Rendering for Building to House Taqueria Nacional and BakeHouse at 1407 T Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth May 24, 2012 at 4:00 pm 14 Comments

What do you think of the rendering for 1407 T Street, NW?

The retail spaces will be home to Taqueria Nacional and BakeHouse.

The liquor license for Taqueria Nacional says:

“Mexican restaurant serving fresh organic tacos, quesadillas, and salads during lunch & dinner with a seating capacity of 50 for patrons and a total load of 90.”

  • jcm

    I’m shocked it doesn’t have apartments or condos above it. Was there some kind of zoning issue that limited them to two stories?

    • Anonymous

      Probably NIMBY’s. They’ve been up in arms about the 2 condo/apartment buildings plus the hotel and I think there was something else recently.

    • What gives?

      If the buildings are going to be leaning as much as in the rendering, I think it would be unwise to build them higher than 2 stories…

    • Lance

      The post office facade is historic and it wouldn’t look like the post office building anymore with a high building looming over it. Notice how they’ve set back the second story so that when you’re walking down the street you’ll (mostly) only see the post office facade (and not the real building behind it.)

      Btw, I have to agree with TomDC about just saving the wall. The entire building should have been preserved. It’s all a charade if you just preserve the view from the street. Defining elements of a neighborhood are more than just skin deep, and since historic preservation criteria are based in the historic defining elements, we really should be fighting to preserve that.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no what if some percent of some other percent of people come to this building! The neighborhood will no longer be a Mayberryan utopia!

    • Wallach Street NIMBY

      We will stop this development. No way are we going to let there be any activity occur. We want an empty lot and vacant building!

  • Looks pretty cute to me! I’d eat a taco there, and I’d like it.

  • rh

    Not a great use of space

  • Scott

    Seems like they would have built at least another floor to be in line with the adjacent apartment building. That type of office is in high demand.

  • TomDC

    It’s a cafe instead of housing because it’s zoned commercial but the buildings next door in commercial were not available for incorporation into a complex that could have used housing zoning bonuses. That block of T is unusual as the residential and commercial do not have an alley for separation.

    Those are condos next door and some peoples’ units will have a sidewalk bar outside their windows FWIW.

    And we’re all tired of this charade of preservation through these stupid facadeomies. That old front wall standing by itself looks stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Nooooooooooooo not a sidewalk cafe outside their windows!!!! That’s so disgusting and Parisian. Can’t something be done to save this block from the outside world???? PLEASE HELP!

      • Lance

        Since you think that’s okay, why don’t you buy the unit next door and live there? I’m sure you’d love hearing people chatter outside your open windows for close to 24/7.

    • Anonymous

      are we all really tired of that? seems fine to me.

  • T Street Resident

    Do we know the restaurant’s hours? Is it going to be open as late as the bars?


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