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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth December 6, 2012 at 10:00 am 64 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • TG

    Rant: Tired of fiscal cliff talk. I say we all just jump off the fisal cliff together.

  • eobiwankenobi

    Rant: attempting to finish my grad school thesis when all I really want to be doing is baking cookies and singing Christmas carols

    Rave: saw the violinist who frequently plays outside of the Dupont Circle north entrance give the dollar bills from his violin case to the man selling Street Sense newspapers as he was packing up

    • Anonymous

      Love your rave!

    • Caroline

      Same rant! Well, maybe not the Christmas carols because I’m not much of a singer. It will feel so good when it’s all done though.

  • heffieb

    Rave: Having been injured/sick recently, I learned that my boyfriend really is the fabulously caring and helpful man I imagined he would be.

    • That’s the way I decided I was going to marry my husband. One time in college I was really really ill– like too sick to even be able to stand up and take a shower for days–and he came over and took care of me even though I was a complete mess.

      • Anonymous

        Yours sounds like a great guy! I definitely want to marry mine, no question about it. It is nice when things like this happen and reaffirm just how right he is.

  • bb

    Rant: Can’t log on to PoP. The switch to PoPville came with a script error, it seems.

    Rave: Global warming aside, it’s been a lovely December.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Are you getting an error message? If so what does it say?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’m told: “It’s possible that local browser caching is causing their issue, they should clear their browser cache and cookies.” Hope that works for ya!

      • bb

        Tried that. No dice. It’s a java thing. The link to “sign in” says “javascript:void(0)”. And the sign in link doesn’t appear at the top of the page, either. Strangely enough, when I input my nom de guerre, it makes it a link – as if I had signed in.

  • Work: How many holiday parties do we need to have? There’s our annual Thanksgiving pot luck, which I love. And now we are having a “Hall-iday party” with everyone on our hall that I’ve been voluntold to organize and now we’re also taking an intern out to luck for his birthday. I’m tired of how expensive it is just go be a part of this office. I earn the least, and it really hurts me to have to partake….yet we have one cheap bastard that NEVER contributes (and he earns a lot) or he sees something is happening and takes off for the day.

    Rave: New Years Resolution is to not spend money on or at work for work. No candy jar for others who say, “you’re out of mints” when there is a CVS in our building – GO GET SOME and contribute! So the me shop is closed, team!

    • PeachyKeen

      lol Do you work at DCPS lol

      • Anonymous

        EPA in Crystal City was my guess.

    • anonymous

      I can beat you on the number of parties based on what we’re having. This includes an agency-wide party, a floor brunch, a floor lunch(different day), a retirement lunch, and likely another lunch with leadership. One party is fine, but c’mon. Besides, as we (should) know, the office party is no party. I hate spending the money, and I find the whole thing a drag.

      • I would toss a flag on that – that’s ridiculous. I get that there are people who like to bring in food, etc….but that’s RIDICULOUS!

      • Anonymous

        I know someone at the EPA who has this many parties on a regular basis. I had to ask her to stop bringing me the leftovers because it was too much food for us to eat… but I guess it’s good that at least one person at the EPA is concerned about how much food they’re wasting.

    • L

      I’m not sure why that makes him a cheap bastard if he is not partaking in the events. I could agree if he went to lunch with you all but didn’t pay, but if he is just not participating, why should he pay?

      I also hate these “required” gift giving occasions, especially in the office, and often don’t give money for a wedding/baby gift for someone I hardly know, but I also don’t sign the card or act like I participated. Perhaps that makes me cheap, perhaps unfriendly, but hell, I am generous with gifts, donations, etc. for people I am close with/orgs I care about. I don’t need to add gifts for people I maybe say hi to in a hallway once in awhile.

      • Florista

        I love the word “volun-told!” Gonna use it from now on, as it applies more often where I work than I would like. Thank you for that laugh!

      • Art Vandelay

        When I’m asked to give holiday gifts at the office, I give a card saying that I’ve made a contribution in their name to the Human Fund.

      • he is purposely not attending some things to avoid the cost. Additionally, when money has to be collected for things, he’s the last to give. If you say, “it’s $2.75” for the coffee fund, most people give $3. He gives exact change. We’ve never seen anything like it in this office. Then, for his birthday, he got a leftover cake from my coworker’s church (leftover from an event, she didn’t want to spend money on him!) and he was really pissed. Even though it was a delicious cake!

        I hate forced giving. One party should be enough – which is why everyone loves the Thanksgiving pot luck. Family is invited, we sign up for dishes and it’s generally a lovely time. A hallway party with people I don’t directly work with is just a party for the sake of “it’s party season”

        • Anonymous

          I hope the cake wasn’t moldy!

          • nope, it was a day old, pineapple upside down cake and everyone raved about it. Except him because no one went out of the way to get him a cake. He hasn’t spoken to my coworker, the cake buyer, since for the most part.

          • Matt

            If this is a reference to the moldy cake from Heller’s thread, thank you for the reminder. I sense another round of nightmares coming.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll be glad when the United Way CFC fund drive is over. It seems like every day there’s a new email and new flyers up about events and contributions.

      • anonymous

        CFC. That’s another rant. I am absolutely stunned at the number of events we’ve had. There is one every day, including movies in the auditorium for those paying for it and other hours-long “events” being staffed by GS-13s. I wonder if taxpayers are aware of what sort of waste is involved in CFC. And besides, CFC itself takes a cut from your donations and has had financial mismanagement issues. With electronic donations nowadays, there is no excuse for not giving directly to the charities of your choice.

        • agree – I give to the Washington Humane Society, but I think next time I’ll forego CFC and just write a check to them directly. I don’t like work telling me I have to give, and even though it’s not required, it seems like every year it’s more and more required.

    • AK

      Sorry to hear you were voluntold, but that is an hilaaaaaaaaarious term that I am stealing for my own use.

    • anongardener

      rave: “voluntold”
      love it! this is why i’m glad people find me slightly intimidating – they are much less likely to voluntell me to do anything.

    • Maybe you should adopt some of the Cheap Guy’s tactics? (without being as rude as him, obviously)

  • Rant: I need to end a recently started relationship, and I hate having these conversations. Bummed because I was hopeful that it would turn into something real, but in the end, I’m just not feelin’ it.

    Rave: No relationship means there is nothing tying me down, which in turn means that I can revisit the idea of moving back to DC without feeling guilty about it!

    • Anonymous

      Rant + Rave = Random.

      Couldn’t you say you’re moving back to DC to end relationship? That way, it’s not the “it’s not you, it’s me” tactic.

      • Uh, I could, but that would be a lie.

  • PeachyKeen

    Rant: Damned fire drill! Had to walk up and down 6 flights.
    Rave: While I got tired going up, I didnt have the super fast heart rate and I wasnt out of breath. Working out works!! Woot Woot!
    *dances to Superbass in office (with door closed)*

    • Britt

      Bizarre- our fire alarm went off exactly when I read that post (obviously, typing this after coming back in from our alarm!)

      • PeachyKeen

        (-__-) you work in dc?

  • Anonymous

    Question: New employee started today in the cube next to me. She is very, very, very loud. Do I say something to her today and come across as being a complete ass or do I give it a couple days?

    • anon

      I usually try a direct joke. Can you go over there and be like “hey, what’s all this ruckus over here?”. Or is she just a loud talker?

      • Anonymous

        She is a very loud talker!! She has been on a phone call (work related) for 30 minutes. It is driving me nuts!!

      • Anonymous

        That only works if she realizes she is loud. A lot of loud people are oblivious to this.

    • anonymous

      I’d give her about a week. She may figure out that her loudness doesn’t fit with your work environment as she adjusts to the new place. Maybe this is her first time in a Cubicleville, and she is not aware of the etiquette required to live peacefully there. However, after a week, kill her with kindness and ask politely if she might tone it down (emphasis on politely).

    • Milton

      I was told that I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from nine to eleven, I told Bill that if Sandra is going to listen to her headphones while she’s filing then I should be able to listen to the radio while I’m collating so I don’t see why I should have to turn down the radio because I enjoy listening at a reasonable volume from nine to eleven.

  • Rave: Great run this morning
    Rant: 5 year old iPod keeps dying halfway through runs
    Rave: Sing to myself
    Rant: Stupid people in our communications department. If you are too lazy to pitch a story (major national security accomplishment) just tell me and I won’t waste my time writing the release you should write and updating all the wed documents that you can’t seem to update.
    Rave: Its winter and the holiday season – can’t bah humbug me world!

  • Britt

    Rant: Morning started out rushed and behind – ugh.
    Rave: Looking forward to my workout this evening – funny how having a great workout buddy helps motivate!
    Rave: Catch-up time tonight on Homeland and Modern Family!

  • dcd

    Rave: The photo – love it, Pablo.

  • Rant: My poor doggie may need surgery, so I was very happy to read the vet recommendations from yesterday.

    Revel: Short workday tomorrow.

    • saf

      Oh no! I hope the puppy is ok!

      • For now. He’s having back trouble at the tender age of four.

  • Jen H.

    National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with the hubby and the 2 year old! Not sure yet if this is a rant or a rave.

  • Rave: Saw the giant inflatable Santa from yesterday’s R&R while running errands today! He’s even more jolly in person.

    Rave: Got to decorate Christmas cookies over lunch today!

    Rant: Buying Christmas presents online because it’s easier to send them straight to Iowa than carry them in my suitcase. But oh, my poor credit card…

    Rant: Can’t find cute, affordable shoes (flats) with good support. I put a gel insole into one pair and it makes my left foot hurt even worse…curious.

    Rave: Going to the Hershey Bears game tonight! It’s not the Caps but I’ll take what I can get.

    • kac427

      Have you tried Clarks or Privo? Privo is part of Clarks but seems to be a little cheaper and have cuter, (relatively) trendier shoes. Their flats are my go-to for walking to work – they look similar to ballet flats but have a much sturdier, more supportive sole.

    • Sorry. They don’t exist. Women, apparently, are not supposed to have arches. I recently bought a pair of Dansko’s, which are expensive and not really cute, but do have good arch support. I’ll look into Privo…

      • Caroline

        Ha, it’s true. I have ridiculously high arches and found it’s easiest if I just wear heels all the time. Not a fan of this flat shoe trend!

    • anongardener

      Seriously. Privos are okay, but for real arch support Danskos are great. Even with Danskos, some styles are better at the arch support than others. I’ve got Ariat boots and Justin boots that have great arch support, too. Most of the shoes out there today are complete crap.

      • anonymous

        I have both Privo and Dansko shoes under my desk right now. After spending my twenties in flip flops and high heels, I’m currently paying the price with a long-lasting case of plantar fasciitis. I love Privo shoes in particular because they are cute (in my opinion). My Danskos are huge and heavy, but they come recommended by podiatrists and those who work in standing professions (i.e., chefs)…

        • anongardener

          Around the age of 28, i looked down and saw my mother’s feet… That scared me right into “good” shoes, and I’m happy to say my feet went back to normal. I just bought some Danskos, and they are lighter than they used to be.

          Ariat FatBabies are the best!

      • Britt

        Two things on my Christmas list: new Danskos and new Ariats :-D Mine are both over 10 years old and after beating them up at the barn they need to be retired. Time for some new ones!

    • Anonymous

      I have a pair of Ecco flats that are super comfy, I spend most of my day standing and walking and wear them all the time. Also Naturalizer has some that are not as orthopedic looking as you might expect from Naturalizer, and they have good arches.

  • Just booked a ticket to go snowboarding in Vermont in March for a long weekend @ Okemo. I have a free place to stay, free lift tickets, and a free ride up to the mountain. 3 days of fresh snow.

    • Britt

      Jealous! Have a wonderful time.

  • Rant: Being sick. Stomach and sore throat since Tuesday. Thought it was a stomach virus and took the day off on Tuesday. Not nearly as sick feeling today, but still feel under the weather.

    Rave: I’m off tomorrow and have a 3 day weekend! Woot!

    Rave/Rant: Holiday party overdrive. 1 party tonight, 3 tomorrow, 2 on Saturday.

    Rant: If I don’t feel any better I may have to sleep it off this weekend.


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