• Biden looks like he enjoys being VP more than anyone really should

  • Thank you afagen, for my new work desktop image (if you don’t mind) 🙂

    “You, you’re looking good today. You keep bringing home that bacon, sweetheart.”

    • afagen

      Sure, feel free to use for your desktop. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Uncle Joe’s teeth scare me!

  • newintown

    Biden 2016!

    • anon


  • i am very happy to be alive durring this administration. i respect both pres and vp families so much. first time in my life i’ve felt that way.

  • Shallot

    As much as I respect his work and all, thanks to the Onion, I will never be able to look at a picture of Biden without thinking “he washes his Camaro in the White House driveway.”

  • I want to party with these people! These are great photos, such good looking folks.

  • cookie

    great photos!

  • kevINne

    there’s certain authenticity to these pics, viva Obamas and Bidens!


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