• My favorite street in DC – the view is amazing. A block east of here (or two) is a pair of adirondak chairs – definitely mojioto worthy!

  • I love it! What a wonderful (and unexpected) spot for a screened in porch.

    PoP – thank you for still providing periodic nourishment for us contemporary architecture fans … I know the style isn’t always so well received, so I appreciate your “inclusive” approach.

  • Kelly

    I grew up in the Palisades and I’m so happy you are highlighting what a great area it is. I remember walking to the old McArthur movie theater with my sister as a kid and watching Batman on the balcony. I saw a View to a Kill there, and numerous foreign films with my mom. I’ll never forget getting my back-to-school supplies at the old McArthur Drug Store every September. Man, I bought my first sports bra there! Good times! Back then there was such a thing as a Palisades hick. LOL!


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