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Ridiculously Awesome Album Cover of the Week

by Prince Of Petworth — November 29, 2012 at 10:01 pm 10 Comments

And a related question this week:

Dear PoPville,

I’ve recently come upon a large collection of random vinyl records, some of which are worthless, others might sell for a good price. I’m 100% inexperienced with selling records, and don’t want to get ripped off. I know that there are a lot of record stores in the city, but I was wondering if you know of any in the Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant/AdMo/Dupont area that are trustworthy/reasonable with their prices.

99% of these album covers come from Som Records on 14th just south of T Street, NW. Any other recommendations?

  • Tim

    Red Onion, Smash, and Crooked Beats record stores are all within blocks of each other on 18th Street in Adams Morgan/Dupont, and they all seem pretty legit.

    • Joint Custody on 18th street is great too.

  • toes

    Give it up for the bass player! Bob Moore, part of the 1960’s Nashville A-Team, you name ’em, he probably played for ‘um – Elvis, Roger Miller, Owen Bradley sessions…he rocked those. That great bass riff at the beginning of “King of the Road”? That’s Bob Moore. Nice wiki blurb –

  • Dennis

    You’re never going to get a great deal from selling to a record store, especially if you insist on selling the batch in bulk. Most places have more inventory than they can move, and obviously used records stores need to give you lower prices than what they think they can sell it for.

    For anything reasonably valuable, you’ll get way better returns just selling them one by one on eBay.

    • To get a sense of each record’s value, check the Amazon.com Marketplace and/or eBay.

      Old records aren’t likely to be worth much unless they’re in good condition AND were in fairly limited release.

  • Anonymous

    sell the valuable ones piece by piece on Discogs & Ebay and sell the rest to a record store in bulk. Yard sales also work for moving volumes of cheap records.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be happy to come by and take a look!

    What types of records are in the collection?

    • matt

      its a really eclectic collection. there’s a lot of willie nelson and waylon jennings, but also classical music and hymns. I live in C heights if you want to take a look.

  • Anonymous

    hey — that’s the Great R. Stevie Moore’s dad!!!!

  • Neal – Som Records

    Som (and all the other stores mentioned) buy records almost every day. Most shops pay, or should pay, between a third to half of what they’re going to end up selling the record for. All the DC shops are fair, a few out in the burbs are not (no I won’t mention names)
    Classical records are a tough sell and most aren’t worth much. They have to be SPOTLESS but that said there are some very expensive classical records out there so check some of your titles before dumping them.
    For expensive records ($25 plus) e-bay is your best bet, under that its not worth the hassle and the fees associated with e-bay. For less expensive records or bulk sales take them to a shop or list them as a lot on craigslist.


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