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Del Frisco Steakhouse Coming to CityCenter Downtown

by Prince Of Petworth — November 16, 2012 at 11:30 am 18 Comments

City Center Rising Downtown at 9th-11th Street, NW

Last Friday we spoke about the type of retail/restaurants we were looking forward to seeing at the gigantic CityCenter DC project downtown. Last night ANC Rep Rachelle Nigro tweeted a piece of the puzzle:

Del Frisco Steakhouse coming to CityCenter project”

In June Del Frisco’s Grille opened in the long vacant Les Halles space at 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. It’ll be interesting to see if the Del Frisco’s coming to CityCenter will be a proper steakhouse or a Grille. You can see the Steakhouse menus here. You can see the Grille menu here.

  • ah

    I know nothing about Del Frisco’s except what I read in the ads in seemingly every airline magazine ever printed.

    • ah

      I guess I should specify I mean “Del Frisco”, because that’s what I’ve see the ads for, not “Del Frisco’s grill”

      Can’t be too careful with the unnecessary apostrophe’s around here.

      • saf

        You did that on purpose, right?

  • kw

    Does this city really need another steakhouse? I’m disappointed that they are wasting space in CityCenter for this restaurant.

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious when they will start rolling out the retail announcements?

  • After a lot of hype, CityCenter will end up being a lot of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • DB

    I would rather another 100 steakhouses than another Jose Andres “small plate” ripoff joint. At least at the Palm or Capital Grille I know that if I spend $60 on dinner I will not leave hungry.

    • Mary

      I agree completely. My first thought on seeing their menu was “Thank goodness it’s not another small plate restaurant.” And I am also glad it does not seem to be a themed restaurant that is trying too hard.

    • Anonymous

      All small plate joints are a rip-off; biggest sham thrust upon the American diner yet people keep lining up for it.

    • big

      you can spend 60 on tapas and still be hungry? not me, and i’m a big 240 lbs guy.

      i like tapas just fine.

  • Anonymous

    Sort of off topic, but does anyone else feel a bit ripped off that so much prime space is going to restaurant-repeats? Free markets and supply and demand notwithstanding, how many Matchboxes, Pho14s, Ted’s Bulletins, or other micro-chains do we need?

    To whine for just a moment: I wish that more space in the city was used for a variety of restaurants rather than copying each restaurant and pasting it in a new neighborhood, .e.g the 14th street Matchbox, Chinatown Matchbox, etc.

    Wouldn’t more variety be nice? Ok, you can all bring on the comments telling me how I should a) move to the suburbs b) quit whining c) embrace capitalism, and so on

    • kw

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

    • saf

      Amen brother/sister!

    • Anonymous

      I was saying this exact samething to myself this morning as I drove by Five Guys at NY metro stop. I drive by there everymorning for work and only this morning I noticed it. Guess I’m so used to seeing Five Guys that it didn’t register. Guessing the samething will happen once the Washington Gateway is completed. Same ole chain stores.

    • At least Pho 14 is a good bit cheaper than the others… or is it? (Haven’t been there yet.)

  • Anonymous

    Why do we need to sibling restaurant to be opened within the same neighborhood, just a few blocks from the other? A little variety might be nice.

    • Well, other than the name, there isn’t too much similar in these two restaurants. Very different menus.


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