DSW Coming to Former Borders Book Store in Friendship Heights

by Prince Of Petworth June 6, 2012 at 11:00 am 20 Comments

5333 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Looks like Columbia Heights isn’t the only one getting a DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse.) Thanks to @ricedavidw ‏for tweeting the photo to @PoPville. This DSW will be located in the former Borders bookstore in Friendship Heights at 5333 Wisconsin Ave, NW.

  • In somewhat related news, Ray Bradbury died. RIP.

  • seems to fit the ‘hood and glad that space won’t be empty, I guess.

    Much happier news is what is going where Steinmart was! :)

    • what’s replacing Stein Mart?

    • Yeah. RANGE sounds like it will be a good place. DSW probably fits the retail mix up there, but too many discount stores might dilute the high-end shopping image that some of the developers seem to be seeking.

      • engineer girl

        DSW is a discount store? That makes me feel poor as hell– I can’t afford anything there. Even the clearance section is overpriced usually.

      • lol – this reminds me of a post on another blog last week about city council members wanting a tax break to lure a high-end retailer to the Georgetown mall instead of having it go to a low end retailer like (heavens-forbid!) Target. I think a DSW in Friendship Heights is a good thing and will nicely complement my occassional World Market/Loehmann’s shopping trip. By the way, someone was telling me about Rodman’s and it sounds fantastic – has PoP ever profiled it?

        • Rodman’s Lover

          Rodman’s is amazing. Great wine and beer selection (but most interesting beer isn’t chilled). All types of packaged international food, including black currant soda made by monks in Ukraine (seriously). The downstairs has a cheap and friendly pharmacy, and a vast assortment of house wares and home aids for the elderly. The produce isn’t very good though, but with two Wholefoods less than a mile away, I can live with that. Plus I love roaming with elderly white folks pushing grocery carts brimming with wine.

          • Anonymous

            The basement shopping area is well hidden. I shopped the upstairs for years before discovering it.

        • Rodman’s is great. The beer selection is really good & the prices aren’t too bad (for DC). Whenever I need some international foods, I head over there & usually find what I wanted and more.

  • Justin

    I believe H&M is replacing SteinMart

  • anon

    H&M is replacing the Borders in downtown Silver Spring. Glad to see the massive vacancies left by the retailer haven’t really been an issue (at least in this area).

  • Anonymous

    Funny that this strip of shopping is all discount shopping on the south (DC) side of Western Ave, and all high-end/luxury designers on the north (MD) side of the the street. Interesting visualization of the border line.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Yeah, I noticed that as well. But keep in mind all the high end retail on the Chevy Chase side was added relatively recently. There’s also some high end retail in the Mazza Gallery.

      DSW will be a great addition. Now I wonder who is going to take over the old Filene’s space… That’s a lot of sqft. Eataly? (No, not really.)

    • Anonymous

      There are some very good reasons for this. (Hint: $$$$)

    • actually

      I’m not sure that distinction is accurate. After all, Neiman Marcus (aka Needless Markup), Saks Men and Roche Bobois are on the DC side, as are a few other high end retailers in Mazza

  • AMDCer

    Glad to hear it – I need a basic shoe place in the city now that Filene’s is gone. Isn’t it *Designer* Shoe Warehouse? Is it coming to DC USA, too?


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