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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth August 27, 2012 at 10:00 am 109 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user sophiagrrl

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

  • Anonymous

    I would be glad it was the first day of school if my neighbors weren’t dropouts.

  • anonymous

    Rant: First day of another semester (plus work). I’ve loved learning and discussing interesting things, but I now want to kick grad school to the curb so that I can do what I want during my evenings.
    Rave: Only two semesters left and I’m done!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Anonymous

      Totally feel you! I am in the exact same place. So not ready for the semester to start.

  • I need to replace my AC unit. Anyone have any recommendations and/or ballpark prices for how much this will cost? Thanks

    • anon

      thats a big question… but you should start by reading some of the energy star information on AC units… here you go

      Central ACs: http://goo.gl/nfhrH
      Window Units: http://goo.gl/R2Vz

      remember paying a bit more upfront on a more efficient unit will save you money down the road on electricity. Esp. since DC has long hot/humid summer (AC units get a lot of use!)

    • I’m paying $5,000 each for 2 news systems ($10k total installed). depends on the square footage of your house/apartment, but get a good one or you’ll be replacing it or recharging it every year. If it’s not broken (i.e. the coil unit fan is rusted) you may just need to recharge/seal the system.

      • Thanks… its a standard 3 level rowhouse. And the AC is beyond busted, it’s 20 years old, and I’ve recharged it the last two years, but it ran out quick this year, so I’ve not used it all Summer. I’d prefer not to do that again next year. Some days this summer were bruta.

        • Yeah, i had window units before in my 4 story row house. Now that I’m in a temporary apartment (that has central A/C, while my house is being renovated) I don’t ever want to go back to window units or radiators! Good riddens!

      • C3PO

        Jack5, would you share what company you’re using? Have you been happy with the work?

        • I’m using a General Contractor for a whole house renovation… I can’t reefer him until my project is done, apologies!

          • Er refer… 2 spelling mistakes due to bone-headed auto-correct today. Damnit! LOL.

          • TG

            Smart. These guys tend to disappear right when they are about 90% done as they start planning the next job.

          • My contractor is actually a pretty good guy. I met him while he was working on another project and he stayed on top of that one until completion, then came to work for me. I just want to make sure that he doesn’t get overburdened with giving people estimates early on. :)

      • AngryParakeet

        My 6-yr old AC leaks freon so bad I gave up 3 years ago and use window units. Is there a way the lines can be “sealed” without ripping out the walls and replacing the lines? With basement tightly occupied, I can’t tear out the walls till we all move.

    • anon in Park View

      Eabod, I used James Wheat and Sons (maybe it was James A. Wheat and Sons?) to replace my HVAC (heat pump) in my old place. Their estimate was about $2,000 lower than the other two contractors’ estimates.

      • I used James Wheat (based on PoP recommendations) for an annual check-up service. The guy totally missed a major problem with my AC condenser drain pipe – problem as in giant puddle on the floor because the pipe wasn’t angled correctly. He seemed to otherwise know what he was doing, but they were also definitely heavy-pressure on the upselling for other & ongoing services too.

  • Rebecca

    Rant — the new valet trash “service” trend at apartment buildings. Saw a new complex in NE we liked this weekend only to discover you had to pay $30 a month for the “luxury” of dumping your trash in the narrow halls to await pickup. No access to the trash room just a few doors down. Appalling — and a deal breaker just on principle.

    • Anonymous

      ew, that is supposed to be a luxury? i hope buildings that offer such a “service” don’t allow pets. my dog goes gaga for garbage!

  • UtterlyAnon

    Rant: The humidity today. GROSS!

    Rant: Waking up at 4:30 this morning and not being able to go back to sleep.

    Rave: Practically no one in the office today, so it will be an easy quiet day.

    Rave: Counting the days.

    Rave: peanut butter.

  • imonaboat

    Rant: Monday.
    Revel: Coffee!
    Rant: The Mitt Romney ad that starts playing everytime I log onto popville. How am I supposed to check RnR at work? Haha.
    Revel: Just happy!

    • Ditto on the Mitt Romney ad.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        We are working on removing the political ads (Romney/Obama) Thanks for your patience!

        • imonaboat

          Thanks, POP! :)

    • Agree on the Romney ad.

      • Anonymous

        I’m trying to think of a worse use of advertising dollars than a Republican presidential campaign on PoP. Not that a Democratic candidate would be well-advised to spend their dollars here either, but yeah, I’m coming up short…

    • em

      Ditto on the political ads – and on rollover to popout ads in general, since I usually rollover them inadvertently in the midst of trying to read actual content.

    • Anonymous

      Firefox (browser) + Adblock (plug-in) = no ads.

  • Rave: Great visit with the ‘rents. I took them to my favorite restaurant, Afghan Grille, then on a trip on the Circulator. They loved them both.

    Rant: Back to work today.

    Rant: Hurricanes.

    Rave: Seeing TCM adverts on PoP.

    • zrc

      Afgan Grill is greatly underappreciated! In fact, you just reminded me to mentally add it back to my go-todining options in the the neighborhood. I’m also a huge fan of Mama Ayesha’s. Those places by the Ellington Bridge always slip my mind….

      I love the fact that the Circulator was a tourist destination for your parents! Goes to show the things we take for granted…

      • On their next trip we are going to Mama Ayesha’s; it’s already on the list.

        • zrc

          Last time I went there, we were asking the waiter, a gregarious older gentleman, for some recommendations on the menu. He studied us all, and then asked us each a series of questions such as “do you prefer quality or quantity?” and “do you like things with unique spices?”, and then he said “ok, I have chosen for you.”

          Everything he brought us was perfect, and exactly the kind of meal we wanted. It was one of the most amazing wait experiences of my life.

          • anon

            Wow — this makes me really curious to try the place!

          • Love Mama Ayesha’s. Everything is fantastic and their dessert is amazing.

          • Anon4

            I love Mama’s too and live right around the corner and always forget it’s there. Thanks for the reminder.

  • zrc

    Revel: my good friend has been traveling in Vietnam for the month of August, and has been keeping a rather hilarious travel blog. If you love irreverent narrative about the absurdity of traveling in foreign lands, you should give it a read. I recommend you go to the end first (which is the first entry), and read them chronologically to get a feel for the arc of his mood during the month-long voyage. It will lighten up your Monday for sure…some of you probably even know this guy.


  • Rant: In my neighborhood there are a lot of dog walkers that don’t clean up after their dogs, on a daily basis. It gives dog owners like me a bad name. They actually let their dogs poop inside of other people’s years, so when I go to clean up after my own dog, I may accidentally step in their dog poo. Unfathomable.

    Rant: Might now make it to the beach this summer, total bummer.

    Rave: House renovation is rolling along well… C’mon November!!!

    Rave: DC Brau “Corruption” is my favorite beer, I’m happy I live in Petworth, where is flows freely in bars. Wish it was available in stores more often though.

    • er yards…

      Rant: No “edit” function on POP. :P

  • Anonymous

    RANT: I witnessed something disturbing over the weekend at G Books on U Street. The owner completely went crazy and started cursing and screaming at customers. There was a group of 4 guys. One of them was making a purchase and the others were looking at books. The owner claimed one of the guys had “messed up” the order of his store when he put a book down that he had looked at. The owner cursed at the customers and told them to “Get the F out!!” These guys did NOTHING wrong. When I got home I looked on Yelp.com and it apprears the owner has a history of being a jerk. I will NEVER go there again and hope that you will help me spread the word about this.

    • TG

      No books for you.

      That is a pretty crazy way of doing business considering I am guessing most bookstores are hanging on for dear life.

      • considering this is a gay porn shop, calling it a “bookstore” is a bit misleading. it ain’t no curl-up-with-the-latest-page-turner place.

        anyway, not sure if G Books hanging on for dear life or not, but shouting at customers is never a good way to build your business.

        • TG

          And now I have unwittingly revealed my ignorance of gay porn shops in the City. And here I thought I was cool.

        • Anonymous

          Thank goodness it wasnt a straight porn shop…….that makes all the difference.

          • Anonymous

            It most certainly does!

    • Anonymous

      I once heard the owner get really nasty with a customer too. I thought maybe he was just having a bad day, but after reading your post plus the reviews on Yelp I have concluded that he is just a nasty, evil person. I will take my business elsewhere!!

    • 17th St

      I’ve never seen the owner go off on people like this, so the most striking thing about this incident is that he was concerned with the ‘order’ of the store – every time I’ve been in there the place has been cluttered and jumbled to the brink of being claustrophobia-inducing! Order my a**!

      • Anonymous

        +1000……That place is a complete total mess!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree!!! This guy is a complete first class jerk and the gay community should not be supporting his business.

  • Britt

    Rant: None!

    Rave: Tommy, the awesome crossing guard at R and New Hampshire, is back from vacation!!

    Rave: Saw my hometown buddy perform male lead in Book of Mormon on Broadway!!! An awesome play and an incredible performance :-D

    • Anonymous

      yea! I’m going to change my morning route just to say good morning to him. I missed him over the summer.

  • Bear425

    Rave: Back from a (mostly) good trip to ATL. My niece and nephew are ridiculously cute. I miss those little stinkers.

    Rant: Family and relationship drama have made for an emotional couple of weeks. I am mentally exhausted.

    Rave: In an effort to stay busy and keep my mind on things I’m tackling some stuff that’s needed to be done in my place. Cleaned out my closet, painted it, and I’m going to start installing an Elfa system this evening. My shoe collection deserves a nice place to live.

    • Anonymous

      Elfa changed my life! Super rave. If your closet wall is next to your bathroom, be very careful not to drill through PVC pipes in the wall! (I almost did!)

      • Bear425

        I’ve been coveting Elfa for a while. To my great delight they had their annual 25% off sale last week so I went ahead and splurged. I am hoping that if I declutter my physical space it will help declutter my mental space as well.

  • anon

    Not sure how to classify any of this as a rant/revel but… ran into a person from my past (not an ex) this weekend and realized I am still very much in love with them. Nothing happened, but the feelings were undeniable.

    That person is not the person I am engaged to, whom I love very much.

    Feeling like an absolutely horrible human being.

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever read “Dear Abby”? Here is one of her letters that sounds kind of like what you are experiencing. http://www.uexpress.com/printable/print.html?uc_full_date=20060917&uc_comic=cons

    • This may be presumptuous of me, but I can assure you that you are not actually in love with this person from your past. Lots of people (myself included) have gone through these feelings – it’s easy to see someone you used to have really intense feelings for and immediately have those feelings come flooding back. You’ve mentally associated that person with those feelings, and it’s especially easy to remember and notice only the good things about a person when you’re interacting with them in a short controlled situation.

      Love, however (if I may wax romantic for a moment), requires mutual respect and affection as well as a solid foundation built up together over time. It hinges on communication and understanding between two people and the desire of each of them to help the other pursue their passions. I would venture to say this is probably much closer to what you have with your fiance(e).

      Note: Of course, I don’t know you and your situation exactly, and this is all simply my personal belief on this all-too-common situation.

      • anon

        Claire, I really appreciate your response. It is somewhat reassuring to think that my feelings are not in fact love. While I still feel terrible for having any feelings for another person, this assessment gives me faith that they are just temporary feelings brought on by memories of the past. I truly appreciate your thoughtful response.

      • That was very well put, Claire. Nicely done!

      • Marcus Aurelius

        Although I applaud Claire’s save of this engagement, I have to be a bit of a wet blanket here.
        The OP said this person was never an ex but yet s/he is still very much in love with him/her. If this person is just someone s/he crushed on in the past and is still crushing on now, that’s one thing.
        But if this person is the one that got away – i.e., the one s/he has always really wanted – that’s something else. Also relevant is whether the feelings are mutual.

        • TG

          I am not so much convinced that there is only the “one” for everybody. I think it is entirely possible that many of us could have been happily married to other people had we not chosen to get married to the person we did marry. OP could be lamenting what could have been with this guy, while still being totally happy in her future marriage. I just think we over emphasize destiny and the “one.”

          • I’m coming from the same mindset as you, TG. Don’t really believe there’s just that one special someone out there for everyone (if so, what are the chances you’d be able to find them out of all the billions of people out there?), but rather that there are multiple possible “one”s for everyone. Isn’t that a much happier thought?

        • A

          I think people are saying (or at least I am going to go ahead and say) that there can only be “one” person at a time. Sure we all could have ended up with someone other than our partner, but I firmly believe you cannot be in love with 2 people at the same time. Crush/attraction is one thing, but intense feelings when you’re engaged to someone else? Yikes.

          • Marcus Aurelius

            I did not mean “the one” in terms of the only person the OP could spend her life with and live happily ever after. I do believe that multiple people can be “the one” in that sense. The alternative would be depressing.
            I meant “the one” as in a/the person the OP really wanted before she found the fiance, who I assume is the current “one.”

            His/her words re: the blast from the past: “…whom I am very much in love with.”
            His/her words re: the fiance: “whom I love very much.”
            Would you rather be the one s/he is in love with or the one s/he loves? Or does it matter?

          • A

            Yeah, I think I’m in agreement with you. I actually meant to reply to TG … I don’t believe in “the one” either, but I would not want to be anon’s fiance.

          • Anonymous

            “I firmly believe you cannot be in love with 2 people at the same time”

            I used to firmly believe this too until it happened to me.

  • Rave: Fun busy weekend. Beers with my brother for a belated celebration of his 21st, really awesome block party (neighbors started smoking a pig the night before for unlimited pulled pork the day of!), and a house party/show with friends of mine that I haven’t seen in years who are now apparently in amazing bands!

    Rant: Romney ad auto-playing with annoying audio at the bottom of the page on PoP… took me a few minutes to ferret out where it was exactly (multiple tabs open and it’s weirdly nestled at the very bottom of the page here), and the only way to stop it is to click it! They clearly don’t know their demographics too, if they think advertising on a DC blog is worthwhile…

  • Anonymous

    Rave: I am spending the morning happily filing complaints against the group houses in my neighborhood. So satisfying. After years of being reasonable and talking to tenants directly and politely, I’m tired of living next to adult-children who can’t figure out how to deal with trash and recycling, never clean up after their parties, and landlords who do nothing to directly manage their real estate. Go get ’em DCRA!

    • scarydogmother

      This has me wondering if we are neighbors. There is a rowhouse across the alley from us that has god-knows-how-many people living in there, carrying on day and night with their drinking and domestic disputes and a bunch of little tykes running around a very busy area with no supervision whatsoever. There is trash scattered all over behind the house and it blows onto our property on a regular basis. It’s disgusting. When they do bag their trash they just toss it on the ground so the rats get to it and once again there’s trash blowing all over the alley, etc. I finally got a broom and started sweeping it up myself yesterday because they obviously don’t intend to change anything about their behavior to be better neighbors.

  • Rave: Had a week-long wonderful vacation with my best friend and my family. My vacation was just the right length of time; I’m actually not annoyed to be back at work.

    Rant: Still haven’t heard back about a job I interviewed for two weeks ago. Notifications were supposed to go out by the 17th. I know a million things can delay an offer and I’m trying to stay positive about my chances, but my gut says I didn’t get the job. Bummer.

    Rant: Grad classes start back up this week.

    Rave: Which means I get to see my school crush ;)

  • Rant: contact/headache causing me to be in a “cloud” today… super busy and cannot get motivated
    Rave: bday in 4 days & get to spend it with family and my boyfriend

  • Rave: Great (but exhausting) weekend. Saw some former co-workers Friday night and enjoyed their company far too late into the night. Went to an engagement party Saturday for my Dad and his fiancee (getting married in a few weeks) out in Frederick and witnessed how loved they are and excited to see two seventy-year olds getting ready to wed.

    Rant: Unfortunately, the bride’s children are not on board & are boycotting the wedding for various reasons. They are all going to sit down with a neutral third party and work things out, but I don’t know if it will resolve anything. Fingers crossed. They are adults with their own children and grandchildren-keep in mind. smh
    Revel: Birthday next week & planning to take some well deserved time off. The best birthday present of all!!!

    • imonaboat

      Aw, how sweet! I love when older people find love! Hope things work out with the family …

    • TG

      Really wish my 68 year old Mom would find someone.

  • yunkstahn

    Rave: My dudefriend is a wonderful guy. We’re both doing really well in the relationship, and we’re working hard to continue to improve it, even (especially) through the inevitable rough spots. Best relationship I’ve ever been in, hands down.

    Rant: He unequivocally does not want to get married or live together. Ever. Even though that’s not something I want right now, I do want it eventually. I’m trying to convince myself that it’s not important, that I only feel this way because of personal insecurities and because so many of my friends are getting or have gotten married recently, but I can’t shake the feeling. It really hurts.

    • Hmm, he must be pretty atypical to want to be in (I’m assuming) an exclusive relationship but not want it to ever lead to marriage or living together. How long have you two been dating? Any idea on what he does want for the future? For the most part, I’m a believer in stick with a relationship if it’s good now and making you happy and get out when that stops being the case (not necessarily an easy determination to make, but that aside), but vastly different hopes for the future can put a pretty big wrench in that…

      • yunkstahn

        Thanks for your response, Claire. Yes, the “stick with a good thing until it’s not” philosophy is what I’m trying to focus on, especially since I have no desire to cohabitate or marry right this very moment (later, yes). But going to the weddings of my peers and seeing all their happy photos on Facebook is a very powerful influence; it makes me feel left of out that sort of love and commitment. However, I don’t think it would be such an issue for me if it wasn’t all around, and that’s what I’m trying to keep in mind. And I still have a lot of work to do personally before getting hitched would be a good idea anyway. It’s also possible that dude’s attitude could change as time goes on and we share more experiences together. Whatever the case, I hope to be strong enough to make the right decision when it becomes necessary to do so. *sigh* Life is hard!

        Thanks for listening. You should have your own luv & relationships advice column, Claire!

        • Sounds like you have a really good attitude towards the whole situation. And your sentiment about facebook is exactly how I feel whenever I go on there (not just about people getting married, but all kinds of things that make it seem like other people’s lives are somehow so much more exciting/fulfilling/etc than mine) and why I try to avoid it.

          Glad to hear my thoughts were helpful – I’m fascinated by relationships and having spent some time in some particularly bad ones myself (and finally found myself in a much healthier one), have thought a lot about them!

    • anon

      I would be interestesd in a LTR without marriage or cohabitation. I have, since a very young age, determined that this would be the best living situation for me.

      Alas, it is very difficult to find someone who also wants such a relationship. It sounds like you would not (ever) be open to such a relationship… and if that is the case…. I am not certain your pain would decrease by staying with the person longer.

      If this is truly what he wants, and it is truly what you could never live with…. I feel for you.

      • I’ve always said any husband of mine would need his own room, ideally his own house. I hate to share my bed, closet space, and the bathroom. I think a duplex would be a good arrangement.

        • TG

          Across the street would be better. This is funny because I would say 90% of the petty little squabbles my wife and I have relate to issues of co-habitation. She doesn’t bother me but apparently many of my habits annoy the sh*t out of her.

          • It’s difficult to sneak across the street in one’s nightie. Next door or a duplex is a quick dash and one can usually stick to the shadows or back yard so the neighbors don’t get an eye-full. Houses that back up to each other would also be good.

            Yes, I’ve thought about this extensively.

        • Anon

          When we began dating, I talked with my ex about not my desire to live separately… and then I completely caved for love. I had a floor to myself in my unsuccessful marriage… it did not help. I was constantly squirrelly and on edge. I never felt relaxed, and when she came downstairs without asking… I felt invaded.

          For me, it would have to be completely separate spaces- preferably within walking distance, but not a duplex/across the street. That would not be separate enough for me, as one could look out the window and see if the other is home, what the other is doing… etc.

          I feel for the original poster… but the whole “hope he changes his mind” bit… is a big hope. I know I wish I had stuck to my wishes with my ex… but once you are in a 6-8 year relationship… compromise is something you do… and that was an area I should never have compromised on.

          • “[O]ne could look out the window and see if the other is home, what the other is doing… etc.” Why is that a problem — did you not want your SO to know if you were home or what you were doing? And/or did you not want to know if your SO were home or what he/she was doing?

          • Anon

            it is not about hiding what I am doing or any nefarious reason for not wanting to live so close as to be seen from each others dwelling. But it does not provide the level of separateness of “not living together” that strongly appeals to me.

    • A

      I don’t think you need to convince yourself that it’s wrong or just facebook- induced to want to get married. There are a lot of practical benefits to having a long-term committed partner. Obviously if you want that and your boyfriend doesn’t it’s not going to work. As to what you should do with that, I agree with claire, if you’re happy with the relationship and okay knowing that it will eventually need to end, then go ahead and continue it.

      • Anonymous

        Like a fairground amusement, you enjoy these types of relationships because you know it will end. That’s the key. It’s like a roller-coaster ride, thrilling but the ride ends after a lap. But, finding a guy who can’t commit is no great challenge in DC, I’d say, and it’s a false intimacy to share love with someone who can’t imagine it lasting.

        • A

          Ha, I kind of agree with your characterization, but that doesn’t make it wrong. Better to get off the ride before you fall in love though!

    • If living together and marriage is something you want some day, then definitely do NOT talk yourself out of it and do not settle. Will you truly be happy and fulfilled? It would be selfish of you to try and pressure him into marriage if he truly doesn’t want it…but also selfish of him to expect you to NOT marry/live together if that’s what YOU truly want.

      And it may be a great relationship…but the longer you stay, the harder it will be to leave. Spoken from experience.

      • Anonymous

        Yes. Leave him. I know that sounds drastic because you’re theoretically in love and happy now, but I speak from experience. I dragged out a relationship until it died a long horrible death and wasted over a year of my life when I should have just pulled off the bandaid and moved on. He will either never change his mind or will never change it while he’s with you. Don’t let him get away with that emotional manipulation. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but because I was practically you, I’m passing along some tough love that I wish somebody gave me. There is somebody out there that can give you all you’re getting in this relationship AND what you want. I promise.

  • rave: had some jelly beans this morning, and now I feel like I have energy for the whole week.
    rant: the perfectionist in me, I don’t know when to stop working on some things.
    rave: photo project doing well!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Broken heart and I can’t seem to get over it. How can you get over someone who was so right and who still loves admittedly loves you?

    • A

      I’m sorry, that sucks. I think you just have to keep reminding yourself of the things that were NOT right (and there had to have been a few if the relationship ended), and that you’re better off in the long run. It sucks when the love is still there, but love is not enough by itself. Also, be around your friends and family as much as possible and keep busy.

  • rant: So exhausted.
    rave: Great weekend that made me so exhausted.
    rave: I’m just really really happy today.

  • RAVE:
    Long story, I was ripped off by PEPCO contractor, when I contract PEPCO they were truly amazing, a PEPCO employee came to my house to return my money. They are really trying hard.

  • Dear PoPville,

    Why did the metro smell this morning like it had been used as a trash dump over the weekend?

    • Rain makes things smelly.

  • Rant: Saw a car hit two cyclists on P Street between 15th and 16th. The older guy was hurt pretty badly. The driver of the Land Cruiser did stop – down the block at the red light. His car was pretty f’d up.

    Rave: People stopping to help.

    Rave: Made a perfect summer dinner last night for company that included corn risotto and peach crisp. Both were excellent.

  • Rant: i think i’m going to have a nervous breakdown before my vacation that starts thursday – house to clean for cat sitter, presents to buy for family that i haven’t seen in 2 years, slammed at work, significant other is away on work trip until a day before we leave and i have a summer cold on top of it all!

    Rave: get to eat my weight in varenikis/pierogies this friday in Ukraine, and then Greece islands a week from friday.

    • forgot one additional rave: bf made amazing posole soup over the weekend from Bobby Flay book. Bobby Flay is a freaking genius. BF is a total sweetheart.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Curious why NH Ave near Petworth metro was police taped and closed this morning??

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It was a suspicious package.

  • bb

    Rave: After seeing a thread on here about the boarded up eyesore at 1700 2nd St, I looked online to see if they were subject to the “blight” tax rate. They weren’t. I called DCRA to ask for an investigation, and apparently another PoP reader beat me to the punch. They are scheduled to investigate this week! Here’s hoping that this will result in some actual change on that corner, which really needs it.

    • Yay for PoP readers taking action!

  • MK

    OMG zrc, I read A Fistful of Dong and loved it! I want to go to Vietnam right now. I hope your friend chronicles Japan.

    • zrc

      Hah, he’s a great dude, and a really funny guy. I’m glad you enjoyed it’s much as I did!

  • Anonymous

    Rave: I got a new hybrid bike this weekend!
    Rant: I spent way more than I had budgeted for.
    Rave: It’s a good bike and it will last a very long time.

    Now I need advice. What’s the best route for getting from the Rhode Island Ave. area to Farragut North/McPherson Square region of the city? Would I be crazy for taking Rhode Island Ave. in the mornings for work?

    Also, how does one approach Logan Circle? (I Realize this will likely start a firestorm of comments)

    • tess271

      Where on RI Ave are you? We bike from Edgewood to McPherson Sq daily. The easiest way for us is to ride the bike lanes on R St to 7th St NW, get back on RI Ave NW, then 14th St or 15th St. RI Ave doesn’t have bike lanes, but traffic dies down after 7th because cars start turning south to head towards downtown. You can also just take use the bike lanes on R St all the way across to 14th or 15th.

      • Anonymous

        This is perfect. I’ll come down the bike lane on 4th and get down to R and take it all the way over. Thank you! Might even do the Rhode Island Ave. jig too. Maybe we will see each other along the way! I’m a beginner so give me some slack :).

  • Anonymous

    Rant: After a year or so of limping around with a pain in the foot, I finally went to see good old Dr. Roberson, and lo and behold, I might have something called “Plantar fibromatosis.” Who knew tendon nodules could hurt!?

  • Rave: Overall had a pretty great weekend. My feet STILL hurt from dancing on Saturday night!

    Rant: Super tired last night but once I finally got ready for bed and crawled in, I couldn’t sleep!

    Rant/Rave: Told myself I would stay at my job for at least a year and then move on. Coming up on one year. What next?

    Rant: My relationship his *really*messed up.


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