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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth November 26, 2012 at 10:00 am 69 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user bajidc

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • JE

    Rant: Bike was stolen from outside P Street Whole Foods during Thanksgiving Eve rush–there must have been tons of people around. I guess a cable lock is not sufficient anymore, even for “quick” stop-ins.

    Rave: Thanksgiving Day with my beautiful wife and darling son was delightful.

    • Anonymous

      Ugh, sorry about your stolen bike. Question: Is a cable lock that thickish-looking wire kind of lock? I am asking because I think all you would need is a good wire cutter. I’m not expert with tools but I would think something like a U-lock (stainless steel) might be better? Not that you couldn’t cut your way through that but it seems like it would take longer, be harder to do?

      • Anonymous

        That’s why U Locks are the preferred method of locking up a bike. My ex had a similar thing happen when her bike was locked with a cable right outside the Dupont Circle metro during rush hour.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Swept leaves for an hour the weekend before Thanksgiving. Swept leaves for another hour the day before Thanksgiving. Came home after Thanksgiving weekend to find leaves four inches deep in my yard and on my sidewalk.

    • Bad_Leaves

      OMG!!! I so agree with you. I swept my entire front yard/porch Thanksgiving morning only to wake up the next day with 3x’s more leaves than the day before. Not Fair!!!

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t the raking of leaves worth all the beauty of Fall and the colorful leaves? Imagine this: Soon, we’ll be trading in leaves for the possibility of snow and then some will be shoveling snow instead of raking leaves.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, and I actually like raking leaves (and shoveling snow) to a certain extent. It was just annoying because I got home after dark, after sitting in traffic for hours, and had a lot of things to do around the house and was not in the mood to be out there sweeping leaves. But the DPW leaf collectors are supposed to be coming this week and I didn’t want to risk missing them, and I was also worried that someone might slip on them if I left them out.

        • Identified

          To make you chuckle:
          last week the DPW leaf collectors were going around in Adams Morgan. And the guy with the blower who was supposed to be blowing the leaves out from under the cars into the road so the truck could suck them up… blew all the leaves from the street onto the sidewalk and up against the houses.

          He and his friends with the rakes then chuckled and moved on down the block. FWIW

          • I was wondering about that. I was gone for only a few days, and returned to find that the treebox areas (where I’d raked the leaves from my sidewalk and a bunch of other people’s sidewalks) were leaf-free, but my yard and basement stairs were suspiciously covered in leaves.

  • Rant: Husband shrunk a new sweater and I’m not sure I can stretch it back.

    Rant: Store no longer carries sweater in same color.

    Revel: Gave sofa, which was free to us, to my brother. Only had to pay for Zipvan rental. Paying it forward!

    Rant: Only seating in living room is the loveseat, which gets crowded with two people and two spoiled dogs. Need to order replacement sofa!

    Revel: Painted living room this weekend, can now put up holiday decorations.

    • Anonymous

      Re: shrunken sweater. Not sure if you can “stretch” it back…depends upon the material and how much it shrunk. If it’s a matter of being a little misshapen, you might be able to take a damp sweater and reshape it back to a better shape. If it’s shrunk so much that now it would only fit a doll, not sure you can bring it back to life.

    • Anonymous

      Could be worse. I accidentally machine washed a handknit sweater once, and it shrunk down to something a small doll could have worn. It takes me over a year to knit a sweater so I was pretty devastated.

    • take the sweater to the dry cleaner and have them size it for you – much better than stretching it on your own. I’ve done this and end up with a belly showing sweater with long sleaves.

    • Anonymous

      Had the same problem recently. If it can’t be stretched back to shape, there are lots of tutorials on how to reuse parts of old sweaters.

    • When I was little I had a teddy bear with a very cute wool cardigan that had once been mine, but had been washed in hot water and shrunk.


      • Anonymous

        Heh, I loved this anecdote.

  • eabod

    Question: Does anyone have Sprint with an Iphone? I’m about to upgrade my 4S to a 5 and if I can leave Verizon and still get good coverage, then that’s a bonus.

    • I have a 4S with sprint. Coverage is all right. My mom has verizon, her network speed seems a little quicker. On the other hand, she has to talk in one spot in my apartment without having a dropped call, while I don’t have any problems in that department (I live right by Meridian Hill Park).

      So if you are an avid data user, you mgiht want to pass on Sprint. If you aren’t (beyond wifi), then you should be fine.

    • anon

      from what I’ve heard is that Sprint’s 3G network is pretty slow and unusable. but I think they’re starting to deploy LTE in DC so you’ll get some silly speeds once that is done. As far as coverage, from what I heard it’s not as good as ATT or Verizon so you will be sacrificing there.

      • It certainly can be slow, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is unusable. I’d say 90% of the time, it works perfectly well here in DC. When I am back in the SF Bay Area, it works even better. I haven’t really used it in other metro areas yet.

        • Oh, to add: in Chicago it worked fine too. As far as coverage goes, I’ve had better coverage with Sprint in rural areas than friends with AT&T have had. Also much, much better than t-mobile in those areas. One reason I switched to Sprint is it is only one of two that work at my parents place in a semi-isolated area of NorCal (the other network being Verizon).

          Sorry, starting to sound like a Sprint salesman here. It does have its drawbacks, but it isn’t that bad either.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know much about Sprint’s network, but I recently got the iPhone 5, and LTE data speeds on Verizon in DC are crazy fast.

  • Rant- I love going home to see my family, but traveling over thanksgiving weekend really sucks.

    Rant- Amtrak is a joke

    Rave- spending time playing with my adorable niece and nephew was worth all the hours of travel delays I endured this weekend.

    • Anonymous

      +1 to Amtrak Rant
      +1 to hanging out with adorable nieces and nephews!

  • Anonymous

    Very random question: Is there anyplace to get a Meyer lemon tree in DC?

    • Anonymous

      Try JOhnsons Nursery off of Wisconsin Avenue. They have the biggest selection in DC proper so you may have luck there. If not, Benke out past college park might have one.

      • Anonymous

        Damn, those are far away. Thanks though!

    • saf

      Call Frager’s (on the hill).

    • anongadener

      Also try Gingko Gardens, in Capitol Hill. They have a good variety of unusual plants – a Meyer Lemon tree sounds right up their alley.

  • MP

    First Thanksgiving without my mom (who died last month). Sad, but we got through it reasonably well.

    And it was my first time cooking the Thanksgiving meal, this year for my father, siblings and nephews. The food was great by all accounts. That’s a rave.

    • Anonymous

      So sorry about your mom.

  • Rave: People who remember you and are willing to do immense favors for you even though you haven’t talked to them in five years. SO grateful!

    Rant? I have been housebound for over a week studying, with the exception of a Thanksgiving jaunt in Rock Creek. When I emerge tomorrow, it will be like the naked mole rat glimpsing his first ray of sunlight…

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget to put clothes on!

      • Haha- yeah, I actually changed out of my pajamas for the first time today and put on jeans even though I’m not going anywhere just because I felt so slovenly…

  • dcl

    Question for the PoP community – does anyone have a cleaning service/person they like? Mind sharing how much you pay? Recently got a quote for cleaning our small two bedroom rowhouse and trying to see if it is competitive or not. We were quoted $150 for a two bedroom place and the person said it would take about 4 hours to clean. Does that sound right? Thanks in advance!

    • $80/week for a 1 bedroom apartment. Takes the couple around an hour to clean. It’s a bit pricey, but they’re very dependable and do a great job.

    • Anonymous

      Seems pretty high – we used to pay $100 for a twice-a-month, deep clean of bathrooms, kitchen and common areas of a 5 bedroom house. They were usually in and out in 3 hours.

    • sue

      That seems a little high – I pay the green mop about $105 every 3-4 weeks for my small 2 bedroom.

      But that’s a good hourly rate, so depending on the size of the apartment, how messy you are, pets, etc, I don’t think they’re ripping you off.

    • kittyfoster

      For a one-time only deep clean, that sounds typical. My cleaning people charge less per visit the more frequently they come. So for 1-bedroom once a month I pay $90, if I went twice a month I think it went down to $75, if I had them just come in once with no regular schedule it would be more than $90.

      • Anonymous

        This sounds like a visit to the dentist – deep clean. I didn’t know they referred to house cleaning that way, too.

    • Anonymous

      Has anyone ever had a Groupon-type housecleaning deal work out? I bought one a while ago but the company never answered their phone (fortunately I was able to get a refund). I decided to try again with a different company that has good Yelp reviews, but I had little choice in when it could be scheduled and was forced to take a Tuesday window of 10-2. If I’m going to take a day off work for housecleaning I might as well be cleaning it myself, but I’m stuck having to do it now.

      • I tried 3 or 4 and it was hit or miss. One service never cleaned the shower (when I specified to focus on the master bathroom!). I also ended up having to take time off from work (which defeated the cost savings!) since they never had weekend appts.

    • we pay $150 for two levels of our town house (around 1500 sq ft. for the two).

    • Anonymous

      Thats a lot. Did you get the quite from a service? they always seem to charge about double. I was paying $65 for bi weekly cleaning in a two bedroom condo. Now pay $85 for a row house. Found someone on craigslist and have been using her for over 7 years now.

      • dcl

        Mind sharing the name or contact information? The quote was from an individual – she was recommended by a neighbor.

  • Britt

    Rant: Plenty of interesting stuff to work on and no billable hours to work on it. Waiting on senior staff…
    Rant: Billable hours on another project but nothing to do…Client sitting on comments on deliverables and we cannot move forward!
    Rave: I have a job that has interesting work. I had an awesome four day weekend giving thanks and eating.

    • So glad to hear someone else on this planet use the word “deliverables” and know what it means!

      • Anonymous

        I think you’ll find a lot of people in DC that do. Outside of DC, maybe not so much.

      • You say that as if it’s a rare thing. I promise you there is no shortage of folks in this town who know what “deliverables” means.

        • Babies that don’t require a C-section?

        • I don’t…care to fill me in?

          • anotheranon

            A tangible product that a person and/or team works on to fulfill one or more obligations of a contract outlining the scope of a project. It can be something as simple as a project plan to a huge methodology created from scratch, and everything in between…. hope that helps! (I’m taking a break from working on a few right now- ha!)

        • Anonymous

          call girls?

          • Sorry – it this actually a real thing? Like an actual definition? Do you realize it has no meaning whatsoever – in any universe?

            “A tangible product that a person and/or team works on to fulfill one or more obligations of a contract outlining the scope of a project. It can be something as simple as a project plan to a huge methodology created from scratch, and everything in between”

          • I hate office buzz-talk more than anyone but yes, it’s a real thing. If you agree with your client that you will give them a report on January 1, that is a “deliverable”. As in, you will deliver the report to them by January 1.

            While anotheranon’s explanation was correct it totally sounds like it was written by someone who inhabits the world of deliverables. (no offense, anotheranon!)

          • anotheranon

            Unfortunately, it is a real thing. I came up with that definition describing what I was working on at the time. And yes, I’m a consultant.

  • Carol

    (Possible) Rave: I wonder if the Hanoi House – the new Pho place at Blackbyrd – opened up yesterday as scheduled?? Did anyone hear??

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Opening tomorrow (Tuesday)!

      • Carol

        Thanks, PoP! You’re the best.

  • Anonymous

    Neither rant nor revel, more like random: Christmas (sorry, it wasn’t generic holiday) music playing in stores before Thanksgiving. Weird to hear it when shopping for turkeys, etc.

  • question

    hey, popville…
    anyone know anything about the Peroni signs that have gone up at the long-vacant Talbot’s on Conn Ave? I was filled with mirth and merriment at the prospect of a new haunt on Conn Ave.

  • Rant: Pie. A friend brought a delicious smelling, store bought pie to Thanksgiving, but when we opened the plastic cover, we discovered it had mold. So I had a pie-less Thanksgiving :(

    Rave: Another friend made a delicious cake, and I am thankful for all the great food (that I didn’t have too cook).

    • Anonymous

      Ew, that sounds gross! That’s why I like to have more than 1 pie. Wonder how long the pie had been around for since it was just only Thanksgiving, not like it was 2 holidays ago. Maybe they got it at Hellers. Heh.

      • Lol, was totally waiting for the Heller’s joke to crop up. :D

      • Ha ha! I thought Hellers, too, but nope, it was from Whole Foods. They’d bought it the day before. To be fair, they took it back and the WF people were very apologetic and gave them a refund/non-moldy replacement.

      • Bring back the Heller’s cake!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Was single for 1.5 years. Then I fall for a guy and he dumps be after a month. The worst part is that I was perfectly happy before he came along, I had finally learned to like being single and now I’m all insecure and depressed and lonely. Argh!

    • Anon

      This reminded me of the lyrics from the X song True Love: “Loneliness is fine, until you find someone who has to stay away; pulls apart your wishbone, but you get to wish; loneliness is never the same again.”

    • Anonymous

      Bummer, sorry to hear that. Once you get over the sting of it, try to take those lessons learned about being happy when single and put those into *practice* again. If you were happy then, you can be happy again. Happiness isn’t fleeting, it’s temporarily interrupted.


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