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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth December 7, 2012 at 10:00 am 64 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe in DC

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Feeling a little angry today. Cursed out 3 people on my way into work. Need to find my center.

    • anon

      Dang… cursing out 3 people, and you’re only a “little” angry? How many do you curse out when you’re REALLY angry?


      Seriously, though… hope you feel better. And hoping that the cursing-out was the behind-the-wheel-with-windows-closed-so-they-didn’t-hear-anyway kind.

    • Anonymous

      must be in the air, metro travelers were obnoxious this morning

      • OP

        Feeling calm now. In each instance it was the other motorist/pedestrian being totally clueless and then giving me crap. What can I say, I took humbrage. Is it me, or has the level of bad driving/walking/biking really ratcheted up lately.

        • Anonymous

          it has gotten noticeably worse, but i wonder why

        • Matt

          I don’t want to insinuate that you or anyone else is at fault with these issues, but I do think that perspective can be gained by developing an understanding that, as you are mostly (if not wholy) looking out for yourself on the road, those other people are doing the same.

          It isn’t a good thing that people are overly aggressive in this city, and it can certainly be frustrating to deal with people who truly don’t know what they are doing, but an acceptance that they are making decisions for similar reasons to you, and that it really isn’t an intentional slight against you, can help calm your nerves.

  • Fanny

    Rant: Recovering from the flu and way behind on critical work – whining dog not making it easier to concentrate

    Rave: My tummy feels better!

  • Britt

    Rant: My SIL is having such a tough time right now – and I wish I could help. She should be on government assistance but she refuses and her part time, low-paying job leaves her stressed and worried every day…plus no health insurance and a terrible husband. We’re trying to help as much as we can but it’s heartbreaking.

    Rave: She’s sweet and kindhearted and loves animals so we connect on the little wonderful things that surround us.

  • Bear425


    • Bear425

      …uh, ok let’s start with a rant: My computer seems to have a life of its own these days.

      Anyway, major rave: I landed the big Uganda contract I’ve been prepping for for over a year! Excited to get out there and start implementing the project.

      Rant: They awarded it between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when it’s impossible to get people mobilized. And we still have deliverables due in 30 days despite the fact that everything is shut down for 2 weeks at Christmas.

      • Britt

        Congrats!! What wonderful news after all your hard work.

        • Bear425

          Thanks Britt! Definitely feels good.

  • Rave: Big old salad for lunch – from lettuce still growing in my backyard!

  • Rave: Nice company holiday party last night.

    Rant: Dear Corner Bakery–when I order a hangover-cure breakfast sandwich and I say “No ham” TWICE, that means I don’t want ham on my damn sandwich.

    Rant: So much homework to do this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    RAVE: George Jones is coming to Fairfax in April.

  • Marymay

    Rave: Made it to the second round of interviews

    Rant: Visa application set back

  • Milton

    Rave: Swingline staplers! But I wish the one in the picture was red, like the one Mr. Lumbergh removed from my desk and didn’t return. I could set the building on fire.

    • Michael Bolton

      PC Load Letter?….

    • Caught part of that movie on Sunday night. I know I’ve said it before but it makes SO MUCH SENSE now that I’ve had an office job…

  • Anonymous
    • Wow. People need to chill out a bit and not feel compelled to “punish” others for their perceived misdeeds.

    • anon

      It’s a guy with a knife who was willing to use it on another human being. I’m pretty sure the mode of transportation is irrelevant. He could have been riding a pogo stick. Because clearly cyclicts are the only aggressive road users in this town. Drivers and motorcyclists and pedestrians are all polite pacifists.

    • Anonymous

      RANT: i got hit by a car on my bike ride home (I was in the bike lane — driver swerved over to snag a parking spot, didn’t look out to see if there were any cyclists).

      RAVE: a pedestrian came out of nowhere and started screaming out the driver.

      RANT: they got in a fist fight (and I decided it was time to leave).

  • Anon

    Rant: Weather!? Wasn’t expecting rain, and I have no umbrella and wearing my leather jacket. I may have to pull a Seinfeld.
    Rave: Heading out of town to spend the entire weekend with my guy. In the honeymoon stage and loving every single minute of it.

  • houseintherear

    Rant: It’s that time of year when my students start asking about Santa and I never know what I should say.

    Rave: It’s that time of year when Santa comes up in conversation. 🙂

  • Rant: drivers on L Street at 18th who don’t know/care that a red left-turn arrow means “don’t turn left right now.” Isn’t that Driver’s Ed 101?

    Rave: the new bike lane on L Street. Better for the bikers (I hope) and it seems to have slowed down clueless left-turners.

    • RyanD

      The left on red arrow is illegal in DC, but I believe it varies by jurisdiction. In Massachusetts, for instance, a left on red is permitted when coming from and going to a one way street; the driver’s manual also mentions that “turn on red” rules apply to arrows as well as circular signals.

  • InTheGaP

    I’m dumb. I get frustrated when wandering in downtown or other hoods, and I can’t remember where the nearest Metro station access is. I have the DCRider app, which clearly knows my location and tells me the nearest station, but doesn’t show me an interactive map to where it is. (annoying) I’ve tried GoogleMaps and entered “Metro”, but that pulls up Metro Liquor, etc. Anyone know a good app/method that will show me a map of DC with the Metro entrances, with my location, so I can find one? Help?

    • if you have an iphone, try iTrans DC. it shows the location of the entrances for metro and bus stops.

    • Try searching for “Metro station” instead of just “Metro”.

    • qst

      On an iphone, “Embark DC” has this feature (and then allows you to look up when the next train going to your destination will be, or what the next trains coming to the station are*). It also shows CaBi stations!

      *I have no idea if this info is accurate, if it is based on published schedules or actual train locations

    • maria

      Aww, hang in there! I just got rid of mine dog eared and well loved DC map that I got from AAA long long time ago. I carried that thing with me everywhere when i first moved here. So my suggestion is a paper map. I like the laminated Streetwise brand. And you really don’t want to stand on the corner looking lost while playing on your phone in this town. 😉

      • The Streetwise map is super-useful, and unless your connection is a lot better than mine it’s much faster than screwing around with a maps app. Sometimes old school works better.

    • em

      I wish that StationMasters had an app. Since they don’t, you might want to look at their printed guidebook, which shows you exactly where the entrances are (escalator & elevator) and what direction you are facing when you come out of the station.

      The printed StationMasters guidebook was awesome when I first moved here, and I often loan my copy to friends (along with a SmarTrip card, so they don’t have to pay the $1 surcharge for paper farecards) when they come to DC for a visit.

      • Your wedding dress is lovely em! Wish I was getting married again so I had an excuse to buy it. 😀

  • Bizzinger

    Rave: Got to hang out with a friend’s adorable baby this morning. I love the age where they start to smile back at you.

    Rant: Nada!

  • maria

    Rave/Rant: Ohio for 3 days to see friends and family. I’m glad to see them, but the deep suburbs always make me so depressed. I can’t go anywhere without a car, there’s nowhere nice or cute to meet people – i think cafés haven’t been invented there yet. My bff is a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids who I love to death, but at this point we have nothing in common anymore.

    BUT get to take my whole family out to see Skyfall. That should be fun!

  • PeachyKeen

    Rave: Got my dress for the company Christmas party (which will be used during the inauguration shenanigans that i will be partaking in). Got paid a week early.
    Revel: Bought a blender from Sams and it broke in 7 days (manufacturer defect I think) and was told to bring it back for an exchange or refund (even though I dont have the box). Going to Sams tomorrow and I shall be getting my much longed for 4 pack of pillows when I go switch out the blender.
    Christmas Revel: Working for a company that has actual parties where you get to put on your fancy duds and drink unlimited wine….woot woot. And hanging out with the little sister…who is now an adult so we can go out.

    • federal employee

      Envious of your company’s holiday party.

      I’ve been with the federal government for 7 years, at four different agencies. For the past 6 years, if I wanted to attend the holiday party, I had to pay for it (usually $15-$18). This year, the party is free… but that’s because it’s a potluck.

      • Anonymous

        same! let’s crash someones party. you in?

      • Anonymous

        I hear you. We have a midday cookie break in place of a holiday party. Not that I’m complaining about cookies, but… 😉

        • PeachyKeen

          I shall drink a glass of wine for each of you.

    • Jealous of your holiday party. My company used to have awesome parties, but cancelled last years party (after I bought the dress & cut the tags off grumble grumble grumble) and no mention of a party this year. I hope when the economy picks up they start having the parties again.

  • JoeEsq74

    Rave – Leavng work early for Holiday party
    Rant – People who run, skateboard, etc on the crowded stretch of 7th Street from Carmines to Hooters. Really, you think that’s a good spot to run? Why not just run on 6th street for that stretch then cut back to 7th on a section where it is less crowded?

    RE: INDOOR TRACK conversation from yesterday – PG Sports and Learning actually has two (200m?) indoor tracks, one is smaller and suspended above the fitness center. There is also an outdoor 400m track. I think track use is free on the two larger tracks or a least I have never paid. The tracks are padded rubber so it seems like they would be better for your knees vs. concrete sidewalks. Also for novice runners it is sometimes easier to monitor pace on a track. There is also no crossing streets on a track. Indoor Track = no safety issue if you want to run w/ music. I also run at Banneker, no hills but I run the steps. I watch baseball games and the shapely female runners (there are fit dudes out their too) during summe.r

    • Anonymous

      Whoever runs in a congested area with lots of crossings and stoplights is just running to be seen.. You know, the *I’m so hot crowd*

      • Anonymous

        Or…they might have safety concerns about running in areas with little other foot traffic. I don’t think those worries are entirely unfounded. That being said, I do think that in congested areas, it’s incumbent on the runner to be mindful and yield to the regular pedestrians. (I say this as someone who’s a runner and as well as someone who while walking has been shoulder-checked and kicked by running groups that tend to comandeer entire sidewalks around my neighborhood.)

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Found out the guy I was seeing for the past few months has been lying and seeing his ex behind my back.

    Rave: He has no idea that I know

    • Anonymous

      Rave: At least you found out sooner rather than later.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! 🙂

    • Marcus Aurelius

      Why is it a rave (a good thing) that he doesn’t know that you know?

      • Anonymous

        Not to answer for the op, but I can think of two reasons:

        1. It will feel good to call him out on it, then tell him adios mf!
        2 just dump his ass, don’t give a reason. Getting dumped and not knowing why sucks.

        Since he sounds like a self-involved d-bag, route 1 might be better in this case.

        • Anonymous

          OP, going with route #1. 🙂

    • more details!

      when you say ‘seeing’ do you mean dating/hooking up with his ex or just hanging out.

      either way, i want to hear more of this story!

      • Anonymous

        OP here. He’s told me about his ex and said she’s psycho and that she’s not over him. Last month she started to text him non stop… that’s when I started to sense trouble. Of course Facebook is involved. I don’t have a facebook so I’m unable to see what has been going on. The ex is mutual friends with my friend (but my guy and the ex don’t know this). Two days ago my guy left on business for Beijing and my friend came over and logged on and started showing me the girl’s profile and I saw a few flirtatious replies from my guy to stuff she writes on her profile. Then what got me was something she wrote like “Beijing in a few days” and he wrote “see you soon”. I got played!!

        • Marcus Aurelius

          Of course, if either he or she is a PoP regular, or someone familiar with their situation is, he now knows that you know. Though I guess there could be a bunch of ex-pat CPOSs in Beijing 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Websites that launch music. Also websites that make me watch some annoying animation before I can get to the content I want (often accompanied by music). Restaurants with aspirations seem to be the worst offenders.

  • Rant: Down with the flu almost all week. I want my mommy.

    Rave: I’m almost better, but it would be cool if I could stand up without getting dizzy.

    Rave: The postal workers that service my neighborhood are super nice and efficient. I need to get their names and tell the USPS how great they are.

  • Rave 1: Got my work computer upgraded to Windows 7 today. It now runs so much faster.

    Rave 2: Threw an awesome and successful game night last night. Will definitely host one again. I feel I am finally getting to know people in DC.

    • Anon

      What game?

  • Rant: Ear infection, couldn’t sleep and am knocked out as it gets better.
    Rave: Cab driver was nice driving me to hospital and wished me well.
    Rave: Kaiser had me in and treated with antibiotics shortly.

  • vickiepickles

    Rant: Why must I not only look out for vehicles hitting me on the street, but also bikes silently whizzing by me at high rates of speed without even so much as a bell or “on your left, on your right”? Ride in the #$#% street with the other moving vehicles!

    • anon

      RANT: i got hit by a car on my bike ride home (I was in the bike lane — driver swerved over to snag a parking spot, didn’t look out to see if there were any cyclists).

      RAVE: a pedestrian came out of nowhere and started screaming out the driver.

      RANT: they got in a fist fight (and I decided it was time to leave).

      December 7, 2012 at 1:55 pm


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