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  • Anonymous

    Revel: I had a conversation this weekend that could change the course of my career and my life in a very good way.

  • PG

    Revel: Won another PoP t-shirt! Also, nice day trip to Ocean City this weekend. My band was the last act to play a festival before Loretta Lynn headlined. So now I can say I opened for Loretta Lynn.

    • Did she sing “Rose Garden”? One of my all time classic country songs!

      • PG

        I don’t know. She was on a few hours after us, and I needed to head home. I would have spent the weekend there, but I had to be in Baltimore the next morning.

      • Anonymous

        Did you mean “Cold Miner’s Daughter”? Lynn Anderson sang “Rose Garden.”

        • me

          Or, Coal Miner’s Daughter?

          My gramma’s favorite song, as she is a coal miner’s daughter (and sister).

          • Anonymous

            My favorite Loretta Lynn song is “Juan’s on the Way.” :)

    • PG

      Also (Rave): found a great restaurant in St. Micheal’s and had a nice dinner there. They have outdoor diining, right by a marina dock, and they allow dogs! I’m thinking of maybe planning a weekend trip to St. Michael’s some time this summer.

      • Anonymous

        Which restaurant?

        • PG

          St. Mciaheal’s Crab & Steak House

        • PG

          That should have been “St. Michael’s”

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Speed Cameras – Back in the day when we didn’t have all these stupid “money making safety measures” dumb people lived shorter lives and we all had more money in our pockets… Now dumb people live longer to do more stupid things, and we’re all broke. Thanks a lot government!

    • d

      you’re the government — if you’re pissed, do something about it!

    • I don’t really understand the rant so I’ll just add that you don’t have to be particularly smart to figure out how to avoid speeding tickets.

    • classic_six


      I’ve been known to write referentially, at times, but this!?

    • Anonymous

      Someone forgot to take their Clozapine today.

      • Anonymous

        My cholesterol is just fine thank you…

        DC is instituting rolling speed cameras, there was one in the 9th street tunnel today, they hide the camera cars as to make the maximum amount of revenue for repairing all of the embezzled funds stolen by DC government workers over the years. Instead of practicing fiscal responsibility, local governments are simply using us as ATMs by placing cameras everywhere in the false guise of reinforcing safety. If you support speed cameras, you’re either daft or working for a government or private agency that profits from them. They’re a violation of basic human freedoms, they’re also overpriced, you tax dollars are going to pay for something that taxes you even more. Its the worst kind of misappropriation.

        • Ted

          I agree they are a total scam and definitely not about public safety. However, they are quite an easy scam to avoid by NOT SPEEDING.

          And as your for freedoms: the cameras are not preventing you from driving the way you want. Freedom of choice does not mean freedom from consequence.

          • Anonymous

            Have you ever asked yourself why speed limits are so low And why they’ve been fixed at a speed so ancient based on an era when cars took an entire city block to stop? What’s to stop the government form moving speed limits even lower in order to generate more revenue from cameras? We’re in the year 2012, cars are safer than ever. If the speed limit was reasonable to begin with, and if pedestrians actually followed cross signals I wouldn’t be complaining.

          • Identified

            Anon 2:38

            What about pedestrians? The speed limit is set based upon road conditions which include non-car traffic (and terrain and many other items).

            If you don’t want a speeding ticket, stop speeding.

        • “If you support speed cameras, you’re either daft or working for a government or private agency that profits from them.”

          I’m neither. I support speed cameras because I want people to follow the rules of the road. Thanks for the insult though.

        • me

          That’s an anti-psychotic, not something for cholesterol.

          • Anonymous

            I thought it was an obvious joke, but apparently not enough…

          • me

            Considering you weren’t making much sense at all in any of your posts, no, it wasn’t.

  • Rave: counting down the days to our first trip as husband and wife, 14 months after our wedding, to visit my close girlfriend and her hubby in Milwaukee with a couple nights in Chicago.
    Rave: Fit in to the smallest size dress I’ve ever bought (and at Anthropologie which is not generously cut!), so thanks weight watchers and the gym.

    Rant: Not closing on our new condo on time because the previous owners didn’t have title insurance or a clean title. At what point does this become an issue of how much they pay us?
    Rant: Not closing on time, and we have tenants moving in to our current condo in 8 days.

    • Meg

      As a former Milwaukee resident, I would be happy to give you recommendations on where to go and what to eat. :)

      • My girlfriend lives within walking distance of Kopfs. They’re semi-foodies (not as adventurous as us), but feel free to recommend and we’ll check it out!
        Same goes for Chicago. We have reservations at Sable and Mindy’s Hot Chocolate. 2 nights in each city.

        • JDS

          It’s called Kopp’s

          • thank you for the useful recommendation

        • Meg

          It is called Kopps, but you’re not the first person that didn’t get that right on the first try. It’s a Milwaukee institution!

          Places to eat: Honey Pie or Palamino in Bay View. If you’re into bars (and if you’re in Milwaukee, they’re on every corner), try At Random. Hostess-assisted seating (but no food served), men can’t wear hats inside, and no beer is served. Just specialty drinks (their ice cream drinks are to die for). Plus weirdo naked statues and sad clown paintings.

          If you can do the brewery tour at Lakefront Brewery, do it. It’s pretty awesome.

          Also, if drinking isn’t your thing, seriously consider checking out the Harley Davidson Museum. They just built it a few years ago, and it’s really impressive and tastefully done.

          • We might hit the Harley museum, but we don’t drink and my girlfriend is pregnant, so that makes for bars being low on the interest level. I’m interested in a cute small-shop neighborhood to browse and perhaps enjoy outdoor cafe-like stuff to enjoy QT with my friend who will never be able to spend time like this with me again (stupid babies!). Kopps, Kopfs. I’ve been before. It’s good, but I’m an ice cream person (having lived in New England) and it can’t compare to some of the stuff up there. But it is delicious.

          • Meg


            Bay View and Brady Street are where you’d like to go. Bay View is a little more blue collar (but very safe) budding hipsterville (if not full blown by now) and Brady is a more upscale (with more in the way of shopping and eating). Plenty of outdoor cafes (if the weather is good).

            You should also check out the art museum with the Calatrava addition. Great views!

  • Ladylike

    Rave: My weekend was pretty remarkable.
    Rant/Rave: My place looks like a tornado ripped through it after not tending to it all weekend while outside enjoying life… guess a messy place can be a testament to a good life? :)

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Waiting for The Call after a job interview. So many mixed emotions. I’m trying not to get too attached to this one opportunity but I can’t deny that it is perfect for me.

    Rave: There are other jobs in the pipeline.

    Rant: Any of the other jobs would feel like settling.

  • KenyonDweller

    Rave: being a parent gives me an excuse to ride the merry-go-round.

  • Rave: got the very best location to photograph the supermoon, there was only one other photographer there.
    Rant: clouds… :(
    Rave: at least I know that location for next time the azimuth of the moonrise is the same or similar…

    • There’s a rant I forgot – didn’t get to see the supermoon because it was too cloudy! Was really looking forward to it, and was even going to make my roommate set up his telescope so we could get a really good look.

  • anonymous

    Rant: Realizing for the third time that someone I like will never like me back. I think I got it this time.

    Rave: Good friends and the healing power of endorphins.

  • Rant: My cat returned to her old ways this morning and peed on one of my roommate’s rugs.
    Rant: Spent so much time this weekend working on a homework assignment, and I’m still not done! So now I get to have the fun of coming home from a full day of work and going straight to working on homework tonight.
    Rant: Trying to think of some good gifts for my boyfriend’s birthday. Our group of friends likes to do group gifts so I have to think up something big for us all to go in together on and then something else to get him just from me. And he’s one of those people who already has most physical possessions that he wants (plus we’re moving to Argentina soon and are trying to pare down on possessions…).
    Rant: Designing a poster for an academic conference. No idea what the standard for this sort of thing is.
    Rant: Feels like everything in my life is coming to a head in two weeks – everything is happening within a couple of days! Leaving for Istanbul for work on the 20th, boyfriend’s birthday is the 21st (probably celebrating on the 19th), class I’m taking ends on the 22nd, registration for fall classes on the 21st…

    Rave: New Beach House album on NPR first listen.
    Rave: Found an awesome site where you can sign up for tours/”experiences” led by locals in various cities – definitely going to check out a local culinary tour when I’m in Istanbul.
    Rave: How I’m going to feel two and a half weeks from now.

    • Cats

      You should Good Behavior Pheromone Collar for Cats. It works wonders!

    • Anonymous

      She peed on the dude’s rug.

      • I Am The Walrus?

        That rug really tied the room together.

        • Anonymous

          Shut the f*ck up, Donnie!

          • Anonymous

            Donnie who loved bowling.

  • Britt

    Rave: I too had a wonderful weekend. I spent most of Saturday beaming because of how much fun I was having! Plus, I won my competition!
    Rave: A wonderful husband who supports my semi-obscure passion of horse-back riding.
    Rave: Great friends- hanging out with pizza and beer and playing games.

    • Britt

      Rant: A gorgeous, expensive Felt road bike locked to the bike rack in front of the office with a cable lock!
      I was going to write a note about getting a new lock or suggesting a website or two that shows how to properly lock up a bike (and even then it might get stolen!).Then I thought it would be presumptuous to do so… So I did nothing.

  • Kam

    Rant: The lady who blew through the stop sign on M st SE over by Navy Yard yesterday. She had to be distracted or totally oblivious to miss that stop sign. T-bone city!

    Rave: Foresight/defensive driving. Even though I had stopped at my stop sign, I had a feeling the lady was going to run hers given her rate of speed so I waited an extra few seconds to see if she was going to stop and she never did. If I had gone like I could have, I definitely would not be here today. Of course I honked the living hell out of her and she gives me a smile and the “oops” look. The lady behind looked mad relieved that she didn’t have to witness a huge accident.

  • DCster

    Rant: Our 2-year old cat got sick on the floor this morning. I’m not sure if it was due to the cat-nip plant, the water in the ornamental water fountain that she might be drinking, or what.

    Rave: My husband and I had fun biking in Crestwood this weekend, seeing the beautiful houses – so many different architectural styles!

  • b4life

    Revel: A great weekend! My friend’s party was great – he was so appreciative and we had a ball!!

    Here’s to another week! Make it special.

  • Rant: Passive-aggressive note placed on my car telling me I am not welcome to park on that block, despite the fact that I live two blocks down. While I do park on the block from time to time when I can’t find any spots on my block, I try to avoid it as much as I can. But at the same time, there is ample parking on that block, with half a dozen spots always available. At the same time, the person gave no contact information and only signed it as “neighborhood watch group” which I’m not even sure exists for that area. Sorry buddy, if you don’t want to have an adult conversation about it, I feel no reason to take your note into consideration.

    • Anonymous

      Ignore it. The self-appointed parking psychos in this town are out of control. But there is absolutely *nothing* they can do about you parking on their block so long as your vehicle is zoned properly. It boggles the mind that these idiots somehow feel they own, or can dictate who can park in, PUBLIC PARKING SPACES.

    • classic_six

      This seems a little bizarre. I’m assuming you are trying to park in a DC neighborhood; I am also assuming that you have DC plates. How would this person know whether or not this parked car is from someone who does not live on this block specifically.

      • Right – it’s in northern Columbia Heights/southern Petworth area, and my car has plates and proper residential parking permit for the street. No idea how they actually know where I live.

        • 15th St. NW Resident

          Sounds like someone has a potential stalker- congrats!

        • You’d be surprised; I live on a long and fairly busy block in north CH/south PW yet have somehow come to be able to identify which house about half the cars belong to. It just sinks in over time. If you parked on a short, less busy block, they probably really do know who owns each car or at least which house it belongs to. But I’d also never be such a dick to write a note like that.

      • saf

        I know which cars belong to my neighbors, which belong to people who park here to ride the metro every day, and which are new.

        I don’t care if you live on the block as long as you park legally. I just know because I see.

        I do have one neighbor who gets mad when people park in front of her house (then her boyfriend parks in front of other people’s houses.) I get annoyed when she parks in front of other people’s houses. She even blocks the space in front of her house with cones and cinder blocks when she goes out. Makes me irritated.

        • Ed

          Yeah….she can’t do that. Anybody could legally move those cones and blocks onto the curb and park in that spot. Nobody can ‘reserve’ street parking.

          • classic_six

            Is this even legal? To put cones and mark a parking space that is on-the-street? I’ve seen that done before and have wondered if it’s even legal? Presumptuous, well yes.

          • saf

            No, she can’t legally do that.

            Yes, she CAN do that, and while everyone else on the block complains to each other, we can’t stop her, and we have to live here. So, we complain, and then accept that she’s just a nasty piece of work and ignore it.

          • Ed

            OK, so if you need to park, and her ‘reserved’ spot is the only one available, move the obstructions and park your car. Simple.

          • saf

            Ed – I don’t think so. As I said, I have to live here.

  • Rave: Had an awesome weekend with my sister’s kids while my sister and her husband were partying in Mexico. I think I will encourage them to vacation without their kids more often.

    Rant: Not much sleep last night, so very tired and kind of cranky.

    Rave: Introducing my nieces and nephew to cheezy TV shows (pashing FTW).

    • TG

      You know you are welcome to borrow my kids. Wife and I have been meaning to go to the carribean without them but the crate training is not going well.

      • I only want to borrow them if they are tweens or older :)

  • neednewhob

    Rave: A great NEEDED weekend in New York seeing friends, eating a fabulous brunch and getting drunk (not necessarily in that order).

    Rave: People should travel alone more. It’s rather refreshing.

    Rant: Money. Bills, rent and a desire to try new restaurants in expensive cities does not help in me trying to save. However, I’m still smiling. Life is short! :)

  • classic_six

    I know it was a big weekend (Cinco de Mayo, Derby weekend, etc.) but walking around the city and seeing how the revels from Saturday ended up in different people’s gardens to become Sunday’s rants is distressing to see. I know some will say “chalk it up to urban living.”

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Keep having to reschedule yoga because of last-minute work travel. ARGH.

  • Anon

    Revel: Fabulous weekend in TN visiting old college friends.

    Rant: 8 more hours on the Megabus back to DC.

    Revel: The outlets and Wifi are working. And I foresee a luxurious middle-of-the-day-on-a-Monday nap in my future.

  • ew

    Rave: Embassy open house day

    Rant: Setting up utilities and internet is such a hassle. Don’t try to upsell me when I already told you EXACTLY what I want.

    Rave: Best friend from college in town for the weekend

  • rave: the devils big win last night!
    rant: the woman who sits near me at work who plays music out loud through an iHome, all day long. even though i have repeatedly asked her to lower the music as it is distracting. seriously, who thinks they can play their own music out loud in a work environment? everyone else wears headphones, use some common sense lady.

    • Anonymous

      Do you have an after hours cleaning crew? It would be a shame if it somehow got knocked off of her desk and into the trash.

      • OR, a power cord goes mysteriously missing (taking a cue from The Office’s Angela a la 3rd season Christmas episode)

    • Milton

      I was told that I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from nine to eleven, I told Bill that if Sandra is going to listen to her headphones while she’s filing then I should be able to listen to the radio while I’m collating so I don’t see why I should have to turn down the radio because I enjoy listening at a reasonable volume from nine to eleven.

      • Lumbergh

        Um, yeah. Hi Milton. We’re going to need you to move to Storage room B.

    • i have thought about all the wonderfully, horrible things i could secretly do to her iHome, but unfortunately there is a security camera right next to her desk, so that wouldn’t be too good. also, THANK YOU for the office space reference. it made me laugh!

  • Rave: Banh mi for lunch
    Rant: container of bahn mi leaked tasty juices all down my pants as I walked back to office

    • There’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m not going to make it, because I am a classy lady.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Bee puns. Wish you people would bee hive yourselves and stop with these corny things on the other post.

    • Anonymous

      Are your trying to wax philosophical?

  • Revel: Had such a great time at the Embassy open house day on Saturday! Events like this make me love DC even more.

    Rant: Monday/end of weekend fun

  • classic_six

    Rant: Spam

    • anon

      as in spam email or the canned meat product?

      • classic_six

        Does it matter which? Heh

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Ostentatious party following important religious milestone. Seriously people. There’s better way to spend your (and your child’s) money.

  • ehg

    Rant: Jayson Werth’s broken wrist
    Rant: Philly fans
    Rant: Sunday night’s game
    Rave: Friday and Sat games

  • kk

    rant: Called 1800 flowers to request a change of delivery address and found out the flowers I originally ordered a few weeks back are no longer available. It sounds weird but everything about the arrangement seemed perfect for the recipient and they don’t have anything similar available online.

    rave: They let me pick any replacement bouquet I wanted and they are going to cover the price difference.

  • classic_six

    Dear Prince,

    What is going on with your blog? It’s not “business as usual” here. Are there issues or hackers or what?


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