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  • Anonymous

    Any guesses as to where it’s from? Did Memorial Stadium ever have seats this color? It’s definitely not from RFK.

    • anon

      Memorial never had plastic seats, they were all painted wood except for the outfield bleachers. Shea is a good guess.

  • Could be from Shea Stadium, they had orange seats like these.

    • Mets fan? Ewww.

      • We will find you and throw batteries at you.

        Moreover, Nats fans should thank Mets fans for helping to keep the team viable, for every year until this one. More Mets fans turned out to RFK than Nats fans, thats for sure.

        • Haha, I don’t doubt that. Though, when we can get that many people from Queens and Long Island in one place, we should probably consider dropping bombs.

          Still, I’ll take 15 Mets fans over 1 Phillies fan. Worst humans ever.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks. But I think we can both agree that those days are over, at least for now.


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