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Italian-influenced American Restaurant Coming to Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth June 25, 2012 at 4:30 pm 15 Comments

1st and Seaton Place, NW

Back in May I shared some scuttlebutt that an American pub was coming to 1st and Seaton Place, NW. Turns out it’s way better than just an American pub! From the Washington Post:

The opening sommelier and executive sous chef at Proof in Penn Quarter are teaming up to launch an Italian-influenced American restaurant in Washington’s Bloomingdale neighborhood “early in the new year,” announced wine maven Sebastian Zutant.

  • Bloomingdude

    Great news!This place could and should be the jewel in Bloomingdale’s crown due to its size.

    I hope the business owners ban together and support some sort of clean up of the streetscape on that block of first street. It’s kind of haphazard and grungy. They also need to move out the drunk men who loiter there.

    • Anonymous

      clearly you hadn’t seen the scape on that street BEFORE the clean up

  • Anon X

    American/Italian fusion… in a pub setting… I’m imagining that this place will finally provide some relief to the many bloomingdale residents suffering from living in a “pizza desert”.

    • anon

      Pizza desert? There is pizza right around the corner on Seaton Place and 1st, and it’s really good.

      • CA

        Sarcasm bud.

        It’s well known that the area is overrun with “fancy pizza” joints. There’s the one you mentioned on Seaton, Bacio Pizza, as well as Rustic a block up on T. Not to mention what you can have delivered in.

        Crazy excited for this, but for the love of God please spare us and forgo pizza on the menu.

        • Anonymous

          So, if they have pizza on the menu, you’ll be forced to order it?

          • Anon X

            You’re right, if they have pizza on the menu, no one is forced to order it. It will just be the 3rd place within a 100 foot radius that has pizza on the menu that no one is forced to order.

            If this place is redundant, it adds little to the neighborhood.

            I suppose you’ll tell me that if I am skeptical of multiple pizza places and very little else, I should just move to the suburbs so I can enjoy my Olive Gardens and TGI Fridays?

          • CA

            You mean I won’t be forced to order the pizza?

            Man, I really do love America.

            *chill dude.

        • Bloomingdude

          I’m okay with pizza on the menu so long as there are many other things on the menu. When I want pizza, I go to Rustik. However, Rustik also has lamb, salads, soups, and a large brunch menu. My point is that Bloomingdale can handle an italian restaurant, just not a place that is solely pizza. Bring on the tiramisu and linguine w red clam sauce!

          • Anon X

            Rustik has very few actual dinner options on the menu besides pizza. Grilled cheese isn’t a meal.

            I’m optimistic… I think this place will be great, just no more pizza!

  • Robin

    Fabulous news, especially for fans of Italian-American food like me! I fu*king love this neighborhood!!! Best place I’ve ever lived!

  • eric_in_ledroit

    this is massive. if the food is good, which seems highly likely, we will be there several times a week. go bloomingdale!

    • notpostingtooquickly


  • Anonymous

    Such good news for Bloomingdale.
    A few more years and there will be zero vacant buildings in the hood.
    Good luck red hen!

  • Tr uxtonette

    So exciting, I don’t care what’s on the menu if the restaurant is a descendent of proof, my fav place in dc, it has to be amazing! Agree, will be a regular of this place for sure!


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