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Major Progress at 77 H Street, NW – Future Home to Walmart

by Prince Of Petworth December 12, 2012 at 4:00 pm 30 Comments

77 H Street, NW

The building’s website says:

“77H is coming. And with that, so is one of the most convenient, contemporary apartment communities in Washington, D.C. Minutes from the Metro and I-395. An urban Walmart with grocery store downstairs. Shopping, dining and nightlife down the block. 77H is the place where you can have it all in the heart of it all. Don’t miss out.”

  • Anonymous

    I find it so odd that they are building this building with lower floors concrete and upper floors wood structure.

    • cheaper

      It is significantly cheaper to go the stick-built way instead of concrete. Building code for residential allows up to 5 stories of timber construction. Yoou want to go higher you need concrete. By the size of the project, they are probably saving a couple million bucks by keeping it timber.

      • Craig

        It’s a shame that they are opting to do this on the cheap. The apartments will likely be terribly noisy and given the speed they’re going up, very cheaply constructed too. Then again, they’re on top of a Walmart, so it’s hardly surprising.

        • Anonymous

          what separates each unit from one another? just drywall? can people break into units by just ripping through dryway?

          • I think it’s probably best to reserve judgement on the noise levels until people actually live in these apartments. Considering what the rent is going to be I’d be amazed if you can hear your neighbor. Unless they are pounding the bass on level 11.

            There is some type of material that goes between the walls btw. Not sure what it is, but it looks metallic and insulated with a green shell. It’s the same stuff they are putting between the walls at the condos going up on 14th st NE just south of Checkers.

          • Anonymous

            of course they can.

            the floors are concrete in concrete buildings, not the walls. walls are drywall. Shhh don’t tell burglars.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree. I like to tour these new buildings as they go up…just to get a look… and they are all the same: billed as “luxury” apts. But they are all built using mostly cheap materials like faux wood floors, glued on baseboards and trim, paper thin doors and cheap but flashy looking appliances. I had a penthouse apartment in one of these buildings that had an electric stove top with an exhaust hood that led to nowhere…Just a fan that turned on when you pressed the button. This led to fire alarms going off almost everytime I cooked something.

      Yet these developers are getting multi-million dollar, decade long tax abatements that they can defer on and use the tax benefit whenever they want.

      • Anonymous

        Seeing this kind of crap makes me more thankful that I live in an apartment building that was built 55 years ago. Floors and outer walls are all concrete. It’s’ quiet and nothing ever creaks. This place is going to be falling apart 20 years from now.

    • DC20009

      Oddly enough, not too long ago I was thinking about why this construction method isn’t used more frequently in DC – really. It seemed to be the standard for all multi-family projects (up to a medium height) I saw going up when I lived in Seattle, though there the concrete base was often used for enclosed surface parking, with the residences above. I never heard of anyone complain about any particular noise problems living in this style building – if it’s built well noise between units can be blocked.

      • Anonymous

        it’s been used in dc for a while now.

      • anon

        I had to cancel a contract on a condo because during the inspection during the middle of the day I realized that I could hear every single noise in the building. Luckily, in DC you have 15 days to recind the contract on a condo. It was a newer luxury building. Most don’t do the proper soundproofing. You could hear normal footsteps in the hall, people talking upstairs at a normal voice as if they were in your unit. Not worth it for the price tag.

  • Andy

    Have it all? I much rather not have 6 Walmarts. It’s embarassing. The evaluations of how much Walmart kills small businesses is well documented. I guess when you’re in a dense city they need 6 of them to do their normal destruction.

    Then again most of DCs development has been chains anyway…

    • Anonymous

      but also helps consumers…

      • So, Just Sayin’

        Not really. A lot of vendors make an el cheapo version of their core products for the Walmart shelves. You think you’re getting a deal, but it turns out you’re getting shit.

      • Anonymous

        Walmart is cheap at first, but after they’ve driven out the competition, those prices creep up, and the quality and selection in their stores drops precipitously.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I’m sure the city will go into an economic tailspin after they set up shop, just as what happened with Target in Columbia Heights.

      Don’t like Wal-Mart? Don’t shop there.

  • Marq

    I thought this development was going to using brick (on the external). From these photos, it looks like they are using some cheap prefabricated material for the skin.

    • Marq

      meant “use” not “using”.

  • Anonymous

    What happen to GA ave having the 1st Wal-Mart? I went past it the other day and no progress is being made.

  • All I want to know is, will I be able to get some t.p., loaf of bread, socks, flip-flops, fishing line, batteries, some celery, a tooth brush, fix-a-flat, fish food, iodine, wiffle ball set, bug spray, weed-b-gone, mulch, a cake, a desk lamp and a pack of smokes? If i can’t then this isn’t a REAL wal-mart.

    • ChiJimmy

      And don’t forget your mossberg 12g shotgun!! I am hoping Wal-Mart helps bring sanity to DC and we get constitutional gun laws some day.

      • I alredy got the 12g. I will need more ammo and perhaps more stink bait and deer urine.

    • Anonymous

      Of Course. And you’ll be able to do all of your banking there too. And there putting in a crossfit gym. Also, I heard there’s a new vegas style lounge going too. Walmart thinks of everything!

    • me

      Straight Talk Wireless is all I want from Walmart. $45/month on my Lumia920 and I can dump AT&T.

  • Walmarter

    I’m no huge fan of Walmart, and I think they’re wages are too low and that they do put small businesses out of business. However, to be fair, where are the small businesses in that area to be displaced? I live in Shaw and pretty much have to leave the ‘hood as is to get anything other than a sit down meal, carry out or a drink. I don’t see mom and pop retailers all over DC, particularly around NOMA and Truxton Circle. And yea, I’m fine with the ghetto marts, with their thick glass partitions to protect themselves from their customers, being put out of business. If I’m gonna buy potato chip, Dr. Pepper and Mad Dog, I’m doing it in bulk.

    • copperreddc

      Shaw has long been zoned almost exclusively as residential, except on the edges. If you want a mixed use neighborhood you should live elsewhere.

    • anon

      What Walmarter said — in the areas where Wal-Marts are coming to D.C., there are very few “small businesses” other than mini-marts. That’s why people are so excited about Wal-Mart coming.

  • That Man A

    Hail Gonzaga!!

    but im not a fan of the 6 walmarts either… there is no value added to the city with that move being made


    Yay Walmart, DC. I can’t believe they’re making it into the cities too. I guess the corporatist cheerleaders won’t be happy until they get to eat actual humans on a daily basis.


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