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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth September 24, 2012 at 10:00 am 69 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric Spiegel

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Caroline

    Rant: Trying to get rid of some tickets to the Madonna show tonight and all the potential buyers have been flaky. Is anyone interested in buying them from me? I have three in Section 106, Row G. Face value is $193 but I’ll seriously consider any offers at this point.

    • I’ll give you my first born child ;)

      • Caroline

        Too bad I don’t like children. :)

        • You are in luck! I don’t ever want kids, so there will be no first born!

          • Caroline

            Haha, perfect!

        • 16th Street Heights

          I love children as long as they aren’t mine. LOL

    • yunkstahn

      Madonna! Wow! What will you take for two of them?

      • Caroline

        How does $300 sound?

        • i am interested in buying 2 of these tickets from you … do you still have them?

        • Not sure if my first reply went through … do you still have these tickets available?

          • Caroline

            I’m actually getting a ton of responses all of a sudden. Despite the delayed start her show last night was apparently very good and some of the people I spoke to want to go again. Unfortunately it’s all groups of two… trying to find someone who will buy all three or just one.

          • Caroline

            Lars, are you still interested? Give me a call or text at 571-213-4142. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      I was told she came out 2 1/2 hours late for her concert last night. Whats up with that?

    • yunkstahn

      Alas, I wasn’t able to convince my concert-going companion. Count me out. (But I’m glad you’re getting other interest in the tix!)

  • lovessoldier

    Rant: Unwanted items are supposed to be discarded in the alley after calling bulk trash. This is the second week in a row I have come out of the house only to be greeted by someone’s trash entitled “please take”. If you post stuff on Craigslist for others to pick up, please put the items in the ALLEY. To do otherwise encourages rodents to hide in your unwanted items, besides it’s an eye sore and not very neighborly.

  • Rave – Sweet new desk chair! My old one was giving me back problems, and Boss Lady agreed to let me get a new one. My spine is happy now.

    Rant – The passing of the panda cub. I’m genuinely sad about this. He (or she) was a ray of sunshine in the midst of all the bad stuff going on lately–rancor over politics, the riots in Libya, chick-fil-a, the bad economy, Metro, and everything else that keeps us occupied on a daily basis.

    Hope he’s munching happily on all the bamboo he can get his paws on in panda heaven.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: The weather
    Rave: The weather
    Rave: The weather
    Rave: The weather
    Rave: The weather

  • aohk87

    Rant: Was sick Thursday-Sunday and wasn’t able to leave the house. Fever, exhaustion, loss of appetite, the works. Couldn’t go to the Stars concert on Sunday night, which I had really been looking forward to.

    Rant: Come to work Monday still feeling like crap, only to find that over the weekend someone had used my credit card number to make several hundred dollars in charges in Texas.

    Rave: Awesome boyfriend. Picking out engagement rings with him to pass the time while sick.

    Rave: Having USAA as my bank, and their awesome customer service and quick action.

    Rave: My job, and having money, and not needing to steal.

    • MtPer

      +1 to USAA. They are the best!

  • MotorMary

    Rave: Best weekend ever, it has been a very long time coming.

    Rave: The weather!!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Rave: The Weather
    Rave: The little kitten on the MBT near Rhode Island Avenue. Has anyone else seen her? I’ve named her “Branch” and I sure wish I could take her in!

    • That little kitty is so cute! I started seeing her a week or two ago in the evening. The first time a couple of women were trying to coax her off the trial onto the side. The next night there were three people there, one taking pictures. I saw her last Wednesday (I think) for the first time in the morning, just sitting right in the middle of the trail. I was just about to pass another biker and thankfully noticed why he was slowing down. I’d love to take her home too, but I’m pretty sure my dogs would freak.

      • Anonymous

        I was probably one of those women! I hope to find her a home before the winter comes. Keep an eye on her for me!

    • NoSleepTillBrookland

      Was talking to this pretty little kitty this morning. Although she still won’t let em pet her. Somebody is supplying her with food and water so she’s always around. I would definitley take her if the wife woudl ok it

      • Anonymous

        I try to give her food and water at least every other day. My next task is to get her to come to me. She wants so badly to be friends!

  • Britt

    Rant: Eyes dilated- ugh!
    Rave: Nothing serious wrong with my eyes (other than terrible eyesight)- I was so worried.
    Rave #2: Awesome weekend – so many fun festivals, gorgeous weather, my best friend and his boyfriend visiting, biking everywhere, great food.
    Rave #3: Baked doughnut recipes. I need a doughnut pan!! Or maybe I don’t need a doughnut pan….

    • Caroline

      Weird, I was JUST looking at donut pans on Amazon. Very tempted to get one.

  • Rant: Work is a drag.

    Rave: Had a pretty great weekend: Saturday night at the Hillwood Museum, then a lazy Sunday.

  • Rave: found a great new apartment in Georgetown

    Rant: I’m not sure if I’d like living in Georgetown. I’ve only been in DC for a year and haven’t really spent a lot of time outside my Adams Morgan/Mt Pleasant/Columbia Heights bubble. I’ve been to Georgetown a few times, but only for shopping. But it’s a gorgeous apartment, safe neighborhood, and my commute to Foggy Bottom should be easy. But I’m afraid it will be too stuffy/snobby for me. Does anyone in PoPville live in Georgetown (or Glover Park)? I’d love a local’s opinions or pros/cons of the area.

    • The major downside, in my view, would be the near-constant traffic on M St. It slows to a crawl during rush hour, and Friday and Saturday nights are a complete clusterfark. But if you’re going to Foggy Bottom, that’s not that far…are you planning to walk to work?

      • I work sorta in between Foggy Bottom and Farragut West. I do plan on walking to work on nice days. Also it seems there are multiple bus lines along Wisconsin/M street and other routes along Q St into Dupont and Farragut Square that I can take.

        • That is true, the 31, 32, 36, and the Circulator all go to Farragut or somewhere near it, so from a commuting standpoint you’re probably OK.

          I worked in the GT neighborhood for several years; it’s a very attractive area, certainly, with lots of old houses and boutiques. M has a lot of shopping, if you’re into that. There’s a great grocery store option in the Social Safeway on Wisconsin….seriously, it approaches Wegmans levels of awesomeness!

          If you’re going to be living around GT campus or Burleith, there always seems to be tension between the students and the neighbors; not sure how much of that is the students’ fault, and how much of that is the neighbors digging in their heels with a “you kids get off my lawn” mentality….but it’s there nevertheless, and never really seems to get satisfactorily resolved. If you’re not near the campus, this probably won’t be a big deal.

      • Anonymous

        I lived in Gtown for 2 years and avoided driving on M Street. There is simply no need to get into that clusterf**k. There are plenty of other side street and back-ways to get into and around Gtown. You’ll learn them in time.

        I know people talk all types of shit on Gtown, but it really is the most beautiful neighborhood in DC. Oh, and you’ll quickly learn all the d-bags that give Georgetown a bad rep are not residents.


      • Anonymous

        I live in Georgetown and expected the traffic on M street and Wisconsin avenue to be a nightmare. I rarely need to use either street, you will find your shortcuts and tricks to avoid them and not have any issues. I thought parking would also be terrible and it has been fine, never have to circle around looking for parking. Depending upon where you move in Georgetown, you can easily walk to all the Georgetown restaurants/shops, Dupont and Foggy Bottom. Most of the downsides I feared when moving to Georgetown haven’t turned into problems at all.

    • I live in GP – and fist traffic on M is bad but it is probably not any worse than Columbia Heights around 14th and Columbia.
      As far as snobby – not any more snobby than the lobby of some of the new luxury buildings in the rest of the city – and probably less. There are some popped collars but pretty harmless. The best part is that it is really liveable with all the parks, restaurants, shoping and close-in location. With bikeshare – you can really avoid the traffic during evening rush hour – so welcome to the ‘hood!

      • Thanks for all the Georgetown info, PoPville! Decided to apply for the apartment, fingers crossed it all works out :-)

  • Rave: Job offer received today!

    Rant: wallet empty until payday due to unforeseen expenses, anyone got good cheap eats ideas?

    Rant: Just got a warning for zone parking compliance at my temporary apartment, I only need 2 more month guys… They gave me 15 days, and I’ll have to take the day off work to go to the DMV office to explain this…

    • Anonymous

      Aditi Indian Kitchen in the Union Station food court. 2 entrees w/ rice and naan for $7. And the have big samosas for $0.99.

      • Sweet! I love Indian Food! :)I keep forgetting the food court at Union Station and the bourbon chicken spot there. I’m saved! :)

  • Rave: Fabulous, fabulous weekend that made me glad to be alive and living in this city.
    Rant: Stupid work computer acting up again.
    Rave: The weather!

  • sadams

    Rant: Baby Panda.


  • Rebecca

    Rant — Disgusting lunch at Hill Country this weekend. Most everything was inedible — dried-out ribs, rubbery chicken with soggy skin, so-so brisket, congealed mac & cheese. Really frustrating.

    • I work near Hill Country & have found their food in general to be disappointing and overpriced for the quality.

  • Kam

    Rant: Stupid cold I caught on Thursday before my long weekend doesn’t want to just go away.

    On another note, can someone give me advice or steps on blowing up/starting up/creating a nice yard with nice grass. I like a lot of others have to deal with the bs dc grass/weeds but I really want a nice lush yard. Any suggestions on what I should do to create that? I am told the fall is actually a good time to do it. I want to start from scratch and would like to do it myself rather than hiring a company.


    • Anony

      Here are the steps:
      1. Use weed killer (e.g., Roundup) to kill the entire lawn.
      2. Wait until everything is brown.
      3. Till the lawn (highly suggest using a roto tiller).
      4. Rake up all the debris (i.e., dead grass and weeds).
      5. Spread seed and cover with thin layer of peat moss or burlap.
      6. Water twice a day until it snows.

      • If your yard is small, you can forgo the weed killer by covering the lawn in tarps, weighted down with something heavy like bricks or rocks. After a week or two without light, everything will be dead. Then you can just go from there. Roundup is nasty sh*t and best avoided in my opinion.

        • Also, you can put down sod instead of starting from seed. I’m no expert and can’t speak to the pros and cons of seed vs. sod, except that sod is obviously more expensive.

      • If you go the Round-up route, don’t use it on a windy day.

    • I’ve done lawn renovations/restarts a few times (and just finished one last week, the grass is starting to grow pretty well). If you want to totally blow it up and start from scratch, it’s a little late in the season to do that, especially if you are doing it yourself.

      You definitely have a window of a couple weeks to renovate, though. Getting a lush lawn takes a couple of years of hard work, but here are steps for a good start.

      1) If you have lots of large weeds, remove them by hand. Normally you could apply a weed killer, but it’s too late in the season to do that. because you need to wait a few weeks between applying weed killer and seeding.

      2) Mow the lawn down to a little under an inch, the lowest or second-lowest setting on your mower will work.

      3) De-thatch the lawn. Most people skip this step but it’s important if you want to establish roots, as it removes all the dead grass and other matter from the topsoil. If your lawn isn’t huge, you can do this with a rake. They have special thatch rakes at Home Depot/Lowes for about 20 bucks that make it easier. Otherwise, you may want to rent a de-thatcher machine.

      4) Aerate. You can rent an aerator at the hardware store. They also have manual core aerators you can buy, and if you have a small lawn, not a bad choice.

      5) Spread topsoil down on bare spots and dead spots.

      6) Seed the lawn. Seed by hand on bare spots and dead spots; use a seed spreader to overseed the rest of the lawn.

      7) Fertalize. Use a fast-release fertilzer with a high phosphorus content. Don’t overdo it.

      8) Use a bow rake to GENTLY sow the seed and fertilizer into the topsoil you put over the dead/bare spots.

      9) (Optional) Spread peat moss over the newly-seeded lawn. This helps hold the seed in place and holds moisture.

      10) Water moderately.

      11) After the first water, it is CRUCIAL that you water lightly in the morning and again in the evening for two weeks. Seeds must be kept moist or they will not grow.

      12) Mow once the new grass gets over 2 inches tall.

      13) In mid-November, apply a slow-release fertalizer (I actually use manure for this step), and if you want to keep weeds down, you can apply a corn gluten meal or another pre-emergent.

      Good luck!

    • Kam

      Thank you all very, very much!!

  • rave: united won
    rave: the vegetarian place on south capitol street in SW

    • Veg in SE

      What? There’s a vegetarian place that close to me and I didn’t know it? Where is it exactly?

      • em

        Yes, please share!!!

  • Rave: Beautiful weekend-enjoyed brunch & a movie Saturday and the weather was awesome.
    Do have a rant (minor dental emergency!!!), but am focusing the fact that I got an appt for tomorrow & will hopefully get the problem fixed without much damage to my pocketbook.

  • Anonymous

    RAVE: Played golf yesterday! :-)
    RANT: My golf game stinks. :-(

  • Rant: Baby Panda. Even sadder after reading this mornings update.
    Rave: Had a fantastic lazy Sunday.
    Rant: The person whose company helped make it a fantastic lazy Sunday is moving and I am bummed.
    Rave: Getting to dress for fall weather. Love it.

  • Rant: Baby Panda. Even sadder after reading this mornings update.
    Rave: Had a fantastic lazy Sunday.
    Rant: The person whose company helped make it a fantastic lazy Sunday is moving and I am bummed.
    Rave: Getting to dress for fall weather. Love it.

  • Irving Streete

    Rant: Hospital food. Hospitals. Enzymes.

    Rave: Daughter taking care of me like one of those lovely Dickens characters take care of their dads, even of they are wastrels doomed to debtor’s prison, while my wife is out of town, taking care of her dad.

  • anon

    Rave: Weather!

    Rave: Don’t have to run my A/C – can just leave my windows open.

    Rant: Starting week 4 of daily dizziness and migraines. Missed 3 days of work so far.

    Rant: Because of the dizziness/migraines, I can’t enjoy the weather.

    Rave-ish: finally got an appointment today to go to the doctor.

  • Anonymous

    rave: just got back from italy
    rant: starting online dating again…are all the 37-45 non player men taken?

    • 16th Street Heights

      Your trip to Italy should have been nice. Many of the men and women there are gorgeous and I love the Italian language.

    • Apparently they are…at least all the non-alcoholic ones. I’m in that same age range and had no luck online. But seriously, I wish you luck and if you do find someone, see if he has a brother you can send my way :)

    • Anonymous

      Definitely not! I know a few. Thank god for crazy ex-wives and girlfriends. If things are still too tight, you may want to expand your horizons to include hot foreigners and guys sharing custody of kid(s) from a previous relationship, some friends of mine have had good luck with those. P.S. Watch out for the sensitive-liberal-great-taste-in-music-seasoned-traveler guys, a lot of those are fake Mr. Rights who you find out too late are too self-absorbed for a real relationship, lot of those out there too.

      • Anonymous

        “Watch out for the sensitive-liberal-great-taste-in-music-seasoned-traveler guys, a lot of those are fake Mr. Rights who you find out too late are too self-absorbed for a real relationship, lot of those out there too.”

        Wow. My age range is more like 30-40, but this is exactly what I’m finding.

  • Rant: I have a to-do list for work and school a mile long. I feel overwhelmed trying to tackle it.

    Rant: Panda :(

    Rave: Round 2 of my birthday celebration this weekend with my girlfriends.

  • Rave: had a really nice birthday weekend.
    Rave: nice bike ride to work this morning.
    Rant: Daggum Redskins.

  • Jordan

    Rant: Roommate cleaned the fridge to make room for their party this weekend. They threw away half of the groceries I bought and dinner for tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: The Hold Steady Tickets
    Rave: The Hold Steady Tickets


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