Mediterranean Restaurant Painted at 15th and U St, NW (Hopes to Open This Week)

by Prince Of Petworth July 30, 2012 at 10:30 am 12 Comments


A few weeks ago we took a look at Mediterranean restaurant’s new paint in the former Love Cafe space at the corner of 15th and U St, NW:

July 9th

The lime green paint job didn’t get much support.

Thanks to all who’ve written in – the lime green is gone! I stopped by this weekend and the new colors look much much better (see top photo.) I also briefly spoke with the owner who says they are hoping to open this week. Good news all around.

  • Anonymous

    The new colors are much better. Kudos to the owners for getting rid of that horrible lime green.

  • Anonymous

    It looks more like mint (which is very trendy right now BTW) than lime green to me. Never been a big fan of brick being painted brick red.

  • much much much much much better!

  • Anonymous

    Now if someone could only tell Sweet Mangoes on GA & New Hampshire that bright green isn’t a good look too. Yeesh!

  • Bloomingdude

    Boring and invisible. I hope they get a good sign.

  • MUCH better than before!

  • Area Man

    I know the owners and they have been a steadfast business in the U Street corridor for at least the 11 years I’ve lived here. I think they’ll do great in this new location. Their baked goods are phenomenal.

  • dcredhead

    Are we sure the green was intended to be the final color? It looks kind of like the primer used when painting darker colors like the red pictured above.

  • Did they change the color because of the negative comments here on PoP? Are we bullies?

  • 17th St

    It’s a good change – got rid of the eye-poking acid lime green, but kept some eye-catching color in the bright blue window frame. I applaud this!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t see it now! Not as visible as before.

  • U street neighbor

    I am glad they made the color change! It looks much more appropriate to their name ( the mediterranean spot) and much more respectful to their new neighbors. I loved the food at their old place at 14+U, and I think expanding and adding a brick oven pizza oven will be a great addition to an area with not too many lunch place options.


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