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Stinky Safeway Demo Starts on Georgia Ave!!!

by Prince Of Petworth November 8, 2012 at 10:30 am 24 Comments

3830 Georgia Ave, NW

The new Petworth Safeway will be a 62,000 square-foot facility scheduled to open in early summer of 2014. Stay tuned for a naming contest shortly thereafter! You can see a video of the future store here.

Thanks to all who sent emails.

Georgia and Randolph St, NW

  • Plan to use the free shuttle from the Safeway Pharmacy to the Safeway on Georgia and Piney Branch Rd. Used it last week and it went very well.

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, Swanky Safeway!

  • JM

    They start demo work at 7am if anyone likes to watch such things. I know the start time because our bedroom window is approximately thisclose to the bulldozers.

    • saf

      Where are you?

      We’re on 10th, and I was not happy with the shaking this morning.

      • The corner of Georgia and Quincy – the back of the building opens into the now-fenced Safeway parking lot.

        • saf

          Ah, you’re by the front lot. Got it.

      • Yeaaaahhhh!! Just wait until they start with the pile-drivers!! LOL…. Ping.. Ping… Ping………Ping!

        The Safeway in Wheaton Maryland is still under construction after 4 years after closing the old store (as far as I remember) it had a long starting wait, and I think they added a few levels of residential to the plan, but I don’t really expect this building to be done any time soon. Safeway moves slow.

        • saf

          They claim they will be drilling, rather than driving, the piles into the ground.

          I remember the pile-driving for the metro. Lord, that was AWFUL.

    • Which was especially delightful given that they decided to start the day after the election.


  • dat

    That’s the best picture of our Safeway I’ve ever seen!

  • Anonymous

    Where did all these white people come from Safeway?

    • anonymous

      I believe the question should be, “Why did anyone of any ethnicity have to put up with that store for so long?”

  • HOORAY!! Very excited.

  • saf

    At 7 this morning, I woke up to my entire house shaking.

    I am NOT going to enjoy this process.

  • Anonymous

    I actually really liked that building. The arch was cool.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I like the old building much better than the oversized monstrosity that they will put in its place. Same goes for the Giant on Wisconsin Avenue.

      • petwurf

        There’re plenty o’ old-school Safeways around if your nostalgic pangs turn to withdrawals; they were all basically built from the same set of plans.

        For me, I’m guessin’ that the only way to actually get rid o’ that stank was to tear the place down, so I’m with ’em.

  • shep

    The rats are on the run!

    • saf

      They were supposed to do rodent abatement in advance. Let us hope they actually did, or it will be bad.

  • jl

    Alright!! Comes down so quickly. Must be fun smash bricks like donkey-kong.


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