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1905 Restaurant Gets New Chef, Joel Hatton, Former Chef at Leopold’s and Shaw’s Tavern

by Prince Of Petworth — January 25, 2013 at 12:00 pm 11 Comments

1905 9th Street, NW

From 1905 owner Tony Lucca:

We’re thrilled to announce that Joel Hatton has joined the 1905 family as our new Executive Chef. He has jumped right in to the operation, and is working on returning 1905 Bistro & Bar to its original vision of a true neighborhood restaurant serving hearty home-style cooking with a strong Southern flair. The plan is to begin rolling out new menus in the next few weeks, and we hope to see you at the restaurant in the near future.

  • DC

    What was wrong with the “old” 1905. I love this place.

  • Anonymous

    that’s a shame. 1905 was great as is.

  • Anonymous

    Joel is awesome. Shaw’s has really gone downhill since he left.

    • MSF

      Totally agree. I think we’ve been back once or twice since he left. While I like that the food is a little easier on the wallet, just didn’t love the food. I’m sure I’ll go back at some point, but it’s hard to not just go to Boundary Stone.

    • ditto that! he is awesome and shaw’s is awful now. i can’t evn go there anymore. i know he’ll do great things at 1905. yeah 1905!!!

  • Westminster

    I live around the corner and go all the time, and have heard bits and pieces from the owner. Their long time chef moved home to Richmond at the end of the summer. They had a new chef for the past three months who took things in an entirely new direction. The food was good and looked great, but the portions were small and it didnt really fit with the neighborhood. From what the owner said above, I think his hope is Joel will get the food back to the 1905 my fellow posters are remembering.

    • DC

      Ah, good. I haven’t been there in a few months, so I must have missed the interim chef.

  • 14w

    Joel is an amazing chef. So creative. Shaws has totally gone downtown since he left

  • anon

    i still like shaws… glad to have them in the neighborhood

  • Anonymous

    Their food wasn’t the bad thing before it was was their TERRIBLE TERRIBLE service!

  • Anonymous

    glad to see him at 1905, now I can love Shaw’s and 1905. Shaw’s is great but has become so busy you have to wait a long time for a table especially on saturday nights.


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