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  • How many friggin taco places can the 14th Street corridor sustain???

    If they really wanted to make a killing (and justify the insane up-front investment of rebuilding that whole place), they should open a sushi restaurant. There’s no decent sushi options anywhere near 14th (Tsunami off 14th & RI is SHIT).

    • Anonymous

      Lots of buildings still available. You should open one.

    • roccocco

      Where is there another place I can get a taco on 14th besides distrito federal? I can’t wait to have a new option.

      • Anonymous

        El Chilango on 12th and V. Best tacos around.

  • Tom

    Isn’t this the place that the small new liquor license protest group called the Shaw-Dupont Citizen Alliance is fighting?

    • Anonymous

      As they should. Who knows what percent of some random number of people might come here if it’s not a moldy shell of a building. Progress must be stopped at all costs.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, this is the place — one of many — that the SDCA proudly boasts in its meeting minutes that it is protesting. Please, people, VOTE AGAINST DAN WITTELS FOR ANC REP.

  • Anonymous

    This place has gone constantly downhill in quality while raising prices since opening in Capitol Hill. You should have seen the fish taco I had a couple of weeks ago. After years of fantastic fish tacos, I got cold soggy tortillas, two tiny bite-sized pieces of overbreaded fish, a couple of strands of cabbage and a dollop of a pretty terrible crema.

    Perhaps moving can revitalize it.

  • What is needed near 14th & U is a bagel shop. How can it be that we don’t have one yet? A decent bagel shop would be an instant home run.

    • gabs

      Agreed! I stood in a line 20 people deep for Bethesda bagel in Dupont on Sunday morning. It was worth it since the bagel was awesome, but i did walk all the way from my apt at 15th and T because there’s nothing else close by.

      • Schmear

        Right On… Bethesda Bagels would be oh so packed if they opened another location on 14th, Luv their bagels

  • Anonymous

    For a really great bagel try So’s Your Mom at 1831 Columbia Rd NW.

    As far as tacos go- this is the best taco i’ve had in DC and i’ve tried a bunch!!!! I’m so excited they are moving close to home!!! I highly suggest their salsa verde on everything!!!

    • Anonymous

      So has GREAT bagels. yet undrinkable coffee. but really, the bagels are right on.


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