Mi Cocina Tex-Mex Restaurant Coming to Friendship Heights

by Prince Of Petworth December 6, 2012 at 4:30 pm 34 Comments

5471 Wisconsin Avenue

When I was checking out RANGE opening in 5335 Wisconsin Avenue, NW I also saw a sign for a new Tex-Mex restaurant near the Friendship Heights metro. Mic Cocina’s website says:

“Welcome to Mi Cocina where everything we offer is hand-crafted and made fresh daily using authentic Mexican cooking techniques and the finest ingredients available. From our famous, homemade salsa to our mouthwatering, hand-dipped enchiladas, you can taste the freshness and quality in every bite. Relax in our comfortable stylish surroundings with one of our legendary Mambo Taxis® served by our family of warm, friendly and professional staff. It’s our honor to serve you!”

You can see their menu here. They have a lot of locations in Texas – has anyone ever eaten at one?

  • Jason

    When I was going to Ft.Worth a lot for work, it was definitely one of the better options in town for stuff you could eat without having to waddle afterwards. Good quality stuff, tasty, a few somewhat innovative dishes for tex-mex. It’s a good addition.

  • Paul

    This is big news for dc. Great, well respected and hip resto from Dallas. My confusion is with the location…it’s much more a u st or 14th st vibe resto. Tiffany’s, jimmy choo and mi Cocina don’t blend too well in my head.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Before some sticklers go bananas let me just say that this is technically a block north of the DC border in Maryland. 🙂

      • PoP, speaking of things that are right over the D.C. border in Maryland: Have you seen the mural that’s along (if I remember correctly) Rhode Island Avenue on the side of a building just over the D.C.-Maryland line? I remember when I saw it, I thought, “PoP would like this.”

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Nope haven’t seen that one yet!

          • I haven’t been that way in ages, but if I’m around there any time soon, I’ll try to take a photo.

  • nonnymrs

    Per a quick search on Dallas Yelp, the various locations seem to range between 3.5-4, which may translate to a 4+ star rating in these neck of the woods. Sounds very promising.

  • Dena

    Growing up in Dallas, I ate there all the time. A solid Tex-Mex place, if not especially exciting. Their beans and rice are vegetarian, which was a rare find in Dallas (most authentic places use lard/pork).

  • Julie

    Looks pretty good. Wonder how it will fare compared to the Rosa Mexicano that is a couple of blocks away (and terrible my last couple of visits).

  • Heather

    I grew up in the DFW area and I’m ecstatic to see a Mi Cocina coming to DC. I admit part of the excitement is nostalgia. It has consistently delicious food and watch out for the Mambo Taxi!

  • caballero

    On the basis of phonetics (their attempt to explain how Mi Cocina should be pronounced), I am not optimistic. They shouldn’t have bothered…..just put your name up there and let the food, service, and ambience speak for themselves. Instead, they’ve set themselves up as a patronizing and unclear (and wrong) chain restaurant.

    • paulcotton

      +1 on the bad phonetics

  • My wife is from Dallas and Mi Cocina is her favorite restaurant! Was actually at one in Dallas over thanksgiving and had one of the best margaritas i’ve ever had. This will be a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • cammie98

    I lived in Dallas for three years and ate at Mi Cocina occasionally. The restaurant is good and a very welcome addition to DC’s restaurant scene. I too am puzzled by the location.

    • It’s not centrally located and near tons of money and Land Rovers… just like almost everything in Dallas!

  • lisa

    Omg!! From dallas, can’t wait!!

  • It’s MARYLAND not DC!

    Prince of Petworth are you listening?

    This is in Chevy Chase, MD not DC. There is no “NW” in Chevy Chase. It’s TWO blocks north of Western Avenue.

    • Sigh.

      Is it wholly inconceivable that some denizens of Popville might be close enough to this to find it interesting? Why are you blowing a gasket? Relax. I’m looking forward to trying this place out.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha I predicted your outraged comment yesterday in response to the 2nd comment above. Sweet! However, the NW I’m referring to is for RANGE which is in DC. The address for Mi Cocina is under the photo which never had NW written so you can breathe again.

    • Rebecca

      Who cares? It’s two blocks from DC. There’s no real difference (other than taxes) in those blocks between MD and DC.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t forget lower tax at restaurants! 🙂 6% vs 10%.

  • Can’t wait to try this place out. Legit Tex-Mex is pretty much non-existent in DC (or two blocks north of Western for you DC neighborhood parochialists). Another big (and hip, for all the haters) restaurant coup for Friendship Heights.

  • ksuzannec

    I grew up in Dallas and we had take out from MiCocina or went for the margaritas about once a week. The sunset fajitas are sooooo good.

    Who cares that it’s in Chevy Chase?! That area most closely resembles MiCocina’s target marketing in Dallas/Plano. I’m just excited the DC area will finally have a fantastic TexMex restaurant!

  • Sir Douchy

    Wow, hold on, this is in Maryland isn’t it? I’m sorry, but I can’t bring myself to discuss restaurants in the ‘burbs.

    • Anonymous

      It’s 12 min metro ride from Dupont. That’s more accessible than H Street to many of us. Would you go to places a block away, in DC (that imaginary line is Western Ave)?

      • Sir Douchy

        I’m sorry but that’s like telling someone in Panmunjon, Korea that going from the North to the South is just a matter of walking a few yards.

        • The neighborhoods on the edge of the District are suburban enough that there isn’t a huge difference between what’s on either side of the line.

  • V

    Growing up on the Tex/Mex border and living in DFW prior to DC, I can vouch for the authenticity of their food…provided of course that they keep to their recipes, ingridients and preparations…looking forward to it.

  • Lisa B

    Im originally from Texas and LOVE LOVE LOVE this restaurant. This is usually my first stop when I land. Amazing guac & delicious drinks. Cant wait for the opening here!

  • EdH

    I have, in fact I used to do PR for that restaurant group. It’s solid – even if I wasn’t a paid shill for them at one point, I’d still like it as a Texan 🙂

  • Kay Kuhlman

    Combination plates–yippee!! Wish it were more centrally located in DC but I’ll take it for now.

    Also, surprised how many people saying they’re from Dallas. Me too.

  • BrisketTacoFace

    From Dallas and I love this place. As far as I know there are no brisket tacos in DC, so this place will be a Tex-Mex revelation for yall. Mambo Taxi margaritas will knock you on your butt too. El Chucho and EL Centro DF are my two placebos up here, but I look forward to never going back to either if this MiCo’s quality is comparable to home.

  • Native Texan

    I’m from Dallas, LOVE THIS PLACE! SO EXCITED!

  • Cody

    This is the most exciting news I’ve heard in a while! The mambo taxi’s are amazing and there is a limit of 2 or 3 for a reason! I just wish it was going in somewhere on 14th street! Great restaurant though.


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