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  • anon

    this looks like the house that was parked at 5th and M… glad it found a more permanent home… interesting idea for an urban environment. i typically picture these little guys in very rural areas as mini-cabins…

  • Anonymous

    That would make a cool food truck. Call it “Home Cooking.”

  • AngryParakeet

    It reminds me of living on a boat. Not the giant barges and big square houseboats many have at the Gangplank, but the real power boats and sailboats that people live on, too. There are about 105 “liveaboard” boats there, and another 50-70 at the adjacent Capital Yacht Club by the fish market. I wonder about sewer/water and electrical provisions for the “tiny houses on wheels”.

  • Anonymous

    over it! how many times are you going to post about this tumbleweed house that is moving around the city. 3 is enough.

  • Shipsa01

    Slight note – if it’s on the west side of Glenwood Cemetery, it’s Stronghold neighborhood not Edgewood.

    • Anonymous

      Or, if you’re someone who lives out in suburban Maryland or Virginia, it’s in “Downtown DC.”


  • zoning

    it is certainly illegal to live there full time, so this isn’t exactly “affordable” housing, if you have to maintain a second property you “own or rent in or near shaw and howard university” – “Evarts St and North Capital St” neighbors, you should watch how often their lights are on.

  • So I assume that this “tiny house” doesn’t have electrical or water hookups, correct? This looks to me like a child’s playhouse plunked down on an empty lot, not a living space.

  • Brian

    Correct, it’s Stronghold. Great neighborhood.

    Owner has all permits clearly posted, has visited DCRA 9x, had positive engagement with DCRA head of zoning and head of building codes, made presentation to Stronghold Neighborhood Association in May, reached out to ANC Commissioner, gave personal tour to Ward V Councilmember, held a community BBQ, knocked on all neighbor’s doors 2x to give information on project, offered garden plots to neighbors, and received lots of great feedback on improvements since work started in April. Formerly lot was on the market for 2 years, overgrown, absentee landlord in MD, with illegal parking, broken concrete, and an abandoned stolen vehicle that sat there for months…

    It will simply be a showcase of affordable, green tiny homes- the project is not finished yet.


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