Scuttlebutt: Vegetarian Restaurant Coming to Bloomingdale from Owner of Domku?

by Prince Of Petworth October 26, 2012 at 10:30 am 34 Comments

100 block of Rhode Island Ave, NW

Back in July a reader passed on some scuttlebutt that a vegetarian restaurant could be coming to the former YESSS Uniforms space on the 100 block of Rhode Island Ave, NW near Boundary Stone. I’ve again heard rumors that a vegetarian restaurant was hoping to come to the space and I’ve heard the owner is the same owner as Petworth’s Domku Cafe. I emailed the owner for confirmation but she says nothing has been finalized. Stay tuned.

  • Anonymous


  • anon

    I had heard this rumor a while ago… but didn’t know it was the owner of Domku… one of my favs! Here’s to hoping things go smoothly.

  • Hmm

    That’s funny. Cuz when my friend emailed Domku about several of us coming in and asked what on the menu was vegan or could be made vegan, the response was quite dismissive and rude. Oh well. Maybe it was a bad day. Hope this rumor is true!

    • nonbeliever

      I want to like Domku but when the only vegan options are drinks, it’s hard to justify with how pricey they are. While Domku does have some vegetarian options I don’t imagine this restaurant will be vegan friendly if run by the same folks.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t imagine this restaurant will be friendly to anyone if run by the same folks, vegan or not.

    • Vegan != Vegetarian

  • cavexin

    exciting about vegetarian fare, however by domku? crappy service and overpriced!!!

  • ‘Nonymous

    While I love Domku’s food, their service is absolutely atrocious, so much so that after the last really bad experience (90 minute wait for food & only half the order ever came out, couldn’t get even so much as a glass of water in 2 hours we were there, rude wait staff) I haven’t been back. Please, please if this is the same owner, put the effort into ensuring the service is good.

    • former Domku fan

      + infinity. used to go there a lot, when it opened, and was treated rudely by the owner SO many times — as a REGULAR (the staff back then was OK and seemed to really try to make up for the owner’s rudeness). she simply does not understand the hospitality aspect of the hospitality industry. i refuse to go back and be treated so poorly in a restaurant that is mediocre and pricey. there are far too many other good options where one can get value and be respected as a customer.

      • AR

        Agreed. I emailed with a question once. Took three tries and over a month to get a response and she was incredibly rude. Hello, I am trying to come to your BUSINESS to pay you MONEY. I replied telling her I think she’d forgotten the hospitality part of the hospitality industry. Sounds like my experience wasn’t unique. We won’t go to Domku, or to this place if it’s owned by the same people/run in the same way.

  • bb

    This would be awesome. With Boundary Stone and the soon-to-be bakery next door, that would make an excellent core of options. Way to go, Bloomingdale!

    • CA

      Is that still in the works?

      • anon

        Grassroots Bakery appears to be making great progress, they look fairly close to opening. Nothing really updated on their blog, but the have display cases and a lot of the build out done when I walked by a few days ago.

  • Anonymous

    whats going on with showtime?

    • anon

      was this the bar that was supposed to go in across the street from these places? if so… i’d also be interested in an update. haven’t seen much going on over there.

      • Anonymous

        yup, that one. haven’t heard anything in a long time.

        • anon

          Liquor app notices still posted in the window with a handful of other permits, but I’ve seen no actual work

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be really upset if they don’t have veal and prime rib on the menu!

    • Anonymous

      uh huh.

  • Anonymous

    Domku sounds obnoxious just based on their website… condescending…

    • I found it off-putting that for a long time, they had no exterior signage indicating their name. You had to already know where the place was.

      • Anonymous

        it’s not like it is some hidden club.

  • Anonymous

    so complaints about poor or rude service should be dismissed as someone just being a “hater”?

    it’s actually reason enough for me to not want to go.

    • goodspirits

      I have worked in the restaurant business for years. It is understandable if the your waiting awhile b/c the servers are short staffed. But the server could be gracious and apologetic while appearing to be providing service. I have experienced the opposite at Domku and it seems after YEARS that this attitude must be passed down via the owner’s odd disdain for customers.

  • Anonymous

    I’m rarely one to use the “I’ve been to restaurant X and the service was crappy” anecdote, but I’ve gotta concur: I’ve been to Domku twice and both times the service was abysmal. The first time I sat *at the bar* in full view of the people working behind it who consistently ignored me and my then-gf, people who treated us as if I’d publicly indicated I’d just returned to DC from my baby-seal slaughtering job in Alaska . The second time I managed a table, and the service was DC DMV slow. IMHO, Domku is Vegetarianism’s answer to any Gillian Clark restaurant.

    • Anonymous

      When I got my license last month, I was in and out in less than an hour…judging from the commenter above (90-minute Domku wait), it sounds like the DMV is leaving Domku in the dust, efficiency-wise! ;)

  • XO

    Personally, I’m looking forward to this. I went to Domku with my boyfriend and his parents. The waitress was very attentive and pointed out the vegetarian options on the menu for us (bf and I are both vegetarians). The vegetarian Swedish meatballs were amazing, and we didn’t have the slow service that others mention. Bloomingdale’s a little far away from where we live, but we’ll definitely make the trip at least once.

  • kk

    I’ve heard about Domku’s service for some time, but have always had good service when I’ve gone. I agree the owner seems to be aloof but I’ve never had her or any server be rude to me. I also really like the food and the fact that it offers a different cuisine you don’t see very often as well as good comfort food–swedish meatballs and the grits bake at brunch are scrumptious

    • saf

      Yeah, I find this confusing.

      Keira has always been nice IME. Not bubbly and effusive, but pleasant and welcoming.

      As for the staff – some batches have been better than others. I found the last batch quite bad. But the current set is far more professional, and I hope that will continue. And when I got bad service, I spoke to Keira, told her what was going on, and she really did deal with it.

      As for the food – it can be slow. It’s a small kitchen. But it is good, and I find it to be fair value for what you get.

  • Dave C.

    Boooooo vegetarians

    • Anonymous

      awww. don’t worry bubba. more meat for you!

  • Anonymous

    I had the rudest service I have ever had here. I will never go back when there are so many other options. I wonder if they know how many restaurants fail due to bad service and ownership.

    • Anonymous

      Considering that they’re going strong after many years maybe your patronizing patronage is irrelevant to their success.

      • fghi

        I has to be that the only reason Domku is still in business is a lack of competition (maybe that diner will change things). The place can’t even make a decent cup of coffee; it’s house coffee tastes like Folgers instant mixed with sawdust. In B’dale there will be competition so assume effort will have to be made.


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