. Tailgating, too close passing, no directionals, you name it.

    Revel: Boss is letting me work from home tomorrow. My commute will be walking across the hallway in my PJs.

    Rant: Miss commuting via walking, bus, metro, and bike. Driving really makes me dislike people.

    • Anonymous

      I have to say, both my boyfriend and I have been really surprised by how acceptable it seems in DC to “nudge” another car’s bumper while parking. I’m from Los Angeles and my boyfriends is British and we’ve often said that what passes for just a light, bumper to bumper “love tap” (as my friends put it) would be a call to arms where we’re from.

      • Anonymous

        Ugh, I can’t type? Boyfriend, not boyfriendS. There’s just one ;)

      • Nudging bumpers while parking is ok, that’s what the bumper is there for. But you don’t leave your car parked right up against the other car, you pull forward (or back) a little bit. Plus, this wasn’t even parallel parking where some bumper nudging is to be expected, it was lot parking. No excuse. They just had a big ass vehicle they couldn’t park properly.

        • Anonymous

          IIRC, you must park 3 feet from the car in front or behind you.

          • Anonymous

            Seriously? Not likely to happen in a city. Nor is it necessary.

      • bumpers are for bumping!

        • It’s an LA thing. We care about our cars (probably a little too much) out there. Just out of college I accidentally brushed a guy in a 350Z while paralleling and he left a note demanding I pay to repaint it. When I looked at his car it was simple dusting that could have been buffed out with a chamois but he demanded I pay $500 or he would sue.

          • Anonymous

            Lifelong DC resident here, bumpers are not for bumping. If you don’t know how to park nor know the length of you car, I suggest the next time you purchase a car make sure it’s one that has parking sensors. You shouldn’t have to bump my car to park your car.

          • Then why are they called bumpers?

      • I need to move to L.A. or Britain then because I find it completely thoughtless and selfish to willingly bump others cars while parking. It’s not acceptable at all – people just do it because they get away with it.

        • Anonymous

          I agree missrigby! Equidistance, bumpers are to protect one during accidents, not to help one damage another’s property because they never learned how to properly park a car.

          • I’m not advocating slamming into cars while parking or using the car ahead or behind you as a way to tell you that you’ve pulled up as far as possible. But, sometimes it happens. You should be a little embarrassed that it happened and you should definitely not sit on their bumper, as happened to giantsquid, but it’s really not a big deal. If you park your car on the street, particularly in a city with very limited street parking, you should expect this to happen and deal with it.

          • Anonymous

            Equidstance- Really?!?!?!

  • Rant: condo fee increase effective March 1, 2013.

    Rave: got a fairly empty red line train this morning so my commute this morning wasn’t terrible.

    Rave: parents are coming into town tomorrow to meet my fiance’s parents and tour wedding venues!

    Rant: I’ve got another sister rant, but apparently that’s a taboo subject for this forum, *which is specifically about rants and raves*.

    • Anonymous

      Team Squish’s Sister, represent!

    • I’m sorry you are having sister troubles and cannot vent about it here any more. I say log in as anonymous and vent about your “neighbor” or someone, then no one would shout you down.

    • Anonymous

      A once off rant sure, but the day after day of the same fundamental issues need a more substantive forum of resolution.

      • First, I don’t post on here daily.
        Second, I do see people post here every day about the same exact issues (roommates, job, etc) and its a cut and paste from the day before–my rants about my sister may be about one person, but its one person doing different things that are rant-worthy.
        Lastly, I would *love* to resolve things with her, but she’s putting words in people’s mouths with text messages and won’t pick up the phone, return VMs, or see me in person–she’s thinks resolution is confrontation and will avoid it at all costs.
        So, thanks for letting me vent about this ongoing problem for a little bit, online community of strangers.

        • Anonymous

          The same underlying issue to which I was referring was not any particular thing your sister did to annoy you rather the anger and resentment you harbor for your sister. I remember one of the first posts I read about your sister was something to the effect of your father stayed with you rather than your sister for the first time and he made some comment about it was strange to stay with you rather than her which you interpreted to mean that he preferred to stay with her. That was followed not much later by a rant that your sister announced her engagement in your brand new apartment thereby stealing the thunder of your moment. I totally understand as my brother scheduled his retiring from the navy party on my 40th birthday. I also understand the sibling conflict dynamic. You need to work on letting that go (decidedly not easy) and not be bothered by it or EVERYTHING she does will annoy you.

          And yes, others have an oft repeated theme in their rants and my advice would be the same to work on the underlying problem.

          This is offered in good faith; do with it what you will. It is not meant to enrage you further.

          • Anonymous

            Good point. And, I’d point out that Squish’s rants don’t seem to give Squish herself any relief, so it’s time to try some other tactic. Perhaps she should try that old standby from Seinfeld, “Serenity…NOW”.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe SquishSister can read your rants and raves on PoP. If she responds, then we can really get the conversations started. I feel like I’m only hearing one side of the story.

          Until then, I’m on Team SquishSister.

        • anon

          “Lastly, I would *love* to resolve things with her, but she’s putting words in people’s mouths with text messages and won’t pick up the phone, return VMs, or see me in person–she’s thinks resolution is confrontation and will avoid it at all costs.”

          “Resolving things” doesn’t necessarily mean that you and your sister have a heart-to-heart. If you and she don’t get along, why don’t you just disengage and have nothing to do with her?

          If this is a fight, it seems like she’s the one who’s winning, as she is clearly getting your goat.

    • Anonymous

      This is silly – your rants are your rants. It’s not anyone’s place to judge whether or not your rants are appropriate. Everyone is free to skip over rants and raves they don’t like!

      I’d say RANT AWAY!

      • Thank you :-) It really does help.

      • Anonymous

        The thing is that when you put something out in a public forum subject to comments, you have to be prepared to take the bad with the good with no expectation of control. If it makes you feel better to rant in such a setting, you cannot then be upset by what you view as an unfavorable response. It’s rant or revel, not blow sunshine and rainbows. If sunshine and rainbows is what you want, try a different forum.

        • Anonymous

          Fuck sunshine and rainbows — I want a damn blizzard!

        • manimal

          strange you’ve had that experience. you sound charming.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: New York Times changes way it keeps me from reading articles.

    Rave: Found new way to get articles: links to articles still take you to full, unblocked articles. So open the article on nytimes.com, search for keywords in the title or the web address on google, follow the link back to the NYT article, and there is the article. A workaround that works.

    • Los
    • Boris S. Wort

      This strikes me as incredibly cheap. You clearly value the content, but feel entitled to it and are too cheap to subscribe.

      • +1. I understand if you are a student or an intern, but otherwise? Yeah, you’re going a little overboard with your cheapness.

      • Anonymous

        And people wonder why print newspapers and magazines are reducing staff and/or going out of business.

        Rave: I don’t read the New York Times, so I don’t have to worry about trying to access their online content.

      • +1.

        I think of myself as pretty frugal, but I’m willing to shell out $15/month for unlimited access to the New York Times.

      • Agreed. That’s my rant for the day:
        People who clearly value a service but devote considerable time and energy to avoid paying for it. It’s not fair to the (very real) people who work to bring you the service, and it’s one of the reasons newspapers are shrinking. It’s especially gross because it’s NOT that expensive in the first place and I know the folks on this blog can easily afford it.

        Revel: I am enjoying my 99 cent/month online subscription to the New York Times.

    • Anonymous

      Investigative journalism costs a lot. If you read the NYT every day, just pay for it.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you should try the old fashioned way – shoplift a copy from the newsstand.

  • Rave: House of Cards
    Rave: Sunrise on my early morning run
    Rant: Sequestration/furlough – essentially a huge tax for civil servants.

    • Anonymous

      Rave: House of Cards!
      Rant: Finishing season 1 and having no more House of Cards

      • FedEmployee

        Amen to that. I’ve been watching the British version, but it’s just not the same.

    • Anon5

      Wait a minute. Sequestration is a ‘tax’ on civil servants?

      The last time I checked, civil servants are paid with, and survive on tax dollars contributed by private-sector employees and companies.

      Civil servants are in essence tax consumers rather than tax payers. When a public sector employee ‘pays’ taxes he or she is more or less giving private sector employees some of their money (taxes) back.

      Sequestration means that fewer taxpayer dollars are funneled to the public sector, but calling sequestration a ‘tax’ on civil servants is a bit much.

      • No, the taxes we (fed employees) pay don’t go back to the private sector, they just get redistributed for some other government purpose (which may or may not end up in the private sector).

        And sequestration does not mean fewer tax dollars are funnelled to the public sector. Government revenue remains the same with or without sequestration. If you mean public sector employment, then yes, you are correct.

        That being said, I agree with your point: it isn’t a tax on fed employees.

  • Revel: Last 4 days at my job!

    Rants: Everyone is freaking out and dumping because it’s my last 4 days at my job.

  • Rave: antibiotics have me feeling so much better today! Wish my cat’s antibiotics worked a little faster.

    Rant: Copious amounts of cat snot. I am soooooo tired of cat snot.

    Rave? My mother sent me ear plugs.

    • I’m glad to hear you are feeling better!

  • Suse

    Rant: the DMV
    Rave: the people at the DMV treated my 89 year old mother like the Queen of England

    • Anonymous

      Your revel made me smile. Yay for mom getting the royal treatment she deserves!

  • anomima

    rave: got tickets to the nats season opener!
    rant: its on a monday so I will look sketchy when I call in sick. oh well, yay Nats!

    • saf

      So schedule a vacation day.

      • anonima

        i know (and will) but I have a ton of sick hours I never use! Maybe I’ll use it as an excuse to go to more day games? ;)

        Or you know, maybe I should go to the doctors more often.

        Rave: good immune system so I have sick hours!

  • maria

    Rave: married!!! everything went fine, and scored some amazing flowers at Whole Foods the night before for my bouquet.

    Rave #2: the ladies at Cheryl Lofton alterations – miracle workers. My dress could not have come out better.

    Rant: wish we would have planned a honey moon for right after the wedding, really could have used some alone time after the stress of the wedding.

    • maria

      Forgot to add a rant, back bike wheel stolen over night. Did anyone see anything suspicious on Ontario Rd last night?

    • MPinDC

      Congratulations Maria!

    • Поздоровляю Maria!

      • maria

        Thank you/спасибо/дякую!!!

    • Mia

      I am getting married soon, did you have your bridesmaids booked from whole foods? and the centerpiece, i talked to a florist and she asked $3500 for flower at the whole wedding! I will definitely be doing it by myself. Any tips will be welcome :-)

      • Mia

        Btw congratulations :-)

        • We did the flowers ourself for our wedding last September. The key tips I would pass on would be:

          1) Simplify! Big, fancy arrangements are going to be tricky to arrange and probably will just lead to more meltdowns/headaches/stress than you want right before your wedding. Our advice – the fewer varieties of flowers you have, the easier it is to arrange them as you’re not as worried with balancing/mixing types and can instead just focus on the size/shape of the arrangment. We ended up just using roses for ours (not my original choice/preference) but they ended up looking beautiful and really classic/timeless.

          2) Do several test runs to figure out how to best make your arrangements and what supplies you will need. We picked up roses from the grocery store several times to experiment with how many blooms we wanted, the easiest way to make the arrangements, how long everything took, etc. In the end, we had opaque vases so we actually found using rubberbands to secure the arrangements was the simplest and quickest method to keep the flowers tight together. It also helped us determine how many blooms we needed to order to get the look we wanted (hint – order extra to account for the ones you’ll break/don’t look nice when you get to them).

          3) Make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need well in the advance of the big assembly day (vases, floral tape, rubber bands, shears, etc.). The last thing you want to be doing on assembly day is running around for supplies. Also, make sure to also have buckets to hold flowers while they’re hydrating (if you get them delivered from an online site) and/or while you’re prepping them for assembly (such as removing thorns).

          4) Make sure you have the time, space, and help to get them all done. You have to plan on spending several hours the day before getting everything ready – depending on your wedding-tasks, this can be tricky to fit in. It took three of us about 3.5 hours to get everything pulled together (24 centerpieces/table arrangements, 4 bouquets, 10 boutinerres). Again though, our arrangements were pretty simple and easy to make – if you have a complicated design it could be longer. You’ll want help so make sure someone might be around/available (thanks again mom+dad!).

          5) Make sure you have the space to store the completed arrangements overnight and someone to transport them to the venue. The flowers should be stored in cool, dark conditions to prevent them from opening too much. We were lucky to have my husband’s parents’ house to use but it definitely would not have been something I would’ve wanted to squeeze in my hotel room.

          Good luck! We definitely don’t regret doing it ourselves but I could see how one could easily jump in over their head. If we had gone for a more complicated look, I don’t think I would’ve wanted to deal with it myself. Our flowers still looked beautiful and only cost us about $750 total (including buying vases+other supplies). We bought the flowers from fiftyflowers.com and didn’t have any problems with that.

          • maria

            And if you are doing tests, I would test how the flowers and boutonnieres do without water for the length of your event. I can tell you now that freesia does not last! :)

        • maria

          Mia, I didn’t have any bridesmaids or centerpieces, I just had my bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere. The bad part – you can’t really plan ahead. Or at least not with Whole Foods. The good part – it was very easy and cheap.

          I knew I wanted one color with some green accents, and I figured i’ll probably have roses since it was a Valentine’s weekend and they would be available in lots of colors. I thought I would be able to find some dark pink or magenta ones, but when I got there they had none, but they had amazingly gorgeous orange/coral fluffy roses, so i just went with that. And I got some green berries as an accent. I watched a bunch of youtube videos on how to arrange rose bouquets. You need either tape or floral wire, and ribbon to go over it. But it probably took me 2 tries and 10 min to do my bouquet, and 2 or 3 tries for boutonniere – that was more challenging, but definitely doable.

          Good luck!

        • maria

          Also if you need off white (barely grey) or medium grey 2.75″ atlas ribbon, I got 50 yards of that!

  • RachH

    Rant: Keep fantasizing about a time where it was warm out.

    Rave: GOT TICKETS TO NATS OPENING DAY! Can’t wait to take a half day for baseball purposes!

  • Rant: Roommates moving out this weekend.

    Rant: Plans to go to NYC this weekend fell through. Or, rather, I decided not to go. Now need new plans to avoid roommates moving process.

    Rave: Re-reading my favorite book from 6th grade, “The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle”. Still good!

    Rant: Office is FREEZING!!!!!!!

    • yunkstahn

      The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle—wow, that takes me back. It’s a great book! Now I want to re-read it too!

      YA lit from the ’80s and ’90s 4-EVA.

  • Hill Girl

    Sad rant: Colleagues are frustrated with boss lady, and justifiably so. Makes me sad that they’re bummed and there’s not really anything I can do to help.

    Rave: Finally feel like I know what I’m doing and am making progress at my not-so-new-anymore job.

    Rant: Feel like no matter what I do, my job will never be “done” — I will always be judged that I’m not doing “enough.” Business development sucks like that.

    Rant: 10 days of leave per year. Period. Not 10 vacation days. 10 days of leave-for-whatever-you-need-it-for. Have already used nearly half for the plague earlier this year, so buh-bye vacation days for baseball games.

    Rave: I have a job. It may not be perfect, but it’s definitely a healthier environment than my last one.

    • That’s crazy. 10 days all year? Amazed some organizations can be so miserly.

  • Eckie

    Rant: A house on my street just sold for $500K, it is a complete rehab. Where is the $$ coming from? I had the same feeling before the last bust.

    • JenDC

      Convinced I will end up living in my car. If I had a car.

      • I’ve been scoping out bridges and underpasses.

  • sarah

    Rant: I am really really struggling with finishing my Master’s thesis. I feel guilty doing anything other than working, so I haven’t done anything fun in months, but when I sit down to work I can’t stay focused and I just get anxious. It’s holding me back in my professional and personal life! Help!!

    • Tall E

      Check out the book Writing Your Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day. Of course easier said than done but it has helpful advice that you might find useful.

    • Anongardener

      Schedule frequent breaks – work for half an hour then take a 20 minute walk outside. DO do other things – your brain needs a break. If you find yourself sitting there, knowing what you need to do but so paralyzed by anxiety that you can’t make any progress, see a doctor and get some meds. It can be hard to distinguish between normal nerves and serious anxiety, especially when it is happening to you – talking to a dr will help clarify things.

    • saf

      Mine took me 5 semesters to write. What finally broke the logjam was simply sitting down and setting out a schedule. I was letting the large view overwhelm the process.

    • Anonther

      I had the same issue and the only thing that worked for me was setting firm deadlines WITH MY COMMITTEE. Even though they didn’t really care, knowing I had agreed to give them versions on particular dates gave me that adrenaline rush I needed to get stuff done on the days right before those deadlines.

      And don’t beat yourself up about doing other things. The more you sit there feeling bad about not making progress, the less progress you’ll make.

  • Rant: grit in my lettuce.
    Rave: noticeably longer days!

  • rave: going to the devils v. caps game tonight. let’s go devils!!
    rave: cupcakes and mimosas at work.
    rant: have to start looking for a new roommate soon.

  • coolkid

    Rant: Going to the happy hours in dc and hearing people openly brag about how mich they make. I am from the south and it is just weird to me, none of my friends under 30 make 100k but seems to be a usual occurence according to people at happy hours. Lol

    • anon

      Those people bragging about their incomes have no manners.

      And when I was under 30, making $40K sounded like pretty good money to me.

    • Anonymous

      That sounds like an incredibly douchy happy hour. I’m from the west coast and I would still be shocked to hear such bragging. I mean really, who does that?! I’m so sorry that you found yourself in such an unpleasant situation. For the record, I know lots of folks under 30 (myself included) in this city that consider 50K a good gig at this point in our lives. So don’t worry, not all 20-somethings in this city are like that! :)

    • I’ve been to god knows how many happy hours in this city and not once have I heard anyone disclose their income. Of course the happy hours I go to tend consist of mainly fed workers, so a) we already have an idea of what each makes b) we have no reason to brag anyway :).

      Was it some networking type of HH? Sounds pretty brutal.

    • Anonymous

      what does being from the south have to do with it? i’m from the north and it is weird to me too.

  • Rant: My three closest friends (the three people I pretty much do everything with) are mad at me. I have a vague idea as to why (we went on a trip for my birthday and I was in a bad mood the first day for various reasons, a few of which were their fault), but I’ve apologized multiple times and I’m not sure why they are still so upset. I’ve contacted them individually through multiple venues to see if I can meet with each one to talk about it (text, phone, e-mail) and they all refuse to speak with me. I’m single and my family lives kind of far away (the midwest), so they were my family here. I feel so alone and I feel like there’s nothing I can about it because they won’t even talk to me. I’m just so frustrated because I don’t know what else I can do. Sigh.

    • anon

      How long ago was this trip?

      Which things that were “their fault” were you mad at them for?

      • It was just the past weekend (Friday-Sunday). I was upset with them because I had asked (by phone, e-mail, and in person) how they wanted to get there (bus/train/which bus/what time-we were just going to NYC) and they never responded. The only thing they said was that they preferred Bolt Bus over Mega. So, a week and a half before the trip, I sent one group e-mail with several different bus times and asked what everyone preferred. No one responded, so I chose times and said I was going to book my ticket for those times if no one got back to me within a day. (I told them by e-mail and by text and left two of them messages on their phones, as well.) They all said the times were fine, so I booked my ticket. The day before we left I sent them an e-mail about meeting to take the bus and they told me that they’d booked a different time on Mega (which is what I wanted to take in the first place because I like riding on the top level). I got there before them and went on a walking tour. During the tour, they got there and ate lunch at Eataly. When I met them at Eataly they took their hotel roomkeys and said they were going straight back to the room, but instead they all got gelato and ate it in Madison Square Park while I ate lunch alone.

        Why be so snarky in asking what things were their fault? I’m clearly hurting and you decide to be rude about it by using quotation marks around “their fault?” What did you hope to achieve through that?

        • anon

          Just wanted background info. Was quoting “their fault” because those were your words, not to cast doubt on what you said.

          It sounds like a pretty crummy trip (or at least pretty crummy first day). Are they usually this unresponsive/flaky when it comes to arranging things?

          Their not even being willing to discuss the issue with you is pretty immature. Silent treatment = uncool.

          Sounds like maybe they’ve buddied up with each other and are no longer interested in including you, at least for a while. Maybe time to make some new friends?

          • Anonymous

            That sucks. Im sorry. But you may need to forget’em. They don’t sound like they deserve you as friend.

          • Sorry, I was being really reactionary!

            I think the whole silent treatment is what bums me out the most. Yes, I was in a bad mood Friday-I get why that would annoy them. (I didn’t say anything mean to them, I was just kind of grumpy, for lack of a better word.) And I know they overheard me talking to my family on the phone and I said something along the lines of I wasn’t having fun at that point and I wished I could see them for my birthday. (Again, nothing negative about my friends, just that I missed seeing my family.) And perhaps there’s something else that happened that I’m totally missing, but I’ll never know because they won’t talk to me about it. It’s the not knowing what I could have possibly done to warrant such a reaction that’s really bumming me out.

            I guess I’m lucky in that I do have some other friends I can hang out with, it just stinks because these women were my three closest friends.

          • And yes, they are almost always kind of flaky about arranging things! I can be sometimes, too, so that didn’t even bug me. It was just that they didn’t give me input, so I picked something, then they did something different. I wouldn’t have cared had they not given me input then just went along with what I picked.

        • Anonymous

          They didn’t wait for you to get their to eat lunch? Or at least wait with you while you ate?

          I know it’s hard when friendships change, but between how they treated you in the planning and then on the first day of your trip and now with the silent treatment, it doesn’t sound like these people are very good people at all. In the long run you’ll be better off with your other friends, even ones you haven’t even met yet.

          • Anon

            Agreed. It sounds like the relationship between Kaylee and them is very one-sided: she considers them to be her “good friends”, but they don’t treat her like she is their “good friend.” Which majorly sucks, but it happens to everyone at some point in life.

            Were these three girls friends before you came into the picture, Kaylee? If so, that would explain why they are acting very cliquishly toward you.

            Unfortunately, its sounding like that the friendship with these 3 other women is ending quickly. It’s best to cut your losses and build stronger friendships with those who accept and appreciate you. :(

            The silent treatment is very much “Mean Girls”-type behavior. No “good friend” would ever do that to another.

          • No, they didn’t wait for me to eat, though I kind of didn’t expect them to. I was more annoyed that they stayed at Eataly and ate gelato while I ate lunch alone (also at Eataly). Why couldn’t they tell me they were staying there?

            And you are all probably right, I’m better off dedicating my time to my other friends. It’s hard to lose three friendships in one fell swoop, though.

          • Agreed, I’d ditch them ASAP and move on. They sound like pretty lousy friends.

            And how old are you all? This is high school type behaivor. Obviously you all aren’t that young, but it is seriously immature on their part (especially the silent treatment, wtf??). They need to grow up.

          • I have been “best friends” (I hate that term, but it’s true that we were each other’s closest friend) with one of them (M) for about three and a half years now. The other two (B and U) have been “best friends” with each other for about two years. M and I met B and U about a year ago and have been very close with them for about 8 months.

            Obviously the friendships did mean a lot more to me than to them, but until just now they all acted as though we were all very close. M would even tell me that I was her best friend and I meant so much to her, though she obviously didn’t mean it. And U told me less than a month ago that she was cutting a lot of her superfluous friends out of her life, but I was someone she wanted to make time for.

            I mean, I was obviously seeing the friendships differently than they were, but it’s not like I was pulling the idea that we were all close out of thin air!

            I think some of it may be a maturity issue-my mom commented that she feels like she’s listening to a story from my 13-year-old niece. And you guys aren’t the first ones to mention the Mean Girls aspect of it all. I know that I should just let it go, but it’s hard not to feel hurt.

            I think what’s most frustrating (other than the silent treatment) is that I know I wasn’t perfect in the situation and I’m not acting like I was. I should have been in a better mood Friday since they all did rearrange weekend plans to be able to celebrate my birthday with me (one was recently laid off, as well, so even the small amount of money was a sacrifice for her). I get that; I get that I should have been more appreciative. And I would get why they would be be annoyed if I maintained that I did nothing wrong. But I apologized. Sigh.

            Anyway, thanks for letting me talk through it here! I have talked my mom’s ear off about it and I really don’t want to talk to mutual friends because I don’t like to talk about my friends to other friends, if that makes sense. Just venting to strangers on the Internet helps, though!

          • Oh, and 15thstnw, I am 30 and they are 28, 24, and 23. The six and seven year age differences between me and the younger two could be contributing to this, too. I know I’m a lot more mature than I was six years ago.

          • Anon

            Give it a month to cool off. Go on some dates, hang with co-workers, meet your neighbors, stay active.

            I think the relationship with M is probably worth salvaging. You’ve known each other for a longer time. My guess is that the two younger girls teamed up on M and said something like “Isn’t Kaylee being so mean and awful? Ugh, let’s just do our own thing.” She felt compeled to participate in that herd behavior and will probably end up regretting it & missing you a lot.

            Negativity in groups of young women are an awful, downward spiral that usually ends in tears and broken relationships. Same thing happened with my co-worker this weekend – she went to a Vegas bachelorette party and the 5 girls ended up hating one another by end of the trip.

            Tl;dr – give them space and focus your efforts on reparing the relationship with M. At some point, the two younger immature girls will probably turn their fangs on her.

    • x

      yes, more details on this please!

    • Marymay

      Sounds like a horrible trip. Sounds like they are doing the mean girl thing and double teaming you. My opinion- stop trying for a resolution and give them space. I’ve had trips that ended up like this too– try to hang with other people and let the anger go. People come (and go) for a reason.

      • Yeah, the first day, at least wasn’t very fun. I did have another friend come in on Saturday morning and I wound up hanging out with her most of the trip, so I least I had a fun couple of days!


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