• I don’t think they’re kumquats (too big and round), but some other kind of mini citrus. Sweet either way!

  • soozles

    Kumquats are smaller and not really round. They also have a softer skin that you can eat without peeling. I think my grandmother had one in her yard in central Florida.

  • Suzyq

    Looks like a Meyer lemon tree. Yum!

    • classic_six

      Yep, I doubt this is a kumquat tree, unless the close-up is magnified but still the shape of the fruit doesn’t say kumquat. At first, my guess was a meyer lemon tree, but I’m wondering if they are a tad too orange for a meyer lemon. Yes, I know what meyer lemons look like. While the tree produces fruit year-long, the fruit is harvested in the winter and these look fairly mature if the tree had been harvested during the winter or they look too healthy for being on the tree at this stage of the year if they were not harvested. There are so many citrus breedings that this could be one of many different orange tree varieties out there today. No matter, it’s a wonderful and sweet image. Love

  • I think this is a Calamondin Orange. The Washington Post did an article about them a few weeks ago. We’ve had one for over 30 years. It comes inside in the winter and goes out on the balcony in the summer. Check this: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/home-garden/calamondin-orange-the-best-behaved-citrus-tree/2012/04/03/gIQAzMm5uS_story.html

  • bdale Res

    I agree with other posters, look too big to be kumquats. I am curious how they are keeping this tree alive outside through the winters.

    I actually have a kumquat tree in my backyard here in DC, but it is potted and bring in the house during the winter months. The fruits are delicious and the blossoms fragrant.

    • classic_six

      It probably would have been alright this year, this past winter, in DC, as it was not really winter-like. Good question, though, as typically these citrus trees are grown in places such as Florida and California, where they don’t tend to winter and when they do get freezes, it’s a bad year for the citrus growers/crops. You could cover them and do supplemental heating, which may give them some protection but citrus trees are not recommended, in terms of hardiness, for the DC area.

  • ah

    PoP would make a good match for Brenda.

  • jcm

    Is it in a container that’s half buried? Does it come inside for the winter? I have a Meyer lemon in a container that I bring inside, but mine isn’t half as healthy this tree (which I’m 90% sure is an orange, not a Meyer).. In fact, I very nearly killed it last year. I would love to speak with the gardener. He/she clearly knows citrus.


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