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  • saf

    Wow. First Brown’s, now Rita’s.

    This is sad.

    • The prices at Ritas were getting out of control. They started out as a very affordable place, but then prices skyrocketed to more than you’d pay for a truly “sit down” meal. You can get the same kind of food at Caribbean Sea in Takoma Park. You still have Sweet Mangos… After the fire renovation… I do miss Browns Bakery though.

      • Anonymous

        If you’re near Kennedy St., try Andrene’s.

  • Anonymous

    No more water ice on Georgia Avenue anymore, either :-(

    • Anonymous

      It’ll be back in January. Happens every year.

      • Kam

        Not every year, don’t think it was there last year as a matter of fact.

        • Anonymous

          There curry goat rotis are really good.


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