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  • I’ve been waiting to rant about this all morning:

    RANT: DEAR PURFUME/COLOGNE WEARERS–ONE SPRITZ IS ENOUGH. If you are going to ride a bus, an enclosed space with ~30-60 other people, please be considerate of those who can’t stand your stench. You may love the fact that you smell like Pauly D or some Caribbean stink princess, but my eyes, my allergies, and about 99% of the people who are forced to stand next to you on a packed S2 bus in the morning DO NOT. I pray for the poor souls who have to work with you 8 hours a day. QUIT IT.

    Raves: Half-price burrito day at Mexicali Blues, kittens, 70-ish degree weather.

    • I think I have this same rant at least once a day.

    • Add the wearing of spritz to the gym. why?!

    • KenyonDweller

      I’ve never been able to figure out why people think this stuff smells good. Once in a blue moon, someone will step onto the elevator, and I’ll have this primal hmmm reaction to the perfume, but the other 99.999% of the time, it just smells like bug spray.

    • b4life

      “…some Caribbean stink princess”. Classic! Thanks squish for my morning laugh. 🙂

    • me

      That goes double for anyone wearing Thierry Mugler’s Angel. I can smell that horrid smell from 4 blocks away.

      • Angel may be one of the most noxious smells on the planet. My MIL wears it–daily, lots–and the stink rubbing off on my newborn baby was nearly enough to drive me into a blind rage.

  • Rant: It’s only May, but the summer crime has already started.

    Rave: Wonderful husbands who take care of you when you get sick.

    Rave: Sunshine!!!!!

  • Rant: Q Q Cleaners across from CH Giant. Took the jacket to my suit to get the sleeves shortened a bit and what I got back was a hideous mess of buttons and thread with a $27 bill. They offered to try to fix it but at that point I was so furious that I didn’t want the hassle of going back to pick it up again. I will never be giving them my business again.

    Rave: Only 4 more nights in my dark little dungeon and then I get to move into my brand spankin’ new, bright and airy apartment. I’ve never been more excited to move!

    Rave: In 4 days, I will never have to tromp through a dark alley to get home and worry about stepping on dead (or alive) rats.

    Rave: In 4 days, I will not have to put up with the litter and packs of wild teenagers yelling at each other in front of my house.

    • Sounds like you live on Girard St. There are rats the size of cats back there and crazy people yelling all the time.

      • Close but no cigar!

  • me

    Rant: I am sick of being sick. On the 3rd day of fighting a fever, ear pain/pressure and stuffy nose.

    Rant: I hate having to work while being sick (but I’m on antibiotics, so no one yell at me for going in- it’s mandatory).

    Rave: Cats that know I don’t feel well and cuddle me throughout the night when they normally sleep elsewhere.

    Rant: Having to be a manager to a guy who is about 30 years older than I am who intensely dislikes taking direction from a girl.

    • I hope you feel better. I have the same crud, but am working from home today. Still haven’t gone for antibiotics, but may do that today.

  • Rant: Trying to go the official route to refer someone for a position at my job is a pain! It took almost an hour!

    Rave: If they hire my person I get a wee bonus.

    Rave: It was a lovely morning to walk to the metro this morning.

  • Betty

    I live in a rowhouse in DC and my neighbor has ivy growing all over their house in the rear. The ivy is intruding onto the shared wall that forms the wall of my patio. Can I legally cut the ivy?

    • Usually the rule of thumb is that you can cut trees, ivy, grass, etc once it crosses your property line but only if you don’t cause harm or kill the plant.

    • slb

      If you own the wall, I think you could cut it.

      • Anonymous

        Or spray some Roundup on it.

    • C’mon

      Here’s a crazy thought: have you talked to the neighbor about it?

      • It really does work. I had a situation with an ugly bush on the fence line with my neighbor. Here’s how I handled it.

        me: V, are you attached to this bush?
        V: no, are you?
        me: no, I was thinking I would like to cut it down.
        V: great, let me know, and I’ll help you.

  • mc

    Rave: Planning a bike trail day with my mom for Mother’s Day! Thinking about trying out Mt. Vernon but I’m worried about it being too crowded. Any other trail suggestions?

    Rant: Final project, take home exam, and two in class exams to study for all in a little more than a week.

    Rave: Extra time during my full time job to squeeze in some school work. And the semester is almost over!

    • PG

      Maybe the National Arboretum? I’m planning to check that one out soon (hopefully this weekend.)

    • Try Rock Creek Parkway. On the weekends it closed to traffic north of Military Road. Plenty of space to ride at your own pace.

      • take a look at the RCP map (http://www.nps.gov/rocr/planyourvisit/upload/rocrmap1.pdf) to see what’s actually closed in Rock Creek Park – there are sections of Beach Dr. that are closed (south and north of Military), but also large parts that are open. It’s beautiful to run/walk/ride in there on the weekend, but it also gets crowded with serious bikers who zip through and around everyone else, families, people training for races and cars on the open parts of the roads. I’m typically out there for a run on Saturday mornings, and recommend it to everyone, but just wanted to give a full picture. Wherever you go, have fun!

        • If you ride on Beach Drive, you can take the road up to the Capitol Crescent trail. the CCT then goes through Bethesda to Georgetown. I’ve found it to be a little less crowded than the Mt. Vernon trail.

          • The portion of Beach Drive between Blagden Ave. (just north of Pierce Mill) and Military Rd. – about a 1 mile stretch – is totally closed to cars. North of Military there is limited car access to reach the parking areas only – no through driving. You can drive in on Sherrill Drive from the east.

            Packs of cyclists & Lance Armstrong wanna-bes are often inconsiderate, but not a huge menace. Have you thought about the C&O towpath? I find Capital Crescent & Mt. Vernon trails way too crowded on nice weekends.

    • Capitol Crescent is great and plenty of places to stop for a snack along the way.
      I also highly recommend the Rock Creek Bike Trail – out to Lake Needwood. Its a great trail, lightly used and the lake at the end would make a great picnic spot.

  • PG

    Rant: 30 day performance review coming up. I hate writing these things!

    Rave: Like my new job and I’m glad I’m no longer unemployed.

  • j

    Rant: That pic of the Del Frisco hamburger is KILLING me. I must have one. Now!

  • Rave: I graduate from my masters program on Sunday!
    Rave: New apartment=awesome

  • I. Rex

    Rave: I love those mirrors from Eastern Market in the banner pic.

    Rant: They’re so expensive!

  • Rant: Went to the Doctor’s about my back, was diagnosed with muscle spasms.

    Rave: At least it’s not a herniated disc.

    Rave: Now have drugs that will ease the pain and get my back muscles to chill the eff out.

    Rant: Can’t bike until my back is healed.

  • Rant: My apartment is totally haunted. Well, maybe. I just finished planting herbs in my window boxes, which are located four stories up, not near any fire escape, and not accessible by anything other than a bird. Yesterday I came home to find one, specific plant completely GONE. Not a trace of it left. All the other plants were untouched. I guess a bird took it? What kind of bird would dig up one specific plant and leave the rest? I think I must have a ghost that hates oregano.

    Revel: The rest of my herb garden looks great! I’m especially excited about growing lavender plants–can’t wait to dry some to make my apartment smell nice.

    • KenyonDweller

      I’m guessing it’s a squirrel.

      • I just cannot think of a way even a very crafty squirrel could get to my windowsill! There is nothing to climb up or jump from–just a wall of smooth brick.

        Maybe I should set up a nanny cam.

        • KenyonDweller

          I’ve seen them climb a brick wall, especially if it isn’t painted and has wide mortar joints. Maybe this doesn’t describe your wall.

        • anon

          It’s not smooth brick to a squirrel! It’s a climbing wall of brick edges and mortar that their little paws seem perfectly adapted to. I regularly see squirrels scaling the 3rd story of our house using brick alone.

        • Identified

          Kenyon is on the money – amazing what they can climb.

          I had an apt in Columbia Heights – and one day while we were sitting on the patio, a rat starting climbing the wall. It got up 2 levels, and then crawled into a dryer vent. I told the management so they could grate the dryer vent, but they didn’t believe me til a tenant had a rat runnin around their apt. – then they grated all the dryer vents on the wall.

          • *shiver*

          • Whoa. OK, now I want to set up a camera just to see what creatures are climbing around my building.

            I used to think I had rats in my ceiling, but it turned out there were birds living in a dryer vent right above my head. Its wild out there.

          • Anonymous

            I am with you. Rats really freak me out and living in columbia heights all I have to do is look out the back alley every day and I can see them right in front of me. Actually, I sometimes hear them from upstairs in the neighbors trash.

          • Identified

            yeah – my guests went flying into the apt., but I just sat there watching him climb – I was amazed.

            I also think I am a rat magent, as I have had rats in 2 different DC apts. It is weird being stared down by a rat in your apartment (who also refuses to pay rent). We named them, before we were able to get rid of them. But it’s been 6 years… so maybe I broke the magnet (pleasepleaseplease).

          • Oh Dear God! I thought I was a rat magnet b/c they attack me in the street, but thank heavens they have never been in my apartment!

            After reading that, I have to go rock in the corner for a bit…

          • classic_six

            Re: squirrels – they are very determined little creatures. It’s actually can be quite comical.

            Re: rats – Ick – are you kidding about rats scaling walls? Oh my day just went bad.

            Does anyone know if rats or squirrels (which or both) eat plants? For some reason, I thought rats were bottom feeders, so I’m going to guess squirrels?

    • I like to make lavender sugar with my lavender. I’m so excited because one of my lavender plants is about to bloom.

    • I agree, it was probably a squirrel. Sprinkle dried blood (you can buy it at the hardware store) in the pots, and they’ll stay away. No, it doesn’t stink to people.

      On a related note, I bought an eggplant plant to plant in the yard (did I just use plant three times in a sentence), but my cat ate it.

      • classic_six

        Apologies – but this made me chuckle (the image of your cat, well, chowing down on an eggplant plant), well the part about your cat eating your eggplant plant. Did your cat eat the whole plant or pluck off the budding eggplants?

        • It was kinda funny. It was just a small plant that I had bought at Annie’s Ace Hardware, and the next morning all that was left was a green stem in the dirt. My cat is very cute, but very bad.

          • saf

            Once Elsa (the late great Senior Cat in Charge of the Universe) ate a jade tree. Then she had an aloe plant for dessert.

          • I guess they just want their vegetables. I have found that if I pick a handful of grass and put it in her bowl, she’ll eat it. Her brother won’t touch it.

  • MtP Gal

    Rant: Between my morning sickness and the husband’s chemo we are a sorry pair.

    Rave: Morning sickness will (hopefully) end in a few weeks and the husband has an excellent prognosis, so fingers crossed!

    Rave: Going to have an ultrasound on Monday and hopefully see the baby’s heartbeat!

    • Idea: make an audio recording of the heartbeat with your phone or another device.

      • MtP Gal

        That is a great idea and I never would have thought of it. Probably a nice distraction to listen to during chemo infusions, too. Thanks!

        • zrc

          Had three rounds of BEP chemo a while back, and it’s draining. My nurses kept saying that I seemed so positive throughout it all (I was still in my 20s…), and I really believe that made all the difference.

          Hang in there, both of you. I know this has to be exhausting…

          • MtP Gal

            Thanks so much, nice to hear from someone who’s been there. It’s certainly not the ideal situation, but it gets better, right?

        • It will be something interesting to show your kid some day! If you haven’t heard this kind of heartbeat before, you’ll be surprised

    • Anonymous

      Best wishes to you and your family. I am a cancer survivor with two small kids. I thank god (not in a weather controlling way) every day for life and my blessings. Life is honestly a little sweeter and richer having gone through the experience – not that I would want to repeat it.

  • ew

    Rant: Today is one of those days I’m feeling crappy about my job prospects. I haven’t had a chance to send out applications in the last week or so because of moving stress, and that makes me feel unproductive and lazy.

    Rant: Directv has just as bad customer service as Comcast. UGH! I was on the phone with them for 4 hours yesterday!

    Rave: My apartment is starting to really come together nicely.

    • christanel

      I had the interview for the South Sudan position today. Really nervous that I bombed it + plus A LOT of competition apparently.

      • ew

        I’m sure you didn’t bomb it! Fingers crossed for ya!

    • classic_six

      Wait, aren’t you the one who was “communicating” with maria from these boards about a possible position?

  • Anonymous

    There is a loud, high-pitched whine coming from somewhere on my block. Perhaps one of the construction/ reno jobs? It’s crazy annoying, and I don’t know what to do about it.

    • dcd

      Is it constant or intermittent? If intermittent, it may be a new tankless water heater purchased by a neighbor. If not calibrated properly, they can let out a pretty annoying high-pitched squeal.

    • Anonymous

      Had the same thing in my apt and it was the water pipes. Maintenance adjusted the water pressure and it stopped.

  • cp

    that’s happened to me. all my basil magically disappeared one day. the parsley and chives were left alone. try some bird netting – you can make a little cage and put the netting over it – it’s worked for me. can be kind of annoying to get your herbs out, but at least they’re there!

    • What’s also weird is that this isn’t my first year of growing herbs. Never had this problem before. Some sort of net or cage is a good idea.

  • Meg

    Rant: My poor 3 year old nephew. Diagnosed with epilepsy, he’s on an absurd amount of medication, which hasn’t fully fixed the seizures. The medication tastes terrible, and his parents have been mixing it in his food. With the dosage he’s on now, no amount of sweet stuff can drown it out, and he’s gotten wise to it. If they put any food in front of him, he’ll ask them to try it out before he does to make sure there is no medicine in it. He’s stopped eating much at all, since either he’s afraid to eat or his stomach hurts from the medicine. They’ve taken to holding him down and force feeding him, which I’m sure isn’t helping the matter. I feel so helpless in supporting this family.

  • There seems to be a lot of ranting this morning so I’ll share a funny story…

    Rant: As I was biking home yesterday my pant leg got caught on something. I hop off the bike and discover the bottom of my right pant leg had somehow gotten stuck between the gear and the chain.

    Rant continues: I try to ease the fabric out without damaging it, but it won’t budge. I try forcing the fabric out. No luck. I dig around my purse but I don’t have a sharp object to cut it. I can’t go back into my office to get scissors because I’m attached to the bike!

    Semi-Rave: I’m finally able to rip myself free. The bottom of my pant leg is completely shredded and there’s all this fabric still stuck between the gear and chain.

    Rave: I’m able to ride home without incident.

    Rave: I don’t think any of my co-workers (who can’t understand why someone would bike to work when they can just drive), saw it all go down.

    Rave: The ruined pants were ones that I’d gotten inexpensively at the Salvation Army. They were a little too big to begin with (thanks to Express’s vanity sizing), and they are way too big since I recently lost weight. I’d actually been thinking the whole day that I need to stop wearing them.

    Possible Rave: They’re my girlfriend’s size, and she’s shorter than I am, so if the damage isn’t too high I may be able to hem them and give them to her.

    Rant: I still can’t get the fabric removed from the bike. How do I do this?

    Rave: Still beats driving to work every day!

    • Fellowpetworthian

      Try taking the chain off and see if the fabric comes off as well. Also, you might want to either tuck your pant leg into your sock (if you are wearing one), roll up the pant leg, or get one of those reflective bands that close with velcro that holds your pant leg to your leg. You look a little goofy, but it saves you from catching your pant leg in the chain/gears. The other alternative involves spandex! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I just got a BikeLink card and I was going to ride to Metro this morning. Changed my mind because there was a 50% chance of rain. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow.

      I bought my first bike lock last night and I’m not sure how to properly use it. I think I’ll be all right, but I can imagine myself struggling with it the first time I use it.

  • fellowpetworthian

    Rave: Found out about Salt & Pepper Grill on Georgia Ave. Delicious Indian and Pakistani food! And they deliver (quickly)!

    Rave: Survived my first softball game last night. Made some mistakes, but also held my own (I think). I haven’t played in 15 years.

  • On the Hill

    RANT! GIRL IN MY OFFICE SUITE! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! Your voice is grating and you talk about NONSENSE. I am trying so hard to be patient with you, but you are making it VERY CHALLENGING!

    Rave: Rest of my suite-mates are AWESOME, making it fun to come to work every day.

    Rant: One of my grad students is convinced that I hate her, when in fact she is a student I rather enjoy — at least until all this recent nonsense. I tried to explain to her that I in fact do NOT hate her, but she won’t hear any of it, even walked out of my class last week. She sent me an email to “apologize” but then proceeded to list the reasons she has for why I most surely hate her, saying that she can appreciate criticism because she has a BFA. Well, my dear, you’re behaving more like a 7th grader, so that BFA isn’t doing you much good.

  • tv

    To the (presumably) drunk dude from Alexandria (or was it Arlington?) that dropped his wallet on the corner of New Hampshire and Shephard last Saturday night: I really did make a valiant attempt to return this wallet to you. I even walked down to the metro to see if there was anyone who looked like they just realized that their SmartCard was gone. Next step: find the police; they’ll help return the wallet, right? Totally wrong, I think they were suspicious of me. It’s finally in the hands of the police, but I worry that they might not get around to calling you for a few… days? Maybe months. Everyone should henceforth avoid loosing their wallet in DC, or at least leave their Twitter hash tag in their wallet.

    • My wallet was stolen from my purse a while ago, but the person who stole it must have ditched it in the Metro system because Metro lost and found mailed my wallet back to me! Maybe you should have left it with Metro instead!!

  • rm

    Rant: I’ve been trying forever to break from my semi-international govt job into international development and am failing miserably. I know I’ve picked one of the most difficult fields to pursue, but this is seriously demoralizing.

    Rave: looking forward to yoga tonight… and every night this week

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Rave (potential): Notice in my mailbox from Verizon that FiOS is finally available to me.
    Any FiOS fans?

    Rant: Sudden drastic increase in Comcast cable bill because promotional period ran out.
    Rave: Easy renegotiation with Comcast cable in which bill was reduced to prior promotional period level and I got every four premium channels for what I was paying for just two the last time around.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve had much better experience with Comcast, to be honest. I’m not sure the Fios hype is deserved.

    • I have FiOS TV/internet now and it is fine. I had Comcast TV/internet at my previous place and it was fine too. I’ve had excellent and horrible customer experiences with both companies. Honestly I’m not sure there’s a lot to separate them apart from one’s own personal experience, and maybe specific service features that aren’t important to the average customer (like me).

      • Anonymous

        When I had them (in VA) the internet was fine but the cable was out constantly. Either some or all channels were unavailable, or the picture was scrambled. I had Verizon attempt to fix it numerous times. We don’t have specific shows that we watch so it wasn’t a huge inconvenience, and I knew we’d be moving soon so it wasn’t worth getting a new provider. But sometimes you just want to watch some mindless TV, and we often were unable to do that.

    • I’m actually really frustrated w/ Fios…the on demand feature is frequently out of service (repeated error messages) and they’re useless in terms of fixing it. Extra frustrating when trying to catch up on ONE specific show.

      The Internet signal is strong at least, so Netflix streaming tides me over…

  • me

    One more rave:

    I’m sitting here, eating lunch and chuckling to myself, looking like a moron. Why? I’m eating noodle soup, and every time I take a bite, I think, “Mmm, noodle soup.” That is the line that Joey (on Friends) kept saying in an audition when he should have just said “Mmm, soup.” And thinking of that makes me giggle.

    And one more rant:

    Holy gum chewing, smacking, and blowing bubbles, Batman. (officemate)

    • Anonymous

      You should be saying “all seasons of the year are nice for eating chicken soup with rice.” RIP Maurice.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: According to this interactive graphic from The Guardian we’re doing pretty well with gay rights:

    Rant: Our LGBT friends on the other side of the river are in much worse shape. I’m embarrassed that I used to live in VA.

  • Rave: MOVING!!!! Columbia Heights, I love you during the day, but hate yo’ ass at night! Hello quiet neighborhood and cheaper bigger apartment closer to metro station. *dies of happiness*

    Rant: Moving is stressful. 🙁

    • Where ya moving?

      • Waterfront Southwest, shhhhhhhhhhhh!

        • Anonymous

          Waterfront’s a nice neighborhood. My experience living there was not so great (mainly because I was burglarized) but if you’re on the right block it can be a lovely place to live. Just make sure you have good, strong window bars– mine were bent to gain entry.

          If you stick around long enough you’ll get to enjoy the new restaurants, brewery, etc. coming to the area. And there have been a lot of fun events happening on the Waterfront lately. When I was there for the Chihuahua race last weekend, and the Cherry Blossom festival in April, I was reminded of how relaxing it is to be by the water.

          • Thanks! I’m on the upper floor of a very large building, with no way to get to the windows or door except through the interior past a 24 hour guard, so I hope I’ll be safe!

        • Anonymous

          oooh, that’s the area where my friend got stabbed. Luckily he was wearing a leather jacket, apparently that saved his life. Love the marinas, fishmarket, Arena Stage and the ballpark. There is a large public housing complex between Half Street and First SE that may be best to avoid late at night.

          • Crazy! I’ll take my chances considering this crime comparison I made. The chart on the left is my current residence and the chart on the right is the new residence in SW. http://tinypic.com/r/15phhzq/6

  • ew

    Has anyone EVER had a positive experience with a tv or internet service provider?! If so, who? I’m at my wit’s end with Verizon and Directv.

    • Anonymous

      Comcast was a pain to setup initially but it’s been great ever since.

      By the way– do not cancel your Direct TV service unless you know what you’re doing. I got hit with an enormous cancellation fee when I moved and they couldn’t install a satellite at my new location.


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